Gun Review: Wilson Combat .308 Project


When you think “Wilson Combat,” you think Bill Wilson and his love affair with the 1911 platform. The man is so ga-ga over Browning’s masterwork that he built an entire competition shooting sport around the gun, and now produces what are arguably some of the finest hand-crafted 1911 handguns the world has ever seen. But Wilson Combat does more than 1911s and the odd 92FS — they’ve been in the custom AR-15 business since time immemorial. One place they have yet to firmly plant their foot is in the .308 AR-10 market, which is something their latest creation attempts to fix.

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Wild Pig Removal, Leghorn Style

Many moons ago, Nick flew down from Virginia to go hunting for the first time. I’d never actually met Nick in person until then, but I learned three important facts during our first foray into the woods. First, Nick can operate without sleep longer than any other person I know. He’s an absolute machine. And just like my iPhone when it runs low, he sends a little message out, excuses himself, and promptly shuts it down . . .

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Guns Are Good for the Environment

Press release:

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today that it will distribute $1.1 billion in revenues generated by the hunting and angling industry to state and territorial fish and wildlife agencies throughout the nation. The funds support critical fish and wildlife conservation and recreation projects that benefit all Americans . . .

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AK Girl Downs a Grizzly During the Day, Attends Prom That Night


By John McAdams via

Last Saturday was prom night for the students at Kotzebue Middle High School in Alaska. However, it was also an opportunity for 15-year-old Cassidy Kramer to bag her first grizzly bear. Cassidy headed out on her grizzly bear hunt along the Noatak River Saturday morning with her father and brother. It didn’t take them long to find bears, though most of them were sows with cubs. They managed to find a legal bear after a few more hours of hunting. With just two shots from her rifle, Cassidy had bagged her first grizzly bear . . .

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Note to Billy Joel: Support Elephant Hunting!

I love elephants. If I were Austin enough to have a spirit animal it’d be a pachyderm. Heck, I’m a Tufts graduate; our mascot is P.T. Barnum’s Jumbo. Well, was until rioting students burned down the building in which the stuffed elephant resided. Anyway, hunting is the best way to protect African elephants. If the benefits (money, ivory and meat) went to the natives, – and I know that’s a big if – the natives would protect the mighty mammals against poaching. Prohibition? When did that ever work? Someone should tell Billy Joel and Fish (not Country Joe and the Fish) . . .

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Tom in Oregon: Big Horn Armory African Safari Pt. 1


In preparation for a hunt in South Africa for some plains game, I made a trip to Portland Airport customs to fill out the requisite form 4457. Not a big deal, really. I’ve done it before. But there has been something in the wind for about a week. An old law was dredged up from the redundant department of redundancy. It seems that if you want to take a firearm out of country, you now have to register with the IRS as a business to get an Employer Identification Number, then register with AES directly. Then . . .

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The New Trials of International Travel (With Guns)


“The rifle is a noble weapon. It brings us pleasures that no scatter-gunner can ever know. A shotgun takes you into cultivated fields, or into those narrow wastes within sight and sound of civilization. But the rifle entices its bearer into primeval forests, into mountains and deserts untenanted by man. To him in whom the primitive virtues of courage, energy and love of adventure have not been sapped, there is scarce a joy comparable to roaming at will through wild regions, viewing the glories of the unspoiled earth, and feeling the inexpressible thrill of manliness sore-tested by privation and hazard, but armed and undismayed.” – Horace Kephart

I’ve always liked that quote. And it means more as I pack for lands both charted and un-charted . . .

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FL Wildlife Officials Terminating Cat-Eating Nile Monitor Lizards – with Shotguns

“Exotic, cat-eating Nile monitor lizards are invading Palm Beach County, Florida to create breeding grounds,” reports. “As a result, shotgun-carrying wildlife officials are increasing their patrols.” Somehow I don’t think it’s a conscious effort on the part of the lizards, but hey, if it saves just one cat . . . And it sounds like the Sunshine State’s scattergunners are gonna save a lot of felines. “The huge Nile monitor lizards, which can reach over five feet long (152 cm) and 15 pounds (6.8 kg). Note: neither of the animals above is a cat and I’m not exactly sure what’s going on there. Anyway, a little history . . .

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5 Classic Deer Rifles Your Grandpa Used That Are Still Good Today


Marlin Model 336

By Matt Alpert via

Your grandfather’s generation was introduced to some of the finest deer hunting rifles ever made. These five classic deer rifles have a near perfect blend of form and functionality. The power and reliability of rifles like the Winchester Model 70 or the German-made Mauser M98 are hard to beat even by today’s standards. Chances are your grandpa or one of his hunting buddies used an original Marlin 336 during their deer hunting days. The 336 is one of the most reliable and accurate lever-action sporting rifles ever made. Since its introduction in 1948, more than 6 million Model 336’s have been produced . . .

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