I Like Big Guns And I Cannot Lie . . .

In the video below RealLifeLore ask What’s the Biggest Gun We Could Possibly Build? Personally, I couldn’t “build” a BIC pen spitball gun. But I know enough to know that RLL’s missed a trick . . . I watched a science program (whose name I’ve forgotten, along with the names of everyone I’ve ever met casually) […]

The German Gewehr 1888 Rifle in 7.92 x 57mm

July 28, 1914. The world is at war. Germany and the Central Powers are fighting the Allies — the British Empire, France, Russia, Belgium, and their colonies in the far flung corners of the world. In 1917, the United States enters the fray . . . and stayed between the 28th day of July 1914 […]

New from Brownells: Retro AR10

The only thing cooler than a retro AR15 build is a retro AR10 build. Or so Brownell’s hopes . . . Brownell’s newest old rifle is their first complete rifle for sale: a faithful recreation of Eugene Stoner’s iconic AR10. Faithful as in period correct in every detail. The new old rifle comes with the […]

John Wayne’s Pistols Up for Auction

On January 27, Milestone’s Historic Military & Firearms Auction offers Smith & Wesson collectors the chance to own John Wayne’s silver-grip Smith & Wesson revolvers, holsters and spurs. (Click here to view the online catalogue.) We’re talking . . . two 1932 Smith & Wesson matching .38/.44 fixed-sight revolvers — with JW initials on the grips […]

Book Review: The History of Winchester Firearms 1866-1980

Reader Philip Reboli writes: Long before I knew how a direct gas impingement system works, I admired the lever action rifle. It straddles the manual of arms between the muzzle loader and modern, magazine-fed rifle. The deliberate motions necessary to eject and load a round feel rugged. The unmistakable sound of the metal-on-metal friction while […]

Henry Repeating Arms Sells Its Millionth Lever Action .22

A million seconds is 11.57 days. In other words, a million is a lot. So it’s safe to say Henry Repeating Arms has sold a lot of .22 lever action rifles since it began production in March of 199. In Brooklyn, New York, no less. Before they moved production to Bayonne, New Jersey, would you believe it. We’re talking […]