Quote of the Day: The Morality of TrackingPoint Edition

“A shot cannot be ethical or unethical; neither can it be kind or brutish, clever or stupid, many experienced hunters argue. And most agree, a shot isn’t too long until it becomes unpredictable. Whether long pokes are sporting is another question. Predictable first-shot kills are humane. And it’s hard to fault someone for being humane — whatever the range.” - Wayne van Zwoll, TrackingPoint Optic Ignites Debate Over ‘Fair’ Chase [via grandviewoutdoors.com]


P320 Entry: Ten Tips for Modern Hunting Success


By Eric J.

As someone who’s only recent stumbled into the world of hunting with a centerfire rifle, I thought I’d offer my observations on what is apparently an ideal hunting rifle, from the perspective of an outsider reading fora and online gun rags . . .


1) It must shoot sub-MOA

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Gun Review: Nesika Tactical Rifle


One of the higher end acquisitions by the Freedom Group in recent years is the rifle maker Nesika. Purchased in 2009, the rifle maker has continued to churn out guns with some pretty great specs and a price to match. New for 2014 Nesika is releasing a “tactical” version of their rifle in both .308 Winchester and .338 Lapua, and when I first read the spec sheet my mouth was watering. It seems to check every box for a truly great bolt action rifle. I had to get my hands on one and see if it lived up to the hype.

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P320 Entry: On Love and Shotguns


By Stewart F.

You know you live in Louisiana when your wife offers to go in halvsies on a new shotgun for Valentine’s Day. That or you’re just one lucky dude. Brace yourself, this will be equal parts gun review, musings of a first time duck hunter and range day recollection. I went duck hunting for the first time this year and was hooked instantly. Many of you are nodding your heads and wondering what took me so long. ‘I’m slow’ is all that I can say . . .

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Bambi Must Die!

Over at grandviewoutdoors.com, Scott Brown reminds us that “A deer and a moving vehicle do not make good dance partners. Sometimes a collision simply results in a new bumper or scratched hood. But, often they end with injuries and sometimes fatalities.” For evidence, he provides the above video of a deer jumping – OK maybe falling off a highway overpass onto the windshield of a car below. The story has a happy ending. Yes, well, wikipedia tells us . . .

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P320 Entry: Pappa’s Rifle

Marlin 1936 #1

By Randy in Indiana

It was a surprise meeting. The man in the red and black check coat and the Bavarian hat and the young whitetail buck crossed paths in an open meadow obscured by mist and the gray half-light of morning. In the manner of strangers in unplanned encounters they looked at each other blankly for a moment, frozen in a fog-shrouded tableau, waiting for one of them to move . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Carry Enough Gun

Smith & Wesson Performance Center .44 magnum revolver model 629 (courtesy smith-wesson.com)

“Montana wildlife officials say a hunter who was attacked by a grizzly bear over the weekend is hospitalized in serious condition but didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries,” foxnews.com reports. “The father of the 47-year-old Stevensville man reported hearing a gunshot just before finding his son with serious injuries Sunday afternoon. This is another one of those “be careful what you hunt for” stories.  “On Monday, his father led a bear specialist, state game wardens and U.S. Forest Service rangers into the area of extreme southwestern Montana where the attack occurred while the men were hunting black bear. Jones says the 10-year-old male grizzly died of a gunshot wound near where the hunter was mauled.” This isn’t a perfect example but I’d like to point out . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Unnamed Canadian Hunting Guide

Jeff Cooper RIP (courtesy tdn.com)

“Toutle native Jeff Cooper [above] had hunted all his life, but there was one game prize that had eluded him: a grizzly bear,” tdn.com reports. “Sunday night, at a remote location in Northern British Columbia, he came close to realizing the dream when he shot and wounded a grizzly. The next morning, he and two hunting guides tracked the animal down.” A quick word before the reveal. I realize that some of these Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day posts are borderline fair. But they are all cautionary. OK, so . . .

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Fudds Are Out There, Somewhere . . .

Regular readers know the term “Fudd.” It references Elmer Fudd, the cartoon buffoon who hunted wascaly wabbits and ditzy ducks without success. In the gun rights world, a “Fudd” is a gun owner whose single-minded obsession with hunting blinds him to threats against Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. He’s ready, willing and able to sacrifice his gun rights on the altar of public safety – because magazine capacity laws, universal background checks, modern sporting rifle bans and the like have nothing to do with hunting. Although antis love ‘em, Fudds rarely appear in public discourse. But sometimes they do . . .

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P320 Entry: Reflections of a New Deer Hunter


By Eric Liu

“I see antlers moving between the trees” whispered my friend Bret as he gripped my arm seeming to make absolutely sure I was listening. Those very words bookend both the culmination and the beginning of my hunting journey. It was after all, my first deer hunt, ever, and most importantly, my very first buck harvest. Let’s start the story somewhere appropriate . . .

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Why Did the Ghillie-Suited Hunter Cross the Road?

Accident scene (courtesy courierpostonline.com)

To not make it to the other side. “State police say a hunter wearing ‘very elaborate’ camouflage was killed when two vehicles struck him as he tried to cross a southern New Jersey highway,” the AP reports. “The accident occurred around 5:20 a.m. Monday on Route 70 in Southampton. The man had a shotgun, a camouflage blanket and was dressed in leafy camouflage gear which made him less visible to drivers.”


Question of the Day: Why Do You Hunt? [Video NSFW]

More than a few members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia are dead set against “trophy hunting.” Personally, I’m OK with it. For one thing, we homo sapiens spent a million years fighting our way to the top of the food chain. We didn’t do it by growing turnips. Do you think other animals would worry about morality if they’d become the alpha of alpha predators? For another thing, the money spent on “sport” or “trophy” hunting goes to natural and wildlife conservation. Lastly, hunting inspired this guy’s video, which is just begging for some serious songification. (Condolences on the cat, ‘bro.) Why do you hunt? Be honest. And is there anyone in the Austin area who wants to help this blogger break his hunting cherry?