New From Taurus: Wings, Convertible Hammers, Metal, and Curves.


New for 2015 and in stark contrast to some other companies, Taurus gives you wings. Well, they’ve given the TCP wings. For those with diminished finger, grip, or arm strength and/or limited dexterity, it can be quite difficult to rack and manipulate the slide on a semi-automatic pistol. Folding wings on the TCP allow for an AR-15 charging handle-like grasp or for pushing against a solid object (or your belt, pocket, etc) to very easily and confidently rack the slide. The Model 85 revolver now has a convertible hammer. And the View has 100% less View. Photos and details follow. . .

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SHOT Show: GLOCK 40 MOS (10mm)

Courtesy Joe Grine

Last year GLOCK went small with the GLOCK 42. This year GLOCK turned 180 degrees in the other direction by releasing the largest piece of Perfection to date: the Gen 4 G10 in 10mm.  This hand cannon will undoubtedly be well-received by both GLOCK desciples and hunters alike.  I’m thinking this pistol will be good medicine for whitetails and feral hogs . . .

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New from Remington: “Improved” R51


Last year, the R51 was quite possibly the biggest flop of the entire show. Brought out to much fanfare and marketing buzz, the final production guns turned out to be an unmitigated disaster. It was so bad that they stopped production halfway through the year and scrubbed all mention of the gun from their websites. This year the R51 is back, and the Remington guys say that they’ve made use of the hiatus while they move factories to re-engineer the gun using the feedback they’ve received to make it into the gun they wish they launched on day one. Included in those changes…

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Old From Caracal: Caracal F

Last we heard from Caracal, their U.S. website had been hijacked and no one was answering the phone. We pronounced TOD and, finally, moved on. And yet there it was: Caracal’s bay at the 2015 SHOT Show media day. I can’t evoke the feeling of seeing the Caracal F on a table without asking a simple question: have you ever had sex with your ex? It’s a really bad idea, a ticket back on the crazy train. Even so . . . other than that, I say nothing. Except for this . . .

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Perceived Carry Decoys Edition

Huh? (courtesy

Aside from pointing out the fact that firearm designs are patented, words fail me. So here’s the inside dope from

Perceived Carry Decoys is a veteran owned entity that offers the worlds first and only way to exercise your 2nd amendment right, without the stigma or concerns associated with owning a gun.  PCD understands that not everyone is comfortable with owning an actual firearm. But why should those feelings affect your personal safety? Now they no longer have to . . .

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Next Step in ATF Pistol Arm Brace Decision: Declaratory Relief

SB15- AR-15 Pistol Forearm Stabilizing Brace close-up (courtesy Alex Bsoco)

On Friday, just before the end of the work day, the ATF released a bombshell of a declaration. In their opinion the previous letters claiming SB Tactical’s stabilizing arm brace is perfectly legal were actually completely wrong, and they decided to completely reverse their decision and make the misuse of the item illegal. It’s a landmark change, since this concept (that the use of an object determines what it is rather than its intrinsic qualities) has never been applied to firearms ever in the history of the world. It would seem to some like this is the end of the line barring some legal challenge after an arrest, but there is one last card up SB Tactical’s sleeve: Declaratory Relief.

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Brooklyn Cops Planting Guns. Allegedly.

Broklyn Police badge (

“A Brooklyn man who claimed the police manufactured gun-possession charges against him had his case dismissed on Thursday, amid two investigations into the practices of a group of police officers in the 67th Precinct in East Flatbush,” reports. “The officers claimed that they got a tip from a confidential informer that Mr. Herring had a gun. Prosecutors had been instructed to bring the informer to court on Thursday; the defense had challenged whether that informer even existed. At the hearing, prosecutors offered no evidence or mention of that informer.” A red herring for Herring? Only it’s not so funny, especially when we learn that . . .

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New From Browning: Browning 1911-380, The Right 380

John M. Browning designed the .380 cartridge. To quote Michael Caine, not a lot of people know that. Browning’s Scott Grange (above) touts this fact as he promotes his employer’s new JMB design-based .380-caliber 1911. Apparently, the company’s .22-caliber 1911 was a huge hit; fans clamored for a centerfire version. Et voila! The Right 380. The new gun’s an 85 percent version of a full-size 1911 sporting both an ambidextrous frame-mounted safety (the Left 380?) and a grip safety. The Right 380’s extra weight, low bore axis and “crisp light trigger” should continue the 1911’s rep as the best gun to shoot someone with – and one of the worst not shoot someone with. What with the safety, I reckon expert/committed-to-train shooters need apply. Just sayin’. X-ray video of the new gun after the jump . . .

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