NC’s WRAL: “Legal way to get NFA weapons without ATF scrutiny”

Cullen Browder, WRAL Investigates reporter (courtesy

TTAG reader BM writes, based on WRAL teaser copy for upcoming report [text after the jump]:

In teaser ads and promos for an upcoming Monday “investigation,” WRAL news of Raleigh makes the false claim that NFA items can be obtained “Without ATF scrutiny.” Gun owners who believe in the truth know better. I certainly do, since I spent the past 12 months receiving plenty of “ATF scrutiny” and attention in obtaining my first suppressor. Since I am hearing impaired, it was literally “what the doctor ordered ” for me to enjoy my hobby safely. (WRAL can reach me at this email if they are interested in the truth.) Commenters on WRAL forums are assuming that the story is about how a gun trust allegedly “bypasses” scrutiny.

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The Trace Discovers Bumpfire Stocks are Legal, Panic Ensues


The Michael Bloomberg-funded gun control propaganda organization The Trace seems to have once again proven that their raison d’etre is not (as their writers have claimed) to provide fair and accurate reporting on guns and the issues surrounding them. Instead they exist to regurgitate the same illogical emotional arguments the civilian disarmament crowd have been using for decades in an attempt to convince Americans that they’re better off without guns, except this time wrapped in a false promise of impartial reporting. The focus of their recent article was on bumpfire stocks, and while the tone is pretty much what you’d expect the difference is that they seem to be trying to use our words (TTAG’s, specifically) to argue for outlawing them . . .

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OMG! A Little Boy! Holding a Gun! OMG!

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 8.12.49 AM

“Love it or hate it, little kids go on hunting trips, and the thing about hunting trips is that there’s usually a gun or two involved in the process. There’s a world of difference between snapping a photo of your 4-year-old with a loaded handgun they’ve never handled before and taking a few pictures on a family trip (with responsible adults standing right there) for posterity.” That’s a more even-handed treatment of the kerfuffle over a pseudo-celebrity posting a pic of her child holding a gun than you’d expect from, no? Not that plenty of Mackenzie Douthit McKee’s fans and followers didn’t freak . . .

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NBC and NYPD Mis-ID Intratec Model AB-10 and Calico Model M-9 as “Submachine Guns”

“A man stopped for public drinking on Staten Island had two submachine guns on him, police said.” That’s the 411 (911?) from “When the officers opened the bag, police say they found an Intratec Model AB-10 submachine gun and a Calico Model M-9 submachine gun.” Even though the correct models of the pistols are given in the story, they are still misidentified as submachine guns. With all the scorn that has been heaped on media outlets for their ignorance about guns over the last 60 years, you would think that news reporters or editors would . . .

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San Antonio Express-News Editorializes Against Campus Carry Law – Without Reading It


After the $hit$torm of criticism that befell CNBC following their tendentious, poorly researched handling of this week’s GOP debate, you might think that other mainstream media outlets would be watching their journalistic P’s and Q’s a little more closely. At least for a while. Maybe they’d do their homework just a smidge more diligently. You’d probably expect, for instance, that one of Texas’s major newspapers would take the time to — we’re just blue skying here — read and understand a new law that affects the safety of tens of thousands of the state’s students before pontificating on the shortcomings of its provisions. You’d be wrong about that. As Madison Welch of Students for Concealed Carry notes . . .

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Who Cares Where They Got the Gun: McDonald’s Edition [VIDEO]

Strangely, the video above is titled McDonald’s shooter purchased gun legally in Maine. Odd because the report makes no mention of this fact. I reckon the news hounds at WMTW-TV got the information after the report aired and figured it was really important. It isn’t. In fact, I’m sick of the media’s fascination with where a bad guy got his gun – as if a shooting could have been avoided if only the bad guy didn’t get a gun. As our President recently pointed out, there are parts of this country where it’s easier to buy a gun than finding a single Democrat who supports gun rights (or something like that). Don’t get me wrong . . .

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Question of the Day: Are Gun Dealers “Uniquely Shielded” From Federal Oversight?


There’s a civilian disarmament complex JournoList. How else do you explain the New York Times article on Governor Cuomo joining the Brady Campaign for Prevent Gun Violence’s upcoming crusade against “bad apple” gun dealers coming within hours of’s article Only 7 Percent of Licensed Gun Dealers Were Inspected Last Year? In the wake of Representative Gwen Moore’s Gun Dealer Accountability Act [via]? Anti-gun agitprop propagators are setting-up the push to punish (their word) gun dealers who legally sell a legal product to non-prohibited buyers. Right now the question is, are gun dealers “uniquely shielded from scrutiny”? Make the jump for The Trace’s case . . .

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Brady Campaign: CNBC Sucks!


If you watched last night’s Republican debate broadcast from the notorious conservative stronghold of Boulder, Colorado, you know that it didn’t go well at all. For CNBC. The Democrat operatives with bylines moderators took all kinds of abuse for their performance, not just from viewers at home and those in attendance, but from the nominees themselves. Ted Cruz tore them a new one over of the gotcha nature of their queries. Chris Christie ridiculed their choice of topics and Marco Rubio pointed out the faulty research and false premises of their questions. In short, it was highly entertaining. But those on the right weren’t the only ones howling . . .

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Blood Porn at The Trace and The Washington Post

Tim Wheeler at Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership writes:

As public opinion and consequently firearm policy have steadily tended toward affirming the Second Amendment, gun prohibitionists have reacted by becoming frantic.  They now push the limits of decency, even in a popular culture that no longer sets many limits. Culture war generalissimo Michael Bloomberg’s propaganda tool The Trace (also funded by long-time gun rights enemy the Joyce Foundation) resorts now to brandishing autopsy photos of child homicide victims in a desperate attempt to shame America into giving up its guns . . .

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Salon: Shoot “Gutless NRA Cowards”

D. Watkins (courtesy

I bet D. Watkins [above] thinks he’s clever. And Salon thinks it’s righteous. But there’s nothing clever or righteous about Mr. Watkins’ post Want a gun? Take a bullet: Take this, gutless NRA cowards — you can have a gun, once you understand the pain of being shot. It’s a thinly veiled call to someone, anyone to shoot NRA members. Watkins starts by recounting comedian Chris Rock’s routine about making bullets so expensive criminals can’t afford them, and then quickly gets darker and darker until it’s full-on evil. Like this . . .

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CNN Shills for Everytown

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.04.06 PM

As a mobster might say, CNN is not a friend of ours. But even by CNN standards, the post THE OTHER GUN LOBBY is beyond the pale. It’s a press release/ad for anti-ballistic billionaire bully boy Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, including the above bloody shirt waving video (click photo above to view) without attribution. It’s about as good an example of anti-gun agitprop as you’ll find in the mainstream media. For those who wish to deny CNN and Everytown the click, here are some “highlights” . . .

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