Bloomberg’s The Trace Publishes First Article Using Dumbest Logic Ever

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We’ve been watching as gun control activist bazillionaire Michael Bloomberg has been setting up a new project called “The Trace.” The claim is that this new website will provide “balance” to the gun control discussion, and is being portrayed as an independent news source without any biases. That would be all well and good if it were actually true. The very first article they published proves that their claims about accuracy and fair reporting are about as hard and fast as a bowl of Jell-O . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: AP Pulls Pic of Gun to the Head of Ted Cruz

Oh how the AP must have laughed when their stringer sent in this post-Charleston church killing picture of Ted Cruz with a gun to his head. Well, five images. Instead of consigning them to the electronic dust bin, the news organization sent this one out to their customers, many of which ran it with thanks. Facing blowback from outraged gun owners and Cruz supporters (and gun-owning Cruz supporters), the AP pulled the image. Well sanitized it. [Click here to view.] Needless to say, it lives on. Anyway, here’s the AP’s statement on the photo-ballistic brouhaha . . .

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David Codrea and Part Company

David Codrea is a pillar of freedom fighters and Second Amendment supporters. He and Mike Vanderbough broke the Obama administration’s Fast and Furious gun running scandal. He has numerous awards from the Second Amendment Foundation, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and even from Soldier of Fortune magazine. I consider David to be a role model, and I am proud to call him a colleague So it is with mixed feelings that I report that he is parting ways with . . .

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BREAKING: NBC’s Meet the Press Accused of Racism in “Gun Violence” Video

This morning’s NBC’s Meet the Press ran the above anti-gun segment on “gun violence.” The carefully-edited excerpt from a larger film presented incarcerated criminals who’d shot innocent people and lived to regret it. All of those interviewed were black. Todd asked his audience to ignore that fact. Yeah. No. Within minutes the Internet was abuzz with charges of racial bias. Host Chuck Todd hardly had time to strip off his microphone to pen a public explanation. It’s a combination of “sorry if we hurt your feelings” and “screw you, it’s our job to make you uncomfortable.” Seriously. Here it is . . .

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Evolve Rolls Out ‘Clear It, Check It, Lock It’ Safety Campaign

As Advertising Age reports, “Gun safety advocacy group Evolve is spreading its own version of “stop, drop and roll” and “friends don’t let friends drive drunk” to gun owners. The nonprofit is rolling out a new ad campaign this week that uses star power, humor and media prowess to push its call to action to Americans: ‘clear it, check it, lock it.'” The firearms safety org’s out with another of their slickly-produced videos, featuring spokesnoid Josh Lucas strolling down Main Street, USA while copious amounts of (presumably) negligent gunfire ricochets around him . . .

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73 Exploiting Murders for Gun Control is OK, but Not for Gun Rights

New Jersey commerative coin (courtesy

Following the murder of a New Jersey woman while she was waiting for her firearms license paperwork to crawl through the purposefully slow political system in the state, a number of people have been using the incident as an example of how gun control laws keep victims disarmed and limit their ability to defend themselves. They are calling for action on legislation designed to speed permits for those who are victims of domestic violence. thinks that using this murder to support gun rights is disgusting . . .

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Note to Jon Stewart and Co.: Open Carry is Color Blind

In the video above, lame duck Daily Show host Jon Stewart takes on the controversy surrounding the now-infamous McKinney pool party video, where a police officer draws his weapon (and holsters it) while trying to control an out-of-control event. Stewart states that pool parties should be fun and involve “super soakers.” His black, body armor-wearing “correspondent” pretends to be shocked. “A water gun at a Texas pool party?” she replies . . .

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OMG! A Concealed Carrier! At a Baseball Game! OMG!


“Well this is terrifying. During Monday night’s Astros-Orioles game at Minute Maid park, a fan reached for a foul ball, and in doing so revealed a concealed firearm tucked into his waistband. Here’s a still photo (above) via Andrew Joseph of the Arizona Republic.” That’s hyperventilating over the sight of a pistol on a hip. In Texas. Yes, Major League Baseball’s policy is to prohibit the practice of Second Amendment rights in all of its stadia, no matter how firearm-friendly the locale. But wait! Don’t parks now feature airport-style metal detectors at all fan entrances to enforce the embargo? . . .

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Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Story of the Day: YouTube Claims A Victim Edition

“Officer Tanya Turnbow, Tooele Police Department, tells FOX 13 News the [unnamed] man and wife were at home Saturday morning and the man was watching an instructional video on how to manipulate his .40-caliber handgun.” Oh how I wish Fox 13 was more specific. What instructional video was on their computer? Did it tell them to clear the weapon before guiding them through a drill or takedown procedure or gun twirling demo? If it was a “why .40 caliber sucks” video (like James Yeager’s above), point taken! Here’s the passively worded money shot . . .

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Shocker: Dart Center Rejects My App for Gun Violence Workshop

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A couple of weeks ago, I received the expected rejection letter from the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma on my application to attend their “workshop for journalists on covering guns and gun violence”.  I expected it because it’s clear that their Bloomberg-funded “workshop” has become a mere exercise in producing disarmist propaganda, rather than an objective effort designed to help journalists get their facts right on events involving guns. To give credit where due, Bruce Shapiro, Director at Dart, was unfailingly polite in the rejection letter . . .

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NRA Demos Suppressors, Dispels Myths for Illinois Media

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By Ripcord

Some here at TTAG can be quick to voice our criticism of the NRA. When we think they are slow to react or we think their message is off. But we should also take time to pat them on the back when they get it right. And they did just that in Illinois this week. In a showing of forward thinking, NRA arranged for a shoot and demonstration of suppressors for the capitol press corp. NRA has been working with the American Suppressor Association to legalize suppressors in the Land of Lincoln. Bills have been filed and they continue to work on the issue at the state capitol . . .

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