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Housekeeping: TTAG Facebook Page Crests 100k. MDA in our Sights

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 8.09.47 AMOnce again, special thanks to Celby Richoux for teaching us how to put the paddles to TTAG’s formerly comatose Facebook page. Before her fateful advice at January’s SHOT Show, we were trundling along at around 5k Likes. “Post your links manually,” she advised. “No capes!” I mean, “No autoposts!” We followed her advice – and not just because we were mesmerized by her eyes. Last night, TTAG’s Facebook page crested 100k Likes. Being competitive folk, we’ve set up the Insights widget to keep track of our competition. Especially Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. As you know . . .

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Housekeeping: A Note About Our Liberty Ammunition Sponsorship Agreement


Yesterday we announced our new partnership with Liberty Ammunition. They will be supplying ammo for our reviews, and in return they get to call themselves our official sponsors and we’ll give them a nod when we use their rounds. Some of you seemed to be a little concerned that we might be selling our credibility for the price of a little 5.56 NATO ammo. To clear the air, I’d like to add my two cents, being the Testing & Reviews Editor for TTAG and all . . .

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Retraction: TTAG Published Picture of the Wrong Ivan Lopez

Last night TTAG received a link to an image in the Fort Hood News of a soldier named Ivan Lopez. We published that picture assuming it was the Fort Hood shooter. After receiving emails and comparing it to a picture of the shooter published at we discovered that the photograph we published was of a different Ivan Lopez, a man who served this country honorably in Iraq as a Marine Corps Infantryman. We apologize to Marine Ivan Lopez, his family and his comrades-in-arms for the mistake. We have removed posts referring to the image from Facebook, Twitter and the main site. We will learn from this error and endeavor to live up to our website’s name in the future.

The Truth About TTAG: 2014 Q1


The time has come once again to justify to advertisers, gun companies, and the mainstream media why we (TTAG) matter. All those three constituencies care about is how many eyeballs we can bring to the table, so the better we do, the more we (potentially) get. The more advertising dollars, the more guns to review, the more invites to gun control debates and so forth. Other websites (we’re too classy to name names, but you can figure out they are) go to great pains to keep their traffic stats a state secret. We don’t roll that way. So let’s take a stroll through the stats from this past quarter and see how TTAG is doing . . .

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Housekeeping: Where To Go If You Can’t Get Enough TTAG

(courtesy The Truth About Guns)

For the first four years of this website, TTAG’s Facebook page was a red-headed stepchild. We programmed WordPress to automatically post on Facebook whenever we pressed play on the main site. And…that’s it. At this year’s SHOT Show I ran into a red-headed social media manager named Celby Richoux. Ms. Richoux recommend we manually post on Facebook and hire her for more tips. Unfortunately, she fell off our radar. Fortunately, we followed her advice . . .

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Housekeeping: Mobile Site Issues


We, the employees of TTAG, are writers — not programmers. I’m the exception, since I’m an incurable nerd and hold down an IT job to pay the bills. But even that gives me only so much ability to fix things when they go wrong. A few days ago the plug-in we use to provide a clean and usable mobile experience for readers on tablets and smartphones decided to push out a major update – which removed the ability to reply to specific comments. Our only options at the time: update and accept the new status quo or code something else ourselves (the old code version was no longer usable for technical reasons). We opted to update. The coders assure us that the ability to reply to specific comments is coming in future versions. Until then, we are aware of the problem and we will implement the fix as soon as it is available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Housekeeping: Is TTAG Saber Rattling on CT Confiscation?

Katrina confiscation (

A member of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia writes:

I am very disappointed with the rattling of sabers at TTAG over the unjust laws in CT.  In my humble opinion having SWAT teams confiscate guns and the resulting firefight would be devastating to our cause. No matter what, if a gun owner fires on cops, whether they are storming his house or not, he will be played in the media as a paranoid and dangerous gun nut with an arsenal.  This will pave the way to more laws, more confiscations, having gun owners being derided as nuts, or terrorists, and forcing public opinion against us. It will also divide and conquer other gun owners since some will decide a flash bang raid conducted by cops with machine guns is not worth the fuss. Therefore  . . .

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