Field & Stream Goes Full Fudd


“Range Day is the Monday prior to the Show’s opening when manufacturers demonstrate their wares,” self-professed “Gun Nut” David E. Petzal writes at “People like me are bussed out to handle the goodies. This year, Range Day sounded like the Battle of Dak To, or perhaps Fallujah, with the distinctive pop-pop-pop of full-auto fire, which was extremely popular amongst all the SEAL wannabes. Indeed, this was symbolic of the whole show, which has now become so heavily militarized that you have to look fairly hard for something designed to kill animals instead of people.” Really? First of all . . .

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Why the NSSF Was Right to Eject Trespassing Guardian Journalists from SHOT Show

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.57.58 AM

Gun control advocates use false comparisons of unrelated numbers to argue for civilian disarmament. Here’s a good example, drawn from a recent article about the SHOT Show published in Britain’s far-left newspaper the Guardian. Reporters Rupert Neate and Mae Ryanin — ejected from SHOT after they’d entered without authorization — begin with Sex, guns and ammo: inside the world’s largest gun industry trade fair with off-the-cuff remark from an economics professor . ..

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South Carolina Legislator: Regulate Journalists Like Gun Owners

S.C. State Rep. Mike Pitts. John Bazemore/AP, via

We’ve often heard it asked: what would happen if a law were crafted that would treat other rights with the same disrespect and contempt with which the right to keep and bear arms is treated? Well, wonder no more. South Carolina State Representative Mike Pitts (R) has introduced the “South Carolina Responsible Journalism Registry Law” for what might be called, tongue planted firmly in cheek, a common sense regulation on irresponsible journalism. NPR has the story . . .

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The Joyce Foundation Funding The Atlantic Anti-Gun Agitprop


“Nearly 100,000 Americans are killed or injured in gun violence every year,” The Joyce Foundation’s website proclaims. “This inflicts a heavy toll on families and communities. The Joyce Foundation works with law enforcement, policy makers and advocates to develop common sense gun violence reduction and prevention policies that keep our communities safe.” Yes, well, “works with” as in funds. “Common sense gun violence reduction” as in civilian disarmament. “Advocates” as in The Atlantic. To wit, this underneath their post Is There Such a Thing as a Safe Gun? Not Really . . .

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The Last Word About the Gun-Automobile Comparison? Probably Not…Part Deux


A few days ago, RF penned what is now the first “last word” post, which made me think of a great Autoblog article sent to me by my car-cum-gun friend, LostLamb. Driven, if you will, by my urge to have the last word, the post you’re now reading was bound to happen. But before we dive into Pete Bigelow’s “Guns don’t actually kill as many Americans as cars” article, a personal note about my crashed woods truck, seen above . . .

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Gun Hero of the Day: Erich Pratt, Executive Director of the Gun Owners of America

Holy assault media, Batman! Despite CNN host Carol Costello’s best efforts to paint Erich Pratt as an “extremist,” the Executive Director of the Gun Owners of America gets in a point we’ve been stressing here for years: gun rights are not subject to the democratic process. They are protected from government infringement by the United States Constitution’s Second Amendment. Period. I would have used the opportunity to expose the way CNN stacked the deck for their “Guns in America” Obamafest — prescreening questions and not allowing follow-ups or anything remotely resembling a “discussion.” But Pratt gets our GHOTD for ably holding his own against the interviewer’s bully boy onslaught. And telling the truth about guns.


ABC’s War on Gun Rights Continues

Correlation does not equal causation. Unless you’re ABC News. In that case, sure it does! Because God knows there are plenty of people ready, willing and able to tell the camera that “lax gun laws” enable, indeed create “gun violence.” What ARE these lax gun laws that supposedly led to an increase in firearms-related homicides in Missouri, exactly? The report doesn’t say. Pay no attention to the facts behind that curtain! As for ABC’s love affair with California’s Operation Ceasefire . . .

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President Obama Still Doesn’t Get It: It’s Culture That Stops Gun Violence


(This article originally appeared at Bold and is reprinted here with permission.)

By Rebecca Bond

On Tuesday, President Obama held his much-anticipated press conference on “Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence.”  The country awaited the draconian or heroic – depending on whose side you were on – measures. And what happened? Well, it feels like much ado about nothing . . .

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