Shooting Savage MSRs Is Fun! Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

The jihad against “assault rifles” violates the Second Amendment’s prohibition against infringement on Americans’ natural and civil right to keep and bear arms. It does nothing to prevent carnage, whether on the street or during a spree killing. In fact, law-abiding Americans who are proficient with a rifle are a bulwark against both criminal predation and […]

Jeff Gonzales: Dressing For Everyday Carry Success

There is a lot more to carrying concealed than simply throwing a t-shirt over your rig. You have to change your style and lifestyle to accommodate your everyday carry gun, and the rest of your load-out. Or do you? Clothing challenges Concealed means concealed. But does concealed mean donating your wardrobe to Goodwill and wearing multi-pocket cargo […]

The Worst Self-Defense Advice Ever?

Between gun stores and the internet, gun owners new and old can learn a lot.  Great information is widely available (including right here at The Truth About Guns!) about gun ownership, maintaining guns and their use in competition, recreation and self-defense.  Unfortunately, the quality of information can vary widely.  Some bits of advice and information […]

Do Guns and Ammo Belong in Bug-Out Bags?

Bug-out bags, sometimes known as get-home bags, provide some basics to survive while evacuating from a disaster. While philosophies vary about the bags and their contents, should guns and ammo be a part of yours? But-out bags are really must-have items. They can save your life. The old expression “proper prior planning prevents piss poor […]

‘Blended Learning’ No Longer Mandatory for NRA Basic Pistol Courses

The National Rifle Association gave an early Christmas present to their handgun instructors last year, announcing a rollback of “blended learning” NRA Basic Pistol classes. Details of that rollback have been announced at my pal Lee Williams’ “The Gun Writer” blog today. In short, effective April 4th, student packets for wholly instructor-led courses will become […]

How to Focus on Your Front Sight: Guns for Beginners

Understanding the sight/target relationship is one of the most important and elemental goals for accurate shooting. If you can’t master this relationship you stand a good chance of failing to hit the target at best and failing to neutralize a threat at worst. We use the term sight management to define the relationship between our firearm’s sights and […]