OMG! Jay Z and Beyonce! With Guns! OMG!

Of all the guns-a-blazing, shoot-em-up movie trailers in the history of the cinema, Jay Z’s and Beyonce’s big budget effort is definitely among the most recent. While it’s undeniably star-studded and snazzily-produced, though, it’s really a non-movie trailer (hint: “coming never”), released yesterday to promote their upcoming ‘Run’ tour. But given all the vapors and pearl-clutching that followed other examples of ballistic prop usage, you have to think it’s only a matter of time before the disapproving tut-tuting and tsk-tsking begins in earnest, especially given their recent history of real-life violence. Who will be first to heap opprobrium on Mr. and Mrs. Carter for wanton gun glorification? Shannon? Dan Gross? Josh Sugarmann? The suspense is killing us.


The Script for the Video Colion Noir Should Have Done

Eric at Gunmart wrote a post [published by] providing “the long awaited, definitive list of what your carry ammo says about you.” Make the jump for the Cosmo-like run-down. Meanwhile, I’d just like to say that this is what was going on about when he pined for a Colion Noir video with some of the commentator’s previous insightful humor. The gauntlet has been thrown, Mr. Noir . . .

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Gear Review: Speakeasy Briefs

Speakeasy Image

This wasn’t actually going to become a TTAG post, but I was inspired by our IGOTD winner, Dallas Archer, who chose to conceal an NAA Mini-Revolver in a very private place on in her person. Rewind one year — almost to the day — and a new company called Speakeasy Briefs is generating funding on Kickstarter for their boxer briefs with a hidden (assuming you’re wearing pants) pocket on the front. Ideal for stashing a flask, wallet, passport, rolled up sock, “protection.” Ah…protection. I’m fairly certain Speakeasy meant condoms, but when I think “protection” I think of the ballistic sort . . .

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Question of the Day: Do You Like Spotting Gun Errors in Movies?


Last week I watched Killing Them Softly, which stars Brad Pitt as a hit man and it was about as enjoyable as some light water boarding. While I can’t get that hour-and-a-half of my life back, I did get a kick out of some firearms-related tidbits in the movie and one gun in particular absolutely cracked me up. Sometimes it’s annoying to recognize inconsistencies, mistakes, and Hollywood shortcuts, but sometimes it’s amusing. Right? . . .

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April Fools: SilencerCo Launches the “Wizard Staff”

I have to admit, the production values on SilencerCo’s April Fools’ prank this year are pretty good. They “announced” the Wizard Staff, a .22lr silencer that appears to be about four feet long and comes with an “eternal” warranty and has a list price of “22 thousand silver shekels.” While it’s true that the only way to increase the efficiency of a can is to increase either the diameter or the length, I get the feeling that this is just a hair excessive. Anyway, nicely done SilencerCo. And make sure you watch until the end!


BREAKING: Chris Christie Makes New Jersey “Shall Issue”

Chris Christie courtesy

In a move that’s being seen as an attempt to get his 2016 presidential campaign back on the rails, Chris Christie announced this morning that he will be using his gubernatorial powers to begin dismantling some of the firearms laws in New Jersey. The state has inched closer to the top of the pile of “gun unfriendly” locations since Illinois’ laws have been slowly whittled away by court rulings, but the new rules might change all that. Christie’s main focus seems to be on streamlining the system for obtaining handgun licenses, which those in New Jersey are required to obtain for every handgun they purchase. He has also announced that he will be instructing the law enforcement agencies in the state to begin operating on a “shall issue” basis for all new concealed carry permits . . .

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Quote of the Day: Heat and Hostility Edition

“Having a gun in a game seldom means that one shot gets fired. It means that thousands do. It means that, when we play in these gun-filled game worlds, we live in places where our heroes are merciless, where we/they aim for the head, where everyone we see is defined, at first glance as 1) a person to shoot or 2) a person to spare. There’s a heat to these worlds and a hostility. These gun-filled game worlds feel cynical, angry and, worst, reduced. So little feels possible. When two people see each other in these worlds, most likely, one will shoot the other to death.” – Steven Totilo in The Disappointment of Video Game Guns [at]


OMG! It’s an Olympian! With a Gun! OMG!

It’s bad enough that the winter Olympics still features an event like the biathlon, combining cross country skiing and *gasp!* shooting. That can be overlooked, though, since it all happens out in the woods and who the hell really watches that anyway? But a gun – even a fake one – in figure skating? Seriously? Is nothing sacred anymore? That’s figure skating pairs team Marissa Castelli and Simon Schnapir (above) doing their James Bond-themed routine in the US championships. And yes, Schnapir is strapped. When they had the gall to repeat the performance yesterday in Sochi, the ever-watchful snarkmeisters at Twitchy wondered if little Bobby Costas would take the opportunity to lecture NBC’s audience on the shocking impropriety of it all. The real question is, how long before Shannon Watts weighs in with her patented mix of disappointment and opprobrium?


The NRA Throws a Flag on the NFL’s Bad Call

We still think Marty Daniel’s Super Bowl ad submission was a crazy-good bit of gonzo marketing. As in he had to know that the NFL would sooner air a NAMBLA recruitment commercial than a spot advocating armed self defense by a company that specializes in turning out scary black rifles. Roger Goodell would rather stick knitting needles in his ears than listen to all the inevitable finger-wagging denunciations from scolds like little Bobby Costas. But whatever. The NRA’s obviously figures Super Bowl weekend is as good a time as any to jump on the pile. Again.


Question of the Day: Has FPSRussia Jumped the Shark?

I dunno. Ever since FSPRussia returned from his sabbatical – triggered by the assassination of his business manager – he’s a been a bit . . . demure. On the positive side, our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day Hall of Famer has quit doing stupid things with stupid guns in stupid places. On the negative side, Top Shot proved that it takes more than high-speed ammo porn to make an interesting gun vid. I know what you haters are going to say: I’m an FPSRussia hater. Au contraire! I love Kyle like a brother. OK, it’s true that I don’t actually talk to my brothers. But I love the idea of having a brother. Jealous of his multi-million views and celebrity status? Nope. TTAG’s all about the written word. We’re colleagues, not competitors. I simply think the faux Russkie has lost his creative edge. You too? And if so, any suggestions for Kyle?


Hollywood Anti-Gun Agitprop is Breaking Out All Over!

In Bruges (courtesy

“I’d gotten tired of carrying guns, a little bit. I don’t know how I ended up carrying so many guns, I really don’t. I hate the f**king things!” Irish actor Colin Farrell told Total Film magazine. “I think I’d gotten tired of doing some films that were thematically quite similar – that revenge and retribution played a prominent role in.” So it’s official: Hollywood’s hoi polloi (e.g. Miramax movie mogul Harvey Weinstein) are coming out against firearms ownership and swearing off movies that rely heavily on gunplay. Note: unlike Harvey . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: “This Should Be Popular with NRA Nutjobs and High School Shooters” Edition


Quite why an image of such inescapable beauty would be derided by a commentator I have no idea. Oh wait. I do. The image is in a gallery of gun photos published in The Land of Hope and Glory, a country so hoplophobic they call their fastest trains “high speed rail service” (instead of bullet trains). “Obviously only for balance I think it would be also informative to see in detail the beauty of the results of these bullets in any motion you like on the previously living targets,” toywithwords opines, his comment dripping with sarcasm. Hello? This is the U.K.’s right wing newspaper. Sigh. Click here to view the ab fab gun gallery.


Quote of the Day: Bring It Edition


“As we have seen in the last year, grass roots support for the rights of gun owners has repeatedly trumped big-money campaigns funded by people such as former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others who agree with Weinstein. As long as the political left and its Hollywood ATM machines keep showing their contempt for the Constitution, the NRA has little to fear from Harvey Weinstein or Meryl Streep.” – Jonathan S. Tobin, Guns, Hollywood Hypocrisy, and the NRA [at]


BREAKING: Anti-NRA Movie Producer Harvey Weinstein Swears Off Violent Movies

Harvey Weinstein appeared on Piers Morgan’s program this evening, addressing accusations of hypocrisy. Critics of the Hollywood movie producer – who’s green lighted a film that will “make the NRA wish they weren’t alive” - pointed out that much of Weinstein’s body of work has relied heavily on gunplay to put bums on seats. While not exactly owning the contradiction, Harvey acknowledged it and swore off “gratuitous gun violence.” “The change starts here,” he told Morgan. “I’m not going to make some crazy action movie just to blow up people and exploit people and make some crazy action movie.” Quentin Tarantino must be majorly bummed; said the Pulp Fiction Director would be looking to Harvey for financing for The Hateful Eight. In this case, it looks like the hateful ate its young. If you know what I mean . . .