MTKL Apparel Reveals Israeli Army Girl Calendar

Israeli soldier calendar (courtesy

Quick! Name those weapons! ID that gear! The weapons! The gear! They’re right there! Have you no eyes in your head, sir? But seriously folks, “MTKL’s calendar features Israeli soldier women celebrating their freedoms and life loving culture,” the self-proclaimed “cheeky new street fashion outfitter from TLV” proclaims, “in contrast to the violently negative anti­ Israeli propaganda which surfaced in light of Israeli military activities in the Gaza strip last summer.” I think they mean in contrast to Burka-clad female ISIS soldiers, who’d face a gruesome death for showing a bare midriff in public. Wait. Yes. Yes that’s exactly what they mean. Here’s how MTKL’s presser put it . . .

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Obama Orders Gun Confiscation. In A Cartoon.

Yes, it’s an anti-gun cartoon. But this episode of Cyanide & Happiness is fun! And there’s some pro-gun stuff in there as well; like the chaos that ensues when the world’s firearms are removed by the President’s gun magnet. Anyway, in their business as in ours, you don’t cut funny.


This is the Clothespins Steel Dart Machine Gun Video You’re Looking For

This video caught my eye because of the caption above: “Dangerous . . . useless . . . ridiculous . . . but pure fun.” Joerg’s maniacal laugh certainly gives credence to his description of his crazy Clothespins Steel Dart Machine Gun. It also highlights one of the key strategic advantages enjoyed by gun rights advocates: guns are fun. They’re a hoot. They tap into our instinctive desire to . . . hunt? Blow sh*t up? Multiply our personal force by several orders of magnitude? Dunno . . .

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If You Only Watch One Episode of The Rifleman, This Is The One To Watch

“This territory has a lot of growing up to do,” rifleman Lucas McCain tells the stand-in sheriff [7:40]. “Until that’s done we can’t take away a man’s right to protect himself.” Until that’s done? You’d think The Rifleman would be a little more firm on gun rights. Anyway, gun control doesn’t work out in North Fork, New Mexico Territory. Just like it doesn’t work out in California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, etc. [h/t DG] As the Talking Heads would say, same as it ever was.


Is This the Best Slo-Mo .50 Caliber Destruction Video Ever?

I’m not saying this Dan Blizerian .50 vs. Rolex YouTube video is perfect. The most glaring defect: Dan the Man shoots fake Rolexes. That is SO not the same as drilling a real Rolex. If Dan had shot a Rolex Daytona – or two or three – that would have lifted this slo-mo video straight into the legendary category, adding to the Trustafarian’s already formidable rep as the [all but literally] balls-out American consumer. Better/worse yet, how about a Patek Phillippe? Still, this production is a gorgeous thing, proving that Shiva the Destroyer is a serious babe, if you know what I mean.


Movie Review: Nightcrawler

"What if my problem wasn't that I don't understand people but that I don't like them? What if I was the kind of person who was obliged to hurt you for this? I mean physically. I think you'd have to believe afterward, if you could, that agreeing to participate and then backing out at the critical moment was a mistake. Because that's what I'm telling you, as clearly as I can." -Lou Bloom, Nightcrawler

Rhonda Little writes:

There’s a thin line between ambition and madness. In Nightcrawler, Jake Gyllenhaal (as videographer Lou Bloom) dances so effortlessly on that line it seems to disappear completely. The film is a fascinating albeit disturbing glimpse into the mind of a man whose goal is to break into the cutthroat world of local TV news. It’s a stinging indictment of the reality TV culture that characterizes local news – and beyond. More than that, Nightcrawler is a captivating and thought-provoking thriller warning what can happen when a shooter forgets what’s on the other side of the lens . . .

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Top 23 (?) Pro-Gun Celebrities Revealed!


Clickbait. It’s a thing. A thing TTAG uses on the side of our homepage and between the posts and comments to generate enough revenue so that we don’t have to resort to more annoying revenue-generating ploys. So while I’ll provide this link to‘s story Top 23 Pro-Gun Celebrities for those who want to see pics of all the pro-gun entertainment icons and their gun-related quotes, I’ll also [SPOILER ALERT!] list them below. After one. More. Click. Seems only fair after all the clicking I had to go through to prepare the list. Why 23, you ask? Because page breaks. How did rate the celebs? God knows. But anyone who doesn’t rank Angelina Jolie as the number one pro-gun celeb isn’t paying attention. And no, I have no idea why her thumb is on the back of the slide . . .

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A Reader Report from the Premier of Gun Documentary ‘No Control’


Saturday RF wrote about the premier of the documentary ‘No Control’, featuring Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson. As luck would have it, TTAG reader Brett was visiting the city that never sleeps and attended the premier Saturday night at the IFC Center for us. He files this report:

I’m from coastal southern California. Not exactly a bastion of firearms freedom – although thanks to Sir Edward Peruta I finally get to exercise my natural, civil, and Constitutional right to bear arms (yes, I’ve unilaterally declared him a knight of the TTAG Armed Intelligentsia). I found myself staying in New York City over the weekend – one of the few places with even less regard for the Bill of Rights than the Golden State. As any TTAG reader would, I worked firearms into the trip. Luck had it that the world premiere of Jessica Solce’s ‘No Control‘ – a documentary on gun politics – had its world premiere Saturday night . . .

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A Balanced Documentary on Gun Control? What Are the Odds?

Defense Distributed jefe Cody Wilson is a pal. I’ve spent many an hour listening to Mr. Wilson’s rapid-fire anti-government rants. His polemics, peppered with references to classical literature, are a veritable farrago of philosophy, law, politics, science and technology. Although I’m not as well read as the self-described “crypto-anarchist,” I can just about keep up. The question is, can viewers of No Control follow Cody’s [bullet] train of thought? That all depends on . . .

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Kendall Jones: Game On! The Future of Hunting Shows! Or Not!

Gentlemen — OFWGs who know who you are — don’t give me that “there’s 11:18 of my life I’ll never get back.” BS. Think of the children! The ones for whom‘s six second videos seem like an eternity. Let’s celebrate the fact that Texas Tech cheerleader, huntress and YouTube proto-sensation Kendall Jones teaches these Khardasian-raised firearms enthusiasts one rule of gun safety: “when traveling with a gun you always want it pointed in the air.” Close enough! The PR company [metaphorically] behind Kendall reckon this video’s been seen by 100k peeps. The YouTube counter counts 48k at the time of writing. Who cares? Not to coin a phrase, game on!