Why Don’t You Carry a Reload?

Millions of Americans carry a firearms every day. And that number’s growing all the time. Yet not all of them pack a reload. IN fact, it seems safe to assume that the percentage that carry a reload is smaller than the percentage of people who have faith in our federally elected officials. Then again, no […]

Peace of Mind is a Newly Armed Spouse

The majority of Americans recognize that firearm ownership provides real protection from criminal attack. Increasingly, women have come to embrace the empowerment of both gun ownership and concealed carry in their daily lives. Yes, the fairer sex still lags behind in tooling up. However, women represent the fastest growing group of gun owners. In even worse news for […]

3 Tips for Beginning Long Distance Shooters

I recently shot a suppressed Savage precision rifle out to 1000 yards. It was a deeply satisfying experience. The sound of the gun’s report, the delay, the spotter’s call (HIT!) and the clank of the 6.5 Creedmoor bullet hitting metal. The NRA Outdoors instructors at the T Diamond ranch gave me three simple tips for newbies aiming to stretch […]

Shooting Savage MSRs Is Fun! Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

The jihad against “assault rifles” violates the Second Amendment’s prohibition against infringement on Americans’ natural and civil right to keep and bear arms. It does nothing to prevent carnage, whether on the street or during a spree killing. In fact, law-abiding Americans who are proficient with a rifle are a bulwark against both criminal predation and […]

Jeff Gonzales: Dressing For Everyday Carry Success

There is a lot more to carrying concealed than simply throwing a t-shirt over your rig. You have to change your style and lifestyle to accommodate your everyday carry gun, and the rest of your load-out. Or do you? Clothing challenges Concealed means concealed. But does concealed mean donating your wardrobe to Goodwill and wearing multi-pocket cargo […]