The Dictionary No Longer Holds


“The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

So says the independent, active clause of the Second Amendment. The Heller decision, handed down in 2008, was in large part about the meaning of those words, particularly “right,” “the people,” “keep and bear,” “arms,” and “shall not be infringed.” The majority decision affirmed long-standing legal principle and common sense: words mean exactly what the dictionary says they mean and what reasonable people understand them to mean. Individual citizens have a fundamental right to keep and carry the kinds of arms in common and usual use. The decision is much more fuzzy on to what degree that right may be infringed, and only slightly less fuzzy on which arms may be regulated or banned . . .

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David Codrea: Case SCOTUS Didn’t Hear Points to Larger Concern for Gun Owners


The fallout from two recent Supreme Court rulings is receiving needed attention, as it’s up to activist gun owners to keep apprised of looming threats and opportunities, and to minimize damage/maximize gains of case outcomes. For one decision, Gun Owners of America has been at the forefront of warning against the anti-gun dangers hidden in Obamacare. On the flip side, some are looking at the same sex marriage ruling to prompt states to recognize concealed carry permits. But as important as those concerns are, they may ultimately become moot points if a case SCOTUS declined to hear is an indicator of things to come . . .

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University of Texas System to Ban Guns in Research Labs?

UTMB (courtesy

Texas lawmakers recently enacted “campus carry” for state-run colleges and universities. Critics of SB 11 claim it has more holes than a golf course; schools and universities are free to force gun owners to store their guns at “high risk” facilities (e.g., dormitories), and ban guns entirely from “higher risk” parts of their domain (e.g., hospitals). William McRaven, Chancellor of the University of Texas Systems, recently sent a memo to the 16 Presidents within the system on the new firearms-related regime [click here for a pdf]. The former Navy Admiral and anti-campus carry crusader included this tidbit in his missive, which reveals and reflects his view of the new law . . .

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Missouri to Become 7th State to Adopt Constitutional Carry?

MO seal (courtesy

“The Missouri Supreme Court has upheld a constitutional amendment that broadened gun rights in the state,” reports. “Voters approved Amendment 5 in August 2014 with 61 percent of the vote. It made the right to own firearms, ammunition and other accessories in the state ‘unalienable,’ and said any form of gun control should be subjected to “strict scrutiny.” The amendment also allowed the open carrying of guns. In fact, it paves the way for Constitutional Carry in The Show Me State. Surprisingly (for some), more than a few Missouri Dems supported the Amendment, and hailed the Court’s decision. Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, a Democrat running for governor in 2016, is on board . . .

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NJ Gov. and Presidential Hopeful Chris Christie Uses Executive Actions to Shore-Up Support with Pro-Gun Voters

NJ Governor Chris Christie

Garden State Governor Chris Christie issued the following press release concerning self-defense and gun rights. [Click here for copies of Executive Order 180. Click here for the new Attorney General regulation.]

Acting on his commitment to ensure a fair application of the state’s gun laws that respects individual rights to possess firearms and that also protects public safety, Governor Christie today took action to make commonsense changes to New Jersey’s gun regulations that ensure victims of domestic violence or violent crime, or those living under a direct or material threat, have their firearms applications processed quickly and without delay. The Governor announced that the Attorney General will file a regulatory change that will ensure expedited, priority firearm application processing for victims of domestic violence, violent crimes, or those who have a demonstrable threat against them, including those who are seeking to obtain or carry firearms for self-protection . . .

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What SCOTUSCare Means for Second Amendment Supporters

On June 25th, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that a law’s language doesn’t matter. What matters: what the Justices want the law to say. We have seen this break-down in the rule of law before. The Warren Court was famous for it. During the so-called Roosevelt revolution of the 1930’s, the Supreme Court went down the same path. There was a brief period in the early 2000s when the Court applied the Constitution to questions of constitutionality. The left labeled this a “radically conservative court” but it was merely a tendency to follow law and truth, rather than rubber-stamping “progressive” ideology . . .

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Tunisian Mass Murderer Counted On Gun Laws and Culture for Success

ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 27 10.10

Revising earlier reports that two attackers were involved, authorities are now saying only one man was responsible for killing dozens of tourists and wounding dozens more at a Tunisian beach resort. Reportedly armed with a Kalashnikov initially concealed with an umbrella, it took an after-the-fact armed security team response to stop the killer from adding to his unarmed victim count . . .

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Did Liberal SCOTUS Justices Just Box Themselves Into Taking a Gun Case?



By Ripcord

Today’s ruling by SCOTUS on same sex marriage has the left jumping for joy and many on the right disparaging the Court. People of the gun should take solace in today’s ruling. Today, all 50 states must allow for the legal marriage of two individuals of the same sex. They must also recognize those marriages that were performed outside their state. While the opinion tries to zero in on the Court’s previous discussions of the issue, it seems they spent much more time looking at marriage than the Second Amendment over the years, they have given us some nuggets to pull from . . .

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Annals of Regulation: My CT Short Barrel Saga


Reader Matt writes:

I had planned to wait for my paperwork to be completed to send this in to the TTAG staff but after reading that the ATF may be intentionally delaying NFA paperwork for those of us in Connecticut I decided not to wait for the proverbial cows to come home. These rumors/revelations/accusations also conveniently aid the point I want to make by sharing my saga with you.  Laws and regulations meant to deter criminals or prohibited persons from getting their hands on firearms are disenfranchising law-abiding people . . .

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Why the SCOTUS Raisin Case May Be Good News for Gun Owners


By Louis K. Bonham

Yesterday, the Supreme Court handed down a major decision in Horne v. Department of Agriculture, in which it struck down a New Deal-era program that governed the production of raisins. In short, the program required raisin growers to give a percentage of their crop to the federal government (without payment), for the ostensible purpose of limiting the supply of raisins on the market and thus keeping raisin prices at a certain level. Among other things, the opinion unambiguously held that the Fifth Amendment’s requirement that private property not be taken for public use without payment of “just compensation” applied just as much to personal property as it did to real property. As Chief Justice Roberts wrote, “the Government has a categorical duty to pay just compensation when it takes your car, just as when it takes your home.” While to most of us, this is pretty obvious, believe it or not this question had not been settled previously . . .

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Dem Hopeful O’Malley Doubles Down on Gun Control

BALTIMORE, MD --5/15/10-- Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley gives the thumb up right before the start of the 135th running of the Preakness Stakes.  PHOTO BY:Kenneth K. Lam [Baltimore Sun staff] #2477   MANDATORY CREDIT:  Baltimore Examiner and Washington Examiner OUT ORG XMIT: BAL1005152007330720

Martin O’Malley used to be the governor of Maryland, one of the states which enacted some of the most ridiculous and restrictive gun control laws in the United States. And despite all of those laws putting roadblocks up to make civilian gun ownership more difficult, shootings in Maryland have increased. In short, looking around the country, gun control legislation seems to spur “gun violence” rather than reduce it. Nevertheless, in the wake of the Charleston church shooting, presidential candidate O’Malley has decided to dedicate his campaign to spreading the gospel of gun control and making it known that infringing on the civil rights of Americans is one his top priorities . . .

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