Liberte Austin’s Hunting Digest: Trophy Room, Marky Mark and Zinke Disturbs NPR

I’m looking forward to this movie. It’s good to know that hunting speaks for itself in matters of conservation . . . ‘Trophy’ Filmmakers Explain How The Film Became More Than an Anti-Trophy-Hunting Exposé When filmmakers Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau first set out to make their stunning documentary “Trophy,” about the complex industry of big-game […]

Top 5 Deer Rifles for Under $500

In the video below, my new favorite firearms-friendly YouTuber offers deer hunters on a budget five rifles that can put venison on the table. Assuming the whole hunting, shooting, killing thing, of course. Feel free to add your choices below. As for God family and guns’ closing advice — love God, love family, love guns — […]

Liberte Austin’s Hunting Digest: Hunting Trophy, Barely Surviving, Gentlemen Prefer Berettas and Bison Go Bye-Bye

Finally, a movie that gives an objective viewpoint on the subject of hunting. Maybe. With Trophy’s release limited in New York on September 8, it may be several weeks before any “real” hunters can give their official opinion on the film . . . ‘Trophy’ Asks Hard Questions About How To Save Wild Animals How can wildlife […]

IMI Systems Quote of the Day: The Hard Left Discovers Guns are Part of Cultural Struggle

“In our own context, the fascists’ correct understanding that culture is a critical site of struggle—of war—has allowed fascism to spread. The right has both its digital brigades and its street brigades—it has music, movies, and visual arts. But more importantly we see it dominate in areas of martial resources: gun shows, hunting, contact fighting, […]

Hunters Trolling PETA’s Facebook Frame

If you’re friends with hunters on Facebook then you’ve probably noticed more than a few of them change their profile pictures to something like the above image. Hunters seem to believe that this is “trolling” PETA, subverting their message and making a mockery of their anti-hunting campaign. But here’s the thing: this is exactly what […]