Gun Review: Franklin Armory F17-L in .17 WSM


Centerfire cartridges are great, but sometimes a little rimfire lovin’ is what you really need to get the job done. Winchester has developed a pretty kick-ass rimfire cartridge in the .17 WSM or “Winchester Super Magnum.” It’s a higher-powered .17 caliber rimfire round with an insanely flat trajectory and a muzzle velocity equal to most 5.56 rounds. The caliber means you can pack more ammo and more power into the same space, but the only rifles set up to fire that new cartridge have been bolt action guns. Until now . . .

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Bear Spray v. Bullets: The Jury is Out

Three recent cases of bear attack in Wyoming illustrate the flaws in studies purporting to show that bear spray is superior to firearms as a defense against ursine attackers. On September 20th, 2014 the following incident occurred . . .

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It Should’ve Been A Defensive Gun Use: All That’s Left is the Tale Edition

Orange County coyote (courtesy

“Earlier this month, a woman living in the Leisure World retirement community opened her screen door to pick up her newspaper, only to watch a coyote scamper inside, grab her cat, and run back out,” reports. I am fully aware that shooting anything in an urban environment is an inherently dangerous business, on several levels. As much as you love little fluffy, as much as you might want to emulate Texas Governor Rick Perry’s LCP prowess, popping a coyote’s clogs with your trusty home carry piece could violate city ordinances and take out a two-legged bystander. The legally sensible solution to coyote infestation is to  . . .

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The Three Best Budget Hunting Rifles (2014 Edition)


Hunting season is coming up fast — in fact, in some parts of the country it has already started. Hunting is a long-standing American tradition, and the run-up to that opening day is typically the point in the business year where gun stores start edging into the black. With the blessed date fast approaching, I figured there would be one or two people out there who might be researching which of the bolt action rifles that have come out in the last few years is the best. Here’s my opinion on the matter . . .

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Dean Weingarten’s Wisconsin Bear Hunt

Courtesy Dean Weingarten

The gun culture permeated the part of Wisconsin where I grew up. In that area and time, we didn’t think of it as a separate culture. The gun culture and the culture were one and the same. Guns and hunting were simply integral parts of everyday life. If a boy was not a hunter, he aspired to be one. There was considerable game, ruffed grouse, woodcock, rabbits, squirrel, ducks,  geese, deer, mink, muskrats, raccoon, fox . . .

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Chasing Chukar in the Snake River Canyon


By Tom in Oregon

Recently, Tyler Kee posted a story about dove hunting in Texas. While reading it, I started getting excited about an upcoming bird hunt I get to participate in. Mind you, this is while I’m in the middle of bear hunting, while also looking forward to elk season in December and another trip back to Africa for more plains game. You see, I am a hunter. As noted hunter and conservationist Jim Shockey has said, “If I’m not hunting, I’m thinking about hunting.” I take that a little farther. Even when I’m hunting, I’m thinking about hunting . . .

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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to Hunters: Bear Spray Über Alles

Grizzly attack (courtesy

“Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks reminds hunters that bears are very active this time of year, searching out food from late summer berry crops,” the State agency warns [via]. “FWP Bear Management Specialist, Jamie Jonkel, said that he has received a lot of reports from archery hunters in recent weeks that have seen grizzly and black bear scat and tracks at all elevations throughout western Montana. ‘It seems to be a very active fall for bears around western Montana, based on the number of reports of bear sightings and sign I’ve been getting lately,’ Jonkel said [ominously]. Bears are moving between river bottoms and mountain tops this time of year and can be distracted as they feed on berries, Jonkel said, which can sometimes prompt a surprise encounter. Hunters should think ahead about what they would do in an encounter and carry and know how to use bear spray.” And carry a large caliber firearm of some sort as a backup, yes? Well . . .

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Wild Game Recipe: Jalapeño Dove Poppers


I’ve often heard that doves aren’t worth it because there’s not enough meat to make the work worthwhile. I’ve also heard the same of crawfish. Both opinions are wrong. Your typical mourning dove yields about 1 oz of meat. Likely a little less, but 1 oz is an easy number to work with. That’s not exactly a 54 oz porterhouse, but its nothing to sneeze at either. Dove is incredibly protein-dense and therefore a fine source of energy. Also, wrapping it in bacon and stuffing it with jalapeño and cream cheese, then cooking it slowly over an open fire makes it a fine source of delicious energy.

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Hunting: First Round of Dove


After I received a Super Black Eagle II from Benelli, I knew I needed to proceed immediately to the field to attempt knocking birds out of the sky. At the moment, dove season is in full swing in the Texas Hill country and they’ve been flying like crazy. So I placed a call to my buddy Kyle who just moved back to the good part of Texas and he met me out at the ranch.

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Hunting: “You can get meat in the store!”


As much as I write and talk about hunting, here and elsewhere, you might think I’ve been doing it all my life, but the truth of the matter is that I didn’t pick up a gun and shoot a deer until I was 17 years old. My buddy Will thought it was a travesty that I lived on 40 acres of land, and I hadn’t yet hunted it. I didn’t own a rifle, or camo, or doe urine to spray on my boots, or anything else that I’d seen on hunting shows on television. Will told me not to worry, that he’d take care of everything, spent the night at my house, and woke me up early on opening morning to take me out.

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Open Carry at Kroger…Well, Fry’s

I had read about Moms Demanding Action’s shrill demands for a boycott of Kroger over their dislike of the exercise of the Second Amendment. I also noted the new media’s urging to show support for Kroger’s polite reply that the MDA’s should mind their own business. Of course, political manipulation is MDA’s stock in trade…and that runs exactly contrary to the limits on government that allow for toleration of others . . .

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