Happy Memorial Day from TTAG

A few holiday weekend must-do items: barbecue something that once had a face, drink a few oat sodas, play with the kids, maybe take a dip in the pool, watch a good war movie, avoid that annoying relative as much as humanly possible . . . and remember those who gave their lives to make […]

TTAG Statement on Gun Company Coverage: Housekeeping

More than a few TTAG commentators have taken umbrage of our continued coverage of the Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms Illinois gun dealer carve-out, and the companies’ financial contributions to virulently anti-gun politicians. After today’s post on a successful lawsuit against Remington, commentator C.S. wrote “Seems like we don’t need anti-gunners to put gun […]

Comments Stuck in Moderation: Housekeeping

Some of you may have noticed that your comments aren’t published immediately. I’d like to tell you why Word Press puts some comments in moderation and lets other slip through. I can’t. I don’t know how the algorithm works. And if I messed with it I’d mess it up. The advantage of the current system . […]

TTAG Readers Discount on Tactical Fitness Training

(sponsored post) Austin-based IDF veteran, Krav Maga instructor and gun guru Ron Grobman is offering TTAG readers a 15 percent discount on upcoming Tactical Fitness courses. Click here, choose your course, register and use promo code TTAG at checkout. Here’s what’s on offer . . . Pistol Shooting Fundamentals is designed for new shooters and experienced shooters that want to brush […]

Housekeeping: The Truth About TTAG “Clickbait”

You may have noticed that TTAG has launched a series of daily “listicles.” Some of the more vocal members of our Armed Intelligentsia have a different name for posts like Top 3 Reasons Not to Carry a Revolver and Top 3 Guns Guaranteed to Freak Out an Anti-Gunner “clickbait.” They consider these articles sleazy and uninformative. While I fully admit that there’s a commercial […]