Housekeeping: Should We Run A “Stupid Anti-Gun Comment of the Day” Feature?

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If you’re familiar with Shakespearean theater you’ll know what I mean when I say that TTAG’s Facebook page readers are “groundlings.” The conversation over there is more-than-occasionallly less-than-entirely intellectual. Don’t get me wrong. I am not an elitist. I know upon which side our bread is buttered; Facebook delivers a significant portion of our readers here, on the main site, where we get paid. But different “ideas” find traction on Facebook that don’t necessarily comport themselves well here. For example, our FB “Stupid Anti-Gun Comment of the Day” series generates plenty of comments (and a bunch of mendacious memes). The question is: should we run this feature here? I mean, again (courtesy CSGV). Or are we opening ourselves to similar scrutiny, which may reflect badly on the pro-gun cause?


The Truth About TTAG: Q1 2015

2015q1pvq Another three months have gone by, which means it’s once again time to peel back the curtain and give our loyal readership a heapin’ helpin’ of TTAG’s stats. Since we are an online publication, our revenue comes from how many readers (that’s you) we’re pulling in, and how many page views they generate. Most sites keep this information a closely-guarded secret, but in keeping with our tradition of openness and transparency we publish all of our numbers for everyone to see for themselves. So, how did we do this quarter? . . . Read More


TTAG Readers Prefer FNS-9C Over GLOCK 43

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You may have noticed that we’ve installed a Lockerdome reader poll widget thingie on TTAG’s home page. We’ve been running a simple head-to-head competition: “Which new 9mm would you buy: FNS-9C or GLOCK 43?” As of this writing, 55 percent of TTAG readers would put their money down on FN’s brilliant new compact rather than GLOCK’s revolutionary [sic] new sub-sub-compact. Just as I, your humble scribe have done. Though I’ll probably buy a GLOCK 43 for pocket carry as well. Anyway, time for a new match-up! We need some classic confrontations. Striker-fired vs. 1911. 9mm vs. .45. Hickock45 vs. Nutnfancy. Like that. Suggestions please!


Housekeeping: Ideas for Guns for Beginners Series?

FN FNS9c (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

You may have noticed that TTAG has launched a “Guns for Beginners” series. We did so after readers [gently] chided us for not appealing to newbies. We’ve covered a lot of ground in the last couple of weeks, from tips for gun owners considering open carry to how to buy your first handgun. Our man Dan’s creating a new “ad” for the homepage for beginners; they’ll be able to click on it to see our range of posts. If you could send a link or links to any new shooters in your circle, I’d be most appreciative. So . . .

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Housekeeping: TTAG Still Loading #ImLoading


We’re still loading readers’ #ImLoading photos into our #ImLoading Facebook album. Send your image to thetruthaboutguns@gmail,com with IMLOADING in the subject bar. We prefer them to have some sort of loading-specific thing going on or at least some ammo in the shot – unlike the image above – but if it’s cool enough – like the image above – who are we to complain? Thank you for your help. If you haven’t clicked above, click here to check out the gallery. Good stuff!


Housekeeping: TTAG Passes 200m Page Views on Its 5th Anniversary


I started The Truth About Guns five years ago to explore the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of guns. I started with zero page views and zero unique readers. As of this writing we have 2.5 million unique readers per month, and we just passed 200 million page views. While I remain proud of and thankful for TTAG’s writers’ passion, perseverance, expertise and talent, I’d like to celebrate this milestone by highlighting our comments section . . .

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Housekeeping: TTAG Rolls Out New Home Page Look

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As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve tweaked the look of our home page. It’s not an Earth-shattering change. But we think it’s a cleaner, sharper look that complements what we do: bring you the most entertaining, informative and honest writing on all things firearms-related. Now that we’ve tidied things up a bit, emphasizing our literary skillz, we’ll be rolling out a newsletter for registered readers. We hope you like the new design. As always, thanks for helping make TTAG a clean, well-lighted place for intelligent discussion on the truth about guns.


Happy Valentine’s Day from TTAG!


I’m in love. Why wouldn’t I be? I’ve found a good woman. Finally. Discretion being the better part of valor (and chivalry) I’ll refrain from singing her praises on these pages. Suffice it to say now that I’ve found her I don’t want to lose her. I want to protect her from anyone who’d do her harm, as best I can, just as I protect my children, friends and community. My everyday carry gun doesn’t change the fact that life is a messy, unpredictable, complicated and yes, dangerous business. It simply gives me a better chance to do what I have to do. As a man. As a father. As law-abiding American. And a lover. Happy Valentine’s Day.



AAC’s Mike Smith Posts the Least Professional Press Release in History

AAC Muzzle Brakes, c Nick Leghorn

Mike Smith is the Freedom Group employee who kicked me out of the Remington booth at SHOT Show. According to reliable sources, he also has a picture of me over his desk with the words “you’re fired” Photoshopped in. When the news about my unceremonious eviction from the SHOT Show booth hit the ‘net, Mike saw it as an opportunity to vent. He turned to AAC’s official blog and told the world how he really feels. Click here to read the The Truth About AAC on AAC’s blog. Or click here for the PDF mirror. Here are a couple choice excerpts below . . .
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TTAG Gun Review Contest: And the Winner of the Underground Tactical Rifle Is . . .


We don’t know where Tim Going lives, but we sure hope there are feral hogs there, pests though they may be. It would be a darned shame not to put his new Underground Tactical Bacon Maker Six 5 Ultralight to its highest and best use. Then again, we’re sure the 6.5 Grendel gun will be ever so effective on Bambi and his brethren, too. After a lot of very stiff competition and much consideration, Tim took the grand prize in our first ever reader review contest for his take on the Mossberg 715T rifle. Here’s an excerpt:

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Announcing TTAG’s Official Ammunition Sponsor: Eagle Eye Ammo


When it comes to reviewing firearms, you’re only as good as your tools. We here at TTAG are known for our no-holds-barred approach to gun reviews, and while we’ve done our level best to use quality ammunition for the accuracy testing portion of these reviews, the fact is that we can do better. Eagle Eye Ammunition is the most consistent ammunition I have ever tested, and now they are teaming up with us to become our official test ammunition supplier for gun reviews. Going forward . . .

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