Quote of the Day: Jon Wayne Taylor On Hunting Edition


“I don’t hunt to kill, I kill to have hunted. Hunting calms me, puts my head in the right place, and puts me back in touch with the world I live in. And it does it in a physical, mental, and spiritual way that nothing else can. Hunting, not just walking around in nature, makes me feel grounded into the world that is happening right now, right under my feet and all around me.” – TTAG contributor Jon Wayne Taylor


How to Skin a Deer with an Air Compressor

How to skin a deer (courtesy ammoland.com)

From Ammoland:

Hang Your Deer

You start out the same way you would normally skin a deer. There are different thoughts about if it’s better to hang the deer head up or head down, but we’ve found that when you’re using an air compressor it doesn’t make a difference. Pick whichever way you’d like or are used to and hang the deer at a level where you can easily reach the whole critter . . .

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Hunting Tip: Master These Field Shooting Positions

By Andy Van Loan via wideopenspaces.com

When hunting you’re not always going to have a convenient rifle rest or a stable shooting platform. There aren’t many bench rests out in the wild. So practicing various shooting positions and maintaining accuracy can be critical in making those ethical shots at game. In this video, Ryan Cleckner, a former Army Ranger sniper and instructor with the National Shooting Sports Foundation, demonstrates a number of handy of shooting positions are useful to have in your repertoire . . .

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Hunting Starts Tomorrow

For those of you who have already gotten to get out there, mark me jealous. Texas’w rifle season doesn’t open until tomorrow, so I’m hopping up and down in my ergonomically designed office chair chewing on my lip and trolling Hank Shaw’s website for recipes. Hunting season starts in less than twenty-four hours and I’m like a kid on Christmas eve . . .

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The Hunt is Over: Tom Finds His Double Rifle


Some of you may recall, I went to the Safari Club International convention back in February. I was looking for a good rifle to take on safari. I have been wanting a dedicated rifle for these trips that can take any game. I went back to Africa again in April/May and had a fantastic time with Superior Safaris and have become hooked on hunting buffalo. Not just any buffalo…South African Cape Buffalo. Possibly the meanest critter on earth . . .

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Hunting: The Itch Begins


If I can be frank, I’m sick of writing holster reviews. I’m sick of shooting my pistols and I’m getting kind of sick of shooting rifles for five-shot groups and plugging them into OnTarget. The spring and summer here in Texas afford precious few opportunities to take to the wild, gun in hand, with hunting on my mind . . .

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Question of the Day: You OK With “Wildlife Checkpoints”?

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism (KDWPT) game wardens (courtesy ksn.com)

Last Sunday, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, Tourism (KDWPT) game wardens and Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) troopers conducted joint “wildlife checkpoints” (a.k.a., police roadblocks) in central Kansas. The vehicular “stop and interrogate” effort coincided with the start of the state’s deer, dove and duck seasons. KHP troopers made the initial contact. “If a driver does not have a valid license, appropriate enforcement actions will be taken,” their presser promised. “Travelers should not expect major delays from this portion of the checkpoints.” And then . . .

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Zimbabwe Won’t Charge Cecil the Lion’s Killer

Walter Palmer arrives at the River Bluff Dental clinic in Bloomington, Minnesota, September 8, 2015. REUTERS/Eric Miller

Zimbabweans couldn’t really grok the whole Cecil the Lion kerfuffle that erupted when Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer offed the world’s favorite big cat (that no one had ever heard of before). As one puzzled local replied when asked, “You are saying that all this noise is about a dead lion? Lions are killed all the time in this country…What’s so special about this one?” It was only the western press and anti-hunting lefties who anthropomorphized the beast and treated the situation as they would someone shooting Mickey Mouse with an RPG at Disney World in front of 200 six-year-olds. But now, after much sturm und drang, as far as Zimbabwe in concerned . . .

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Dad Never Hunted, But He Taught Us How

Walt Spomer, right

By Ron Spomer via sportingclassicsdaily.com

Dad wasn’t a hunter, but he was an enabler. 

We were farm kids, mostly, third-generation Norwegian and Kraut and Bohemian and Dutch immigrants, but we put no hyphens in front of American. We were racing the Russians to space and Roger Maris was chasing Babe’s home run record and the British bad boys of rock and roll had a whole lotta shaking going on, but the biggest thrill in rural South Dakota was hunting. Pheasants in the corn, ducks in the sloughs, jackrabbits in the pastures and plowed ground. So we went hunting, every chance we got, without Dad . . .

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Oh How They Laughed When They Saw Me Go Into the Woods with a Smith & Wesson .460 Strapped to my Chest . . .

Bears before attack (courtesy ammoland.com)

According to the New Mexico’s Department of Game and Fish’s press release [full text after the jump], “conservation officers are searching for a bear that attacked a 60-year-old man from Missouri who was elk hunting Thursday afternoon west of Wagon Mound.” The hunter snapped the photo above – despite the sow’s anti-papparazzi protestations. The bear then chased the sneaky photog up a tree. WAY up. Fearing for his life, the hunter fired a warning shot and “four other shots.” To no avail; the bear munched on his foot. Hmmm. I wonder what he’d say about caliber now, and why The Land of Enchantment’s DoGF’s bear aversion advice doesn’t include the words “high caliber” . . .

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Question of the Day: Why Aren’t YOU Hunting with a Suppressor?

Suppressor Laws By State Map

“A New Hampshire House subcommittee gave its approval last week to HB 500,” the National Shooting Sports Foundation reports [via Ammoland] which would repeal current prohibitions on using suppressors for hunting. “If HB 500 is approved and enacted, New Hampshire would become the 38th state to legalize the use of suppressors for hunting.” Wow. Who knew? No wonder the suppressor business is going nuts. Why wouldn’t you hunt with a suppressor? Time to ask resident of M-states; Montana and Minnesota recently legalized hunting with suppressors. Mainiacs hunting with cans are good to go mid-October. Do you live in a suppressor-friendly state? Do you hunt with one? Which one(s)? If not, why not?