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NSSF and SAAMI File Suit Against CA Microstamping Law

Micro-stamped cartridge. In theory. (courtey

Press release:

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) have filed a motion for a preliminary injunction on behalf of their members against the State of California in Fresno Superior Court to prevent enforcement of the state’s microstamping law. [Click here to read the motion.] The state statute enacted in 2007, but not made effective until May 2013, requires that all semiautomatic handguns sold in the state not already on the California approved handgun roster incorporate unproven and unreliable microstamping technology . . .

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The New York Times’ Double Standard on Voting and Guns


The New York Times never met a gun control bill they didn’t like. When New York’s SAFE Act was passed as an “emergency measure” twenty-minutes after it was introduced in the legislature, nary a peep of protest did we hear from the Gray Lady. In fact, the paper’s editorial board lauded the act and all of it provisions, from the ban on “assault rifles” to the registration of ammunition sales to a seven-round limit on loaded magazines. As for the pre-existing requirements for firearms purchases – fingerprinting, background checks, tests, fees, etc. – and the de facto ban on law-abiding citizens carrying a concealed weapon in The Big Apple (which somehow doesn’t include the newspaper’s publisher), the NYT is A-OK with all of it. But, when Republicans pass bills requiring an ID to vote, we get this . . .

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TTAG Reader Denied Illinois Concealed Carry License


TTAG Reader Shawn writes from the Land of Lincoln:

“My concealed carry license application was denied. I can forward you the full explanation of reasons of possible denial but the short version is: I was arrested 6 years ago for domestic battery, charges were dropped. I was admitted voluntarily for a week to a psychiatric ward ten years ago. That’s it. Anyway, I’m in the process of figuring out how to appeal it. In that process, aside from contacting the Illinois State Police, I sent an email to the folks over at Illinois Carry. They in turn forwarded my info to the NRA, and I just got off the phone with a nice lady over there. They’re putting together of a list of some bullsh*t denials to see what they can do about it.” Watch this space.

“The ink is barely dry on the Illinois concealed carry law…”

Illinois public playgrounds are gun-free zones. In theory. (courtesy

TTAG reader Curtis P. Newport writes:

The ink is barely dry on the Illinois concealed carry law, which makes it a Class B misdemeanor (up to $150 fine & 6 months in jail) for carrying into any of the twenty or so “prohibited areas.” [Click here to read HB3669  in its current form.] A bill introduced by State Rep. Deborah Conroy would make carrying onto a prohibited area a felony. Slip up once, someone sees the gun print under your shirt and calls the cops. If convicted, you’ll never be able to own a firearm as long as you live. [Click here to read the bill.] Current prohibited areas include . . .

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ATF Jumped the Gun on “Silencer”

ATFE logo

By Dan McCue [Republished with permission from]

Uncle Sam arbitrarily classified a new device as a firearm silencer without sufficient review or a decent explanation why, a federal judge’s somewhat scathing opinion states. ”In any agency review case, a reviewing court is generally obligated to uphold a reasonable agency decision that is the product of a rational agency process,” U.S. District Judge John Bates wrote Wednesday. “This is not a high bar. But in this case, ATF fails to clear it.” Innovator Enterprises Inc. brought the complaint as the creator of the “Stabilizer Brake,” a device that attaches to the muzzle of a rifle with the intent of substantially reducing the firearm recoil and redirecting noise away from the shooter toward the target, among other things . . .

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Video: Interview with Ares Armor About ATF Raid

We’ve already talked with Dimitrios Karras, owner of Ares Armor, but it’s always good to hear the story straight from the horse’s mouth. In this interview with Reason TV, Dimitrios calmly and clearly discusses exactly what happened with the ATF raid, and exactly how dumb the ATF’s actions were. “To think that this is over a piece of plastic is ludicrous,” Dimitri says, “this was a nice way for them to get their arm inside of our business and grab the information that they’re actually looking for.” There is a new piece of information that we didn’t have before, though, and it makes the ATF look even more like a bunch of jack-booted thugs . . .

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BREAKING: Obama Confirms Executive Order Covers Entire Russian Arms Manufacturing Sector


A few days ago, President Barack Obama issued an executive order allowing him to use the United States government agencies to restrict certain Russian assets in the US in retaliation for the annexation of Crimea. It was speculated by some gun publications that this executive order would only cover individual Russians and their companies, and leave the majority of Russia’s arms industry to operate as usual. In a speech today, Obama confirmed our interpretation that the executive order allows him broader powers . . .

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