Toys I Wish I’d Had: Mattel M-16 Marauder Edition


This is a guest post written by my buddy, CASES4CASES:

Every so often I come across a toy that I wish I had as a kid. Hell, there are many toys I didn’t have growing up that I wish I had today as an adult! But there are certain toys that, when you look at them as an adult, you just know would have made your childhood a few notches cooler . . .

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Air Force: Armed Civilians Stop Mass Shootings

Andrew Wurst (courtesy

Fifty years ago, the idea that armed people could not stop a mass killing would have been laughable. Throughout the past, as it is now, armed defense is the best protection against being slaughtered or enslaved en masse. If you were not armed, organized and pro-active, you ended up dead or someone else’s slave. In much of the world, including historical times, you were eaten. The claim that being unarmed makes a person “safe” is recent and wrong. As the United States Air Force has now acknowledged. From . . .

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Question of the Day: What’s the Oldest Gun You Own?

Doug Turnbull Restored Parker Lifter Gun From 1869 (courtesy

“A superb Parker side-by-side ‘Lifter Gun’ manufactured in the heart of Gun Valley in 1869 has been restored to new condition to serve as the 2016 SHOT Show Auction ‘Western Heritage’ shotgun available for viewing and bidding on,” the pre-SHOT Show presser proclaims. [Full text after the jump.] Huh. I reckon there are non-functional historical pieces that should stay that way. But I totally get the thrill of firing a historical piece. It’s visceral ballistic time travel. What’s the oldest gun you own? If it’s functional, how does it make you feel to fire it? . . .

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Gun Review: Accuracy International AX-50 Rifle

Courtesy Joe Grine

Accuracy International isn’t a household name for most American shooters. But military snipers throughout the world revere the marque as it if it was divinely inspired. And with good reason. World’s longest sniper kill? Check. In use with 60+ countries, including British SAS? Check. First chassis system? Check. Industry leading detachable box magazine? Check. We’ve been able to spend some quality time with their AX-50 anti-material sniper rifle and can report now report to the Armed Intelligentsia . . .

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Obscure Object of Desire: Walther MPK SMG

Courtesy Joe Grine

In the summer of 1972 I was five years old. I don’t remember much from that time but I have a fairly good memory of the TV news reports of the Munich massacre, where the Palestinian group Black September killed 11 Israeli Olympic athletes. One thing that didn’t go unnoticed: the unique Walther MP series submachineguns used by first responder German Polizei units. They looked so sinister. It would take 42 years for me to actually fire one, an opportunity provided by Battlefield Vegas. Make the jump to get the G2 on this innovative historic firearm . . .

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CMP: Quit Asking Us About the 1911s!

M1911A1 (courtesy

A few days ago President Obama signed legislation enabling thousands of 1911 handguns to be transferred from the U.S. Government stores into the CMP’s possession for sale to the general public. Naturally this caused something of a stir within American firearms collector community, and people have been loading up their wheelbarrows of cash ever since. There’s just one problem: the phrases “enable” and “may” are not exactly immediate directives, and not even the CMP knows when the blessed event will happen. In fact, they have sent out a pretty curt email to that effect . . .

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New Info on Winchester Rifle Left Leaning Against a Tree in the Great Basin National Park

You may recall that an archaeological crew stumbled onto a old rifle leaning against a tree during a survey of the Great Basin national park last November. The Las Vegas now reports that “the park sent the Winchester Model 1873 this year to be examined and stabilized in its current, weathered condition. In the process, the staff at Cody took an X-ray of the rifle and discovered a cartridge tucked inside its stock where cleaning rods normally were kept.” And so . . .

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Secret Russian Space Station Machine Gun Revealed


Russians have sent guns into space before. Back in the day, Russian astronauts carried a combination rifle, shotgun, and survival axe  designed to keep them alive (and out of enemy hands) should they land somewhere other than Mother Russia. While weapons of mass destruction are banned from being placed into orbit, Russia didn’t have any second thoughts about placing heavily armed space stations into orbit during the turbulent 1970’s. Thanks to a Russian TV program, we’re getting a glimpse at the configuration of Russia’s orbital R-23 machine gun. The gun was intended to . . .

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