Big Gun Control Can’t Get Even Half a Dozen Protesters To the NRA Convention on Friday

According to the local NBC station, Dallas Police expect “large” protests near this year’s NRA Annual Meetings. For days, the media has gleefully reported on all manner of gun control advocates bragging of plans to crash the NRA’s party. How did these expected anti-gun counter-demonstrations go on Friday? Let’s face it: Big Gun Control threw […]

Media Gins Up #Faknews ‘Controversy’ Over GA Governor Candidate Shotgun Commercial

As the Washington Examiner advises GOP office-seekers, “Nothing solidifies a candidate’s support for the Second Amendment like packing heat on the campaign trail. But when a Republican candidate for Georgia governor tried this gun trick he looked less like Eddie the gun-safety Eagle and more like Yosemite Sam.” Here’s the tweet that got so many […]

YouTube Surprise: My Suppressed SBR Video is “Suitable for all Advertisers”

Over the last couple of years, it has become increasingly difficult to monetize a gun-related YouTube channel. Then, last month, YouTube further cracked down on gun channels with restrictive new policies. While not everyone has taken YouTube’s shifting policies well, the gun community is branching out and creating alternative video hosting solutions. So color me […]