‘Sons of Guns’ Stephanie Hayden Says Father Will Hayden Raped Her, Too


Just when you thought the Will Hayden story couldn’t get much more sordid, it does. “Stephanie Hayden is now claiming she too was sexually abused as a child by her father, Will Hayden … and will be providing information to law enforcement to aid in the prosecution of her dad.” tmz.com reports. “Stephanie — who appeared on the Discovery reality show ‘Sons of Guns’ with her father — originally came to Will’s defense last month after he got arresed for the alleged sexual abuse of his 12-year-old daughter.” Again, innocent until proven otherwise. Still, this doesn’t look good for Hayden. And doesn’t put the People of the Gun in a good light either.

Stephanie will be discussing her Dad and his alleged rape of her and her sister on Dr. Phil Thursday, September 11.


CNN Shows That Yes, It Is Possible for Kids to Safely Shoot Guns

Wait…first there’s a reasonable column about guns in the Washington Post and then CNN runs a piece that shows responsible parents and adults teaching kids as young as five how to shoot safely? On the same day? What kind of upside down, bizarro-world is this we’ve happened upon? Best segment from the CNN vid: interviewer Gary Tuchman asks Okeechobee Shooting Sports owner Jeff Wait if there isn’t something inherently dangerous in a tyke pulling the trigger on a firearm. It was probably a question he hoped would be a gotcha moment. Wait’s answer: “It’s only as dangerous as the person that’s doing it with them.” So…good training techniques and rigorous attention to safety mean a good time is had by all. Who knew?


Sons of Guns Officially Cancelled


Following the most recent arrest of Will Hayden for the alleged rape of his twelve year old daughter, Discovery Channel has decided to stop production of the next season of Sons of Guns and cancel the series. That’s the news via Fox News, which posted the announcement earlier today. Discovery Channel still lists the program on its press website, but I’m guessing that will change before long. Filming of new episodes was put “on hold” following Hayden’s first arrest, but the latest statement from the network seems to officially put the brakes on the whole production . . .

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Gun Tweet of the Day: Chicago Body Count Edition

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 12.53.48 PM

As the situation calms in Ferguson and opportunities for fresh video of flying Molotov cocktails and teargas canisters become scarce, life has gotten harder for tragedy TV media types. But never fear, an alert producer at CNN apparently let Jake Tapper know that the usual term for a period of time in Chicago that sees eleven shootings including a 3-year-old is ‘Friday night.’ What’s a journalist to do, then? Hell, they’ve been marooned out here in the bowels of fly-over country for almost two weeks anyway. It’s not too big a leap to take the road show 250 miles north to check out the daily body count in the City of Big Shoulders (and abrogated gun rights). I know plenty of fellow St. Louisans who would gladly chip in to buy their plane tickets. Hell, I might even be persuaded to drive a group of them up there myself (gas is on me). If you’re a card-carrying media hound looking for a free lift out of the Gateway region to Chicago, email us at thetrughaboutguns@gmail.com. I’m sure we can arrange something.


CBS Airs an Anti-Gun Pro-Gun Story

The gunblogosphere lit up yesterday, after CBS aired a “shockingly positive look at women and guns” [above]. Yes, well, I don’t think so. The video above does not include the full report, which starts like this: “Well, good morning. There are a lot of studies out there that show women are taking up guns for many different reasons. Some are for self-defense. But there is another group who see it more as a sport, and the other day, I spent some time down in South Carolina shooting clay targets with women who say this is a lot more fun than golf.” In other words . . .

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CNN’s Don Lemon Owns a Machine Gun! Or Not.

Making talking head Don Lemon look like a gibbering buffoon is a little like making Kate Upton look breathtakingly attractive. Both endeavors require virtually no preparation, planning or significant effort. During this priceless clip in which CNN’s prattling presenter attempts to rally support for more Second Amendment limits, Don Ferguson – who is apparently not related to the troubled Missouri town – attempts to explain the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic firearms to the not-so-pithy Lemon. Exactly what any of this has to do with the Ferguson (the city, not the guy) protests and riots is anyone’s guess, since the only gun involved in the Michael Brown shooting was Officer Darren Wilson’s pistol. Still, it’s a wonderful illustration of the fact that knowledge of your topic du jour is not a prerequisite for getting a high-paying gig as host of your own tragedy TV show. When CNN hired Don, they got a real Lemon.

[h/t Dirk Diggler]


CNN Wolf Blitzer: Why Don’t Cops “Shoot to Wound?”

Wolf Blitzer asks why cops can't "shoot to injure." (courtesy cnn.com)

“On Thursday, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked guest [lawyer] Jeffrey Toobin why police weren’t instructed to “shoot to injure,” instead of kill,” talkingpointsmemo.com reports. “Blitzer’s questions arose during a discussion on the unfurling conflict in Ferguson, Mo. over the fatal police shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. ‘They often shoot to kill,’ Blitzer said of police. ‘Why do they have to shoot to kill? Why can’t they shoot a warning shot in the air, scare someone off if they think they’re in danger. Why can’t they shoot to, injure, shall we say? Why do they have to shoot to kill?'” [Click here to watch the clip] TTAG reader F reckons Blitzer’s ignorance . . .

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Fox News Pimps for NY Safe Storage Gun Law. Tucker Carlson to the Rescue!

When you hear gentle music in the background of a TV news package about a shooting death it’s a sure sign that the producer is pro-civilian disarmament. It’s only a matter of time before the announcer says something along the lines of “the bereaved parents are looking to pass Nicholas’ Bill in New York State.” You know; some gun control bill that would have saved the young boy or girl’s life. No mention’s made of the legislation’s downside, or the fact that the new law violates the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Ah, but this time, on Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson was there to put the report in a less flattering light . . .

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Here’s a Message That Makes as Much Sense as Anything Everytown is Producing These Days [NSFW]

Not that Mayor Mike’s marketing mavens have ever really hit any home runs in trying to convince Americans to support more restrictions on their right to keep and bear arms, but whomever is producing his spots is clearly in a slump. Their most recent effort did a better job making the case for gun ownership and armed self defense than it did at scaring women into relinquishing any of their rights. The video non-sequitur above is obviously a takeoff on the much better executed, more lulz-worthy Bad Lip Reading vids. Still, the producer, dayjoborchestra, managed to repurpose MAIG’s “Demand a Plan” post-Newtown appeal and generate something that’s every bit as effective and coherent as the original. And he probably did it in his spare time. That alone deserves a virtual fist-bump.


American Rifleman: 7 Reasons Why Pocket Pistols Are, Uh, Less Than Ideal

Pocket guns (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

When the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated made the ill-conceived, poorly constructed and downright dangerous Remington R51 their cover girl, the buff book’s street cred took an enormous self-inflicted hit. Shooting Illustrated’s loss was the consumer’s gain. I reckon R51-gate triggered a new spirit of truthiness. Another NRA pub American Rifleman, in particular, seems to be feeling its editorial oats. To wit: 7 Reasons Why Pocket Pistol Suck May Not Be For YouI’m picking up what B. Gil Horman’s putting down. I mean, I’m not picking up the pistols that B. Gil Horman’s putting down. I mean, SPOILER ALERT! . . .

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SilencerCo’s Marketing Mavens Make Their Mark

We’ve posted a bit of press over the last week about SilencerCo’s new shotgun silencer, the Salvo 12. For those not in the know, the Salvo 12 is a silencer made for your scattergun, and it is making waves, just not the auditory kind. But as the video above shows, SilencerCo isn’t a one-trick pony. They’re adept at making stunning marketing videos, with solid concepts, that appeal to a much broader audience than your “typical” gun owner. Or at least I thought.

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