National Bar Association Statement on Michael Brown Ruling


National Bar Association Statement:

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Bar Association is questioning how the Grand Jury, considering the evidence before them, could reach the conclusion that Darren Wilson should not be indicted and tried for the shooting death of Michael Brown. National Bar Association President Pamela J. Meanes expresses her sincere disappointment with the outcome of the Grand Jury’s decision but has made it abundantly clear that the National Bar Association stands firm and will be calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to pursue federal charges against officer Darren Wilson. “We will not rest until Michael Brown and his family has justice” states Pamela Meanes, President of the National Bar Association . . .

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Hunting with Silencers Now Legal in Florida

10676239_10107551601267414_4180816061627850066_n (1)

For the last two years I have been hunting with suppressed rifles in the state of Texas, and in my experience silencers just make everything better. For starters, it removes the need for hearing protection so you can hear your surroundings much better and often hear animals before they approach. The real reason they rock, though, is plain common courtesy. Guns are loud, and especially in an area densely packed with hunting blinds, one or two big loud guns can scare the game away for everyone else. Plus, the barking of the guns ruins the early morning calm for non-hunters looking to just enjoy the beauty of the day. According to the American Suppressor Association, it looks like those in Florida can now enjoy this same awesome experience effective immediately . . .

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ATF Letter Is Not the End of the SIG Brace

ATF SIG brace letter (courtesy

COULD THIS MEAN THE END OF THE SIG BRACE FOR AR PISTOLS? the headline at asks. “In a letter to short-barreled shotgun manufacturer feds say shouldering an SB15 could be illegal,” the sub-head suggests. “No, it’s not the end of the SIG Brace for AR pistols,” SIG Brace inventor and manufacturer Alex Bosco told TTAG. “The author needs to learn how to read.” Indeed. The ATF letter above addresses an inquiry from Florida gunmaker Eric Lemoine (of about using a SIG Brace on a short-barreled shotgun. And only that proposal. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the SIG Brace and AR pistols. As Bosco makes clear . . .

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WA I-594 Background Check Protest Set for December 13

The impassioned video above didn’t stop the passage of Washington state’s “universal background check” bill. And so an unknown number of gun rights advocates are set to convene at the state capitol to violate the law in plain site. They’ll exchange guns, buy and sell guns and generally play pass the firearm – all in contravention of the newly-approved I-594’s provisions. The cops have yet to declare their intentions for this act of mass (the participants hope) civil disobedience. So it could be a damp squib (hardly anyone shows, the police do nothing and only local media pays attention), an ugly police action (a bit more local media coverage) or something really not good (LOADS of media coverage). Click here for the I Will Not Comply Facebook page. At the time of writing, Resolute for Arms and Liberty has a scant 1650 followers. Still, as Shannon Watts will tell you, the longest journey starts with a single like. [h/t CM]


GA Gun Rights Group Sues ATL Botanical Gardens for Open Carry Ban

Atlanta Botanical Gardens (courtesy

Now that the Georgia legislature passed their “guns everywhere” bill (as described by its opponents) Peach Tree State streets are running red with the blood of innocents. Or not. Yup. Not. But gun owners still have some heavy lifting to do, as hoplophobic semi-public entitites do what they can to avoid to the carry-on consequences of the Safe Carry Protection Act. To wit: “A Gwinnett County man sued the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Wednesday because he was escorted off the property on the basis that he was opening carrying a gun,” reports. “According to the suit filed by Phillip Evans and the gun rights group . . .

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BREAKING: 9th Circuit Court Denies Peruta Appeal; California Gun Rights Restored

CA 9th Circuit Court (courtesy

You may remember that the 9th Circuit Court struck down the “good cause” provision for concealed carry in the County of San Diego. The ruling went to appeal, thanks to The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and Presidential heartthrob Attorney General Kamala D. Harris. The two parties attempted to weigh-in on the side of – you guessed it – reversing the ruling, so that statists like San Diego Sheriff William Gore could continue to deny Americans their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. [Click here for Aaron J. Bailey most excellent analysis of the appeal.] The Court has ruled that Brady’s and Harris’ interest in Peruta came too late in the game. [Click here for the Court’s decision.] In the Court’s words . . .

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From the Horse’s Mouth: ATF Q & A on 80% Lowers

80 percent Receiver Blanks Pic 2

Press Release on the legalities of converting 80% lowers into finished firearms from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive (and Really Big Fires) [via]:

1. Is ATF aware of the receiver blanks, commonly referred to as 80% receivers?
ATF routinely collaborates with the firearms industry and law enforcement to monitor new technologies and current manufacturing trends that could potentially impact the safety of the public.

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California Decriminalizes Possession of a Stolen Firearm

Evidence2 reports that California’s just-passed Proposition 47 requires that police who catch perps with a stolen firearm (value under $950, not an NFA item) must charge them with a misdemeanor. Not a felony. Provided no other crimes have been committed, the cops can’t arrest the ballistic miscreants. They can only issue them a ticket and a summons to appear in court. And bad guys who’ve been convicted of what used to be a felony can petition the court to have their charge reduced and ta-da! their gun rights restored. I know what you’re thinking. BS. No way. Way! A post-mid-election press release posted on the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page spells it out in black and white (relevant bit bolded) . . .

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Ban Machetes! Oh Wait . . .

Our main man Dan’s already called for a ban on axes, what with axe-wielding madman wielding axes against the police. His ironic point: banning weapons doesn’t reduce violent crime. In terms of guns, the more difficult you make it for Americans to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms (in the name of public safety no less), the easier it is for criminals to predate on disarmed citizens. Equally, the more you ban weapons that can be used in self-defense, the more you ban weapons that can be used for self-defense. Students of slippery slopes need only look at the U.K.’s draconian knife laws. Or New York City, where any knife that can be opened with gravity (not gravitas) is illegal. Speaking of the City That Never Sleeps, there’s now a call for a ban on machetes . . .

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Ban Clowns!

The Wasco clown (courtesy Instagram)

It’s called coulrophobia: fear of clowns. It’s a thing (so to speak). If you suffer from coulrophobia, you don’t want to Google Bozo the Clown, attend a Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey’s Clown College reunion or visit Bakersfield, California. “The latest in a series of [16] creepy clown sightings came shortly before 8 p.m. Saturday when Bakersfield police officers near Valhalla Drive and Belle Terrace responded to a report of a person in a clown suit holding a firearm,” reports. “Officers checked the area but were unable to find the person. The incident came after a week with numerous calls to police from residents reporting seeing scary or mischievous clowns. ‘We’ve had multiple of these clown sightings all over town,’ said Bakersfield police Lt. Jason Matson. ‘He was gone by the time we arrived.’ On Thursday, Bakersfield police officers arrested a minor whom investigators said admitted to dressing as a clown and chasing and scaring younger juveniles.” What’s up with all the clowns? Turns out. . .

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Johnny Law Ain’t All Bad

Inspired by a recent post and given that I have been dishing the sh*t at some of our local constabulary, I thought I would share some positive encounters I have had as it pertains to CCW. In Rock Hill Missouri, a small municipality in an area that is rich with small municipalities, I was pulled over by the 5-0 for going too fast in a not-so-fast zone. As I was told a bajillion times by my cop stepfather, I kept my hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel. I did not get my wallet out, I did not bend over and rummage through my glove box.  I essentially sat at attention, hands on the steering wheel and watched the cop approach in my rear view mirror . . .

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