Canadian Cops Nab Night Hunting Poachers (Not a Rock Band)

“An evening of night hunting has resulted in thousands of dollars in fines and the seizure of hunting-related equipment and a vehicle from the four men found guilty,” reports Canada’s Brandon Sun. The bust represents a combination of plenty ‘o tipsters (not a stripper) and a gaggle of game wardens, some higher than others. The night […]

Pennsylvania Hunters Get a Semi

“For people who hunt in Pennsylvania you may soon be able to use semiautomatic shotguns for deer hunting,” reports. Why is this news? We’ve been hunting with semis (so to speak) in Texas since 1913. And not just deer . . . The state Game Commissioners recently have preliminary approval to a law that […]

Judge: Boy Scouts Not Liable for Hunting Accident

“Hunting guide Craig Bingham filed a lawsuit in 2016 against the Boy Scouts of America, local council and a number of Scoutmasters,” Salt Lake City’s reports. “He alleges the defendants were negligent during a pheasant hunt on March 22, 2014, when someone in the party shot him in the eye, hand and thigh. Bingham was […]

Ducks Leaving Louisiana for Arkansas, Explained

How rice industry might be influencing duck hunting. When I first started reading this article, I thought it was about how well rice pairs with duck, leading to more duck hunting. Ironically, it’s about how rice drives away the main course. That’s the Buzz from “I talk to hunters every day and from them […]

Safari Club International Opposes Hunting Captive Bred Lions

Press release [via]: Considering that the practice of the captive breeding of lions for the purpose of hunting has doubtful value to the conservation of lions in the wild, and considering that such hunting is not consistent with Safari Club International’s criteria for estate hunting, the Safari Club International Board has adopted the following policy: Safari […]

Big Game Hunter Shot Dead as He Takes Aim at Lion

“A Croatian trophy hunter who, according to friends, had ‘hunted everything that could be hunted in Europe’ has been shot dead while taking part in a South African hunting expedition,” reports. “Trophy hunter Jelinic had already shot one lion dead and had another in his sights when he was shot at a remote lodge […]

North Carolina Gov. Cooper’s Cousin Duck Blindsided

“[Jarrod Thomas] Umphlett’s boat rammed a boat carrying John Clark Purvis Sr. and Wildlife Resources Commission member Richard Edwards,” reports. Mr. Purvis is North Carolina Governor Cooper’s cuz. And, but this account, a duck hunter who’s lucky to be alive . . . Umphlett [above] boarded the boat, hit Purvis in the back of […]

More Hoops for U.K. Deer Hunters

“My department grants some 5,000 licences annually to hunt deer during the open season, which is the period during which deer can be legally shot under licence,” the UK’s Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Josepha Madigan told Let’s run some numbers! reports that 16.9 million Americans went deer hunting in 2017, […]