“So What We Need is Jesus and The Gospel And a Sidearm” [VIDEO]

When I lived in England, the UK media portrayed America as a freak show. A land of morons (Bush is a cowboy!), religious zealots (Mormons with multiple wives!) and gun nuts (AR-armed militia men on the border!). I reckon they’d love the forthcoming Disney movie The Armor of Light. Yup, I said Disney. Not a Disney Pictures release. A “faith-based” documentary by Roy Disney’s grandniece Abigail, promoted as “a courageous look at our fractured political culture, and an assertion that it is, indeed, possible for people to come together across deep party lines to find common ground.” Yes, yes. Is The Armor of Light pro- or anti-gun rights? Well . . .

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Star Wars’ Captain Phasma Muzzle Discipline

You could argue that Captain Phasma needn’t worry about whom she does or doesn’t laser with his SB-Tactical brace-equipped laser blaster. Storm Troopers, after all, are a dime a dozen. If nothing else, Ren’s carry method shows poor discipline. And as Yoda taught us, about the discipline it always is. (So did General Kala in Flash Gordon, but that’s another story.) Let’s just hope – or not – that Cap’s more accurate with her weapon than her Storm Troopers, whose aim is notoriously suspect. Would the top-mounted sighting system help? Good luck with that helmet. I don’t see an adjustable comb for a decent cheek weld, either. You’re welcome. [Note: An earlier version of this post ID’ed the rifle-wielder as Kylo Ren.]


Bloomberg Buys Hollywood: Everytown Creative Council [VIDEO]

“Julianne Moore is calling upon her fellow actors to collectively use their voices in support of gun safety,” wochit Entertainment reports. “Partnering up with Everytown for Gun Safety, which is the largest U.S. gun violence prevention organization, Moore has launched the new Everytown Creative Council. The new council is currently made up of 79 members from the creative community, including Steve Carrell, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lawrence.” Before you point out that Hollywood actors have armed bodyguards, I’d like to point out that . . .

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Miss South Carolina Misses the Point on Gun Rights [VIDEO]

I must be getting old. While the Miss America pageant’s swimsuit competition was all well and good, I couldn’t wait for the Q&A session. That’s where the contest gets real – in a fake sort of way. At least that’s how it used to be when the words “world peace” were never far from a contestant’s lips, even when the question was about cheating in the NFL. OK, Deflategate was a modern question. And so was “Do you support a ban of military-style (as opposed to Ferragamo-style) assault weapons?” Playing beat the, uh, clock, Miss South Carolina’s answer lacked a certain je ne sais quoi . . .

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“Gun Control Thriller” Miss Sloane Gets Green Light

Jessica Chastain wearing a Piaget watch (courtesy senatus.net)

EuropaCorp has acquired worldwide rights to Miss Sloane,” variety.com reports. “The gun control drama was one of the hot packages going into this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and the auction for the picture was highly competitive. The film stars Jessica Chastain [above] and is directed by John Madden of Shakespeare in Love fame. Production is slated to take place in 2016. FilmNation put the project together. It will partner with EuropaCorp on the film and produce the picture.” Plot? The story’s pretty vague – as you’d imagine for a movie in its infancy – but . . .

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MythBusters Preview: Star Wars Blaster Shoot at 130mph [VIDEO]

Later today (Saturday), MythBusters will air another Star Wars-themed episode on Discovery. In this preview, Adam reveals that the galaxy far far away folks use laser guns that shoot their beams of destructive light at a paltry 130 mph. I don’t know if they’re going to tackle the obvious oft-lampooned fact that Storm Troopers couldn’t hit the broadside of a Death Star with their blasters – sighting systems, training, shooting positions – but I sure hope so!


World’s Longest NERF Gun [VIDEO]

When the anti-gunners’ arguments fail, they frequently go all ad hominem. Gun rights advocates, they claim, are compensating for their small penis size. Without getting into details about my own wedding tackle, I know a couple of firearms enthusiasts who are hung like a horse. Equally, as I’ve said here before, it’s a man’s testicle size that determines his character, not the length of his penis. I won’t trouble you with my own cubic centimeter count. And I haven’t taken calipers to any of my gun-toting friends’ testicles. Suffice it to say . . .

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MythBusters Breaking Bad Machine Gun Finale [VIDEO]

No, it’s not the finale of MythBusters – although that’s bound to be heading our way what with Adam and Jamie set to star in a spy series. SPOILER ALERT It’s the machine gun-flavored finale of Breaking Bad, where Walter takes out all his enemies with an autonomous machine gun. Suffice it to say, yeah science!


Harvey Weinstein Breaks ‘No Violence’ Pledge as Anti-Gun Meryl Streep Project Languishes

ScreenHunter_02 Aug. 25 08.49

The first trailer for “The Hateful Eight,” Quentin Tarantino’s newest shoot-‘em-up, was released earlier this month to generate buzz for an end-of-year release. Famous for taking graphic onscreen violence and gore to the extreme, the upcoming Western promises more of the same, with the director explaining it will “Trap [the characters] together in a room with a blizzard outside, give them guns, and see what happens.” . . .

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Mad Max – With Paintball Guns [VIDEO]

I found the latest Max Max movie a bit of a snoozer. SPOILER ALERT: Weirdly-dressed bad guys chase our post-apocalyptic pal into the desert and then chase him back. An …that’s it. Itsy bitsy go-kart aside, this paintball-based homage isn’t really a parody as much as it is an aspiring director’s c.v. More importantly, the four-minute relatively chaste chase scene shows paintball game entrepreneurs a desert-based avenue for commercial expansion. The insurance waiver would be epic, but then so would the fun!