Jorg Sprave’s Firearms Suicide Machine Revealed

Oh sure, Jorg calls it a Cap Gun Music Machine. And yes it plays music. But as the Slingshot Channel maestro rightly demonstrates (with a cap gun revolver), his homemade wheel of misfortune is perfect for blowing your brains out. Even though I have a [child] psychology degree, I have no idea why turning a wheel is an easier way to end your life than pulling a trigger. Still it’s all in good fun. Yes? [Click here to see the music video using Jorg’s Cap Gun Music Machine.]


Gun Review: NAA 4″ Sidewinder


As the happy owner of a .22 LR Mini Revolver, which I finally reviewed nearly two years ago, I jumped at the opportunity to borrow one of North American Arms‘ newest creations, the 4″ Sidewinder. Instead of requiring the complete removal of the cylinder in order to reload — a process which many people find complicated in NAA’s revolvers — the Sidewinder employs a traditional swing-out cylinder with an actual extractor mechanism . . .

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New From Lone Wolf: Blank Slides, G9 Updates, and New Barrels


2016 is bringing a lot of change to Lone Wolf Distributors. The biggest piece of news may be that all of their Alpha Wolf barrels and their new slides are fresh designs that are manufactured in the U.S. Lone Wolf will undoubtedly be selling a lot of blank slides or “OEM slides,” which ship as a GLOCK slide “rolling chassis,” if you will. All of the functional bits are already machined, and company XYZ can simply finish out the exterior however they want and slap their own name on it. Also . . .

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Gucci GLOCKS from Zev

Courtesy Joe Grine

One recent trend in the gun industry is the increased emphasis on high-end (read: expensive) aesthetic enhancements, often with marginal functional improvements. Think of it as the new version of custom hand-engraving of yesteryear. I’m not the type who goes for a 3D skull carved into my AR lower, and gold enhanced parts are a definite no-go for me, but after range day I have to admit that I’m really warming up to the race-gun GLOCK enhancements produced by ZEV Technologies . . .

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Question of the Day: Finance Your Gun?


Wilson Combat makes some pricey pistols, as do a lot of manufacturers. Rifles too. And shotguns. And whenever we publish a review of a multi-thousand dollar firearm TTAG readers kvetch about the cost. “I could buy five GLOCKs and a small bass boat for that price!” Fair enough. I’m well aware that money doesn’t grow on trees. I’ve had my share of hard times. But there are ways to buy guns that make it less immediately expensive. Specifically, lay-away and financing. Have you ever availed yourself or these services? Would you? Or are you both politically and financially conservative?


Caracal – Back from the Dead! Soon!

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 4.36.49 PM

When I approached Caracal CEO Hamad Al Ameri at their SHOT Show booth I felt like singing Janis Joplin’s Piece of My Heart. Longtime readers know I had a major thing with Caracal’s pistols. Limbo-low bore axis, astounding trigger, deep-handed ergonomics, revolutionary sighting system . . .  where was I? Nowhere. Caracal recalled their pistols for frame and drop-safe issues and promised smitten customers a revised 2.0. For the last three years. So when are they coming back to market? “Soon.” And now you know why I’ve been divorced twice. Press release on Caracal’s hookup with Wilcox Industries to make rifles — rifles! — for the U.S. market after the jump . . .

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