BREAKING: Gunfight Erupts at Islamic Cartoon Exhibit as Officers Thwart a Possible Terrorist Attack


[UPDATE: 9:45 PM TTAG Central Time] The injured security guard has been released from the hospital. He’s A-OK.

Reports are coming in that there has been a shooting outside an Islamic cartoon exhibit in Garland, Texas. According to local news sources, two individuals drove up to the event and opened fire on one of the security guards standing guard outside. That guard was indeed hit, and was taken to a hospital where he is being treated for non life threatening injuries. The two individuals were subsequently shot and killed by other armed police officers before they could injure anyone else. The police are currently searching their vehicle for explosives, and the attendees of the event are currently locked inside singing the Star Spangled Banner . . .

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NFA for Beginners – The Big Move

GLOCK mit suppressor (courtesy Kelly in GA for The Truth About Guns)

TTAG reader Kelly in GA writes:

I’ll just start by saying that I’m definitely a beginner at this myself.  I got my first (and only, so far) NFA item back in December. A nice paper form 4 trust for an AAC Ti-Rant 9mm. Took a whole three months and three weeks from purchase to phone call from by LGS. In even less time than that, I was moving. On up. To the east side (suburbs) of Atlanta . . .

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NH Senate Passes Constitutional Carry Bill, Governor Threatens Veto


The New Hampshire Senate passed Senate Bill 116, which would repeal the licensing requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver, bringing the state’s firearms carry law in line with neighboring Vermont. The bill was passed earlier by the New Hampshire House, so it will now go to the desk of Governor Maggie Hassan…who has promised to veto it, in a statement from her official website . . .

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7th Circuit: That Which is not Explicitly Allowed by Heller Can be Forbidden

Judge Frank Easterbrook (courtesy

As Nick reported earlier, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a municipal ordinance in Highland Park, Illinois that bans so-called “assault weapons” as well as semi-automatic magazines with a capacity greater than ten rounds, in the matter of Friedman and Illinois State Rifle Ass’n v. City of Highland Park, Illinois. I had a few minutes to take a look at the opinion written by Judge Frank Easterbrook and oh, my, it’s a bit of a mess….

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Do Non-Citizens Have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms?


Are non-citizens entitled to the same protection of their constitutionally-protected natural rights that U.S. citizens receive? That is the crux of the issue in the matter of Messmer v. Harrison. On Friday, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina answered in the affirmative with respect to the right to keep and bear arms. The plaintiff, Kirsten Messmer, is a legal permanent resident residing in Wake County, North Carolina, but a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Unnamed Federal Air Marshal


I know many people are a little sensitive about use of public restroom facilities while carrying a firearm. Until the day comes when American public restrooms have stall walls that go all the way to the floor, as Seinfeld’s George Costanza famously advocated, what to do about a firearm in a holster that may be easily visible to passersby or those in adjacent stalls will be one that vexes gun owners. Leave it in and try to cover it up or take it out and risk forgetting it? . . .

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More on the Friedman vs. Highland Park Decision


By Ripcord

Yesterday the 7th Circuit Court of appeals issued a decision in the case of Friedman vs. Highland Park, a challenge to a local semi-auto ban that was enacted after Illinois passed it’s concealed carry law. The panel consisted of Chief Justice Easterbrook, Justice Williams (upholding the ban) and Judge Manion dissenting. As you read the opinion a little history is in order; Justice Easterbrook was on the McDonald and during NRA’s rebuttal told Professor Halbrook that he should simply reserve his time as we all know this isn’t the last stop for this case. And despite his displeasure with Heller, he seems to be daring SCOTUS once again to take up a case . . .

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BREAKING: 7th Circuit Court Rules Assault Weapons Ban OK Based on Feelings


In a 2-1 ruling today, the Federal appeals court for Illinois ruled that the “assault weapons ban” in Highland Park — enacted just days before a new preemption law went into effect banning exactly that kind of law — is constitutional. The majority opinion written by Seventh Circuit Judge Frank Easterbrook relies heavily on the idea of “home rule” for the majority of its rationale, but buried in the text is the true reason why this court believes that infringing on the right to keep and bear commonly used firearms is legal: it makes people feel safe . . .

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Question of the Day: Could Your Ammo Give Your Problems in Court?



By Brandon via

A reader sent us a photo of his Hornady Z-Max ammo (Zombie ammo, for those nights when the pesky zombies want to get in your home) and posted the following question: “Okay I gotta ask this question. The Hornady Z-Max ammo has a disclaimer on it that says for use on Zombies only and not on humans, plants, animals, or minerals only zombies. My question to you is with our brain dead, political correct, judicial system would this be able to be used as hinderance and prosecuting grounds against a victim (homeowner) in a self defense situation? No joke just a little something to twist your mind tonight.” . . .

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Lucky Gunner et al. Ask for Court Costs for Aurora Shooting Lawsuit


“This is the most disgusting and outrageous story we’ve read in a long time,” the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence’s Facebook page proclaims. “Two parents who lost their daughter in the Aurora massacre are now going to be required to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to the companies that armed James Holmes because of a Colorado law promoted by the National Rifle Association.” True dat. I mean the fact of the matter. The judge in Phillips v. Lucky Gunner threw out the case last month. And how. The court held that  . . .

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Cleveland About to Go Full Retard on Guns


Yes, I said it. Retard. I believe the term’s meaning has changed. “Going full retard” isn’t a slam against people who are genetically mentally or developmentally challenged. It now refers to ostensibly smart people doing something unbelievably stupid. If I’m wrong, tell me. If I’m not, the Cleveland City Council qualifies for the term. Despite the fact that the Ohio State Supreme Court ruled that The Buckeye State’s state gun laws preempt local laws – ’cause that’s the way they’re written – Cleveland is set to enact a new gun control ordinance that violates state law anyway. And how . . .

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Bill Would Remove Race/Ethnicity Question From 4473 Form


Two representatives have submitted a bill in Congress that would ban the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives from collecting data related to a firearm purchaser’s race and ethnicity. The Freedom from Intrusive Regulatory Enforcement of Arbitrary Registration Mandates Act (or “FIREARM Act” – well done on the backronym there, guys,) was introduced on Monday by Representatives Diane Black (R-Tenn.) and Ted Poe (R-Tex.) to eliminate a controversial policy begun in recent years by the Obama administration that collects ethnicity and race data from new firearms purchasers . . .

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