Housekeeping: Server Move, Comment Issues, and More

We’ve been getting a ton of complaints recently about a few things not working. As the resident BOFH I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who sent in a comment about the bugs and to explain what’s going on. TTAG had been running on a service called Pressable for the last couple years. They’ve […]

Editor’s Note on Re-Testing Firearms: Housekeeping

Jon Wayne Taylor recently re-reviewed the Metro Arms American Classic II .45ACP 1911 (click here for original review). The “new” gun was reliable, save one malfunction. This is not the first time we’ve re-tested a firearm that initially performed badly. Here’s our policy on re-reviewing firearms . . . TTAG is ready, willing and able to […]

The Range at Austin Patriot Club

(sponsored post) The Range at Austin is the Music Capitol of America’s guntry club. It’s also TTAG’s home range. We like it because OMG it’s a palace. Not only does the lobby have the largest gun store in Texas, it’s also the cleanest gun store I’ve ever seen . . . Sure, Houston’s Athena Gun […]

No Flaming Anti-Gunners: Housekeeping

In our recent post Shannon Watts Looking at Run for Congress in Colorado CD-2 TTAG commentators got personal in their attacks on Ms. Watts, many of which were sexual and extremely demeaning. Just a quick reminder . . . TTAG does not allow ad hominem attack on the website, its authors, fellow commentators and subjects […]

TTAG’s Austin Reader Meet-Up and Smoker a Hit!

TTAG’s first Austin area reader meet-up last night drew 20 or so Armed Intelligentsia members who came from as far afield as Ft. Worth. Gathering at Casa De Montecristo, we schmoozed, smoked cigars, ogled an array of guns and gave away a metric crap-ton of swag from companies like Otis Technology, Colt Gun Lights, Vista […]

Happy Memorial Day from TTAG

A few holiday weekend must-do items: barbecue something that once had a face, drink a few oat sodas, play with the kids, maybe take a dip in the pool, watch a good war movie, avoid that annoying relative as much as humanly possible . . . and remember those who gave their lives to make […]

TTAG Statement on Gun Company Coverage: Housekeeping

More than a few TTAG commentators have taken umbrage of our continued coverage of the Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms Illinois gun dealer carve-out, and the companies’ financial contributions to virulently anti-gun politicians. After today’s post on a successful lawsuit against Remington, commentator C.S. wrote “Seems like we don’t need anti-gunners to put gun […]

Comments Stuck in Moderation: Housekeeping

Some of you may have noticed that your comments aren’t published immediately. I’d like to tell you why Word Press puts some comments in moderation and lets other slip through. I can’t. I don’t know how the algorithm works. And if I messed with it I’d mess it up. The advantage of the current system . […]