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TTAG Live From IWA Germany


There are three major firearms trade shows during the year. SHOT Show is the kick-off for the larger US-based companies. The other US-based opportunity for a big flashy launch is the NRA Annual Meeting, but the throngs of non-industry retail visitors makes it less appealing. TTAG has been covering both of these events for the last three or four years, and we’ve seen the changes in strategy. Companies are starting to abandon the traditional launch schedules because their new shiny products are getting lost in the noise generated by all the other launches happening at the same time. But there’s one last major industry trade show that TTAG hasn’t covered. Until now . . .

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Housekeeping: TTAG Turns Four

 Accuracy International rifle at Best of the West Shooting Sports (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

The Truth About Guns passed the four-year mark on February 17. I guess I was a bit busy, what with writing posts, working on the Texas International Firearms Festival, taking care of my daughter and bemoaning the fact that my only chance at a date turned out to be a shill for some multi-level marketing misegos. Still, it’s important to take time out to celebrate important milestones. In the last year, TTAG has come of age. Again. Still. I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve done here in that time. And by “we” I mean, Dan, Nick, Matt, Chris, Jeremy, Tyler, Dean, Michael, Ralph, Joe, Barry and the rest of TTAG’s revolving crew of first-class bloggers. And by “what we’ve done” I don’t just mean our burgeoning reader stats. I mean the truths that we’ve told about guns and gun control. Because we would have never achieved the former without the latter. In the year ahead – in the years ahead – look for more of the same. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do that voodoo that we do.

Housekeeping: Why TTAG Deletes Ad Hominem Attacks in the Comments Section


Earlier today, I blogged Zack Beauchamp’s op-ed Ban the Second Amendment. Most of our commentators dissected Beauchamp’s arguments with intelligence, insight and wit. Some reacted to Beauchamp’s civilian disarmament agenda by attacking him personally, including remarks about the Brown grad’s skinny jeans and simple instructions on putting things where the sun doesn’t shine. In the past, this website has allowed these sorts of comments to stand. After Shannon Watts and the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence used some vulgar TTAG comments to pillory and mischaracterize gun rights advocates we altered our comment policy to remove ad hominem attacks from the comments section. This new, stricter policy – designed to deny the enemies of gun rights ammunition for their campaign of civilian disarmament – remains in effect. I apologize to those who feel hamstrung by the new rules but there are plenty of firearms websites that welcome unfiltered spleen venting. This is not one of them.

Housekeeping: A Quick Reminder/Update on TTAG’s Comments Policy

FN FiveseveN (courtesy

TTAG’s posting policy: no flaming the website, its authors or fellow commentators. I’ve noticed an increasing number of flame wars in our comments sections. In some posts, readers ripped TTAG a new one re: our editorial stance and style. In others, they called each other names. These interchanges are unacceptable. Where and when Dan, Nick, Matt or I discover them, they are – and will continue to be – deleted. TTAG’s size makes it difficult to douse all the flames. If you encounter an ad hominem or personal attack please email a link to with the word FLAME in caps in the subject field. Meanwhile, I am now officially extending this policy to the subjects of our posts. In other words . . .

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Housekeeping: R51 Corrections and Amplifications


We recently posted a review of the R51 9mm pistol. Remington’s new concealed carry gun was one of the most anticipated guns coming out of the SHOT Show this year. Remington was kind enough to send us two for testing and evaluation. Unfortunately, the gun tends to pound the shooter’s hand, making practice less likely. It’s also all-too-easy to re-assemble the R51 incorrectly. An incorrectly assembled R51 will not function properly. The slide lock may lock back before all the rounds in the magazine are fired. We stand by these findings. But we have responded to reader feedback with some changes to the review . . .

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Listen Live: TTAG’s Nick Leghorn Talking Guns with Kate Krueger

Miltac Alpha, c Nick Leghorn

In about a half an hour (2:10 PM Central), I’ll be on the air in Phoenix thanks to Kate Kreuger’s weekly radio show. We’ll be gabbing about the latest guns and gear, and possibly discussing some of the things I’m currently in the process of reviewing. You can listen live using a link on this page, and I do believe they’ll be taking calls if you guys have any questions. See you guys there!

CORRECTION: TTAG Not More Popular Than NRA’s American Rifleman. Yet.

American Rifleman wonders WTF (courtesy

In the post marking the fact that TTAG crested 2m unique viewers per month, I claimed that we had more readers than the American Rifleman. Turns out I was crunching old data. Inflicting upon readers the kind of run-on sentence that makes third grde English teacher pull their hair out, provides box-fresh circulation data on the NRA’s house mag. “American Rifleman, one of the magazines that members of the National Rifle Association can receive as part of their membership, posted a 29.3% boost in circulation in the second half of last year, compared with the second half of 2012, according to new numbers released Thursday by the Alliance for Audited Media, which tracks magazine circulation. That leap, to an average circulation of 2.2 million from 1.7 million, was enough to propel American Rifleman into America’s top 25 magazines by circulation, according to the circulation group.” Congrats to AR! Needless to say, this website considers their success a new target for our on-line efforts. We’ll keep you posted. So to speak.