Junk Science As Anti-Gun Propaganda


By Robert B. Young, MD

Some weeks it’s hard to decide which new anti-gun “study” to dismember. The problem is that there is so much propaganda coming so fast and furiously. It’s like lobbing a lot of crude missiles at a target hoping to do some damage even though none of them are explosive. I can’t recommend too highly Chris Cox’s NRA-ILA report of August 26, “Weird Science” as a brief guide to the junk science that is the last resort of a cause sailing a leaky boat. As Cox says, watch out for “cherry-picking the data” to prove a point and for “garbage in, garbage out”.  I’d add to beware when correlations are trumpeted as likely causation.  To paraphrase W.C. Fields, we are being “dazzled with … b—s—“ . . .

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BREAKING: Two Journalists Reported Killed in On-Camera Shooting in VA [VIDEO]

Victims of shooting at Roanoke, VA (courtesy cbsnews.com)

A Roanoke, Virginia news crew was attacked on camera during a live interview this morning. roanoke.com is reporting that “At least two people are dead after shots were fired at Smith Mountain Lake. Franklin County deputies are searching for a suspect after multiple shots were fired at Bridgewater Plaza near Smith Mountain Lake Wednesday morning, according to a sheriff’s office spokesman. Part of the incident was caught on video during WDBJ’s morning broadcast.” Why the news crew was targeted isn’t known. According to Fox News, “The two killed were identified as reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, by colleagues on air at WDBJ.” More as it becomes available. Auto-play video of the shooting below . . .

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MN Star Tribune Publishes Location of Cecil the Lion Killer’s Hunting Ranch

Star Tribune front page story on Cecil the Lion killer Dr. Palmer (courtesy sportingclassicsdaily.com)

TTAG is a fan of Sporting Classics Daily. While we work on establishing a content sharing agreement, we thought we’d post a link to their most excellent blog post, Newspaper Publishes Map of Walter Palmer’s PropertyYou may remember Dr. Palmer as the dentist who shot the anthropomorphized animal known as Cecil the Lion (with an arrow, but still). SCD’s post highlights the Minnesota Star Tribune’s front page story that identifies the exact location of Dr. Palmer’s hunting ranch, enabling the hunt haters calling for Dr. Palmer’s head. Here’s SCD’s comment on the story . . .

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OMG! A Race Car Driver! Shooting an AR! OMG! [VIDEO]


“F**k! You are a fool. Take a police car and leave F1.” Ouch! That bit of binary bile was directed at Lewis Hamilton, the 2014 F1 World Champeen. What grievous online misconduct provoked that kind of ire from racing fans? mirror.co.uk reports that “The Formula 1 star, who qualified to take pole position in tomorrow’s Belgian Grand Prix at Spa, posted the footage of himself relaxing at a gun range on Instagram.” Bad enough, given the generally hoplophobic vibe in Europe and the UK, where the Brit was born. But his real offense was one of timing . . .

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Planned Parenthood Controversy Reveals The Left’s Double Standard on Gun Control

Planned Parenthood rally (courtesy mediamatters.org)

“Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz published an opinion piece in USA Today using Fox News talking points to advocate for the full defunding of Planned Parenthood,” mediamatters.com reports. “That could result in millions of Americans losing access to crucial health care — all thanks to a handful of lies pushed by conservative media.” Do you see where I’m going here? Try it this way . . .

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New York Times Wants You To Know Shooting is a Dangerous, Filthy Business


TTAG reader Ripcord sent us a link to the New York Times latest head-shaker about the scourge that is shooting on public lands. Ripcord does some head shaking himself, wondering, “First the open carriers, then the Oath Keepers during  a riot, the ‘gun nuts’ and now recreational shooters. Is there any demographic they won’t vilify to get their propaganda out?” To which the answer is, of course, no . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: The Economist Imaginary Gun Ban Edition

Get rid of guns! (courtesy facebook)


The Economist posted this anti-gun graphic on their Facebook page. As TTAG tipster MM pointed out, “What if America got rid of all cars? Or carbs? Or candy? Or swimming pools? Or sharp corners?” Not that America could get rid of its guns; there are at least 300 million of them out there, somewhere, and they’re not what you’d call a highly perishable item. Even if America did, somehow, disappear all its firearms, the forces that lead to these stats – mostly drug-related gang banging – wouldn’t disappear. In short, as the Brits say, pull the other one, it’s got bells on it.


Random Thoughts On Campus Carry for Women and Alcoholism

Gun bottle (courtesy peachridgeglass.com)

My second wife was a beautiful woman. When we walked through a restaurant, you could hear men groan as their wives or girlfriends kicked them under the table. Over the years, alcoholism claimed her looks. If you hadn’t seen my second ex in five years, you wouldn’t recognize her. Her descent into the physical, emotional and financial abyss taught me an important lesson: you can’t stop someone from making bad choices. They either learn from the consequences of those choices or they don’t. This thought occurred to me after dropping ex 2 at rehab 7 and reading an anti-Florida campus carry post . . .

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OMG! Hackers! Shooting Guns! OMG!


While writing for TTAG is fun, the world of information and cyber security is my day job. Hackers are my people, and more often than not, they too have a love for tinkering with the mechanics and laws related to firearms. Every year before the Def Con Conference a group of like-minded individuals gather in the desert to blow off some steam and light off some cordite. Naturally the BBC just about trashed their Fruit of the Looms at the idea of hackers shooting guns, because that’s two concepts they barely understand (freedom, both on the range and the internet). So when they found both in the same place at the same time . . .

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NPR Shills for Allegedly Anti-Gun Ex-Cons

"Ricardo "Cobe" Williams, wearing the cap, served time for attempted murder before joining CeaseFire as a "violence interrupter." Above, he talks with Lil Mikey in a scene from the documentary The Interrupters."" (photo and caption courtesy npr.org)

Sometimes —  a lot of times — I wish the mainstream media would Google search their “gun violence” stories before shooting their mouths off. So to speak. If NPR had taken the time to research so-called “violence interrupters” — ex-cons charged with convincing gang bangers not to shoot each other — they’d discover two salient facts. First . . .

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After TN Theater Incident, CNN Calls for More Gun Control – Despite Fake Gun


Immediately following the news that there was an attack in a movie theater in Antioch, Tennessee, CNN’s anchors consistently started the segment by intoning that, “We’ve seen this time and again.” The implication was that shootings in theaters are becoming commonplace and they bemoaned the fact that nothing has been done to prevent such tragedies. The obvious conclusion: CNN’s anchors wanted to see more gun control legislation. Since that hasn’t happened they are blaming every attack on the evil NRA and gun owners. There’s just one problem: the gun used in this particular incident was fake . . .

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