New From Wilson Combat: X-TAC LightRail Compact

Wilson Combat X-TAC Lightrail

My EDC is a Wilson Combat X-TAC Commander 1911. It cost a bomb, weighs a ton and carries just eight rounds of ammo. On the positive side, it weighs a ton (minimizing recoil), conceals like a jaguar and enables me to hit precisely what I’m aiming at. That said, the Wilson X-TAC is not my bedside ballistic BFF. That honor goes to my GLOCK 19 with night sights and a Surefire snout light. And now this . . .

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The Trace: .380 Owners Are Deluded Defenders


As any gun guy or gal worth their salt knows, the new breed of .380’s offers ultimate concealment with entirely reasonable accuracy at self-defense distances. Combined with the latest hollow-point ammo, a .380 is a sensible choice for everyday carry. Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitpropagandists at The Trace disagree. They spin it this way: Concealed Carriers Have Made a Tiny Pistol with a Sketchy Past a Big Seller for Gun Makers. As always, the subhead tells the tale . . .

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SHOT Show 2016 Final Roundup


The TTAG crew brought you lots of great coverage from SHOT Show 2016 this January, and while I think we hit the most exiting and newsworthy items we certainly didn’t — couldn’t — cover it all. After two months, I’m officially tired of seeing the “2016 SHOT” folder chock full of unpublished photos languishing on my desktop. So, complete with captions where appropriate, here are all of the rest of the [gun-related] photos I took this year (warning: very photo-heavy post follows!) . . .

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It’s A Cold Day In Hell Where A Gun Is Required by Law

Ever since I got hypothermia at SHOT Show, I can’t take the cold. When the Texas temperature drops below 50 degrees, I’m feeling the chill. (This from a guy who vacationed in Antarctica.) As for skiing in Spitsbergen, it’s cold comfort that Norwegian law requires expeditions to tool-up before heading for the hills. Wait. Is that right? Not that they stopped a spree killer, but Norway’s gun control laws would please a “gun sense” action-demanding Mom. Anyway . . .

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Magnum Research Desert Eagle L5: Incoming!

Famed TTAC and occasional TTAG writer Jack Baruth loves him some Desert Eagle. His four-star review called the Deagle “the best overall big-bore auto in history.” Copy that. The gas-operated, rotating bolt semiautomatic is a hoot to shoot with terminal ballistics to die for (from?). So we’re looking forward to testing the Deagle’s latest iteration: the Desert Eagle L5. “L” for light. Thanks to cut-outs and an integral muzzle brake system the aluminum-framed pistol weighs 50 ounces (as compared to the steel Deagle’s 71.4 ounces). “5” for a five-inch barrel. Our L5’s arriving in .357 Mag, which isn’t as insane as the .50AE models but plenty punchy. Watch this space.


U.S. Army Chief of Staff Mark Miley: Forget the Modular Handgun System, Let’s Just Buy GLOCKs

General Mark Miley (courtesy

“We are not talking about nuclear subs or going to the moon here. We are talking about a pistol.” It looks like General Mark Milley wants a little perfection for his troops. “The Army launched its long-awaited XM17 MHS competition in late August to replace its Cold-War era, M9 9mm pistol,” reports. “[General] Milley criticized the program’s 356-page requirement document and lengthy testing phase slated to cost $17 million for technology that has existed for years. ‘The testing itself is two years long on known technology,’ Milley told law makers at a March 16 House Armed Services Committee hearing.” Yes, well, we all know . . .

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Tactical Response’s Response to Negligent Discharge [NSFW]

You may have heard about a negligent discharge at a California training course run by an instructor working for James Yeager’s Tactical Response. Instructor Tim Morris threw down his gun — just to prove a point. Don’t baby your gun! Yes, well, Morris sent a round into a nearby vehicle. James Yeager’s response is weak sauce: as confrontational as it is conciliatory, accusing the students of not being genuine, hating on California and telling critics to FOAD. A simple apology would have sufficed.


The Case for And Against Modifying Your Handgun’s Trigger

We recently ran a story about a cop who shot someone with an AR inscribed with the words “You’re F*cked.” A modification that was used against him in court. Responding to that incident, the Yankee Marshall advises against modifying your handgun’s trigger. “If you ever have to use that gun for self-defense and it’s a questionable shoot, a prosecutor could easily say ‘Maybe you didn’t intend to shoot them but you made your trigger so light you fired accidentally.'” Yes, well, I’m generally pro trigger modification . . .

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Boosie Shows Off Platinum Money Gun [NSFW]

Underneath this YouTube video, benjibigbank informs us that “boosie been awy tooo long them sh*ts aint new.” I must admit that I was unfamiliar with Boosie or the money gun. But Google is my homie. “Torrance Hatch (born November 14, 1982), better known by his stage name Boosie Badazz, formerly Lil Boosie, is an American rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana,” Wikipedia reveals. “Hatch served time in the Louisiana State Penitentiary from 2009–14, having been sentenced to eight years after pleading guilty to drug charges.” So no gun charges! Oh wait . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Shoot Through Concealment

TV cops often hide behind car doors during gunfights. That’s about as effective as hiding behind a quarter pound of thinly-sliced Havarti. Out in the real world, YouTube is lousy with convenience store gunfighters who engage from behind racks of potato chips. Inspector — I mean Instructor Zero and Dirty Harry get it right: don’t forget you can fire through objects to stop a threat. (Quite why Zero would use a SMART car to make the point is anyone’s guess.) Remembering to know your target and what’s beyond it. And the fact that your adversary can do the same thing, too.


“World’s Smallest Gun” Up For Auction (Nothing to Do With Donald Trump’s Hands)

“A tiny, rare French ring gun named Le Petit Protector is up for auction and is expected to sell for more than $2,000 on March 18,” the Lip TV reports. “The 19th century pistol is no bigger than a fingernail and is believed to be one of the world’s smallest guns.” Wait. $2k? That seems a bit pessimistic. And “one” of the world’s smallest guns? What about all those .9mm semis the media keeps telling us about? But — it could kill people! Both news babes are worried about getting shot by the LPP? Seriously?


WaPo Mommy Blogger: I Have to Ask People Not to Bring Guns In My Home?

Allison Barrett Carter (courtesy

“Before we start quoting the Second Amendment,” mommy blogger Allison Barrett Carter warns, “I am not writing an ‘anti-gun’ article. Friends and family are completely free to (legally) get their guns, take the appropriate class, and carry their guns with them, at least until such time as the country collectively decides to change any laws.” How generous. “Just don’t carry the gun into my home,” she adds. Fair enough. But what really flicks Ms. Carter’s Bic . . .

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