Sportsman Channel Finally Does It: “Hunting” T&A

Hog Dawgs combine the very dangerous job of nuisance animal control [not hunting per se] with alluring huntresses who jump into the fray corralling feral pigs, alligators, snakes and coyotes on a daily basis,” the official website asserts. “The women of Hog Dawgs are deadly [deadly I say deadly] serious about the task of eradicating nuisance animals from ranches and farms by putting their skills with the tools of the trade – rifles, shotguns, bows or knives – to the test and getting the job done…with a woman’s touch.” Wearing tight, low-cut T-shirts and crop tops. (Because boobs.) Except for . . .

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New Mexico Using Roadblocks to “Detect Wildlife Violations”


I’m not a big fan of police roadblocks, whether they’re designed to snare drunk drivers or search for escaped felons. Something about the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures. Unreasonable meaning that roadblock cops presume I’m guilty until proven innocent. In short, I see a roadblock I think police state. New Mexico’s hunters may agree, as “the Department of Game and Fish will conduct roadblocks throughout the state during hunting seasons to collect harvest data and to detect wildlife law violations.” (Press release after the jump.) More specifically they’ll check for compliance with the . . .

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Hunting: What To Do With a ‘Coon


A few weeks ago, I wrote a little bit about hunting, and hunting for meat, and how much of a spiritual experience hunting has become for me. There were quite a few comments on that article about our readers’ desire for recipes for wild game, something I’m very excited about putting together. The really interesting thing I saw was a few comments in reference to a casual comment I made about eating what I kill save for the occasional raccoon. There were a couple jokes about, “Why not raccoons too?” Which got me thinking . . .

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Grandpa’s Gun Reborn – From Dust Collector to Long Range Precision Rifle Part 1

This article originally appeared at and is re-published here with permission. We will be running a new installment from the series every week.

Loaded question: What if the law of the land prevented you from shooting, training, hunting or even owning an AR-15, an AK-47, or the highly anticipated Israeli Tavor? What if semi-automatic guns and full capacity magazines got banned? Or maybe these great parts of the gun culture were simply regulated just out of reach. It’s too real of a possibility for some, too remote for others . . .

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Passing Down the Hunting Tradition on Opening Weekend


By Tom in Oregon

Opening weekend of deer season has come and gone. While I didn’t draw a deer tag, I drew another weekend of fun, family, history, and learning. I had the standing invitation to go to central Oregon with my good friends, to see more good friends, and to experience the fall harvest and I was raring to go. Besides, I can still laser range, guess wind, help with gutting and cleaning, and enjoy a backstrap breakfast! . . .

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Hunting: Game Cam Photos


After I reviewed the StealthCam P12, Stealth Cam was nice enough to send a G30 for me to test in anticipation of the upcoming whitetail season. The G30 is a bit nicer with a few more features. I parked both under a tree out at the family ranch for a few weeks to see what I could capture. I didn’t put any bait out or try to entice any animals in any way. I just parked two cameras, one atop the other, to see what would show up over the course of three weeks. As you can see above, one of our horses wanted to check things out . . .

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Hunting Multiple Species At the Same Time (or How Lucky Can You Get?)


By Tom in Oregon

Having grown up in Southern California, I had few opportunities to hunt game. My friends and I tried our hand at rabbit and carrier pigeon. Great on the former, poor on the latter. When I moved to Oregon at the age of 19, I took up archery and became fairly proficient at slinging arrows. When I was invited to my first archery big game hunt, I discovered something unreal. I could hunt deer, elk and bear all at the same time! Bonus: the season is a month long starting in late August. But I had one major issue . . .

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Gun Review: Franklin Armory F17-L in .17 WSM


Centerfire cartridges are great, but sometimes a little rimfire lovin’ is what you really need to get the job done. Winchester has developed a pretty kick-ass rimfire cartridge in the .17 WSM or “Winchester Super Magnum.” It’s a higher-powered .17 caliber rimfire round with an insanely flat trajectory and a muzzle velocity equal to most 5.56 rounds. The caliber means you can pack more ammo and more power into the same space, but the only rifles set up to fire that new cartridge have been bolt action guns. Until now . . .

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Bear Spray v. Bullets: The Jury is Out

Three recent cases of bear attack in Wyoming illustrate the flaws in studies purporting to show that bear spray is superior to firearms as a defense against ursine attackers. On September 20th, 2014 the following incident occurred . . .

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It Should’ve Been A Defensive Gun Use: All That’s Left is the Tale Edition

Orange County coyote (courtesy

“Earlier this month, a woman living in the Leisure World retirement community opened her screen door to pick up her newspaper, only to watch a coyote scamper inside, grab her cat, and run back out,” reports. I am fully aware that shooting anything in an urban environment is an inherently dangerous business, on several levels. As much as you love little fluffy, as much as you might want to emulate Texas Governor Rick Perry’s LCP prowess, popping a coyote’s clogs with your trusty home carry piece could violate city ordinances and take out a two-legged bystander. The legally sensible solution to coyote infestation is to  . . .

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The Three Best Budget Hunting Rifles (2014 Edition)


Hunting season is coming up fast — in fact, in some parts of the country it has already started. Hunting is a long-standing American tradition, and the run-up to that opening day is typically the point in the business year where gun stores start edging into the black. With the blessed date fast approaching, I figured there would be one or two people out there who might be researching which of the bolt action rifles that have come out in the last few years is the best. Here’s my opinion on the matter . . .

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Dean Weingarten’s Wisconsin Bear Hunt

Courtesy Dean Weingarten

The gun culture permeated the part of Wisconsin where I grew up. In that area and time, we didn’t think of it as a separate culture. The gun culture and the culture were one and the same. Guns and hunting were simply integral parts of everyday life. If a boy was not a hunter, he aspired to be one. There was considerable game, ruffed grouse, woodcock, rabbits, squirrel, ducks,  geese, deer, mink, muskrats, raccoon, fox . . .

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