Vice Pillories the Michigan Militia

If you’re a jobbing journo, making fun of American militia men is a walk in the park. Make that the woods. Militia members are white (racists!), they don’t trust their government (paranoid insurrectionists!) and THEY’VE GOT GUNS! It’s especially easy if you pretend to be one of them. It’s a technique perfected by visiting British comedians/commentators, who view American “extremists” of any stripe — gun owners, snake handlers, self-help gurus, etc. — as a freak show fun. Check out the description beneath this Vice documentary Inside The Michigan Militia . . .


Fog Gun Blows Kids Away

Just thought I’d leave this here.

As a young lad, I was completely captivated by Bullfinch’s Mythology. (Click here to view or download.). So I fully appreciate and understand the deep not-to-say timeless appeal of comic book superheroes/villains/mutants. Not to start a civil war, the current crop of Marvel/DC movies doesn’t flick my BIC. I only enjoy the characters when they aren’t engaging in endless CGI battles. Anyway, Jerry “Get Some” Miculek sets out to test a real world (titanium) Captain America shield. You want to talk about real world heroes? Ladies and gentlemen: Jerry Miculek.

A Blast From the Past: Grand Funk Railroad’s Don’t Let Them Take Your Gun

Not all pro-gun rights bands fall into the Country and Western genre. Here’s a blast from the past; Grand Funk Railroad’s Don’t Let Them Take Your Gun. (Click here for the lyrics.) Born in Flint, Michigan, GFR never found much critical success. Luckily, sales were strong. This pro-gun song was released in 1976, America’s bicentennial year. The album in which it appeared — Good Singin’, Good Playin’ — was a commercial flop, accounting for the song’s obscurity. (Click here for the whole album.) And yes, that’s Frank Zappa on the left, who produced and played on a couple of tracks.

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Amy Schumer is the second cousin once removed of Charles Schemer (well done auto-correct!) make that Schumer, the New York Senator who crusades against guns while celebrating the employment provided by Remington in Illion. In this sketch, the anti-gun rights comedienne does her shtick for universal background checks. Despite a caller’s concern about having “several violent felonies,” and another admitting he’s “a suspected terrorist on the no-fly list,” Ms. Schumer assures them  “You can absolutely get a gun… as long as you buy it on the internet or at a gun show.” Agitprop for sure, but funny? Maybe in Germany.

“I wonder what the world can do,” the Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets’ rapper admits in the video above. “I have no idea. I have no clue.” And that, friends, is the problem. While gun control advocates sell the idea that civilian disarmament is the answer, no, it isn’t. So what is? Stop shooting, start living? That’s the dictionary definition of feel-good fatalism. Far be it for me, an OFWG, to tell urban youth how to stem the tide of gangland shootings (which account for the “gun violence” they decry). But gun control ain’t it. Someone ought to talk to these citizens about . . .


I assume most of our readers will not deign to watch the Armor of Light documentary, which TTAG blogged four times. So here’s an excerpt courtesy of our friends at the Public Broadcasting Service. Did you know that Fox News and the NRA are not spiritual advisors? Well now you do. Bottom line: Reverend Schenck takes the Biblical command  “thou shalt not kill” literally and absolutely — despite evidence that the original text advised the faithful “thou shalt not murder.” In the gospel according to Schenck, thou shalt not use a firearm to defend innocent life. Instead, Reverend Schenck teaches church leaders and their flock to don the “armor of light.” Good luck with that.

Magnificent Seven Remake Trailer Drops

The Magnificent Seven trailer has hit the ‘net. Lead Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt have some mighty big boots to fill; the 1960’s original boasted actors Yul Brynner and and Steve McQueen at their coolest. For what it’s worth, Mr. Washington is a big pro-2A guy as is Mr. Pratt, who likes shooting coyotes because “they’re a**sholes and they’ll eat your dog.” So you’re good to go. You up for this?

States United to Prevent Gun Violence – a self-professed “grassroots network of 30 state affiliates working to make our communities and families safer” – was last seen setting up a fake gun store in New York City to sell their message of civilian disarmament. An illegal operation to which New York City authorities turned a blind eye. Their latest “caper” . . .