New York Times: Hey! Trump! Leave Them Background Checks Alone!

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In the immediate aftermath of the Ft. Lauderdale shooting, the mainstream media’s using the attack as a jumping-off point for recycling their usual pro-gun control arguments — regardless of their relevance….

Miami Herald: Airports Need More Security!

“For all the hoops travelers jump through to get onto an airplane, the public areas remain a threat to airport security,” a’s editorial opines. “On Friday, police said shooting suspect… 4 Gun Rights Advocates Who Were Shot by Guns in 2016

post image claims “38,495,178 members” and touts itself as “the world’s largest community for good.” I don’t think it’s very caring for a website appealing to touchy-feely do-gooders to run the…

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Facebook Designated Fact Checker Rates ‘Seven Children Per Day Die From Guns’ Stat ‘Mostly True’

“U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo, is one of California’s most prominent advocates for gun control — and one of the few members of Congress to personally experience and survive…

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Update on Monday’s Terrorist Attacks in Germany and Turkey

As TTAG reported yesterday, there were three incidents across the Atlantic that appear to have been connected to or inspired by Islamic State fanatics. In Berlin, Germany, the death toll…

Kansas Man Pushes Back Against Facebook Hoplophobia

Someone posted a picture on Facebook of a Kansas man sitting on his front porch, holding a rifle. The caption claimed he was upset about people parking in front of…

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Kimber Gun Rights Bulletin: LA Writer Quotes Fictional Character as An Authority on Second Amendment

Writing at, Tosten Burks penned Trigger Warnings: Know These 4 Important Gun Laws By Heart. To educate his audience about the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, Mr….

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Kimber Gun Rights Bulletin: Washington Post Demonizes AR-15 in VA Pols’ Gun Giveaway

A Va. politician is giving away an AR-15 rifle as a Second Amendment statement. That’s the headline — an announcement so bland you wouldn’t be surprised to find it…

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Kimber Gun Rights Bulletin: Linda Greenhouse’s Abortion Fears Are Gun Owners’ Reality

Linda Greenhouse (above) is a  former New York Times Supreme Court Reporter and Knight Distinguished Journalist in Residence and Joseph M. Goldstein Senior Fellow at Yale Law School. Ms. Greenhouse published an article…

Gun Sales Rise Driven By Fearful Black and LGBT Buyers

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“Trump’s Victory Has Fearful Minorities Buying Up Guns” trumpets a headline on Reporter Ben Popken spoke with gun store owners and customers in Virginia, Georgia, and Texas. Contrary to many…

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Question for the Mainstream Media: Am I My Brother’s Rifle?

Rensselaer man shot by brother’s rifle after hunting in Glenmont the headline at trumpets. Well of course the bolt-action .308 hunting rife in question didn’t shoot his (its?) owner’s…

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Kimber Gun Rights Bulletin: “Straw Purchase” v. Discrimination

Gun retailers are constantly exhorted to be careful to whom they sell a gun. And they are. The Reese family in New Mexico spent a year in jail for accepting false statements…