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Irresponsible Gun Owner Of The Day: Terry Thacker [Not Shown]

Courtesy Chris Dumm for The Truth About Guns

Five women were attending the meeting of a home prayer group at a duplex apartment in Marion, Ohio last Thursday when the heavens opened up above them. Technically it was the ceiling that opened up above them, when the upstairs neighbor (not our very own Nick Leghorn, above) negligently fired a load of buckshot through his floor . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Unidentified Oakland County Man


I agree with Moms Demand Action on one point: gun safety is extremely important. But while their definition of “gun safety” is the absence of even a picture of a gun, I believe that with a little training, anyone can safely enjoy the wonderful world of gunpowder and lead. So while I appreciate the fact that today’s winner was attempting to demonstrate how safe guns can be, pressing a gun against your head to demonstrate a clear chamber isn’t a method I’d advocate . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owners of the Day: Courtland Gilliam and Daron Stinson

Last week, Philly cops arrested teenager Courtland Gilliam and his pal Daron Stinson for videotaped “pranks” posted on Instagram. The empathy-challenged duo assaulted unsuspecting pedestrians on Diamond Street in North Philadelphia, threatening them with a pellet gun, ordering their hapless victims to do their bidding. In one case [shown in the video, above] they shot a terrified victim after he ended-up face down on the sidewalk. What’s this got to do with the general population of law abiding gun owners and pellet gun enthusiasts? The crime plays to the antis’ belief that gun ownership is all about having power over others. You know, gun bullies. Suffice it to say, millions of gun owners have no such desire and understand that with great power comes great responsibility. Even when the firepower isn’t so great. 

Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: CO State Rep. Jared Wright

 Rep. Jared Wright (

“In the moments after lawmakers and visitors cleared a committee room Feb. 6 following a debate on concealed handgun permits, Rep. Jonathan Singer found a black canvas bag under the table where lawmakers sit,” reports. “Inside, Singer discovered a loaded handgun that belonged to Rep. Jared Wright, R-Fruita, who sits next to him on the House Local Government committee. ‘I just immediately notified the Sergeant at Arms and soon we realized it was Jared’s bag,’ Singer, a Democrat from Longmont, said Wednesday.” Wait a moment. Isn’t the state capitol a gun-free zone? As any politician caught with his proverbial (or literal) pants down would say, I’m glad you asked me that question . . .

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WA Police Officer and IGOTD Winner Derek Carlile Reinstated

Derek Carlile occupies a prominent place in the IGOTD Hall Of Eternal Infamy. We’ve been following his case for nearly two years, ever since the off-duty police officer left a loaded handgun in his van’s cup holder, as well as two unattended children. His three year-old son grabbed the gun and killed his own seven-year-old sister with it. For a time it looked as if justice would be done in the wake of this easily preventable and entirely inexcusable tragedy. Carlile was fired from his job with the Marysville Police Department, and he was put on trial for 2nd Degree Manslaughter. But then everything went wrong . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Unidentified Chicago Cop

Chicago fuzz (courtesy

In yet another example of exemplary gun-handling – not to mention stellar emergency preparedness – an (always) un-named Chicago Police Departemt sarge had a mishap with his service revolver Monday morning. “The gun went off around 9:40 p.m. Monday in the Chicago Alternative Policing (CAPS) office at the district station at 18th and State streets,” reports. “No one was injured, but officers noticed a trickle of water from the first-floor ceiling that turned into a gushing stream. The downpour ruined computers and desks, but a damage estimate wasn’t immediately available” . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Shaneka Torres


Let me set the scene for you. It’s 3 AM on a week night, and you and your BFF suddenly get a craving for some cheeseburgers. So you hop in your ride, cruise down to the local Mickey D’s and pull into to the drive-thru lane. The over-worked, under-paid employee on the other end of the intercom takes your order, and when you pull around you’re handed your food…but without the bacon you’d ordered. What do you do? Well, obviously the best option is to pull your heater and put a round through the building. This is, after all, bacon we’re talking about . . .

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