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Ticking ‘African Safari’ Off of My Bucket List


By Tom in Oregon

As a person of the gun, I learned about shooting and gun safety starting at about six years old. At the time, dad was an instructor for the US Navy, stationed at Miramar Air Station, across the highway from the famous top gun school. Shooting became a natural thing to do at about any time. Besides shooting, I was an avid reader and would become absorbed in a good book. I regularly borrowed books from the library about hunting adventures. I read about Teddy Roosevelt’s safari adventures, Karamojo Bell, Robert Ruark, and a host of other writers who hunted on the “Dark Continent”. I was also hooked on shows like, Mutual of Omaha’s ‘Wild Kingdom,’ Bill Burrud’s, ‘Animal World,’ and ‘Safari to Adventure,’ ‘Daktari,’ and of course, John Wayne in ‘Hatari’ . . .

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Bear Pursuits


By Andy Spencer

My ears were still ringing from the report of my Tikka T3 30-06, as my Dad and I huddled under a soaring Sitka spruce on the edge of the Tuxecan Passage. I’d just shot the largest, most vicious predator of my life and now he wanted to go poke it with a stick. “Are you nuts? It’s not even been three minutes.” He was next to me leaning forward with his elbows on a downed spruce trunk, peering through binoculars where we’d last seen the bear running. Though it had disappeared, he was positive my shot was true. He started to get up to go look for blood, and then it roared . . .

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Uncle Sam Bans African Ivory Trade. Again. Still. More.

“The slaughter of the dwindling elephant herds in Africa grows worse by the year,” the New York Times opines, “as organized criminals get rich from selling elephant tusks in lucrative black markets around the world, where a pound of ivory can fetch $1,500. African elephants, whose numbers have been reduced in less than a century from several million to an estimated 500,000, are being killed at a rate of 30,000 to 35,000 a year.” I know! Let’s ban ivory! ‘Cause it’s not banned enough. “Last week, the Interior Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it will ban the trade in elephant ivory within the United States by prohibiting all imports and — with very narrow exemptions — exports and resales by auction houses and other dealers.” That sentence doesn’t quite capture the full extent of the regulatory change. Try this from the Interior Department’s own website . . .

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New From Smith & Wesson: Model 69 L-Frame .44 Magnum

Image courtesy S&WI’ve long wanted a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum, but the considerable size and heft of their marvelous Model 29 and 629 revolvers have been among the factors that have kept me from ever owning one. S&W’s engineers have put the mighty .44 Magnum cartridge on a diet, and shoehorned it into their medium-large L frame. They had to shed one round to make it work, but the 5-round Model 69 should be an ideal wilderness sidearm for hunters and fishermen . . .

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On Hunting Man-Eating Tigers In India

Indian tiger (courtesy

“No one has lived long enough to describe the tiger in detail, but some things about her are known. She traverses great stretches of land in a day and is comfortable wandering deep into human territory,” nytimes,com reports. “After killing her first three or four people, she began to eat her victims — starting rump-first, one expert said, as she would a deer.” Makes sense to me: that’s where the meat is and a tiger’s gonna do what a tiger’s gonna do. The Times reports that more tigers are doing more of what tigers do in India as of late. Who could have predicted such a thing? Well . . .

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On The Ethics Of Shooting Hogs From Helicopters

As soon as I posted the video of my weekend excursion with HeliBacon, the comments flowed in fast and furious. “Disgusting” one said. “Your a f***ing pussy. Hunt like a real man,” commented another. Another individual stated that my actions have angered an alien race which he worships and that they will similarly hunt me from spaceships with lasers for my crimes. While some of this is the standard response from those who disagree with hunting in any form, the addition of a helicopter and machine guns seemed to tip the scales for some people. So while I have some time, I figured it would be worthwhile to discuss the ethics of hogs, helos, and hunting . . .

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Gear Review: Streamlight TLR-1 Game Spotter


In what seems like eons ago, a package arrived from Streamlight with a TLR-1 Game Spotter. Since then, I’ve mounted it on pistols and rifles. I’ve managed to drop it, beat it against hard objects, use it for hours at a time, and generally abuse it extensively. It has survived six months of hard use and come out on the other side still ticking. Oh and it’s still running on the original batteries! The Game Spotter is an insanely bright weapons-mounted light that claims to throw a beam of green light some 300 meters or so. They also say that green light preserves night vision and aids in spotting game . . .

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