BREAKING: US Supreme Court Throws Out Massachusetts Stun Gun Ban


In the first example of the Court’s post-Scalia jurisprudence on guns, the United States Supreme Court today threw out a Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision that stun guns were not covered under the meaning of the Second Amendment’s protection of the individual right to keep and bear arms because they are “dangerous and unusual” devices that didn’t exist at the time the 2A was drafted . . .

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WaPo Mommy Blogger: I Have to Ask People Not to Bring Guns In My Home?

Allison Barrett Carter (courtesy

“Before we start quoting the Second Amendment,” mommy blogger Allison Barrett Carter warns, “I am not writing an ‘anti-gun’ article. Friends and family are completely free to (legally) get their guns, take the appropriate class, and carry their guns with them, at least until such time as the country collectively decides to change any laws.” How generous. “Just don’t carry the gun into my home,” she adds. Fair enough. But what really flicks Ms. Carter’s Bic . . .

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Massachusetts Court: Cop Liable for ‘Accidental Shooting’

Paul Duncan (courtesy

Republished with permission from Force Science Institute:

The risk of keeping a finger on the trigger when not intending to shoot has long been emphasized in Force Science research reports. The potential human toll–and the liability burden–are vividly illustrated in a recent Appellate Court decision in which justices ruled that officers are not guaranteed qualified immunity from legal action when a shooting is purely unintentional and accidental . . .

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Hunting and Gun Reform Bill (H.R. 2406) Passes House, Heads to the Senate

Alyssa Scene 2
On 26 February, 2016, the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act of 2015, also known as H.R. 2406, passed the U.S. House of Representatives and sent to the Senate. It was a party line vote; 230 Republicans voted yes, four Republicans voted against the act. One-hundred-sixty-one Democrats voted against H.R. 2406; 12 Democrats voted for it. Thirty representatives did not vote; 17 were Democrats, 13 were Republicans. The bill contains numerous reforms . . .

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The Second Amendment and The Supreme Court – Checkmate in Four Moves?

U.S. Supreme Court as it usta be

Charles Nichols, President of California Right To Carry, writes:

On June 26, 2008, the Supreme Court of the United States published its first in-depth examination of the Second Amendment written by the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia – District of Columbia v. Heller. In a 5-4 decision, the High Court held that the Second Amendment protects the right of the individual to use arms for self-defense, self-defense being the central component of the Second Amendment right . . .

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Ninth Circuit Considering Firearms Purchase Waiting Period, Gun Advertising Ban


On February 9th, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments for two Second Amendment cases. In Jeff Silvester v. Kamala Harris, the [lower] District Court ruled against the California statute requiring a waiting period for a firearm purchase. In the second case, Tracy Rifle & Pistol LLC. v. Harris, the lower court struck down the California law forbidding guns stores from advertising handguns with the image of, wait for it, a handgun. Let’s take a closer look . . .

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AZ Judge Dan Slayton Refuses to Reduce $2m Bail in Flagstaff Campus Self Defense Case

Steven Jones NAU in Court Flagstaff
Arizona Superior Court Judge Dan Slayton has refused to reduce the $2 million bail set for Steven Jones. Last year, Jones pleaded self defense after shooting and killing Colin Brough. Jones claimed he was chased after being beaten by a group of fraternity men at Northern Arizona University. The prosecutor’s office is the Coconino County Attorney’s office out of Flagstaff. It’s the same prosecutor’s office that handled the infamous . . .

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