New from Beretta: 92FS with Built-in Lasermax Laser

Beretta 92FS with guide-rod-mounted Lasermax laser

Lights, lasers. Who needs ‘em? My take: a hand-held flashlight is a wonderful thing that prevents muzzle discipline issues and reduces the possibility of, I dunno, shooting the wrong person. Lasers are excellent for firearms training and . . . that’s it. But what do I know? The demand for the devices is undeniable and plenty of gun gurus will tell you that I’m FOS. Generally speaking. Anyway, if you’re gonna have a laser on your gun, a built-in laser is the way to go – especially if you don’t want holster hassle. Beretta’s new 92FS with on-board laser on board is a tidy package with a proven partner. Lasermax’s patented guide rod laser “has been proven through over a quarter century of combat and defensive use by tier one special operation forces, conventional military units, federal agents, SWAT and police professionals, and responsible firearm owners worldwide.” Like I said, what do I know? Press release as follows . . .

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GLOCK Engineer Discusses Development of GLOCK 43

You’d think that the design, engineering and manufacturing challenges of producing the new sub-sub compact GLOCK 43 would be fairly routine for Gaston’s mob. The 43 is, after all, a GLOCK. All GLOCKs do the same thing the same way. Apparently that’s not the case. In an interview above, one of the engineers responsible for the long-awaited foetal GLOCK (as opposed to the “baby GLOCK” G26) explains the difficulties his team encountered during the pistol’s genesis. The main revelation: marketing played a key role in the 43’s development and long-delayed release. Who knew?


Gear/Gun Review: CZ 75 Kadet Adapter


Sure, .22 LR has been a bit hard to come by over the last couple of years. That’s a change from the norm, of course, where .22 LR was the choice for inexpensive practice. While owning dedicated .22 firearms is great — great for collecting, for fun, for plinking, hunting, and target shooting — .22 conversion kits are often the best option for legitimate practice. That is, for the purpose of gaining familiarity with a primary, centerfire firearm but doing so with inexpensive ammo. At the very pinnacle of the conversion kit game is CZ’s Kadet Adapter for CZ 75-based pistols. . .

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Gun Review: SIG SAUER MPX Pistol


The SIG SAUER MPX might be the most anticipated new “rifle” among TTAG’s readers. Sight unseen in the civilian market, they awarded it the highest honor last year naming it 2014’s Best New Rifle, and now after months of delays the first guns are assembled, boxed, and shipping out. Wanting to avoid the same kind of kerfuffle that surrounded the Remington R51 launch, we chose not to review the gun based on pre-production models and instead waited until the production version was available. Thanks to our friends at SIG SAUER we here at TTAG were given exclusive access to the first ever production MPX, as well as full access to their team’s collective knowledge and expertise. So, does the finished product live up to the hype? . . .

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Gun Review: Rock Island Armory GI Standard FS 1911


I expect a high-priced tool to work well; that’s certainly true for a firearm. But what I really love to see: an inexpensive gun perform well. That’s probably why I’ve bought a couple dozen Mosin Nagants over the years. Anyway, after our visit to STI, TTAG James69 asked when we were going to see a review of the decidedly lower-priced Rock Island Armory 1911. I’ve been itching to try one myself for a while, so I emailed a request to TTAG command for a base model in .45ACP mos riki-tik . . .

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What’s Wrong With This Picture: James Bond Edition

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.15.04 AM

As David Codrea points out at the pop-up-tastic, Bond actor Daniel Craig once declared that “I hate handguns. Handguns are used to shoot people and as long as they are around, people will shoot each other.” Yeah, well, Craig’s not the first anti-gun Bond actor nor is he the only Hollywood “action hero” who rejects Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. What’s interesting here: no one in the Bond biz saw anything wrong with this poster. Or if they did, they didn’t care. And yet they dismiss gun owners as irresponsible oafs. Go figure.


A Look Inside Wilson Combat’s Manufacturing Shop


There isn’t really much debate when it comes to the quality of Wilson Combat’s 1911 handguns. There are only a couple of true custom 1911 builders in the United States, and Wilson Combat is the benchmark against which the others are judged. While I own an example of their work, I’d never actually seen how their handguns are made. Last week I was invited down to their facility in Arkansas to check out their new digs, and watching the process from start to finish was pretty cool . . .

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I Hate GLOCKs. But I’m Buying a GLOCK 43.


I’ve never been a fan of the GLOCK aesthetic. Or their trigger. Or the grip. Or the takedown system. Really everything about the gun irks me in some way. Heck, if given the option between running a 3-gun course with a G19 or a large brick, I’d have to put some serious thought into the choice. But there’s no denying that their products are ubiquitous, and reliable to boot. After avoiding carrying a GLOCK for years and generally considering the gun to be the Toyota Corolla of the firearms world, I find myself prepared to plunk down my own hard-earned money for a GLOCK 43 on day one. Which, for someone who usually carries a Wilson Combat 1911 and scoffs at blended scotch, is a pretty big jump . . .

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Is the Long Wait for a GLOCK Single Stack 9mm About to End?


OK, hold on. Previous rumors of the advent of the long-awaited single stack 9mm GLOCK have ended in many tears and much gnashing of teeth. But once again, the interwires are abuzz with hints, photos and speculation. Smyrna clearly has something up their sleeve if the countdown clock is any indication and media members, including those of us at TTAG, have been invited to an event the night before the NRA show opens in Nashville. Is the wait finally over?