Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress: NFL Kneelers “Are Lucky They Aren’t Shot in the Head”

“A conservative pastor on President Donald Trump’s informal evangelical advisory council thinks NFL players who kneel during the national anthem to highlight racism should ‘be thanking God’ they haven’t been ‘shot in the head,’” the huffingtonpost.com reports, after catching Southern Baptist pastor Robert Jeffress on Fox and Friends (video below). When the mainstream media et al. freaked […]

NRA-ILA: Washington Post Mischaracterizes “Children” and Guns

The NRA-ILA writes: The Washington Post has surpassed the Brady Campaign and Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety to take a place alongside the New York Times as the premier anti-gun propagandists in the country. While those gun control groups have been known to pervert the facts to fit their agenda, a recent Post article and accompanying editorial go […]

The Trace: “Accidental Shooting” In MO Supermarket Proves Need for Permitting, Disarmament

In 1989’s Batman, the Caped Crusader tells the Joker “I made you? You made me first.” I get that feeling about The Trace and TTAG. Anyway, Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop machine continues to crank out “common sense” nonsense. Like this . . . As permitless carry continues to gain steam across the U.S., here’s a story we noticed out […]

Hope and Heal Fund’s Anti-Gun Media Spin Agenda Revealed

California’s Hope and Heal Fund doesn’t like the way the mainstream media reports Golden State “gun violence.” So HHF hired Spitfire — a PR company that helps left-leaning orgs push their progressive message — to recommend ways to bend firearms-related press coverage to HHF’s will. And left-leaning Media Matters posted the results. Here are some excerpts from […]

Washington Post Makes the Case Against More Gun Control Laws

Reader Porkchop writes: There’s some unintended irony in a recent Washington Post ‘Fact Checker’ article regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ comments about the nation’s crime rate: Since becoming attorney general in February, Sessions routinely has warned of a violent crime wave sweeping the nation — spurred primarily by increased violence in major cities. Sessions uses the alleged crime […]

Politifact Wimps Out on Claim ‘Charlottesville Militia Groups Better Equipped Than Virginia State Police’ Claim

“PolitiFact is America’s Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking website and the home of the Truth-O-Meter,” their Facebook page proclaims. And just like the rest of the left-leaning mainstream media, Politifact went nuts over the ultimately fatal Charlottesville “rally.” Not surprisingly, PF tackled Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s patently false assertion that the armed militia in attendance were “better equipped” […]

BREAKING: YouTube Demonetizing Gun Channels

Tim Harmsen from The Military Arms Channel writes: “Sorry for the late text. I have a story for you. YouTube started demonetizing all gun channels last night. The moment we upload and video to YouTube, the moment it processes it’s immediately demonetized and we’re told we have to request a review after 7 days or […]

Question of the Day: Too Soon?

The social media folks in Smyrna apparently thought better about this jab at their New Hampshire-based competitors and took the above Instagram post down. All may be fair in love and war, but as a brand maneuvering in today’s social media mine field, there are some lines you probably don’t want to cross. Did GLOCK go […]

CBS on Chicago “Gun Violence”: It’s All About the Gun!

Shocking, I know. A mainstream media news organization “investigates” Chicago’s “gun violence” and focuses on firearms (video below). During the course of her “investigation,” CBS’s suitably ethnic reporter asks a drive-by of gang bangers an important question: why are you guys packing heat? And got the answer above: protection. News flash! Chicago gang bangers use […]