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Irresponsible Gun Owner Of The Day: Joanne Winding

Photo from Joanne Winding's Facebook page

The importance of securing your firearms from children cannot be overstated. When an unsecured firearm leads to a gunshot injury, it’s usually because one child finds the gun and shoots another. But this disaster can unfold in many terrible ways, and a Georgia toddler recently shot his own mother when he found her loaded handgun . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Kenny Woodburn

Kenny Woodburn (courtesy

It’s possible that the dog called “Tank” charged Kenny Woodburn [above], who shot the canine in self-defense. It does not, however, seem likely. “A Maryland man shot dead his neighbor’s dog after it wandered on to his property, and then posted a picture of its body on Facebook,” reports. “Before killing the one-year-old dog Kenny Woodburn had posted a warning on social media saying if it strayed in his yard again it would die.” Specifically, “Hey going to dye today.” The spelling mistakes don’t help Mr. Woodburn’s case. Nor, of course, does the Facebook posting. But what makes him a poster child for firearms irresponsibility is the fact that . . . [Note: picture of Mr. Woodburn posing with the dog he killed after the jump]

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Irresponsible Gun Owner Of The Day: Repo Man Edition

Image courtesy Wikipedia

When you can’t pay cash for a car or ATV, you borrow the money and promise to pay it back. When you can’t pay the lender, they’ll eventually send someone like Otto from the ‘Helping Hand Acceptance Agency’ to take it back. When this happens, the law is pretty squarely on Otto’s side. Don’t f*ck with Otto. Don’t be like Jason W. Greber . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Oscar Pistorious

 Samantha Taylor and Oscar Pistorius (courtesy

Shooting the wrong person doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person. The Virginia homeowner who shot a drunken teen breaking into the wrong house, for example, made an entirely understandable mistake. A jury will decide whether Oscar “Blade Runner” Pistorius is a cold-blooded murderer or an armed self-defender who mistook his drop-dead gorgeous model girlfriend for a home invader. As his trial continues, we’re learning that Oscar was a bit cavalier in his firearms handling . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner Of The Day: The Late Edward Schramm

Image courtesy

Kalispell, Montana is beautiful country. The Flathead Valley is home to a burgeoning niche firearm industry, and any of my uncles could tell you the hunting and fishing around there isn’t bad either. I try to take my daughters there every summer for a week away from video games and Instagram. It’s solid Gun Country. Unfortunately there’s one fewer gun owner there today, after a man accidentally shot himself in the face while examining an AR-15 . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner Of The Day: Terry Thacker [Not Shown]

Courtesy Chris Dumm for The Truth About Guns

Five women were attending the meeting of a home prayer group at a duplex apartment in Marion, Ohio last Thursday when the heavens opened up above them. Technically it was the ceiling that opened up above them, when the upstairs neighbor (not our very own Nick Leghorn, above) negligently fired a load of buckshot through his floor . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Unidentified Oakland County Man


I agree with Moms Demand Action on one point: gun safety is extremely important. But while their definition of “gun safety” is the absence of even a picture of a gun, I believe that with a little training, anyone can safely enjoy the wonderful world of gunpowder and lead. So while I appreciate the fact that today’s winner was attempting to demonstrate how safe guns can be, pressing a gun against your head to demonstrate a clear chamber isn’t a method I’d advocate . . .

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