Adam Savage Hearts Ray Guns: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

Steampunk guns are aesthetically palatable to a mainstream audience because they’re fun! Which is welcome. Anything that lowers the emotional barrier to entry for firearms freedom fence straddlers and hoplophobes helps the cause. Which includes NERF guns, of course. In fact, a lot steampunk guns look like NERF guns on acid. Still, you couldn’t get much further from a GLOCK if you tried. Have you tried? If not, a word of advice: buy a glue gun. And don’t let a steampunk cop see you with it in Baltimore. That is all.

If you’re a jobbing journo, making fun of American militia men is a walk in the park. Make that the woods. Militia members are white (racists!), they don’t trust their government (paranoid insurrectionists!) and THEY’VE GOT GUNS! It’s especially easy if you pretend to be one of them. It’s a technique perfected by visiting British comedians/commentators, who view American “extremists” of any stripe — gun owners, snake handlers, self-help gurus, etc. — as a freak show fun. Check out the description beneath this Vice documentary Inside The Michigan Militia . . .


Fog Gun Blows Kids Away

Just thought I’d leave this here.

As a young lad, I was completely captivated by Bullfinch’s Mythology. (Click here to view or download.). So I fully appreciate and understand the deep not-to-say timeless appeal of comic book superheroes/villains/mutants. Not to start a civil war, the current crop of Marvel/DC movies doesn’t flick my BIC. I only enjoy the characters when they aren’t engaging in endless CGI battles. Anyway, Jerry “Get Some” Miculek sets out to test a real world (titanium) Captain America shield. You want to talk about real world heroes? Ladies and gentlemen: Jerry Miculek.