Essex UK Police Uncover “Terrifying Stash” of Guns and Explosives

Terrifying stash of guns and explosives found in Essex the headline at trumpets. Given the fact that we’re talking about two manky AKs, a shotgun a handgun of some sort, four microwave-ready explosive parcels and one Saran-wrapped grenade, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Metro’s hysterical headline and motto — “News . . . but not […]

Guns! Untraceable Guns! Ghost Guns! The Wall Street Journal Flips Out

The Rise of Untraceable ‘Ghost Guns’ the Wall Street Journal headline proclaims. An emerging black-market gun-making industry lets buyers bypass background checks and gun regulations, authorities say the sub-head adds. Oh no! . . . Americans exercising their right to keep and bear arms without background checks and gun regulations! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria! […]

Anatomy of an Anti-Gun Media Hit Piece

This is how a media report intended to “raise the alarm” on guns in the community is done . . . Weapon of choice: Police report more guns on streets than ever before Des Moines police report that there are more guns on the streets than ever before. According to the Des Moines Police Department, […]

Gun Tweet of the Day: Sarah Sanders Shoots Trap

The Tweeter in Chief is nothing if not expert at trolling the media. And White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is no slouch herself. She’s been the target of a barrage of media incoming fire since she was promoted to the position. But it all seems to roll off of her back. She posted the […]

YouTube Accelerates Crackdown on Gun Publishers

YouTube began starving many gun-related publishers this summer. All gun-related content was initially restricted, requiring each publisher to request a review of each video after seven days. Following the resultant hue and cry, some of the more prominent content creators were excluded from the new censorship regimen. But YouTube’s community censorship guidelines are as clear […]

SNL Makes the Case for Concealed Carry for Women

The rapier (no pun intended) wits at Saturday Night Live have finally taken note of the spate of prominent sexual harassment and assault accusations and firings in their own special way. In a lavish video production they call ‘Welcome to Hell’, they make the case that women are little more than targets for the predatory […]

Accuracy International’s Tom Irwin Clarifies His Comments Regarding Gun Control in the US

Yesterday we reported that Accuracy International’s owner, Tom Irwin, had commented on the availability of bump fire stocks and semi-automatic weapons in the United States. Our report was based an article quoting him in the British daily, the Evening Standard. Mr. Irwin has spoken to Frank Galli of the Sniper’s Hide, who writes the following: […]