Ralph’s Revolver Range Roundup


I wish that it had been my idea to round up five great revolvers for an extended range session, but I can’t take the credit for it. That honor belongs to TTAG commenter Dr. Dave, who enlisted fellow commenter Greg in Allston. Pretty soon we three Miculek wannabes were at a frosty outdoor range, blazing away with high-class revolvers, four of them from Smith & Wesson and one from Colt. Three of the guns were so brand new that they’d never been fired, while only the Colt had seen enough range use to be considered properly broken in . . .

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It’s (Always) Hammer Time [Contest Entry]


By Jeremy S. (not ours):

I know, striker-fired is the future (like gender-less bathrooms and free college), and hammer-fired guns like my personal favorite, the Beretta 92, are relics of an ancient past. It is just a matter of time until all of those antiquated guns with those pesky external hammers take their place alongside pagers and Palm Pilots in the dustbin of history, right? I sure hope not, let me explain why . . .

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New from Heizer Defense: PKO-45 Handgun

Nick and Jeremy S caught-up with the Heizer Defense PKO-45 handgun at SHOT Show. Heizer’s promising a September delivery date for this bad boy and swears up, down and sideways that it’s not so bad, recoil-wise. “It boasts a revolutionary fixed-barrel-under-the-guide-rod configuration, resulting in less recoil felt by the operator.” Yes, well less is still more compared to anything other than a derringer. If you’re a TTAG reader attending the Concealed Carry Expo in Atlanta (April 29-May 1), where consumers can test-fire the PKO-45 at the expo’s mobile shooting range, we’d appreciate a quick email with your impressions and a video/pics. Meanwhile, whatchewreckon? Cool toy or practical pistol? Press release and pic after the jump . . .

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Christie’s Hammers Simón Bolivar’s Pistols for $1.8m

Simón Bolivar's Pistols (courtesy christies.com)

“These intricately decorated, the pistols were made by Nicolas-Noël Boutet, the gunsmith to Napoleon,” Christie’s Specialist Becky McGuire reveals. “In 1825, [Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de] Lafayette presented the pistols he had brought with him to another revolutionary: Simón Bolívar, who had dedicated his life to liberating six South American countries . . . These are treasures of a kind that we see really rarely. These men shared a real zeal and a commitment to their ideals, which changed the world forever; these pistols are an embodiment of that.” Uh, OK. Actually, that was more than OK for an unnamed collector . . .

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JR’s Gun [Content Contest]

Thirty Eight.jpeg

By Steve Wilson

We like to describe our guns as tools as implements to complete a job. This is true at face value. However for many of us, shooting runs in the family whether it be competition, hunting or the military. We’ve inherited a gun or two that may have been just another mundane tool to an ancestor, but has become a tangible (and audible) link to our ancestors for us. Most of us can’t help but attach a little emotion to these guns. After 27 long years, I’ve finally gotten that gun, and a little emotional . . .

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Obscure Object of Desire: The Howdah Pistol

Howdah pistol (courtesy hallowelico.com)

Underneath our post Palm Beach Zoo Tiger Kills Keeper: It Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use, TTAG commentators theorized what pistol they’d carry as a zookeeper working around tigers. A couple of clued-in pistoleros recommended the Howdah pistol, a firearm about which I knew nothing. So I surfed the web for the 411 on the Howdah, of which I’ll share with you. Let’s start with a particularly well-written entry at wikipedia.org . . .

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Mormon Leader Brigham Young’s Colt Pistol for Sale

Brigham Young's pistol (courtesy rockislandauction.com)

Rock Island Auctions Press Release [via PRNewswire]

Direct descendants of early Mormon Church leader Brigham Young will place the patriarch’s personal Colt revolver up for sale as the flagship item at an Illinois firearms auction held at the end of this month. It is estimated to sell between $550,000 – $850,000. “This is an iconic piece of Americana,” says RIAC President Kevin Hogan. “Its direct ties to the settling of the West, and to the early Mormon Church are incredible. Frankly, we’re fortunate this piece isn’t already housed in a museum. It is an unrivaled opportunity to own a newly discovered national treasure.” Brigham Young . . .

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Just Arrived: Honor Defense HG9SC


The concealed carry pistol market has exploded in the last few years. Single stack striker-fired 9mm handguns specifically designed for concealed carry are especially hot — GLOCK has the G43, S&W has the Shield… The list goes on. One new manufacturer in this market is Honor Defense, a small business that’s bringing out their very first handgun: the Honor Guard. It’s a mixture of a few of my favorite things, and one of the very first production models just landed on my desk . . .

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STI Guns: What Sales Slump?

Jens Krogh of STI Guns (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I recently journeyed to Georgetown to return our test and review STI Guardian 2011. STI marketing maven Jens Krogh took receipt of the four-and-a-half star firearm and escorted me on my second tour of the Texas factory. Not much has changed — yet. STI’s new owners are due to take over any day now; they plan to update STI’s DOS-based machinery, increase production and expand the gunmaker’s reach into retail. I asked Jens about recent reports of a firearms sales slump . . .

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Smith & Wesson Re-Releases SD9/40

TTAG Reader Joel Thompson writes:

S&W has re-released the original SD9/40. As you might recall, the original SD9/40 was released with a black, Melonite-treated slide, rear metal sight, and a front night-sight. This was later revised into the SW SDVE, (Value Enhanced), series pistol with a Stainless Steel slide, standard front sight, and a plastic rear sight. Yankee Marshal famously (or infamously) called it the SDVE series “better than a Glock!” and recommended it for the budget gun buyer, or for someone who wants to keep it in their truck or “get-home-bag.” According to the cleric [sic] at Academy . . .

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Gear Review: StippGrips Grip Stippling Service


In somewhat of an odd coincidence, our man Tyler took to his firearm with a DIY stippling kit for this review, while at the same time I sent a spare Beretta Nano frame — not a firearm — to be professionally stippled by StippGrips. StippGrips offers a few different stippling patterns as well as other frame modification such as trigger guard undercutting and grip re-shaping. They don’t have have a website, though. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram, and e-mail to order. Anyway, I went with their original hatch pattern . . .

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