How to Focus on Your Front Sight: Guns for Beginners

Understanding the sight/target relationship is one of the most important and elemental goals for accurate shooting. If you can’t master this relationship you stand a good chance of failing to hit the target at best and failing to neutralize a threat at worst. We use the term sight management to define the relationship between our firearm’s sights and […]

Concealed Carry Tips for Carrying in Sensitive Areas

Those of us with carry licenses sometimes must choose between discretely carrying in sensitive areas or forgoing our ability to defend ourselves.  Plenty of us choose to ignore non-legally binding policies and carry anyway.  Frankly, for many of us, “concealed means concealed”.   We do not want to forfeit in a deadly encounter by failing to […]

My First Gun Love: Smith & Wesson 686

Robert, Dan, and I met at Red’s Shooting Range in Pflugerville a few days before Christmas so I could get acquainted with a few more firearms. The two TTAG gurus brought a .22 Ruger pistol, a .22 revolver, a Smith & Wesson 686 .38/.357 caliber revolver and a 9mm GLOCK. The revolvers were of particular […]

Know Your Target And What’s Beyond It AND What It’s Made of: Guns for Beginners

“Robert Liebkemann, 77, (above) was at the camp in a marsh near Delacroix over the weekend with two young relatives,” Louisiana’s reports. “Liebkemann and the boys had returned to the hunting camp, which [Plaquemines Parish sheriff’s Lt. Eric] Becnel said, after a morning hunt and the boys began shooting at targets with a .22 […]