Gun Review: Wilson Combat GLOCK 19

Earlier this year Wilson Combat announced they were putting their gunmaking know-how up against about a million garage GLOCKsmiths. Enter the “Wilson Combat GLOCK Custom Pistol Enhancements.” RF and I are fans of, and owners of, a few different Wilson Combat pistols. I’ve found their 1911s to be consistently high quality and great shooting guns. […]

New From GlockStore: 80% GLOCK 43-Compatible Frame

GlockStore has just released the first sub-compact, 80% pistol frame to the market. Finish the SS80 not-yet-a-firearm at home to turn it into a functional tool. Well, after filling it with GLOCK 43 parts . . . Locking block and rails are inserts that you’ll pin into the frame after drilling the appropriate holes and […]

Bond Arms XR9-L Long Slide Bullpup Revealed

Jon Wayne Taylor awarded the Bond Arms Bullpup TTAG’s highest accolade: five stars. “It’s the end result of innovation, improvement and attention to detail,” our resident war hero wrote. “Mouse gun size, compact pistol velocity and handling.” Yes but — a bit too mousy for some. Enter the XR9-L . . . We can’t review this gun yet; it’s […]

New From FN: FDE & Black Series

Our man Foghorn couldn’t make it to SHOT Show this year. I honored TTAG’s first T&E guy by getting the scoop on his favorite thing: slightly modified guns released as exciting new products. At SHOT 2018 FN brought the noise with their “FDE & Black Series” . . . Yup: lots of firearm models each […]

SIG SAUER P320 9mm Pistol Problems with U.S. Army

SIG’s P320 is having a hard time staying out of the news. Regular readers will remember our ongoing coverage of the polymer pistol’s drop safe problem, leading to a “voluntary recall.” We now learn that SIG knew about the issue long before it hit the media . . . Two days ago ran a […]

New From Amend2: GLOCK Magazines

“But does it take GLOCK mags?” asks every other gun meme of 2017. Well, Amend2 does you one better: it is GLOCK mags! The young AR-15 magazine manufacturer has just branched out into providing products o’ plenty for the planet’s preferred polymer pistol. Amend2 mags are available or coming soon for Gaston’s G42, G43, G19, […]

Hands-On With The New SIG SAUER P365 EDC 9mm [VIDEO]

The SIG SAUER P365 is the Austro-American gunmaker’s new “micro-compact” carry gun. The gun’s 1″ wide (at the controls). You can cram 10 rounds into SIG’s patent-pending narrow-neck modified double-stack magazine; delivering “nearly a 50 percent capacity increase over pistols in its class.” We micro-scoped it out at SHOT . . . I checked out the P365’s […]

Gun Review: Kimber K6s DCR .357 Magnum

The J Frame-size magnum revolver has been the quintessential backup gun for decades. And for a good reason. They’re easy to carry, fast to deploy and pack a heck of a punch. Kimber, known for their mid-market 1911s, got into the wheelgun game a few years ago with their version of the powerful snubby. Unsurprisingly, […]