Housekeeping: Is Turnabout Fair Play?

Comment on CSGV Facebook page

The above comment hails from the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence’s Facebook page. Obviously, the average gun control advocate isn’t this blood-thirsty. Right? Clearly, the majority of people in favor of civilian disarmament don’t truck with this “extreme” view, that gun rights advocates’ children, grandchildren and significant other should die in a hail of lead. Right? I mean, it’s not like most of them believe that the NRA is a terrorist organization and that someone should cave-in the skulls of open carriers? Oh wait . . .

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Housekeeping: TTAG Reader Survey Needs You! Yes YOU!

Nick’s at SIG this week doing SIGGY things. [Not shown] He’ll start crunching the numbers on TTAG’s annual reader survey when returns. Meanwhile, Mr. Leghorn’s asked me to “pimp” for more responses. Forgoing my Huggy Bear imitation, I’ve agreed to “inspire” TTAG readers to click here and take the survey. Your replies help us make better editorial decisions and provide demographic ammo for advertisers. Rest assured that we don’t keep any record of your IP or email address. No spam. Now how much [time] would you pay? Well don’t answer! A random respondent will win an OPMOD Armasight GEN1M Night Vision Monocular. To those who’ve already clicked, thanks! To those about to, thanks! Much obliged.


Housekeeping: Take the 2014 TTAG Reader Survey!


As the second quarter of 2014 comes to a close, I think its time to once again see if we (TTAG) are actually doing a good job. Sure our stats are amazing as always, but I constantly feel like there’s something more we can do to better tailor our content to suit our readership. In order to make that happen, every year I put together a short survey that lets us (the editors) understand who exactly our readers are, use that information to better identify what kinds of articles we should be focusing on, and figure out if there are any issues we need to address. So starting today and running for exactly one week I am launching the 2014 survey which can be taken here: CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE 2014 SURVEY. To sweeten the pot and provide an incentive for you guys to take the five minutes to fill out that survey, Optics Planet has donated something that will brighten your night a little bit . . .

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Our First P320 Winner


As we’ve mentioned, SIG SAUER was generous to allow us to give away not one, but two P320 pistols during this latest, most epic content contest. And as Nick announced earlier, in addition to awarding one for the best article submitted, we’re giving the second gun away via a drawing of the names of everyone who’s submitted an entry. Well yesterday, in a super-secret location, we assembled the names of all of the People of the Gun who’d metaphorically put pen to paper, dropped them into an old rusty ammo can and plucked the name of Dave Keller from the inky blackness. So congrats, Dave. Your FFL of choice will soon be receiving a little package with your name on it. And to the rest of you, stay tuned because we’ll announce the other winner on Friday.


TTAG Training Event: Force-on-Force, 26 June, 10am – 4pm, Plano, TX

There is no better way to train for real world armed self defense than force-on-force training. No amount of shooting at paper or steel can compare to directly facing a two-legged, thinking, reactive threat. You learn from your mistakes: tactical and practical. And how. The adrenalin rush inspired by the “pain penalty” keeps the training party real. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed the life-long-not-to-say-preserving benefits of force-on-force training. So when Plano Texas’ Patriot Protection contacted TTAG to talk about their UTM Man-Marker round I arranged a day’s FoF for myself and nine of my ballistic BFFs. The concentrated course (for experienced shooters) will run from 10am to 4pm. Course work will include . . .

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Housekeeping: Should TTAG Buy a Phantom V1610 High Speed Camera?

Slow motion video of bullets exiting guns and hitting stuff? Priceless. Well, not really. The Phantom V1610 High-Speed Camera goes for $100k (not including case and accessories). I’d love to have that kind of imagery available for every review, and then some. But, as Nick constantly reminds me, TTAG is not a video site. (Not that he has to. The uproar that follows an autoplay video clearly indicates our “I’m sitting here doing my work” cubicle-dwelling clientele.) Still, the site’s seasonal readership trough is making me feel anxious. Should we bite the bullet (in super slo-mo) and find a way to secure one of these suckers (giving Kirsten Joy Weiss and Shooting the Bull a webgasm) or is there some other way to take TTAG to the next level? Should we start advertising? Be nicer to the NRA? What?


Help RF Prepare for KQED NPR Forum Interview on CA “Gun Violence Restraining Order”

Elliot Rodger's BMW (courtesy

KQED called me yesterday to schedule an appearance on NPR’s Forum radio program (one hour from now at high noon EST). They want me to talk about the push by California legislators to create a post-Isla Vista spree-killing “gun violence restraining order.” There is no text available for the bill. According to the measure would use “the same process that restraining orders are granted in cases of domestic violence. Family members, partners and friends would have the ability to alert law enforcement if they believe someone poses a threat to themselves or others. Law enforcement officers would then be able to petition a judge to grant a restraining order that could prohibit possession or purchase of a gun.” What could possibly go wrong? Seriously, help me out here. Before that, though, keep in mind that . . .

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P320 Contest Update: Y’all Just Doubled Your Chances


The fine folks at SIG SAUER read TTAG. Well, at least they read the articles we publish relating to their products, and they’ve been following the TTAG P320 content contest very closely. So far they appear to be very impressed with the quality of the articles you are generating — so impressed, in fact, that they are dropping another P320 into the pot. So now there are TWO P320 handguns that will be given to some lucky TTAG readers. But there’s a twist with this one . . .

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TTAG Content Contest: Win a Free SIG SAUER P320!


There are three ways TTAG finds new voices to write for the site. The most common method: Farago sees something they’ve posted elsewhere and poaches them — that’s how I got here, at least. The second way in: gun guys stumble upon the site’s no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners editorial style and feel compelled to submit their own firearms-related material for publication. Behind door number three: the content contest. The search for talented writers continues with our third content contest, and this time the winner will receive a brand new SIG SAUER P320 modular handgun courtesy of the manufacturer. We’re running the competition using the same rules as previous versions . . .

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Housekeeping: The TTAG Gun Store is Now Open for Business!

TTAG Five--Star Firearms

When Andy at Florida Gun Supply started talking to TTAG about a joint venture we set three preconditions. 1. FGS would only sell TTAG-approved guns: firearms we’d reviewed and recommended. 2. The pricing would be transparent. ALL guns for sale at the TTAG LGS would be priced 15% over FGS’s cost, plus $14.99. shipping. 3. FGS would maintain their first-rate customer service. Done, done and done. I’m pleased to announce that The Truth About Guns Gun Store is open for business. Click here or on the Gun Store tab topside to see what firearms TTAG blesses on your behalf. If you have any trouble with any aspect of any sale – and FGS doesn’t resolve it completely – email Your firearms purchases through the TTAG LGS help keep this website in business. Thank you in advance for putting food on our table.


It’s Official – TTAG is More Popular than Moms Demand Action

File photo of the sun rising behind the entrance sign to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park

We’ve known it for ages, but it’s nice to finally have the numbers to back up the claim. By the time this posts, TTAG’s Facebook page will officially have more “likes” than Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, the self-proclaimed “grassroots movement” that 90% of people supposedly agree with. The funny part is that MDA regularly claims that people who like their Facebook page are actually members of their organization, thus padding their otherwise pathetically puny numbers for the mainstream media. The question is, now that we’re officially more popular, can we claim that we’re a grassroots gun rights organization with more members than Moms Demand Action? That probably won’t get a lot of MSM play, but I bet it’d bug the crap out of Shannon.


Housekeeping: Once Again, Why TTAG Deletes Flames Against Antis


Once upon a time a derogatory comment on TTAG re: Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America jefe Shannon Watts (above right) showed up on a mainstream antis’ website. Dan and I quickly decided that we had to extend our “no-flaming” policy to the subject of our posts – not just TTAG, its writers and fellow commentators. We didn’t want to give the antis anti-gun agitprop ammunition. Although it’s proven difficult (I’m looking at you Dirk and Ralph), especially on our Facebook page, we’ve adhered to that policy. JK sent us this image making the rounds on Twitter. See? Our commenting policy is like that old adage everything in moderation. Except moderation.