NRA Backs Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2015


In December, a Federal appeals court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency could not regulate lead ammunition used by hunters. A flock of 101 environmental pressure and advocacy group had sued the EPA in an attempt to force them to ban lead ammo lest the furry little creatures of the forest and the dell eat it. “‘We agree with EPA that it lacks statutory authority to regulate the type of spent bullets and shot identified in the environmental groups’ petition,’ Judge David Tatel wrote for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.” But the NRA-ILA doesn’t want to leave the matter to the vagaries of the judicial process . . .

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Matthew McConaughey: I Don’t Own Texas Deer Hunting Ranch


“[Actor] Matthew McConaughey has a side business,” reports, “letting people onto his property to hunt caged-in animals, and it has enraged animal rights activists.” Caged-in? Animals? “Someone connected with the LP Ranch tells TMZ there are 22,000 acres for the animals to roam, but animal rights groups claim the deer hang by the feeding area, which makes them easy targets.” I wonder if anti-hunting groups have a specific number in mind. You know: it’s not hunting unless the deer have a 51 percent chance of escaping. Of course, that also depends on the hunter’s accuracy. Maybe we should handicap hunters! (Shades of Harrison Bergeron.) Anyway, Matt’s rep eventually reached out to TMZ . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s the Right Age to Start Hunting?


The Pennsylvania Game Commission has recently issued some new regulations concerning youth hunting. Under the new regulations, “Kids of any age still would be allowed to hunt deer and turkey in Pennsylvania…[b]ut to get their own tags for those animals, kids would have to be at least 7 years old…. Currently, the state’s mentored youth hunting program allows kids of any age under 12 to get tags to shoot deer and turkeys while under the direct supervision of adults — usually their parents….” . . .

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New from Skull Hooker: Tabletop Mount

Skull Hooker Table Mount (courtesy

So you shoot a medium-sized cougar, bear, pronghorn, impala or deer. Naturally, you want to display the animal’s skull to remind you, your family and friends of your hunting prowess. Only these beasties have fairly small crania. Mounting their skull anywhere other than the under stairs bathroom makes them look, well, small. Why not put the skull on your desk? Not only will it remind you of days spent in the great outdoors, a tabletop display will either creep out or impress business colleagues (win – win). Skull Hooker’s new Tabletop Mount will run you $59.95, available in brown or graphite black powder-coated finishes. Press release after the jump . . .

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New Hampshire Fish & Game: Ban Drones, TrackingPoint, Game Cameras

“According to documents filed January 8 to the New Hampshire Fish and Game department, hunters would be banned from using so-called ‘Live-Action Game Cameras’ to ‘locate, surveil (sic) or aid or assist in any attempt to locate or surveil any wild animals for the purpose of taking or attempting to take the wildlife,'” reports. “The rule appears to propose the ban of increasingly popular game cameras that use cellular technology to transmit photos or video footage to a hunter’s smartphone or computer when the animal triggers the device.” The new reg would also ban TrackingPoint’s Precision-Guided Firearms. Fish and Game Law Enforcement Chief Martin Garabedian says that’s because . . .

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Florida Considers Bear Hunts

It’s a little embarrassing for animal right activists: big black bears are brutalizing fearful Floridians. The attacks – and the fear of attacks – has proven too much to bear for beleaguered residents. The scared suburbanites now want the Powers That Be to authorize bear hunts. In a state with strong support for the right to bear arms, the right to bear arms against bears should cause barely a ripple. Needless to say, the Human Society consider the idea inhumane. They maintain that a bear hunt is unbearable – at least for the bears. But it looks like they’re bearing the burden of proof. As for how hunters would hunt black bears, no details yet. Bear with us. [h/t NEIOWA]


A Different Sort of Hunting Pays Off


Mr. Fox finds a gopher.

I am a hunter. It’s in my DNA. While my big game endeavors are almost over for the year, there is a different type of hunting I participate in almost daily. And there is no season or bag limit. I hunt for firearms that have either piqued my interest, to replace one I stupidly sold, or have a historical interest for me. My latest acquisition is from the latter category . . .

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