Announcing the TTAG Reader Gun Review Contest


The Truth About Guns prides itself on telling the truth about guns. If a gun is good, we say so. If it’s a dog, we let loose the dogs of war. We understand that these are tools you may use to defend your life some day, God forbid. For many of our readers they represent a significant slice of their hard-earned income. That’s why we work with writers who are honest, informed, passionate and fearless. Just like our readers. In fact, all but one of our writers – the jefe himself – started as TTAG commentators. So when Nick told us that new gun reviews were the best way to get off our current stat plateau, and RF said he wanted new blood, we decided to reach out to our Armed Intelligentsia. While our door’s always been open to reader-contributed reviews, we’re looking for more staff writers. To do that, we’re offering a little incentive . . .

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Housekeeping: Little Help on iPhone 6+ YouTube No Slo-Mo Issue

The video above features the 9mm Steyr MPi 81 (an improved version of the MPi 69). I filmed (videoed?) Ray Harrison of Texas’ Ballistic Ops firing the sub-gun with my new phablet, the iPhone 6+. I didn’t record this version of machine gun fun in slo-mo. For contrast, I recorded the same guy shooting the same gun (Steyr MPi 81) in slo-mo. I sent it to Dan via iPhone. He uploaded it to YouTube. Et voila! Check THIS out . . .

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Can You Survive In the Free Fire Zone?

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 9.37.51 AM

A lot of you are unaware of or simply don’t know about the Forum page link at the top, or what mysteries lie behind it. It’s not a magical place or some kind of mystical hidden portal to a black hole. No, what lies behind is the TTAG Free Fire Zone! What is the Free Fire Zone you may ask? It’s a forum for all you guys to have a place to discuss rifles, handguns, reloading, hunting, shooting, 3-gun, IDPA, Skeet shooting, optics, reloading, and even Israeli Supermodels . . .

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Housekeeping: TTAG Malware Aware


TTAG readers have once again been hit with malware redirects from ad suppliers. I apologize deeply and completely for this issue. We have shut down the ad supplier in question. The redirects should stop immediately. And not return. If they do ping us at The Truth About Guns is committed to providing you with the cleanest and most secure user experience possible. Thank you for your patronage, patience and understanding.


The Truth About TTAG: 2014 Q3


Statistical trends being what they are, for the second quarter in a row, we seem to be experiencing a “regression to the mean” situation. Over the winter of 2013/2014, there was quite a bit of news and excitement (you may have heard about it) that drove our numbers to previously unseen heights. Over the last couple months there has been…virtually nothing news-wise. Small things mainly, but nothing really big enough to drive the same kind of traffic (not that we’d ever want to see anything like another Newtown). The resulting impact on our traffic is somewhat depressing, but nonetheless expected . . .

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Housekeeping: Is TTAG an Echo Chamber?

1911 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

TTAG reader HS writes:

Robert and Crew,
I have read your site nearly every day for a year or so and enjoy most of the articles. Frankly, most of our worldviews line up so it’s not unpleasant reading the editorials and opinion pieces posted by the TTAG staff. Affirmations and all of that. My question to you and yours is this- What is your opinion of the comments section and how do those comments drive site content? I try to avoid reading the comments in the articles because there is no debate or thoughtful commentary . . .

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Housekeeping: About Those #@?&! Redirects

23359 copy

Those of you who join us via a mobile device – either phone or tablet – may have suffered the indignity of having your browser hijacked and redirected to the Apple Store or some other site in an effort to get you to buy some kind of game. After much forensic work, we believe this was due to malicious code piggy-backing on an ad served by one of our ad partners. That code should now be eliminated. If you’re still being redirected, please let us know if the comments below (we know that you will). In the mean time, we apologize for the inconvenience and will work to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Thanks.


Housekeeping: Muzzle Device Comparo Correction


Some of you may have seen the original version of my 5.56 Muzzle Device Shootout. I didn’t include ALG’s Single Chamber Brake (SCB) in the recoil measurement testing. I kept the SCB out of the recoil test because ALG lent the device to me as part of their testing & evaluations program, which was mentioned in the article. My interpretation of their program’s policy: no comparos. After my article was published, it became clear that leaving out the ALG Single Chamber Brake – supposedly at at the company’s request – was a huge issue. All hell broke loose . . .

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Question of the Day: Should TTAG Reviews Use Laser Accuracy Testing?


Accuracy testing is an important part of any firearms review. For pistol testing I have historically employed a sandbag rest, which makes for a pretty stable platform. However, it’s still up to me to line up the sights properly and consistently every time. I’m okay at this, but admit that I can have on and off days based on caffeine intake, tiredness, and myriad other factors. If I test the same gun on different days, the results are going vary to some degree. To take as much fudge factor out of accuracy testing as possible, I picked up a nice LaserMax Uni-Max Green universal Picatinny rail-mount laser. But herein lies the question I’d like to pose to y’all…

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Housekeeping: The Anti-Cop Bias Thing Again

There’s this idea – a myth really – that local policing used to be low-key, even-handed and, well, friendly. While we’re busy deploring the current pace, scope and scale of current police militarization, it’s important to realize that law enforcement officials have been on the wrong side of the battle to defend and extend our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected rights for many, many years. (Birmingham Sheriff Eugene “Bull” Connor’s treatment of civil rights protestors springs to mind.) Not all cops. Maybe not even most of them. But enough of them that I feel fully justified highlighting the threat as and when it appears. You can call me anti-cop all you like. Below if you wish. But I’m committed to defending Americans’ gun rights and civil liberties against all enemies. I welcome any and all who share in that mission, police included. Questions?


Housekeeping: More TTAG Fixes on the Way

Made in the shade (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

We’re still getting comments and emails from readers re: our new look ‘n feel. Top of the list: lose the all-white background and ditch the stupid font. Dan’s sent a “hit list” – including these and other tweaks – to the developers, who will either jump right on it or take the weekend off. As TTAG ME pointed out in his previous post, the changes were largely driven by our need to monetize the mobile and tablet versions of TTAG, which are rapidly overtaking the desktop version in terms of page views. Rest assured we will continue to do everything we can to make reading TTAG easy, intuitive, aesthetically pleasing and, above all, rewarding. Meanwhile, thank you for your patience and understanding.


Housekeeping: TTAG Updates User Interface

You may have noticed that we’ve updated our look and feel. We’ve done this in response to comments from you, our readers, and commercial imperatives (e.g., our mobile and tablet readers account for 40 percent of readership – and rising – but we hadn’t properly monetized them with advertising). If you’ve been on the mobile site, you’ve noticed that there are now a fair number of full-size ads. On the more positive side, you can (finally) respond to individual comments. At the same time, we’ve streamlined the home page to be more consistent with our tablet and phone versions. Yes, we know there are major and minor bugs to fix. Rest assured, there will be two colors on the home page (as before). And a san serif typeface. And we will make sure the comments aren’t too narrow on the mobile version. Fortunately we have top men working on these and other issues even as we speak. Meanwhile, the team’s reading all your comments below to iron-out the wrinkles and improve the UI. Your patronage, patience and understanding are most appreciated.