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New from Recover Tactical: CC3 1911 Grip And Rail

Image courtesy Recover TacticalSome classic warbirds, like the original CZ75 and the venerable 1911, were just designed too soon to understand the need to clip lights, lasers, can openers and iPods to them. Recover Tactical has just released this Israeli grip/rail adapter which can teach your old warhorse a few new tricks. But only if you don’t mind the decidedly tech/tactical look of this wraparound Total 1911 Makeover accessory . . .

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Roberts Defense Supergrade 1911 Review Update

Roberts Defense Supergrade 1911 rear sight issue (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

As you can see, I’ve had something of a rear sight issue with the Roberts Defense Supergrade 1911. After fifty rounds of FMJ, the sight moved left. Before the 1911′s next outing I took an allen wrench and screwed the sight back down. (As it’s not my gun I passed on a Loctite solution.) Twenty rounds later the sight worked its way loose again. So I called the company’s customer service number this morning. Vice President Jon Paul picked up the phone and admitted RD’s had some issues with the Kensights they’d been using for the early guns . . .

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The Never-Empty Double Gun…lolwut?


One of my friends recently stumbled across this website, where the proprietors are looking to introduce a unique and interesting new firearm — a double-GLOCK SBR. The patent pending concept is to shove two plastic wunderguns into the same housing so that if one gun runs dry, you still have a second one at your disposal while you reload the first. I suppose there could be some utility there, but all I could think of was . . .

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Dan Wesson’s Back In the Revolver Business With the 715 .357

Take a deep breath, wheel gun devotees. Dan Wesson (CZ) is going to be turning out revolvers again. Eagle-eye’d reader Josh J. noticed this pop up on CZ’s web site: “Returning to regular production late summer 2014, the 715 is as it was before — designed and built to be the most accurate, rugged and versatile revolver on the market. Shipped with a 6″ barrel, the new shroud is designated the HV6, a heavy vent shroud profile that tames the .357′s recoil very well. The double action trigger is short and relatively light, while the single action is light and crisp. The target-like SA trigger pull made the Dan Wesson revolver a favorite among competitors and hunters, and the tradition continues in the 715.” We’ll be among the first in line at their NRA booth next month to check it out.

A SIG SAUER Masterpiece: The Aztec


Recently we saw what SIG SAUER’s master gunsmiths can do with some medieval subject matter. But while sharp lines and orderly curves are something of a SIG trademark, the flowing designs and intricate shapes of a typical Aztec-style piece of art are a completely different ball game. Nevertheless, SIG’s master gunsmiths seem to have come up with a winning design on that front as well . . .

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Hands-On with Arsenal Firearms’ New “Strike One” Handgun


Arsenal Firearms (not to be confused with Arsenal Inc, makers of the AK-style firearms imported into the US) is probably best known for their double-barreled 1911 they came out with a couple years ago. And while we’ve pretty much written that off as a gimmicky publicity stunt, they were back at IWA this year showing off their brand new Strike One handguns. And when I say “new,” I mean “new to the US market” . . .

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Russian Special Forces: Gun Drills Gone Bad

The second time he escaped from a Nazi work camp, the Russians captured my father. Dad escaped that hell too, but not before picking-up some of the local lingo. He taught me three Russian expressions: “f*ck your mother,” “give me your watch” and “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.” Not being a Russian soldier or an American politician, I’ve had no need of the last two. After watching the video above, I would certainly consider using the third if Russian special forces invited me for a little pistol training. In fact, I think I heard it in the middle of that yelling somewhere. Which reminds me of an old Russian expression: live by the macho, die by the macho. At least I think that’s what it means. [h/t PetitionForRedress]