Housekeeping: Start Taking Father Pics for June Gun Giveaway!

I was kinda hoping this would be an instructional video on how to make a Gummy NERF gun. It isn’t. It’s a simple celebration of fatherhood. And guns! And an accent that’s totes adorbs. With Father’s Day approaching, I thought I’d share this video with TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia to give you a heads-up on our June Father’s Day contest. We’ll be giving away a gun [TBA] for the best father-daughter / father-son pic which shows the love that dare speak its name. Namely firearms freedom. So get snapping!


A Word From the Editor – Dan the Torpedos, Full Speed Ahead!


Dear Readers (and anti-gunner lurkers looking for prngomeone to SWAT),

Welcome to the first weekly post designed to keep you up-to-date on TTAG’s past, present and future. As the site’s Managing Editor, I’ve been tasked with clueing you in on meta material, updating you on various contests and competitions and pimping previewing upcoming content. Let’s start with the spring content contest. The response has been good, but we’re all Oliver Twist over here. We need more! In case you missed it, the current prizes are . . .Read More


Housekeeping: How Should TTAG Address the Challenge of Ad Blockers?


Last month, Google announced that they will enable ad blocking software for Samsung smart phones. Google will soon only scrape one ad from linked sites. Same deal for Facebook. Meanwhile, surfers are turning to ad blockers in record numbers. Websites like TTAG — ad supported and smart phone dependent — are under the gun. To keep the cash and information flowing, we’re looking at a number of solutions. You may have already noticed . . .

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TTAG Reader Needs Your Help Finding “Lost” .45

Colt MKIV Series 70 (courtesy

TTAG reader RF writes:

I have tried everything I can think of to find a family heirloom. Here’s how it goes. My brother & I bought guns & shared them when we were young. I joined the service & I left all the guns with him. Some I bought, some he bought, some our parents bought. None of them were very special except for a Colt MKIV Series 70 [specific gun not shown]. He bought it, we both used it. It was special-we used to shoot it, clean it, disassemble & assemble it. It was the first big gun we had . . .
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Two Spaces Left for TTAG Training Meet-Up (Liberty Hill, TX This Saturday)


This Saturday, Dan, myself, my main squeeze and a gaggle of TTAG readers will gather at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill Texas (home of the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival) for force-on-force training with Atlas Defense. Well, not force-on-force, exactly. Atlas’ revolutionary training uses smoke and mirrors. Well, not smoke. And not mirrors. Reflective plastic. So you can shoot at the bad guy actors with your actual gun firing actual bullets. We’ve got two spaces left. Click here to attend. Use promo code TTAG100 for a $100 discount. It’s gonna be intense.


TTAG Meet-Up at Atlas Self-Defense Course: ‘Real Guns, Real Bullets, Real People’ [March 26, Best of the West, Liberty Hill, TX]

Atlas Self-Defense is a Texas-based training company with a difference: mirrors. More technically, a patent-pending VIKN reflective targeting system. Under expert supervision, students shoot their gun at a reflective image of role-playing bad guys. It’s…intense. We’re inviting ten TTAG readers to join Dan, Nick and me for Atlas’ Responsible Defense 1 Course [Make the jump for a full course description.] It’s at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill (home of The 2016 Texas Firearms Festival) on Saturday, March 26 from 9am to 3pm. Click here to register. Use promo code TTAG100 for a $100 discount. Lunch at Dahlia’s is on you, but oh my the pecan pie! Sorry. Paleo. It’s a thing. See you there!

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TTAG Reader Survey Winners Are…


The response to this year’s TTAG reader survey was nothing less than torrential. More than 6k readers filled-out Nick’s online questionnaire. Josiah Beresford of Washington State won a box-fresh GLOCK 19 for his participation. Pete Miller of North Carolina will be carrying his gear around in a Tacprogear Spec-Ops Gen 2 Assault Pack. We’ll be releasing the results in the next week or so, revealing just how clever and educated you really are. Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who participated, helping make the world’s most popular firearms blog better.


Complete TTAG’s Annual Reader Survey and You’re Automatically Entered to Win a GLOCK 19

Glock 19, c Nick Leghorn

The Truth About Guns is the world’s largest firearms related publication. Our articles are read by roughly three million people all over the world every single month. We like to think we have a good idea of who makes up our audience and how we’re doing in terms of keeping our readership happy. But there’s nothing like the smell of fresh data to better focus our editorial content and make sure that we are catering to y’all as best as possible. To that end . . .

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Housekeeping: Meet TTAG Email Editor Josh Wayner


Drowning in a sea of unopened emails, TTAG put out a SOS for a capable brand fan to assume the newly created role of Email Editor. We received an embarrassment of riches: over 80 responses. The vast majority of our applicants were completely qualified for the position; we thank all aspiring Editors for their time and expertise. As TTAG expands, we’ll be going back to our well of talent for more team members. After much folding, spindling and a little mutilation, we’re happy to welcome . . .

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Housekeeping: TTAG Hiring Email Editor


As The Truth About Guns approaches its sixth year, we’re currently sitting at around 3 million unique readers per month. For that amazing success we thank our readers, commentators, writers and editors. Rest assured we’re not resting on our laurels. We’re currently working on improving the site with new features, a new design, video and much more (suggestions always welcome). Meanwhile, we’re drowning in emails. We need someone to filter them for us. To do that job we need someone who can . . .

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Contest: Win A Custom 2A Holster for Best Bullet Art


Little Rock’s Drawl Art Gallery is running a juried art show entitled The Gun Show. “Artists, writers and scholars answer the question, ‘What does the visual presence of guns suggest to you?'” First prize is $2500. In the same spirit, TTAG’s asking you to release your inner ballistic Basquiat. Gather your stash of ammo and assemble something beautiful with it. Take a photo and send it to us at with the HOLSTER CONTEST in the subject field. The first (and only) prize winner is a rig from 2A Holster. The winner will be announced Friday night at 5pm CMT.


TTAG Editor’s Choice Best New Gun of 2015: CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1


The 2015 TTAG Reader’s Choice Awards may have been all handed out, but we’ve got one more trophy up our sleeve. This past year has definitely been the year of the pistol caliber carbines and the faux SMGs as seen in guns from from the SIG SAUER MPX down to the new batch of imported MP5s that are coming in from Pakistan and Turkey. But while those cater to gun owners with deep pockets there was one product that placed the awesomeness of a cool looking 9mm SMG within reach of the common man, leaving him with money to spare for some ammo and a few mags . . .

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