The Truth About .30-06

A gunsmith friend of mine recently told me he was considering not renewing his NRA membership. It wasn’t because of the NRA or NRA-ILA’s political posturing. He was reacting to a recent opinion piece in the American Hunter titled “The .30-06 Sucks.” In the article, Mr. Mann argues that it is purely emotion that sustains […]

Liberte Austin’s Hunting Digest

I finally fulfilled my dream of having my photo plastered all over a sleezy, shameless, gossip rag, AKA the British media. Apparently not everyone in the UK is thrilled that they can now receive the outdoor-oriented programming of MOTV. Despite all the international hate I received this past week via my social media outlets, my mom […]

Liberte Austin’s Hunting Digest: A Death in the Family, Slaughtering is Dangerous And A Fifth Ave. Redneck

After being bullied on social media, a fellow hunter and outdoorsman took her own life. The abrupt death of this young lady, only 27, didn’t soften the hearts of those attacking her for her outdoors pursuits.  The verbal assaults on her social media pages continued, with the anti-hunters celebrating her death. Her social media pages have since been […]

South African Airways: No-Go for Guns

Flying through the UK to Africa to hunt, I had a minor hiccup at Heathrow. In case you didn’t know, The Land of Hope and Glory does NOT like firearms. That may account for South African Airways’ inability to fly Americans’ firearms through London into the Dark Continent. Here’s the latest news from a Safari […]

Gun Review: TrackingPoint M400XHDR

From the beginning, TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia has complained that TrackingPoint’s automated firing technology’s not worth the considerable stack of cash needed to own it. For the same price as a TP rifle package you can buy a gun that’s just as accurate, and enough training to shoot it well. Their new M400 XHDR might be […]