The Entertainment Industries Council: Hollywood’s Anti-Gun Star Chamber

Mark Wahlberg (courtesy

The NRA-ILA writes:

Does it ever seem like the entertainment industry needlessly interjects biased and politically-charged content into otherwise entertaining television programs or films? If so, rest assured you’re not unreasonably suspicious. Aside from the biases already attendant to the industry, the truth is that Hollywood is engaged in a concerted effort to propagandize unsuspecting Americans on certain political issues; and one of their chief causes is gun control . . .

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite FPS Gun Game?

I’m not sure I can watch an entire movie shot from the first-person perspective, no matter how cool the gun-related set-pieces. But I certainly understand why the filmmakers chose this option. You could even say it was inevitable, given the success of action movies like London Down, a video game masquerading as a movie. TTAG doesn’t cover FPS gun games, mainly because its editors are too busy working to play. But we know our audience is into them and may appreciate Hardcore Henry for what it is: someone else’s video game. So…what’s your favorite FPS shooter?

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Are You Ready for the End of the World?

The country is in a dark mood. Hot on the heels of a rash of teen dystopia movies like Hunger Games, Divergent and Maze Runner comes the second installment of Independence Day and The Fifth Wave (above). Given the overwhelming firepower of our aspiring alien overlords (and the apparent need for survivors to tour the scorched earth), I’m not sure any of my guns would offer much in way of resistance. Still, the ability to shoot bits of lead at supersonic speeds is at least psychologically comforting. While I’ll resist the urge to sing “I’m a prepper,” I’d like to know: are you ready for the end of the world as we know it?





Twist the Balloon Man Fisks Gun Control

There are those who believe that gun control can stop “dangerous people” from getting guns. Now I’m not saying Twist the Balloon Man is a dangerous person, although there is such a thing as globophobia. Nor am I inviting the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) to classify a balloon gun as a prohibited AOW (Any Other Weapon). But anyone who believes that gun control will stop dangerous people from possessing guns fails to understand just how easy it is to make one. In short, you can’t stop the signal. But you can, on occasion, stop a dangerous person. With a gun.


Daily Show On Iowa Handgun Bill

“’The Daily Show’ took a disturbing turn on Tuesday night when Trevor Noah did a segment on the new law that the Iowa state House is working to pass allowing children under 14 to have handguns,” reports, intentionally misrepresenting the bill. As Raw Story previously reported, “The bill would allow anyone under the age of 14 to handle handguns under adult supervision, with no age limit.” But facts are but a minor inconvenience to the antis. And, as they say, you don’t cut funny. As above. Lke this . . .

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Defense Distributed 3D-Printed Gun (‘Liberator’) Used in Crime!

"Calum" in Lifetime Movie Club

Eagle-eyed TTAG reader MK was watching a flick on the Lifetime Movie Club called I Have Your Children. [Full plot description after the jump.] It’s your basic psycho school bus hijacker standoff with a hard-as-nails-but-not-really female hostage negotiator movie. Baddie Calum is a genius! And we all know that geniuses 3-D print a Defense Distributed Liberator to enact their nefarious schemes — rather than buy a handgun that fires more  than one round. #dohIcouldvehadanXD. Anyway, history is made . . .

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Unloaded. Stupidest Anti-Gun Agitprop Ever?

Unloaded (courtesy

“If we can’t get guns out of our cities, let’s at least get them out of our crime stories,” Ron Charles at writes. “That seems to be the idea behind a curious anthology called ‘Unloaded: Crime Writers Writing Without Guns.’ Among the two-dozen contributors are Joyce Carol Oates, Reed Farrel Coleman, Alison Gaylin, Joe Lansdale and Kelli Stanley. Together they offer plenty of deaths by hammers, subways, knives and (of course) insane clowns — but no firearms.” Now the way I read it . . .

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Katie Couric’s Under the Gun Anti-Gun Doc Bought by Epix TV

“Katie Couric’s [anti] gun documentary is headed to Epix,” the equally agrammatical Wochit Entertainment reports. “The U.S. and Canada rights to Under the Gun, which premiered at Sundance in January, have been secured by the premium TV network and will air on May 14 at 8 p.m. during the channel’s nationwide free-preview weekend.” In case you want to write a sternly worded email to the net, Epix is a joint venture of Viacom’s Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Lions Gate Entertainment. Thank God for the cc function.


American Guns Reality Star Charged with Numerous Felonies

Rich Wyatt and Ted Nugent, on set (courtesy

“The owner of the Gunsmoke gun shop who appeared on the reality show ‘American Guns’ has been arrested and indicted by a grand jury for dealing firearms without a license and tax-related charges,” reports, revealing the deep you-know-what in which Richard Wyatt finds himself. Specifically, a 13-count indictment (more thoroughly detailed at Each of which carries a five-year prison term. Here’s one scam allegedly perpetrated by Mr. Wyatt [via]. . .

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Moore Gun Control

Julianne Moore 1

Reader Matthew Howe writes:

I once had the pleasure of working with Julianne Moore and can attest that she is a very nice person. For a major movie star she’s down to earth, charming and accessible. We were the scrubby local crew shooting a PSA with The Big Star and she treated us all like fellow professionals. In fact it was her hair stylist, not Ms. Moore, who was the diva who gave us all the problems. Which is why it’s so sad to see her embarrass herself when it comes to the subject of gun control. Look, I’m sure she means well. I’m sure that in her heart of hearts she thinks that partnering with Everytown for Gun Safety is a way she can both protect the Second Amendment and make society safer. She is, of course, wrong . . .

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Guns for Beginners: Make Sure Your Gun is Secure in Your Holster

PicsArt_02-08-03.06.11As I stood in my living room watching my football team win the Super Bowl, fielding texts and phone calls from loved ones that know my Denver Broncos addiction rivals that of my gun addiction, I knew that I’d be jumping a lot if the Broncos did anything even remotely great. After all, this isn’t my first rodeo.  I was a young teenager when the Broncos won Super Bowls 32 and 33 back to back, and I have never been a bandwagon fan. I also knew my outfit would need to show support for my team and conceal my gun. So I wore my vintage Ed McCaffery jersey circa 1998 with the UnderTech UnderCover concealed carry leggings and my Uggs . . .

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