Movie Review: Fury


Fury is both the name of the movie and an M4 Sherman tank that’s home to a dysfunctional family of US Army soldiers. To set the stage, it’s April of 1945 – the last month of the War in Europe — and Hitler’s armies have been shattered on the Western front. The Nazis have been reduced to using children and women to defend their murderous regime. The Third Reich is being (literally) crushed under the treads of American tanks. Resistance, especially from the SS and the Hitler Youth, is fanatical as the Nazis defend their own land. And here’s the first of several spoilers: the Allies win! . . .

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Utah National Guard in Hot Water Over Hot Shots Calendar Shoot

“A risque video shot in conservative Utah featuring bikini-clad women firing high-powered weapons and riding in tanks for a pinup calendar has raised the ire of a pair of law enforcement agencies who have found some of their officers were in the film,” reports. Let’s be clear, the unnamed officers will not appear in the calendar. They’re in the promotional “making of” video above, which features an awful (wonderful?) amount of what I’m going to call “breast juggling.” Some of them are – gasp! in uniform. The guys. Focus people! Personally, I’m not a big fan of cheesecake. I prefer images of strong women with guns. IDF style. Anyway, make the jump for official outrage at the “edgy” content. It really is precious . . .

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Sportsman Channel Finally Does It: “Hunting” T&A

Hog Dawgs combine the very dangerous job of nuisance animal control [not hunting per se] with alluring huntresses who jump into the fray corralling feral pigs, alligators, snakes and coyotes on a daily basis,” the official website asserts. “The women of Hog Dawgs are deadly [deadly I say deadly] serious about the task of eradicating nuisance animals from ranches and farms by putting their skills with the tools of the trade – rifles, shotguns, bows or knives – to the test and getting the job done…with a woman’s touch.” Wearing tight, low-cut T-shirts and crop tops. (Because boobs.) Except for . . .

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Is This The Most Vile Videogame Ever Created? [NSFW]

Can you shout “fire!” in a crowded movie house? Yes. Yes you can. If there’s a fire. If doing so does not create injury or death. Can you create a videogame where players can pretend to be a spree killer massacring people – in graphic detail – at a school? Yes. Yes you can. But I would not want to be this game’s producers if some nutcase uses it to prepare for a real spree killing. And I would not want my daughter going to school with anyone who played Hatred. But . . . .

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Rappers On the Caliber Wars: 9mm Rules


I was browsing the other day and came across a thread talking about a site called “Rap Stats.” The site catalogs the lyrics of rap songs down through the ages, and lets you do awesome stats-based analysis like comparing the relative popularity of different words over time. Naturally, the first thing I did was throw three calibers into their search engine and wait patiently for the results . . .

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‘American Sniper’ Movie Trailer Debuts Online

There’s a decidedly anti-gun bias in Hollywood these days. The only movies being made either depict the horrors of war or focus on the broken soldiers coming back home. The message is clear: war is bad and it ruins people. That may be true, but Chris Kyle was one person who it didn’t seem to negatively impact in an appreciable way. In his book American Sniper, Chris celebrated his opportunity to kill people in the defense of America. That isn’t exactly the version of Chris Kyle’s life that is portrayed in the trailer — it literally portrays him as a child killer — but we’ll have to see the entire movie when it comes out to see what Hollywood did with his memoir.


Colion Noir Films Priceless Parody

Who would have thought that the super-serious, soporific gun guru LaSorte would become a perfect foil for America’s most prominent African-American gun rights advocate? LaSorte’s parody of Noir’s gun reviews is awesomely awesome. If Amy would get some gumption and Colion would unleash his inner alpha, Noir might evolve into what it wants to be: Top Gear for guns. Unfortunately, Episode 10 devolves into the usual self-indulgent lifestyle folderol. A bar review? The whole thing looks like an excuse to pick up the barmaid. Good taste but . . . no. As for the crusade to create the “athletic shooter,” meh. There’s no need to alienate Old Fat White Guys. Great production values, though.


Sons of Guns’ Stephanie Hayden Ford Talks to Dr. Phil About Will Hayden

A photo of Dr. Phil, left and Stephanie Hayden Ford on DR PHIL that aired on Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014. (Photo by © Peteski Productions)

I didn’t watch the Dr. Phil show where Stephanie Hayden Ford talked to the eponymous balding individual, but a writer from did. In her interview, Stephanie discussed her father Will Hayden and the current trouble he finds himself in, vis a vis the alleged inappropriate touching and rape of small children. Stephanie originally came to her father’s aid and defended him against the allegations, but as the charges have mounted and her own sister has come forward she has changed her tune. She had the following to say to the future Hair Club for Men member . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Militarized Batmobile Edition

Latest Batmobile

George Barris designed the first real-world Batmobile in 1966. The Caped Crusader’s ride was an evolution of the 1955 Lincoln Futura show car. [Click here to see the missing link.] Barris’ design also held a hint of the Cadillac DeVille and the Screaming Chicken Trans-Am. Whatever its genesis, the flame-spouting Batmobile was a car. You know; a vehicle driven by people. In fact, the Batmobile’s bubble cockpit put the distinctly disarmed Dynamic Duo on display. Compare that to the vehicle above. The Dark Knight’s latest ride is a cross between a tarantula and an MRAP. More to the point, its point is plain to see: bow-mounted machine guns. Which reminds me . . . I can’t remember ever seeing Batman shoot a gun. So why is it OK for him to mount them on his car(s)? Just wonderin’.


Red Jacket’s New Owner Speaks Out About Will Hayden


The original party line for the Sons of Guns crew when the story about former star Will Hayden raping 12-year-old children was denial. The accusations were all baseless, they stand with Will, the whole nine yards. But as the charges snowballed, that solid wall of support began to break. Will hasn’t been the head of Red Jacket in quite some time — he was removed when the company “lost” some machine guns under his watchful eye and the ATF demanded his head on a platter. Ever since that incident Joe Meaux has been the man in charge at RJF, and while the company has been pretty much quiet about the sexual misconduct charges, Joe spoke with Fox news and had the following to say about his former boss . . .

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