Sara Tipton: Mila Kunis is a Lousy Gun-Owning Parent


Actress Mila Kunis recently shared her parenting choices at eonline.comMila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Keep a Gun at Their House—Find Out Why and What She Said About Baby Wyatt. Mila Kunis displays a high level of firearms expertise in her movies (let’s hope so, considering the extensive training she receives in order to do so), but her view on “gun parenting” are wide of the mark. As a mother about the same age as Kunis and an avid gun owner who can also “take a gun apart and put it back together blindfolded,” I profoundly disagree with this statement . . .

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Kim Kardashian: My Guards Should Have Guns, But Not You Average People


Kim Kardashian…I actually don’t know who she is. I hear she broke the internet once, but I’m one of the guys running the thing and I didn’t notice so much as a blip. It turns out he’s a famous person — for what, no one can really tell me — and she opened her yap the other day and let something amazingly idiotic slip out about gun control in the United States. Like so many of her fellow famous people, Kim thinks guns are evil and scary and no one should have them. Except for her armed guards, of course. Because she’s more important than you or I, and shouldn’t have to follow the same rules she’d like to see in place . . .

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A Response to Australian Comedian Jim Jefferies Anti-Gun Viral Video

By Brandon R.

I know Australian comic Jim Jefferies’s anti-gun gasser has been highlighted before on TTAG, but this video just will not go away. I keep seeing it on Facebook, and I have even had it emailed to be by family and friends with an implied, “See? You’re wrong!” I will admit that this is best summary of the gun control lobby’s arguments that I have ever heard. Jefferies’s delivery is flawless, his timing is perfect, and some of the material is good for some positive introspection. But in light of the bit’s growing prominence, I believe that it deserves a thorough fisking . . .

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Will Sicario Shoot-Em-Up Tell the “True” Story of U.S. Cartel Conspiracy?

The Congressional Investigation into Operation Fast & Furious was a damp squib. Despite incontrovertible evidence that the feds channeled firearms to the Sinaloa drug cartel, despite the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry at the hands of a “rip crew” enabled by the ATF, despite Attorney General Eric Holder’s Contempt of Congress citation, those responsible for F&F walked scot-free. The upcoming movie Sicario . . .

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TAVOR: Futuristic Enough for SyFy Just As It Is


There’s a new show launching on the Syfy channel called “Killjoys,” and while I’m very excited to see Syfy actually moving back to producing proper science fiction programming, the more interesting thing might be their armorer’s choice of weaponry. Syfy has a habit of picking existing futuristic firearms to feature prominently in their shows, guns like the Beretta Cx4 Storm carbine’s prolific appearance in the Battlestar Galactica reboot. This time, it’s IWI’s TAVOR rifle that appears to be taking the lead role — at least in the pre-production stills, that is.

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Non-Functional James Bond Golden Gun (in Silver) Up For Auction

Golden gun (courtesy

Sir Christopher Lee died Sunday morning at ripe old age of 93. Lee was famous for the title role in Count Dracula, Saruman in The Lord of the Rings and assassin Francisco Scaramanga in The Man with the Golden Gun. The eponymous gold gun was fashioned from a cigarette case, a lighter, a fountain pen and cuff links. Scaramanga assembled the parts into a 4.2mm caliber firearm, firing a gold bullet with unerring accuracy. As our web friends would say, because guns. A non-working limited edition (199/7500) pencil-packing silver variant of the SD Studios replica – signed by Roger Moore – is up for action at Bonhams. It’s expected to fetch . . .

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Crimson Trace Scores Product Placement in Jurassic World

Crimson Trace press release [via]

Anyone viewing the mega blockbuster movie, Jurassic World, will notice the very prominent red laser sights on the firearms used by the InGen rangers when they encounter an escaped and deadly dinosaur. The movie’s firearms used in the dark jungle night encounter were equipped with standard Crimson Trace Rail Master (CMR-201s) laser sights and not created movie prop productions . . .

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Black Rifle Coffee Company to TTAG: Our Service Proves We’re Not Anti-Gay

 (courtesy Black Rifle Coffee Company)

Click here for the Black Rifle Coffee Company’s video response to my blog post accusing them of gay-bashing. “You know it’s bullshit that all of us deployed to protect the very freedoms that allow personal preference and choice,” a Company rep declares. Obviously, they’re not saying their deployment was bullshit. They’re saying that their service allows them to bash gays. ‘Cause that’s what their video did. I still maintain that BRCC should take it down and apologize. Oh wait. They did take it down. And this is their apology? Calling those of us appalled by their “torture the gay guy” scene “hipsters” and showing some lipstick lesbians making out? Sorry guys. Not good enough.



Bullets Over Pre-School Anti-Gun Agitprop

Description [via] “A tragicomedy (with karoake and possibly a muppet) about America’s increasingly armed and dangerous toddlers, and a gun lobby that doesn’t know what to do about them. Our protagonist is a young guy with a macabre nickname, a heart of gold — and a secret from his past. When Wayne LaPoo, the powerful head of the National Machine Gun Association (NMGA), enlists our heroes help on an audacious plan to get guns into the hands of every toddler in America, will our young straight shooter become a pawn in the gun lobby’s game — or learn to choose love over fear?” False dichotomy much? Oh yeah they do. Frack Theatre that. [h/t NYAG]


Movie Review: Mad Max: Fury Road


Mad Max: Fury Road is Aussie director George Miller’s goofy, rip-roaring, full-bore, let-it-all-hang-out post-modern “reimagining” of Mad Max and Mad Max Two: The Road Warrior. Miller, 70, directed those two post-apocalyptic movies about thirty-five years ago. Mad Max put Mel Gibson on the map. The Road Warrior made Gibson a superstar. This movie reminds us how great Gibson was in the part. Here’s what passes for a plot in Miller’s start-to-finish blow-‘em-up shoot-‘em-up non-stop chase movie . . .

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FPSRussia Finds His Mojo

TTAG Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day Hall of Famer FPSRussia has been pulling a Kirsten Joy Weiss as of late. He’s been doing things (e.g., gun reviews) for which he was justifiably not famous. I blame the double-tap to the cranium assassination of his agent/partner, a crime that remains unsolved. With this effort, FPS has rediscovered his groove. He’s doing something remarkably, gloriously, ballistically stupid. While FPS’s bowling ball lands we know not where, I reckon we can assume no humans were threatened (although I wonder if there were any arbor-related double pinochles). Let’s hope Kyle continues to push the envelope – in terms of using ridiculous firepower to blow things (the word Google prefers) up. Safely.