Truck-Shooting sootch00: Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day

This video is instructive. Here’s what happens when you mistake your sight picture for your barrel position. It could’ve been worse. Don’t be that guy. Don’t be me. But that’s not the way sootch00 plays it. Despite the “look ma, no brains” mea culpa at the start, this video celebrates his ballistic stupidity with good ‘old boy bravado. “Things happen from time to time,” his non-plussed sidekick opines. Now I’m not saying every YouTube shooting video has to be educational. But this one should be. As the man behind Armed Citizens United (ACU) Gun Rights Organization, sootch00 should have leveraged this view count magnet to explain the mistake and promote gun safety. Not parade the lack thereof.

“A gun rights advocate in Florida was seriously wounded on Tuesday when her 4-year-old son shot her in the back from the back seat of her vehicle,” Inside Edition reports. “According to police, Jamie Gilt was discovered shot in her truck when a deputy noticed she was acting frantically. When the deputy approached Gilt, she told him she was shot by her young son.” Ms. Gilt is recovering, but the anti-gun rights jihadis are just getting started. They’re incensed because Ms. Gilt was publicly pro-gun. While I hate to give aid and comfort to the enemies of firearms freedom . . .


“Be sure of your target and what’s beyond it” doesn’t just mean make sure you’re aiming at something and there’s nothing behind it that could be wounded or killed by a stray bullet…although it does mean that. It also means be sure that your target won’t fragment and wound or kill someone. Or you. So shooting at rocks isn’t recommended. Doing so at close range without eye pro is even less advisable. Idiot.

Is that a real GLOCK 19 or an Airsoft gun? At the end of this “comedy” skit, the teen playing COD racks the slide and ejects what sure looks like a cartridge. If so, whoa. Not only is he pointing the gun in an unsafe direction, his finger’s on the trigger. If not, if it is a toy, still no. This channel is popular with the whipper-snapper set; setting a bad example on gun safety on the Interwebz is never a good idea. In fact, it’s entirely irresponsible. And Facebook bans people selling a legal product legally. Go figure.

[h/t M and AF]