MO Gov Nixon Vetoes Teacher Carry Bill


“Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed legislation Monday that would have allowed specially trained teachers to carry concealed guns, asserting that the move could jeopardize student safety in public schools.” And in other news, the sun rose in the east this morning and another federally-owned hard drive seems to have crashed. In short, Nixon nixing the teacher carry bill was preordained. Like the scorpion on the frog’s back, it’s just his nature. The real question all along has been whether or not the heavily GOP-leaning legislature can muster the votes to override him. “The bill passed the Missouri House in May by a 111-28 vote, two more than would be required for a veto override. The Senate’s 21-7 vote fell two votes shy of that threshold, but three Republicans were absent.” Pop some popcorn. This one will be close. 


Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Unnamed Federal Officer

Police officer on patrol

The story coming out of California is that a pro-Israel rally turned violent when a group of Palestine supporters approached a pro-Israel demonstration in Los Angeles Sunday and, well, predictably erudite discussion and debate on the situation in the Middle East ensued. The situation, ironically similar to what’s going on in the holy land at the moment, was at a flashpoint when a federal agent got involved and fired his weapon . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: AAC Silencers Trademark Finally Approved

Advanced Armament logo (courtesy

Over at, legal eagle Eugene Volkh reports that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has finally approved the above image for Advanced Armament Silencers. This “more than four years after the application was filed, and nearly two years after the initial hearing on appeal.” Apparently the image fell afoul of the Patent Office’s stricture against “shocking, offensive and disparaging images.” The Appeals Board disagreed, arguing “that the mark does not depict the Statue of Liberty in a threatening pose or in any manner suggestive of criminal activity. Indeed, it may be viewed by many as suggestive of, and consistent with, the right to bear arms that is enshrined in the Constitution. The disclaimed wording MADE IN THE USA, appearing below the statue, would seem to reinforce such a view.” Result.


Federal Judge Upholds Colorado’s Mag Cap Ban: No One Need More Than 15 Rounds for Self-Defense

Judge Marcia Krieger (courtesy

“A federal judge on Thursday upheld Colorado’s new gun-control laws that mandated background checks for all gun sales and limited the capacity of ammunition magazines to no more than 15 rounds,” reports. Click here to read Chief Judge Marcia S. Krieger’s ruling. Or not, as it contains statements bound to raise your blood pressure, starting with “the Supreme Court does not equate the Second Amendment ‘right to keep and bear arms’ to guarantee an individual the ‘right to use any firearm one chooses for self-defense.’” Thank you “reasonable regulations” Heller loophole. As for ammunition magazines . . .

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FL Gov. Scott Signs “Stand Your Ground” Reform Law

Florida Governor Rick Scott

The media coverage given to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, and the attention paid to Florida’s “stand your ground” law, resulted in the legislature considering flaws in the law. They passed a reform bill that was signed by Governor Rick Scott yesterday, June, 20 2014. From “The legislation, which marks one of the most significant changes to the state’s self-defense laws since the 2012 killing of teenager Trayvon Martin, was one of nearly 60 bills signed by Scott on Friday.” . . .

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CO Gov. Hickenlooper on Mag Cap Bill: I Kept My Promise…To A Staffer

TTAG’s reported on some of the revelations emerging from Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s recent remarks to a Centennial State sheriffs’ group regarding the magazine capacity bill the Gvernor supported and signed into law late last year. (Records Show CO Gov. Hickenlooper Lied to Sheriffs About Talking to Bloomberg Before Signing Gun Laws). Here’s another mag cap-related Hickenlooper whopper brought to you by the good folks at dailycaller.comHickenlooper Banned High-Capacity Magazines Because A Staffer Promised He Would. You don’t have to read the story to smell the cow manure on that one. Still, it’s nice – in an “I like root canals” kinda way – to clock the Hickster’s weasel words on the subject . . .

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Gun Control Industrial Complex? Not As Far-Fetched As You’d Think

judge-gavel Last month I had a meeting with two friends of mine who practice criminal defense in our area and we happened upon a strange topic. What’s the benefit to convoluted gun laws? Is there a military industrial complex in the gun world? An iron triangle? People don’t understand these laws. Even some prosecutors barely understand them, but they get convictions. How is the public served by the giant ball of wax that is gun control? The fundamental basis of all gun control isn’t necessarily guns – it’s control. We all know that, but there’s a unique vicious circle that can ensnare even the most law abiding citizen . . .

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BREAKING: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds “Straw Purchaser” Law Provisions

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 10.13.38 AM

“A divided Supreme Court sided with gun control groups and the Obama administration Monday,” reports, “ruling that the federal ban on ‘straw’ purchases of guns can be enforced even if the ultimate buyer is legally allowed to own a gun.” Click here to read the decision. “Writing for the majority, Justice Elena ["the Heller case in settled law"] Kagan said the federal government’s elaborate system of background checks and record-keeping requirements help law enforcement investigate crimes by tracing guns to their buyers. Those provisions would mean little, she said, if a would-be gun buyer could evade them by simply getting another person to buy the gun a fill out the paperwork. In dissent . . .

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Another Gun Control Myth Exploded


Why is there so much “gun violence” in states and cities with America’s “toughest” gun laws (e.g. Chicago)? Because nearby states don’t have tough enough guns laws! That’s the excuse proffered by gun control advocates. It’s nonsense. You know it. I know it. The anti-gunners probably know it too. But there it is. And the gun-averse media swallows it hook, line and sinker (e.g.‘s story Gun-related crimes on the rise in Massachusetts, Firearms flowing across borders). As we’ve said countless times, the facts don’t support gun control. The “argument” over the source of illegal firearms is no different. And now we have [more] proof . . .

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Engage Armament Co-Owner: The Truth About the Armatix iP1 Backlash

The Armatix iP1, a .22 caliber, is a gun with a safety interlock

Hello Mr Farago,

I hope all is well. My name is Andrew Raymond and I am the co-owner of Engage Armament. I am the guy who agreed to sell the Armatix pistol and all that madness. I’ve been trying to steer clear the best I can from a lot of the drama so I didn’t really read any of the articles that covered it. Its just painful I guess. However, today on Facebook I noticed a friend liked and article relating to MDA and from there it linked to another story. I read that article and noticed you mentioned the threats against us and how it went unreported. There is a reason for that . . .

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NJ Gov. Christie to Sign Magazine Capacity Bill. Or Not.

A tale of two mags (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

The New Jersey state Assembly on Thursday sent Governor Chris Christie a gun control bill that would limit the capacity of gun ammunition magazines,” Reuters reports, “but it was unclear whether the Republican governor would sign the measure into law.” TTAG polled our readers on Gov. Christie’s probable move in a previous post. Our Armed Intelligentisa were of two minds. If Christie wants the Republican nomination for President, he won’t sign the bill (limiting NJ-legal ammo mags to ten rounds, down from 15). Then again . . .

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Real Guns, Orange Paint, Real Consequences


Not that I expect for there to be a breakout of common sense among the anti-gunner crowd, but for the rest of us who are interested in ordered liberty, I have a suggestion for the “fake harmless gun” issue reported earlier. States with capital punishment often apply the death penalty if there is a “special circumstance,” if the murderer commits the crime under certain conditions.  Shooting from a car with the intent to kill is a special circumstance in California. Murder for financial gain can trigger the application of the death penalty . . .

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