BREAKING: Gun Mag Purveyor Harris Publications Folds

Combat Handguns (courtesy

“New York-based enthusiast publisher Harris Publications notified employees today that the company is shutting down, effective immediately, after nearly four decades,” reports. “Founded in 1977, Harris published a wide variety of special interest magazines over the years, including newsstand mainstays SLAM, Guitar World, XXL, King, Revolver, and Woman. At the time of its closure, the company’s portfolio included Naturally, Danny Seo; Great Backyards; Celebrity Hairstyles; Juicy; Rides; Who’s Who in Baseball; and Guns & Weapons, among several others.” Including Combat Handguns, Ballistic, Special Weapons, Tactical Weapons and the annual Gun Buyer’s Guide. And related firearms websites. Make the jump for the full company statement . . .

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The Trace Raises Bloody Shirt Waving to an Art Form

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Regular readers no doubt know that gun control advocates appeal to firearms fence straddlers’ hearts, not their heads. Their go-to technique: “waving the bloody shirt.” defines the technique as “the practice of politicians making reference to the blood of martyrs or heroes to criticize opponents.” For the antis’ anyone who dies from “gun violence” is a martyr to their cause. Especially children. Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop machine – The Trace – tries to sell itself as a legitimate news source, and so tries to avoid obvious BSW (Bloody Shirt Waving). And fails. Like this . . .

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Reader: The FireClean vs. Vuurwapen Suit Presents a Real Threat to Firearms Bloggers


Reader John Dingell III writes:

The real issue in the FireClean lawsuit against Vuurwapen Blog is how blog publishers can protect themselves from legal intimidation. While a political blogger can, uh, ‘trump’ his opponents because politicians and public figures have few legal protections, in the commercial sphere targets enjoy far greater legal protections. This is particularly apparent in the financial sphere, where lawsuits against journalists often succeed. This suggests that . . .

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Gun Lube Maker Sues Blogger Over Negative Post


You’ve probably forgotten that there was a characteristic bit of cybersturm und drang last fall when Vuurwappen Blog smelled a vegan rat and sent a bottle of FireClean to, well, someone for analysis. Three labs, actually. Their conclusion: FireClean is, for all intents and purposes, garden variety vegetable oil. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if it, you know, works. Nicky wrote about the kerfuffle here. As usually happens in these situations, both sides got their backs up and flung a little poo at each other for a while, then the whole thing died down. The mega-minds at FireClean, however, are apparently woefully unfamiliar with the Streisand Effect . . .

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GunTV Launches Tomorrow (April 1)

According to GunTV’s promo video, the cable TV service’s goal is to “spread a social responsibility message.” It’s all about promoting firearms-related education, information and safety. Yes, well, GunTV is QVC for firearms. “Our unique platform allows industry manufacturers to showcase products through our talented and experienced on-air hosts,” their presser [posted below] proclaims. “Viewers will receive in-depth, entertaining product demonstrations, and see the products in action, an important component of the purchasing decision.” Click here to live stream GunTV tomorrow, when it launches . . .

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Gawker: Old People are Too Weak and Slow to Own Guns


“The Wall Street Journal reports that interest in guns among retirees is booming. In just the last five years, more old people are buying guns, training with guns….” Good news, right? Not if you’re among the insufferable douchebags who write for Gawker. You know, the online publication that now owes Hulk Hogan $140 million in punitive and compensatory damages? Yeah, that one. Anyway, among what passes for content for Nick Denton’s sneering, bottom-dwelling denizens is laughing at old people who choose to avail themselves of their Second Amendment rights . . .

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Organizing for Action’s Larry Hirsch: Inside the Twisted Mind of a Gun Control Advocate

Larry Hirsch (courtesy

Organizing for Action “Team Leader” and Garden State gadfly Larry Hirsch [above] penned a polemic for called Just Sayin’ — Republican Doublespeak on Guns. As a TTAG commentator once pointed out, when you say “just sayin'” you’re “just sayin'” your logic is on shaky ground. If that’s true, Hirsch’s anti-gun rights rhetoric rates an eight on the logical Richter Scale. More than that, Hirsch’s diatribe reveals a fundamentally flawed, not-to-say mentally challenged mindset. Like this . . .

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The Trace: Female Gang Banger, Gun Control. Connect the Dots?

Ms. Camiella Williams (courtesy

I hate to harp on about Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitpropagandists at The Trace. But they are the most pernicious and insidious of the civilian disarmament brigade, cloaking their gun control agenda in the mantle of respectable journalism on a daily basis. Today’s installment: A Young Chicago Woman Has Lost 23 Loved Ones to Gun Violence. She Wants You To See Their Faces. In her attempt to wave the bloody shirt for gun control, Bloomberg lackey Maya Dukmasova chronicles the life and times of Chicago resident Camiella Williams. Only she’s not the victim The Trace would want her to be. Or is she? You be the judge . . .

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Stolen Guns For Sale on Facebook. The End is Nigh?

Forbes recently ran a major article on gun sales on Facebook — which occurred despite the social media’s site recent ban on private firearms transactions. I reckon it’s only a matter of time before Facebook kicks anything and everything gun-related off the site. A high-profile mass shooting and/or Clinton presidency could increase the impetus for a Facebook gun ban. Stories like this one [via] also move the blacklist-shaped ballistic ball in that direction . . .


Cosmopolitan Magazine Highlights P*ssy Whipped Men With Guns

Back in February, we reported on Cosmopolitan‘s war on men with guns. Here’s the continuation of that ill-advised campaign: Cosmo girls playing anti-firearms footsie with their gun-owning significant other. The men attempt to mount a defense (so to speak) — and end-up looking like p*ssies. Result? “These guys looked so nervous and uncomfortable bc they know they are wrong!” commentator Lola opines. “This is stupid,” Kaylee Tascone retorts. “I personally would want a man that owns a gun and knows how to use it, and be a gun owner myself.” And could look anyone in the eye and defend it too, I imagine. The culture war continues.



Toomey vs. Fetterman: A Tale of Two PA Gun Control Ads

Pennsylvania’s Republican Senator Pat Toomey is up for re-election this year, and the man from Lehigh Valley has been coming under attack by his putative opponents in Democrat Party, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, for his opposition to gun control. Senator Toomey’s response to these charges appears to be to get in his opponents’ faces, running advertisements that boldly proclaim, in essence: “No way! I support gun control!” I wish I was making this up . . .

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OMG! New Jersey Journo Shoots a Gun And Likes It! OMG! is as anti-gun as f*ck. So I was more than a little shocked — shocked I tell you! — when I encountered I shot a gun and I liked it: A first-timer’s trip to the range. The only anti-gun bit: the reporter’s assertion (twice) that “guns are dangerous.” Which is, let’s face it, true. The comments underneath the post are all supportive, as well. Except for a few, like “you must  know that more guns equal more death” and “Gun ranges should be outlawed. They provide and encourage a distasteful behavior and contribute to the gun violence plaguing this country.” Despite this article, history tells us that sides with the killjoys.