Batman’s Anti-Gun Gun Makes Me Laugh

When I was a kid watching westerns on TV, many a good guy shot a gun out of the hand of the bad guy. It stopped the attack and, it seems, stung a bit. Funny stuff! Saying that, yes, it happens. Tunnel vision is a thing. People tend to aim at what they’re looking at and what they look at when their life in on the line is the weapon that may kill them. Not the weapon, obvs, the person holding the weapon. Where was I? Batman . . .

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Sunday Book Review: To Kill a Mockingbird

TKAM (courtesy Rhonda Little for The Truth About Guns)

Rhonda Little writes:

Good Southern literature moves with a perfect rhythm. Like many novels of its type, To Kill a Mockingbird’s languid pace sways like a porch swing on a lazy summer afternoon. Reading Harper Lee’s classic tale of racial prejudice and personal triumph, I find the voice in my head speaking the words in a slow Southern drawl. I experience a nearly clinical compulsion to make a pitcher of fresh lemonade. Lest you think this is some sort of chick-lit review, rest assured we’re not going there. TKAM has plenty of firearms-related action and the author uses it to make important points . . .

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Book Review: ‘Doc’ by Mary Doria Russell


By Rhonda Little

Girls don’t usually write about the wild west. Mary Doria Russell took on the task and succeeded marvelously with Doc which tells the story of Holliday’s childhood and time in Dodge, where his friendship with the Earp brothers began. The book is well-researched, well-written, and the perfect tome to read while you’re waiting for your turn at the gun range . . .

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Michael Bloomberg and Hollywood: A Love Story

As we’ve mention a couple of times now, Billy Johnson’s raising funds via Kickstarter to produce a film he’s calling ‘Protecting Liberty.’ As he puts it, “The right to keep and bear arms is preserved in the United States Constitution. The media-fed misperception that we are less safe, and that guns are the cause, has been used repeatedly to deny that constitutional right. To push our political leaders and our fellow citizens to demonize that right.” If you’ve seen any of his excellent AmidsTheNoise videos, you know the voodoo that he do so well . . .

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Win a Free “Unbroken” Blue Ray DVD…Just Because!


I haven’t seen ‘Unbroken’, but the movie started life as a Laura Hillenbrand book. And if Angelina Jolie et. al did anywhere near the job with ‘Unbroken’ that that was done with ‘Seabiscuit’, it’s probably worth a view. Anyway, the producers want to give TTAG readers some free DVDs. Why? No idea, but who are we to decline free stuff for our readers? It is, after all, a war movie and as you may have heard, they tend to use a lot of guns in wars. So if you’re interested, enter a comment below and we’ll choose nine lucky winners to receive a free Unbroken Blue Ray DVD. You’re welcome . . .

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Equal Time Response to TTAG Post on Ft Worth Stockyard Shootouts

Stockyard Station Gunfight

Back in December of 2012, I busted out the ol’ snark shillelagh on Dennis Merrill and hit him pretty darn hard with it. He had raised a stink to a local TV station over the wild west shootout reenactments the Ft. Worth Stockyards put on for tourists, claiming that they were inappropriate. Keep in mind that this was only about a week after the Sandy Hook shootings. Well Mr. Merrill just ran across my post and I agreed to give him equal time to present his objection to the rootin’ tootin’ shootin’. Make the jump for his side of the story . . .

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Gun Rights Are Elementary…Or Not.

To Whom it May Concern;

Count me as a viewer of your wonderful show! I love Elementary. I love Sherlock Holmes. I have been watching this show since it began airing; it is currently my only “must watch” show every week. In the past, there have been negative comments about firearms in your show, both through misinformation and more directly from the characters at times, but I have always accepted it as a simple cultural difference between myself and both the NY based characters and/or the (presumably) more politically liberal show leadership. Your episode this week however (Feb 19, 2015) truly frustrated me for the first time. I felt there was a direct and overt attempt to create a political, anti-firearm message . . .

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Three Stupid Things Westerns Taught Me About Gunfighting

My main squeeze had never watched High Noon. Thanks to Netflix, I rectified that omission. I hadn’t seen Gary Cooper’s darting eyes in a good forty years. Watching the Marshal fail to marshal the townspeople to defend themselves against a quartet of outlaws, it all came flooding back. How a good man sometimes has to stand alone. How fine Grace Kelly looked in a skin-tight bodice (not an observation I shared with my SO). How a single shot can make a man fall down dead in an instant. Wait. What? Yup. Here are three really stupid lessons I learned from watching cowboy movies as a kid . . .

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Self Defense Tip: Enjoy Yourself

photo (4)

The lovely Mrs. Kee and I have taken to the open road for Valentine’s weekend to follow one of our favorite bands, The Turnpike Troubadours, through Arkansas. I consider this fine state to be one of the most beautiful places in these United States. And underrated. Mrs. Kee had never been and we’ve been trying for a year to attend a Troubadours show, so things worked out pretty perfectly. We watched them play at The Rev Room in Little Rock on Friday night, and I gotta tell you, what a show . . .

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OMG! Images of Guns! In the App Store! OMG!


“Apple has asked some developers of gun-based iOS games to remove pictures of weapons from the promotional images used on the App Store.” Of course they have. Because as everyone knows, simply glimpsing a gat while casually browsing for something that allows you to play your favorite tunes on a fart piano can turn an unsuspecting yoot into a bloodthirsty killer. As makes clear, the censoring doesn’t apply to the actual applications – yet. So images like the one above from the game Tempo have been pixellated to obscure the offending firearm. Which brings to mind . . .

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