TTAG Readers Discount on Tactical Fitness Training

(sponsored post) Austin-based IDF veteran, Krav Maga instructor and gun guru Ron Grobman is offering TTAG readers a 15 percent discount on upcoming Tactical Fitness courses. Click here, choose your course, register and use promo code TTAG at checkout. Here’s what’s on offer . . . Pistol Shooting Fundamentals is designed for new shooters and experienced shooters that want to brush […]

Housekeeping: Never Miss Another TTAG Gun Review!

TTAG’s gun reviews are the most popular thing we do. Day in and day out our reviews get the most traffic of any article type on the entire site. There’s just one problem: they tend to get buried in the deluge of other articles we publish. Click here to search our hundreds of reviews. And […]

Housekeeping: The Truth About TTAG “Clickbait”

You may have noticed that TTAG has launched a series of daily “listicles.” Some of the more vocal members of our Armed Intelligentsia have a different name for posts like Top 3 Reasons Not to Carry a Revolver and Top 3 Guns Guaranteed to Freak Out an Anti-Gunner “clickbait.” They consider these articles sleazy and uninformative. While I fully admit that there’s a commercial […]

SB Tactical Accepts TTAG’s 2016 Reader’s Choice Award

SB Tactical has won the TTAG Editor’s Choice Award before for their adjustable arm brace design, but this time the people have spoken and decided that their latest innovation is worthy of recognition. Making an adjustable arm brace for pistols opens up a whole new world of possibilities for those who want the size and […]

2016 TTAG Reader’s Choice Best New Ammunition: Hornady ELD-X

I’ve always been impressed with the folks at Hornady. Their ammunition is some of the most accurate available, and their reloading gear and components are top notch. One of their latest releases is a hunting-specific projectile called the ELD-X, an “extremely low drag” bullet. It’s designed with a polymer tip to ensure a uniform and consistent […]

Making TTAG’s Gun Review Database Great Again!

TTAG’s no-holds-barred gun reviews are our most popular content, generating tens of millions of pageviews. But searching our firearms review database — 538 posts and counting — has been a decidedly sub-optimal experience. No more. Check it out by clicking here or go to the Gun Reviews tab at the top. I’ve improved the searching experience, making it easier to find a […]

2016 TTAG Reader’s Choice Best New Optic: Vortex Razor HD LH

Hunters can be understandably picky about their optics. These precision pieces of gear need to be finely tuned to allow for proper zeroing and adjustments to make those tough distance shots, while rugged enough to withstand heavy use in the field. Vortex has made a name for themselves by producing durable, accurate scopes at a price point where […]