How Not To Reholster Your Gun: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

I wear a Kydex holster for a lot of reasons. Frame-mounted safety or not, reholstering is one of them. [h/t] Below: the screen grab from ~2:50 into the video:

Sticker’ Up Restores Gun Emoji — And Then Some!

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Matt in Idaho writes: If you’re like me, you were devastated — devastated I tell you! — when you read that the gun emoji on your iPhone was going to be replaced…

Murdered Singer’s Family Sues ‘Gun-Free’ Concert Venue

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We all know that “gun-free” zones serve as a dinner bell for whack-jobs, terrorists, and social misfits. Singer Christina Grimmie’s family has filed suit in recent days against the gun-free theater…

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Antis Protest FedEx Discount to NRA Members

Wait. FedEx has a discount for NRA members? Who knew? A call to FedEx’s 800 number connected me to an agent who’d never heard of such a thing. From there…

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Kimber Gun Rights Bulletin: LA Writer Quotes Fictional Character as An Authority on Second Amendment

Writing at, Tosten Burks penned Trigger Warnings: Know These 4 Important Gun Laws By Heart. To educate his audience about the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, Mr….

Did lonestarjohnnyguitar Just Upload the Worst Gun Song Ever? Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

I don’t think lonestarjohnnyguitar is the worst country singer ever. But he’s certainly one of the worst country singers ever. His pro-gun rights song lacks a certain je sais quoi. Specifically, tunefulness….

‘Miss Sloane’ Misses the Mark

David Codrea writes [via] We didn’t want the film being adopted by one side or the other of the argument, because it isn’t a polemic. … I don’t think —…

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Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Too Violent for Chicago

“(W)ith all due respect to anyone in this type of situation if anyone ever comes through the front door with an automatic rifle, they’re not going to be able to…

Larry Vickers Makes the World’s Best Video Gun Porn. Again. Still.

Thanks to the descending cost of video technology and the ascending number of paying outlets for gun porn, production values have never been higher. Colion Noir’s team makes some truly cinematic…

Hollywood Director Paul Schrader Calls For Civil War Against Trump

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Paul Schrader (above) wrote the classic Scorsese movies Taxi Driver  and Raging Bull. Skip forward a few decades and Mr. Schrader’s Hollywood  career has languished. His latest film — Dog Eat Dog — was not well received. “Movie…

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Note to Facebook and Google: Share This!

In an earlier post, TTAG’s Nick Leghorn raised the alarm on Facebook’s and Google’s decision to censor “fake news.” Nick didn’t mention the role of satire in the fake news…

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Book Review: A Time to Kill, The Myth of Christian Pacifism

I was an agnostic/practicing atheist for 40 years. For a little over four years, I’ve been an active Christian. So when Greg Hopkins approached me at the Gun Rights Policy conference in…