U.S. Air Force Tools-Up for Terrorists

Tech. Sgt. Matt Copley of Dover AFB talks with Master Sgt. Patrick Carr Feb. 1. Copley completed the first Unit Marshal Program training course at the base and now is authorized to carry an M9 pistol while on duty. — USAF Photo/Senior Amn William Johnson

“In August 2006 an Islamic extremist group targeted Dover AFB for an attack that was never carried out,” doverpost.com reports. “In May 2014, the base was put on lockdown following reports, later shown to be unfounded, that a suspicious person with a gun had been seen near an airplane hangar.” Yesterday, Colorado’s Dover Air Force Base launched operation “Eagle Shield” to counter/prepare for terrorist attack and/or “workplace violence.” Dover AFB implemented it as follows . . .

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Housekeeping: TTAG and Facebook

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 6.30.49 PM

Facebook is removing any and all pages that promote or enable private firearms sales — regardless of the legality of those sales. Zuckerberg’s minions have extended that ban to firearms dealers. We hope this is an oversight; these dealers submit all purchasers to a federal background check, either at their location or via another federal firearms licensee. And that was the point of the original ban: to engender “universal background checks” by eliminating pages where gun sales might forgo the process. The question is . . .

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The Used Car Salesmen of the Anti-Gun Media

By Matthew Howe

If you haven’t seen the 1980 Robert Zemeckis, Kurt Russell film Used Cars, put it in your queue. It’s a raw, vulgar, and hilarious snobs vs. slobs story of dueling used car dealerships. Our heroes are the lovable rogues working at the downscale lot, humorous misfits who will tell any lie, use any trick to offload the junkers in their inventory. Rupert Neate and Mae Ryan at The Guardian are like those car salesmen. Only they’re not quite so lovable. They do lie, however, just as big and boldly as Kurt Russell’s Rudy Russo ever did . . .

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Moms Against Cars For Car Sense in America Fisks Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

(courtesy Moms Against Cars Facebook page)

TTAG tipster SS sent us a link to the Moms Against Cars Facebook page. As Ron Weasley might say, it’s brilliant Harry! (How that guy ended up with Hermione is a question for the ages.) MAC’s memorable memes make the Moms look moronic. Make the jump to peruse two more of my favorites. Check out the page for awesome posts on car violence. Meanwhile, well played sir. Well played . . .

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Sundance Audience Gives Katie Couric’s Under the Gun A Standing Ovation

“Before this film is over … 22 people in America will be shot.” That’s how Katie Couric’s documentary Under the Gun begins, according to people.com. Context? Katie don’t need no stinking context! The fact that most of these firearms-related incidents are suicides and most of the rest are gang-related (in urban areas with “strict” gun control) is neither here nor there. Is it in Ms. Couric’s anti-gun agitprop? As if. What we get is . . .

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Inside the Twisted Mind of a Gun Control Advocate: Trymaine Lee

Trymaine Lee (courtesy msnbc.com)

“My family has experienced its own measure of gun death,” former crime reporter Trymaine Lee [above] confesses at nytimes.com. “In the mid-1970s, a couple of years before I was born, a disgruntled prospective tenant murdered my grandfather over a $160 security deposit. Decades later a young woman put a bullet in the back of my stepbrother’s head. Years later, two cousins, brothers, would be touched by the plague: One was shot down and the other is serving a long prison sentence for a separate incident, a botched robbery turned murder.” Now you might think that someone who’s experienced that much murdereous mayhem would . . .

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BREAKING: Facebook, Instagram Ban Posts Promoting Private Gun Sales

Mark Zuckerbeg (courtesy nytimes.com)

“Facebook is banning private sales of guns on its flagship social network and its Instagram photo-sharing service,” nytimes.com reports, “a move meant to clamp down on unlicensed gun transactions.” Such as . . . ? Never mind. Our friends at gunbroker.com must be over the moon, as Mark Zuckerberg’s minions once again act on the boss’s anti-gun rights agenda. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America note: “Facebook said it would rely on its vast network of users to report any violations of the new rules, and would remove any post that violated the policy.” Here’s some gloating the antis prepared earlier . . .

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Field & Stream Goes Full Fudd


“Range Day is the Monday prior to the Show’s opening when manufacturers demonstrate their wares,” self-professed “Gun Nut” David E. Petzal writes at fieldandstream.com. “People like me are bussed out to handle the goodies. This year, Range Day sounded like the Battle of Dak To, or perhaps Fallujah, with the distinctive pop-pop-pop of full-auto fire, which was extremely popular amongst all the SEAL wannabes. Indeed, this was symbolic of the whole show, which has now become so heavily militarized that you have to look fairly hard for something designed to kill animals instead of people.” Really? First of all . . .

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Why the NSSF Was Right to Eject Trespassing Guardian Journalists from SHOT Show

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.57.58 AM

Gun control advocates use false comparisons of unrelated numbers to argue for civilian disarmament. Here’s a good example, drawn from a recent article about the SHOT Show published in Britain’s far-left newspaper the Guardian. Reporters Rupert Neate and Mae Ryanin — ejected from SHOT after they’d entered without authorization — begin with Sex, guns and ammo: inside the world’s largest gun industry trade fair with off-the-cuff remark from an economics professor . ..

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