Utah Joins 11 States Prohibiting Police Destruction of Confiscated or “Surrendered” Firearms

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- Why destroy valuable property when it can be sold and the proceeds used for the public good? It’s a question that the Beehive State recently addressed. stgeorgeutah.com: Another new law says authorities can sell abandoned guns or give them to a firearms dealer for sale or to the Bureau of Forensic Services for testing. But law […]

Michigan Open Carry: New Gun Law Not So Great

From Michigan Open Carry: The Good – SB 584 seeks to create a shall issue exemption to the concealed pistol free zones listed in MCL 28.425o (and on the back of every CPL) for anyone who takes an additional 8 hours of training, or who is a certified instructor. While this is not the complete […]