TTAG APB: We Need 40 Warm Bodies for Tomorrow (Tues. January 13) for Dallas (Plano) Charlie Hebdo Sim

Charlie Hedbo office (courtesy

UPDATE: Still a few people short. If you can make it tomorrow at 6:00p central, please email the requested info below to Thanks.

The Washington Post’s Adam Taylor writes: “Some, such as the National Review’s Jim Geraghty, have pondered how the [attack on the Charlie Hebdo officers] would go down in the United States, where more gun ownership could have prompted an “armed response from ordinary citizens.” Such an alternative reality scenario is hard to guess at, though it’s worth noting that the evidence from the United States is far from clear, especially in shootings involving automatic weapons.” Once again, the champions of civilian disarmament reckon armed defenders are surplus to requirements. We need your help to prove them wrong . . .

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Housekeeping: Thanks for Your Patience During Our DDoS Attack


Hi, my name is Dan and I’m a gun blogger. I’ve been clean for a little over 40 hours now. And thankfully, I’m now able to jump right back off the wagon. If you’ve followed TTAG’s myface page, you may know that we’ve been the target of a doozy of a denial-of-service attack. We don’t have all the details yet; we don’t know if it was specifically aimed at this site. Anyway, hats off to our hosting company, Pressable, who’ve been working non-stop along with Rackspace to get us back up and running. You just can’t stop the signal. Not for long, anyway. Thanks for your patience and continued readership. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


RETRACTION: Veronica Rutledge Held a Washington State Concealed Pistol License

“It took both sides in the gun debate about two days to respond to the horrific incident in Hayden, Idaho, and as usual, they both behaved in kind,” Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser writes at “Pro-gun bloggers like Robert Farago immediately attacked gun-control organizations as ‘bloody shirt wavers of the civilian disarmament industrial complex’ because they suggested that Veronica Rutledge probably had ‘little’ required training . . . Poor Veronica Rutledge held a CCW permit from Washington State, by the way, so Farago’s attempt to push back on the Coalition’s statement was both silly and wrong.” I don’t know about silly, but I was wrong . . .

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The Truth About TTAG: 2014 Q4


As we say goodbye to 2014, it’s time to once again take a look back and see how TTAG did over the last three months. Every quarter I sit down and pull the data on pageviews and readership to compile and send to the other editors to keep tabs on how our traffic is doing and see how we compare to the competition. But instead of keeping that data a closely held secret, we like to present it here in full view and for all to see. Transparency and full disclosure is the way we roll, so why not with our results as well? Let’s take a look . . .

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Reader Gun Review Contest Entries Closed


On behalf of everyone here at TTAG central command, I’d like to say thanks to our prolific readers for all of the gun review entries we’ve received. It seems that a free Bacon Maker is a powerful incentive. The deadline for entries passed yesterday at midnight and we have a lot of write-ups still in the hopper. So the plan is to publish the remainder over the next few weeks before announcing our winner. Until then, enjoy the work of your peers. Picking a winner ain’t gonna be easy.


Housekeeping: Retraction

Xmas GLOCK 19

Earlier today, TTAG published a post (With Apologies to Eric Clapton) Miculek is God. As a reader pointed out, that was a highly insensitive thing to do on Christmas morning. Believe it or not, the post was written a few days ago and kept getting pushed forward. No matter. He’s right. I was wrong. I apologize for the piece. As for my GF’s satirical post – also sent into the memory hole – let’s just say I’ve promised not to write articles about machine guns for her blog. We now return you to your regularly scheduled TTAG, while I savor a slice of humble pie after acting like a turkey.


TTAG 2014 Editors’ Choice Award, New Firearm of the Year: MasterPiece Arms MPA-308 BA


TTAG’s truth tellers play with tons of guns. Some of these guns are excellent: ballistic baubles that blow us out of the water. Some of these firearms don’t quite stack up (i.e. they suck). Smoking stogies in RF’s top-secret above-ground bunker, Dan, Robert and I put our heads together to identify the one gun that ruled them all in 2014. The winner of our first Editor’s Choice Firearm of the Year award: MasterPiece Arms’ MPA-308 BA.

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TTAG 2014 Editor’s Choice Award – Most Influential Personality of the Year: Alex Bosco


Last year, our readers voted the SIG SAUER SB-15 Pistol Brace the best new firearm accessory of 2013. We met with SIG at the SHOT Show and presented them with a plaque to commemorate the honor. And rightly so. SIG SAUER brought the brace out of obscurity, marketed it to the public, slapped it on anything they could find and vowed to defend its legality in court if need be. But credit where credit’s due (finally). Alex Bosco is the man who invented, designed and marketed the SB-15. It began with his dream of giving back to injured veterans . . .

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TTAG 2014 Reader’s Choice Award, Best New Handgun: SIG SAUER P320


Accuse us of favoritism all you want, but our fingers were nowhere near the scale on this one. With just over 20% of the vote, SIG SAUER’s P320 has been duly elected as our reader’s favorite new handgun of 2014. The striker fired offering from SIG SAUER features a unique chassis system that allows just about every feature of the gun to be changed out and customized, and all of the replacement kits can be sent straight to your door including new grips. Plus, the steeper grip angle and typical SIG SAUER craftsmanship make it a pleasure to shoot.

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TTAG 2014 Reader’s Choice Award, Best New Rifle: SIG SAUER MPX


In this year’s Reader’s Choice Awards, the list for “Best New Rifle of 2014″ was longer than any other category. Even though 2014 was a bit of a down year for manufacturers in terms of new kit, there’s no doubt that there were some real gems within that short list. According to our readers, and clocking in with three times as many votes as the next “new” product, SIG SAUER’s new MPX rifle is officially the TTAG Reader’s Choice for best new rifle of 2014 . . .

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Housekeeping: Should We Show Gun Gore?

Bullet holes in Peshawar school (courtesy

Peshawar School Attack: First Pictures Show Inside After Mass Murder the Huffington Post proclaims. The gallery of images show a shot-up school. No bodies. Not one of the more than 100 children slaughtered by Taliban terrorists. I understand the argument against showing the bloody result of civilian disarmament – especially when we’re talking about the slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary school. But I also believe that our gun rights depend on an informed citizenry. How can you discuss gun control . . .

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