Top 3 GLOCK Modifications – Making Perfection Even Better

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GLOCK no longer advertises their guns as exemplars of perfection. Which is just as well. They’re terrific guns, but calling a GLOCK — or any other handgun — perfect is like saying I…

Nobody Does It Better: The Guns of Roger Moore

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Sir Roger Moore, KBE, passed away after a short battle with cancer yesterday at the age of 89. The British actor was most famous for proudly carrying the Walther PPK of Britain’s most…

3 Top Shotguns for Home Defense

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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: a home defense shotgun is the armed American’s best chance at a one-stop shot. To which I’ll add please consider keeping a pair…

Three Types of Bad Guys and Armed Self-Defense

If you face an imminent, credible threat of grievous bodily harm or death, it doesn’t matter who your assailant is or why they’re after you. You are legally justified in using lethal…

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Three Items All Gun Owners Should Have (Aside from a Gun)

Listicles are all the rage in the gunblogosphere. Here, too. While The People of the Gun may scoff at them, these articles convey important information to newbies in an easy-to-use package….

Here Are the Three Guns You Should Never Ever Buy

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Firearms exist for a variety of needs and use cases. Hunting? Target shooting? Long-range steel slaying? Home defense? Concealed carry? I can think of a gun(s) in my collection for…

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TTAG’s Top 3 Range Toy Handguns

Range toys. Firearms that are oodles of fun to shoot, to force your friends to shoot, or just to show off, but aren’t particularly practical. Maybe you rent ’em, maybe…

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Three Best Rifles for People Who Hate Guns

  It’s an unfortunate fact that there are some people who hate guns. That hatred usually comes from one of two places: prior negative experiences with firearms and political ideology….

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3 Hidden Dangers of ‘Gun Free Zones’

The greatest danger presented by a “gun free zone”: a bad actor or actors slaughtering unarmed innocents. A possibility that’s both sickeningly well-established and obstinately, irrationally ignored. But this post isn’t about that….

Top 3 Guns From John Wick Chapter 2 Movie

I thought John Wick Chapter 2 was a stupid movie. The plot was moronic, the acting wooden, the dialogue as memorable as a beige Toyota Corolla. More than that, the body…

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Top 3 Mods For Your Semi-Automatic Self-Defense Handgun

Let me guess: you own a GLOCK-brand GLOCK. Or maybe you bought a similar semi, like a Springfield XD, Smith & Wesson M&P, FN FNS-9, H&K VP9, Walther PPQ M2, Taurus…

Top 3 Reasons Off-Body Carry is a Bad Idea

Off-body carry is a really bad idea. I suspect you already know that. But maybe you know someone who off-body carries. Or someone who’s thinking about concealed carry who doesn’t like…