American Guns Reality Star Charged with Numerous Felonies

Rich Wyatt and Ted Nugent, on set (courtesy

“The owner of the Gunsmoke gun shop who appeared on the reality show ‘American Guns’ has been arrested and indicted by a grand jury for dealing firearms without a license and tax-related charges,” reports, revealing the deep you-know-what in which Richard Wyatt finds himself. Specifically, a 13-count indictment (more thoroughly detailed at Each of which carries a five-year prison term. Here’s one scam allegedly perpetrated by Mr. Wyatt [via]. . .

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Moore Gun Control

Julianne Moore 1

Reader Matthew Howe writes:

I once had the pleasure of working with Julianne Moore and can attest that she is a very nice person. For a major movie star she’s down to earth, charming and accessible. We were the scrubby local crew shooting a PSA with The Big Star and she treated us all like fellow professionals. In fact it was her hair stylist, not Ms. Moore, who was the diva who gave us all the problems. Which is why it’s so sad to see her embarrass herself when it comes to the subject of gun control. Look, I’m sure she means well. I’m sure that in her heart of hearts she thinks that partnering with Everytown for Gun Safety is a way she can both protect the Second Amendment and make society safer. She is, of course, wrong . . .

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Guns for Beginners: Make Sure Your Gun is Secure in Your Holster

PicsArt_02-08-03.06.11As I stood in my living room watching my football team win the Super Bowl, fielding texts and phone calls from loved ones that know my Denver Broncos addiction rivals that of my gun addiction, I knew that I’d be jumping a lot if the Broncos did anything even remotely great. After all, this isn’t my first rodeo.  I was a young teenager when the Broncos won Super Bowls 32 and 33 back to back, and I have never been a bandwagon fan. I also knew my outfit would need to show support for my team and conceal my gun. So I wore my vintage Ed McCaffery jersey circa 1998 with the UnderTech UnderCover concealed carry leggings and my Uggs . . .

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Play Stupid Games . . .

The profusion of so-called pranks on YouTube continues apace. We’ve said it before, we’ll say again: many of these productions — designed to scare or antagonize unsuspecting civilians — are an excellent way to get shot. Contrary to Internet opinion, it hasn’t happened yet. But it will. And when it does we won’t say we told you so. Because you already know it.


Jorg Sprave’s Firearms Suicide Machine Revealed

Oh sure, Jorg calls it a Cap Gun Music Machine. And yes it plays music. But as the Slingshot Channel maestro rightly demonstrates (with a cap gun revolver), his homemade wheel of misfortune is perfect for blowing your brains out. Even though I have a [child] psychology degree, I have no idea why turning a wheel is an easier way to end your life than pulling a trigger. Still it’s all in good fun. Yes? [Click here to see the music video using Jorg’s Cap Gun Music Machine.]


The Gun Safety Song – As a Nursery Rhyme

As the YouTube description informs us, “This is the guitar version of The Gun Safety Nursery Rhyme by Jordan Winkler (a.k.a. FX Hummel). His version can be found here” Just so no one gets their knickers in a twist about copyright infringement. There are, however, animal cruelty charges pending against your humble scribe for playing this video in the presence of schnauzers. The only saving grace here: the kid with the binkie is a born performer. How the babe manages to avoid passing out until the end is a mystery for the ages. BTW can a 56-year-old man get broody for grandchildren?


Question of the Day: What’s Your Star Wars Gun-Related Takeaway?

(courtesy Long Range Rimfire Facebook page)

I thought The Force Awakens was a supremely silly movie. SPOILER ALERT! I reckon The Force Awakens was the first episode remade with new characters playing the old characters – with the old ones playing the old ones, too. (A concept worthy of Phillip K. Dick.) A tale as told by Dr. Seuss. Look! It looks like Luke’s looking at a Luke lookalike! Does Luke like her? Do we like Luke liking her? And while you gotta hand it to Han, the new Han is handsome. Will handsome Han lose his hand like Luke? That would suck; everyone in the movie’s shooting handguns one-handed. What’s your take on The Force Awakens gun-related action?


Question of the Day: What Kind of Firearms TV Show Would You Like to See?

I’d watch The Gunfather – if my Time Warner sub included The Outdoor Channel and I wasn’t binge-watching The Black List on Netflix (where bad guys die silently from one shot). As the show enters into its second season, three questions. First, have you seen it? Second, are you getting tired of TV shows about people who sell guns? And lastly, what would you like to see gun-wise on TV? On a side note, TTAG has pitched a series on guns to follow the Top Gear format, but no dice. Help a guy out, willya? Press release on The Gunfather Season 2 after the jump . . .

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Toy Industry Association Reaffirms Statement on Toy Guns and Violence

Official statement:

The Toy Industry Association (TIA) and its members are proud of the important, life-shaping role that toys, games and play have in the development and growth of children.  Toys themselves do not promote aggressive behavior. As Jeffrey Goldstein, Ph.D., author and professor of Media and Communication at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands, has said: “There are no ‘violent’ or ‘nonviolent’ toys. There are simply toys, many fashioned after objects found in the adult world, and others inspired by fantasy objects found nowhere else.” Quite often, military and other role-play items may help kids work through or cope with what is happening in the world around them through play rather than through outwardly aggressive behavior . . .

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Jerry Miculek IS Han Solo

Jerry Miculek is to performance shooting what C3PO is to gay robots. The sine qua non. Devotees of the Star Wars franchise will recognize the gun in this video as Han Solo’s Mauser-inspired blaster. [Click here for the latest batch of Star Wars guns and their real-world inspiration, as ID’ed by our Armed Intelligentsia.] As the YouTube caption informs, “Jerry sets out to prove himself as the fastest shooter in the Galaxy, by shooting 2 of only 3 working blasters in the world.” What are the odds? Here’s hoping Han and his hirsute pal “get some.” And Jerry, please contact us about appearing at next year’s Texas Firearms Festival at a gun range in a galaxy far, far away. [h/t TP]


An Interview With Brad Taylor, Author of the Pike Logan, Taskforce Thriller Series

Brad Taylor_credit Claudio Marinesco

Back in August, I had just finished reading the latest novel in the Pike Logan thriller series, The Insider Threat, when I posted here about how it prominently featured a GEMTECH-suppressed PWS MK109 SBR in .300 BLK. In that post I also mentioned how I’ve been pre-ordering every upcoming Pike Logan book months ahead of their release dates, because I’ve enjoyed the series so much. DUTTON Books took notice, and hooked me and TTAG up in two ways. . .

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