Paid Trolls In Comments at TTAG?

Are we at The Truth About Guns so effective with our messaging that the anti-gun folks hire people to post anti-gun comments? It’s more than possible. In fact, it’s likely. Given the Democrats’ shady tactics as revealed by the Wikileaks documents, it should be considered probable in today’s world. Earlier this year, the LA Times […]

VOTE NOW: TTAG’s 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards

Every year around this time, the editors of various firearms-related publications retreat to their respective smoke-filled back rooms to count up their receipts and determine which companies paid them the most money. I mean…which products were the best that year. TTAG doesn’t play that game. Instead we ask you, our gentle readers, to tell us what […]

Here’s The Winner of Our Reader Gun Review Contest

The response to our Reader Gun Review Contest was, well, overwhelming. We received twice the number of reviews we’ve gotten in past contests. And as always, the quality produced by our uber-knowlegeable readers was extremely impressive. That made picking a winner difficult. Some of the worthiest entries came from readers such as David Blanton, Hoplopfheil, Chris […]

TTAG Publisher to Defend Guns Rights at The New Yorker Festival

I don’t think I’ll ever forgive The New Yorker for firing Gun Guys writer and former TTAG contributor Dan Baum. While the left-leaning scribe makes prickly pears seem baby’s bottom smooth, and he’s pro-gun control, Dan’s easily one of America’s greatest writers. Was. Mr. Baum is currently fighting brain cancer and spending his days helping Mexico’s City’s underprivileged. I wish […]

TTAG Welcomes Blogger John Boch

  Some of you have noticed the new guy posting at The Truth About Guns named John Boch. Yep, that’s me. I wanted to take an opportunity to introduce myself to the TTAG family. Advocacy My journey into the gun rights world began with Bill Clinton signing gun control into law in 1994, even though at the […]

Navy SEAL Named Training Director at TTAG’s New Home Range

The Truth About Guns’ top guns are based in Austin, Texas. Dan, Nick, Jon, Tyler and myself all live in or near The Live Music Capital of America. (We’re working on Ralph and Jeremy S.) The TTAG cluster (you-know-what) fosters our corporate culture — which centers on shooting guns, smoking cigars, scarfing barbecue, making sarcastic remarks, telling the schnauzers […]

SIG SAUER P229 Legion: First Prize for New TTAG Gun Review Content Contest

It’s been a hell of a ride recently. The Orlando massacre, two high-profile police-involved shootings, and the Dallas racist police attack. While the mainstream media has gone into full civilian disarmament mode the TTAG team has been reporting facts and fisking the torrent of anti-gun agitprop. As a result, we’ve been a bit “news heavy” hereabouts. Have no fear: our […]

Housekeeping: Why We Changed the TTAG Home Page

The new TTAG website has been up for more than 24 hours. We’re aware that some of our regular readers aren’t happy about it. The main complaint is simple enough: without text under the headline on the home page, you can’t decide whether or not to read an article. I understand that this isn’t enough information for many […]

Facebook Suppressing TTAG, Other Firearms Publishers’ Posts

At the end of February, TTAG noticed a significant drop in our traffic. Silly us, we thought it was the annual seasonal spring fall-off come early. Upon further review, however, it became apparent that the problem was our Facebook-generated traffic. And we weren’t the only firearms-related web site affected. Facebook had, they now tell us, […]