New from Primos: Double Bull SurroundView Blind

They say love is blind. But what if you love your blind? I’m to hunting what Israeli supermodels are to nuclear particle physics, but I’m feeling the love for Primos’s Double Bull SurroundView Blind. (Press release below.) Two-way mirror technology? I’m in! Literally . . . FLORA, Miss. -( Primos Hunting, a leading innovator of game calls and […]

Gun Review: Savage 110 Scout Rifle With AccuFit System

One of my biggest complaints with some firearms is that it seems like they were designed to fit absolutely no one. The mechanics are great, but the furniture is designed for either Tyrion Lannister or Gregor Clegane. There’s rarely a happy medium. Savage is looking to change that with their new AccuFit, a highly adjustable […]

The Remington 870 DM Goes Hog Hunting in Texas

By Kat Ainsworth In the Lone Star state, the state mammal (small version) is the nine-banded armadillo, the state bird is the northern mockingbird and the state religion is feral hog hunting. All right, that last part isn’t exactly true, but it should be. In Texas, hogs dole out approximately $52 million of agricultural damage […]

Question of the Day: Could You Shoot an Elephant?

“When I look at an elephant, I feel one thing: awe,” Liz Bennett writes in an email soliciting funds for the Wildlife Conservation Society. “Awe at their massive size, beauty, and intelligence. It hurts to imagine a world without them. And I’m guessing you feel the same way, Robert.” The Vice President of Species Conservation is not wrong . . […]