Housekeeping: Taking Out The Trash

Must. Work. Faster.
As some of you have probably noticed, the spam filter has been a little overactive of late, and some of your witty comments (and some not-so-witty) have gotten lost in the Twisting Nether. For that, our apologies. I have spent the last hour approving some 300+ comments falsely flagged as spam, and I am about to wipe the spam blacklist clean and start over, so those of you that have had trouble should see an immediate difference. Wiping the blacklist will likely mean . . .

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The Truth About TTAG: Q2 2015


Things are slowing down here at TTAG, which is just about normal. Over the last two years we have noticed a distinct Q2 slump in traffic, which typically picks back up for Q3 and peaks right around SHOT Show. This appears to be the way of things for the foreseeable future, and to be honest that’s OK. The only times when traffic surged multiple quarters in a row was when our 2nd Amendment rights were under direct attack, and its kinda nice to not have the Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads for once. That said, we’re still #1.

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BREAKING: David Codrea Leaves Examiner for The Truth About Guns

David Cordrea (courtesy

When we heard that Gun Rights Examiner writer David Codrea had parted company with his home site we jumped at the chance to bring him to TTAG. After a bit of negotiation we’ve done just that. Mr. Codrea – the fearless investigative journalist who helped break the ATF Fast & Furious scandal – will now be writing for The Truth About Guns. We are honored. As TTAG’s publisher, I want to add this: this website will never shy away from its inherent promise to tell the truth about guns. Mr. Codrea is a perfect fit for our remit. I look forward to publishing his work, and extend an open invitation to anyone who wants to contribute here. Email Or simply continue to bless us with your attention, which pays the bills, supporting the fight to defend and extend Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.


Housekeeping: The Truth About TTAG. As I See It

Robert Farago (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia came down on me like a ton of bricks yesterday. They took me to proverbial wood shed for criticizing a Black Rifle Coffee Company’s video; a production wherein an effeminate gay character offers the team oral sex and refuses to drink “non-hipster” coffee. A “crime” for which he was dragged off and [pretend] water boarded. A reader went so far as to call and warn me against making readers choose between veteran-owned and operated businesses and TTAG. For the record . . .

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NBC Needs Central TX Millennials for Guns 2.0 Doc, Taping This Saturday at BoTW Austin

Best of the West SHooting Sports (courtesy The Truth ABout Guns)

I’ve been tele-schmoozing with NBC’s Ronan Farrow about his forthcoming Guns 2.0 documentary. At my suggestion, the Tiffany Network’s motley crew will be taping the ballistic festivities at Houston’s Athena Gun Club on Friday night. On Saturday the 9th, Mr. Farrow’s mob wants to video a small group of gun-owning millennials shooting guns (with our man Leghorn) at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill (just northwest of Austin). Afterwards, he’ll interview Young Guns 2.0 at Dahlia’s cafe which, it must be said, serves some of the best pie in Texas. NBC needs four or five volunteers. If you’re down with that – accepting the risk of anti-gun editorial editing – contact producer Katherine O’Hearn at Here’s her official invitation . . .

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Housekeeping: 1m Comment Contest Nears Conclusion (999,007 And Counting)

A couple of posts lit up our comments section yesterday:  Gay-Bashing Black Rifle Coffee Company Video Dishonors Us All and BREAKING: Gunfight Erupts at Islamic Cartoon Exhibit as Officers Thwart a Possible Terrorist AttackAs of this writing, we have 999,007 comments on our servers. In case you missed it, TTAG’s one millionth commentator gets a gun of their choice up to $700. New or used. Handgun, shotgun or rifle. Just thought you’d like an update.


Housekeeping: One Millionth Comment Gets a Free Gun!


I write over one million words per year for TTAG. No biggie. I love my work. What’s really impressive: our readers’ output. While less than one percent of our readers comment, they do so with intelligence, passion, experience, wit and wisdom. There are too many regulars to cite by name, but they are all as important to this site’s health – and integrity – as anything our editorial staff produces. Equally, the readers who chime in once in a blue moon make TTAG what it is: a community of like-minded Americans dedicated to firearms freedom. You have my respect and thanks. To reflect our appreciation, the person writing the one millionth comment will get a gun of their choice up to a value of $700. As of this writing, we’re at 996,595 comments. Have at it!


Housekeeping: Should We Run A “Stupid Anti-Gun Comment of the Day” Feature?

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 8.15.34 AM

If you’re familiar with Shakespearean theater you’ll know what I mean when I say that TTAG’s Facebook page readers are “groundlings.” The conversation over there is more-than-occasionallly less-than-entirely intellectual. Don’t get me wrong. I am not an elitist. I know upon which side our bread is buttered; Facebook delivers a significant portion of our readers here, on the main site, where we get paid. But different “ideas” find traction on Facebook that don’t necessarily comport themselves well here. For example, our FB “Stupid Anti-Gun Comment of the Day” series generates plenty of comments (and a bunch of mendacious memes). The question is: should we run this feature here? I mean, again (courtesy CSGV). Or are we opening ourselves to similar scrutiny, which may reflect badly on the pro-gun cause?


The Truth About TTAG: Q1 2015

2015q1pvq Another three months have gone by, which means it’s once again time to peel back the curtain and give our loyal readership a heapin’ helpin’ of TTAG’s stats. Since we are an online publication, our revenue comes from how many readers (that’s you) we’re pulling in, and how many page views they generate. Most sites keep this information a closely-guarded secret, but in keeping with our tradition of openness and transparency we publish all of our numbers for everyone to see for themselves. So, how did we do this quarter? . . . Read More


TTAG Readers Prefer FNS-9C Over GLOCK 43

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 7.14.47 AM

You may have noticed that we’ve installed a Lockerdome reader poll widget thingie on TTAG’s home page. We’ve been running a simple head-to-head competition: “Which new 9mm would you buy: FNS-9C or GLOCK 43?” As of this writing, 55 percent of TTAG readers would put their money down on FN’s brilliant new compact rather than GLOCK’s revolutionary [sic] new sub-sub-compact. Just as I, your humble scribe have done. Though I’ll probably buy a GLOCK 43 for pocket carry as well. Anyway, time for a new match-up! We need some classic confrontations. Striker-fired vs. 1911. 9mm vs. .45. Hickock45 vs. Nutnfancy. Like that. Suggestions please!