Marvel’s “Create Your Own Comic” App Bans Guns

“Marvel Create Your Own allows fans to create comics featuring the studio’s huge cast of characters, from Captain America to the Guardians of the Galaxy,” reports. “The online platform allows fans to combine various backgrounds and character images with editable speech bubbles.” No capes! Wait. Yes capes! No guns . . . The terms and […]

Jurassic World Trailer Drops. Time to Arm the Dinosaurs with Machine Guns!

In the trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom below, dinosaurs menace humans. Specifically, Chris Pratt, a babe and some other guy. SPOILER ALERT: both men and beast are menaced by a volcano. (That’ll learn ’em.) I’m with‘s Scott Wampler: it’s time to stop the chase scenes and weaponize the damn dinosaurs. Here’s his open […]

Blade Runner 2049 Blasters Tested!

I’m totally stoked to see Blade Runner 2049. One problem: my eldest daughter’s in town. My UK-based operatic sprog’s promised her boyfriend she’d wait to see the movie with him. I told her to watch BR 2049 with me and then feign ignorance with her Norse-named Significant Other. This post pretty much torpedoes that idea. […]

#ConcertAcrossAmerica Gun Control Concert. Yes, Again

Make the jump to watch the California Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence’s karaoke entry in the antis’ #ConcertAcrossAmerica. An event that came and went last year without anyone on the TTAG staff (or the ever-vigilant being even vaguely aware of its existence. This year, the actual concert is on the 24th. Aiming for a […]

Quote of the Day: YouTube Censoring Firearms-Related Videogame Content, Too

“The platform should be focusing on monetizing quality better, but the exact opposite is the case. It’s now focused on monetizing generic, bland, white-washed garbage. The platform is actively steering you away from talking about or showing anything remotely interesting if that interesting subject could potentially be controversial.” – YouTuber SkillUp in YouTube Is Making It Almost Impossible […]