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New from Winchester Ammunition: Train & Defend Ammo

Winchester W Train & Defend Ammunition

Winchester White Box is so . . . white. Bland. Non-descript. While millions of gun owners consider minimalist WWB the sina qua non of range ammo, the ammunition company reckons new shooters need a little spizzarkle. Especially new female shooters, for whom a bit of low-recoil bling is just the thing. Not to mention range and defense ammo that matches. [Note: I'm not making this up. Check out the press release after the jump.] And so Winchester’s developed their W Train & Defend 9mm ammunition. To ensure newbies choose the correct cartridge for the correct application, the company’s tagged the boxes T and D (naturally) and stuffed the hollow-points into nickel-plated shellcases. I’m thinking the cost differential will be another clue, but the presser neglects to put a price on style. The company promises .45 and other caliber T&Ds in the future. Watch this space . . .

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Tiger McKee: Hey You! Carry a Backup Gun!

Gemini Customs Smith & Wesson 642 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Tiger McKee [via] writes:

You would never leave home without your electronic “I-thing,” yet the majority of those who carry pistols never consider the need for a secondary or back-up pistol. Fights, especially defensive confrontations, never go as planned. You’re presented a unique problem. There’s a very short amount of time to come up with a solution and apply the skills necessary to solve the problem. Having a pistol is a good start. Having two pistols is even better . . .

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Dan Baum’s Gun Guys Now in Paperback

Dan Baum (courtesy

Dan Baum is one of those “I support the Second Amendment but—” guys. Where he differs from the other gun rights appeasers: Dan is a master wordsmith. As I said in my review of Gun Guys, A Road Trip, Baum’s tome is “one of the best-written books about firearms enthusiasts I’ve ever read. To shun Gun Guys simply because its author fails to understand the true meaning of his subject would to be miss out on some wonderful literature.” And now you can delight and aggravate yourself in equal measure with the dramatically cheaper paperback version. Oh, and Dan may not be a friend of ours but he is a friend of mine. I sincerely hope that he rethinks his decision to turn his back on guns and gun rights and once again provides fresh meat for our commentators brings his amusing and passionate voice back into the “debate.”

It Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use: Oh Deer Edition

Mr. Mohr's killing field (courtesy

“Keith Mohr was in the shower last Friday morning when he heard a loud crash and his wife screaming that a deer was running through their townhouse near Sugar Grove,” Illinois’ reports. The 71-year-old homeowner grabbed a golf club (caliber unknown) and took a bash at the unwelcome visitor. He knocked off an antler and broke the club. “Mohr [then] opened the garage door to give the buck an escape route, but it didn’t exit there. It kept running around, bleeding on the carpet, destroying furniture, punching holes in walls and pawing at closed windows to escape. ‘He did a lot of damage. A lot of damage . . .

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It Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use: Mom’s at the Maul Edition

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“Susan Chalfant, 54, was injured in [a bear] attack, classified by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as the first of its kind by a Florida black bear,” reports. “According to the FWC, the neighbor said Chalfant was walking two small dogs, which became agitated and began to bark. The bear then attacked the woman. ‘We believe she was bitten,’ said FWC spokeswoman Karen Parker, who added that they only have preliminary information about the incident. The dogs were not harmed, officials said.” So the SWAT team wasn’t called. Even if they had been, even if they somehow miraculously arrived in time to waylay the bruin, it’s hard to know if their .223-caliber AR’s would have offered sufficient stopping power. Which doesn’t change the basic takeaway: carry a gun. Because bears? Yup, that too. [h/t "Oneifbyland]

How To Shoot A SAIGA-12 With a Recoil Reducer

NRA Champion rifle shooter and resident trick shot artist performance shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss knows how to shoot a shotgun. She knows how to shoot a semi-automatic shotgun. She knows how to shoot a Russian semi-automatic shotgun. As you will see when she uploads her SAIGA-12 trick shot vids. I mean, accuracy demonstrations. This segment was filmed at Best of the West after Lone Star Arms’ box-fresh modded SAIGA-12 suffered a few stovepipes. Owner Mike Rogers stepped in for some instrux; he thought KJW wasn’t giving the gun a stable enough platform to cycle properly. Not true! As we all discovered later, when Mike pulled the gun apart and discovered the malf’s source [to be revealed in Dan's upcoming review.] I saved this bit of video because it’s great advice, anyway. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Random Thoughts About Armed Insurrection

 Halo, how are you? (courtesy

The Second Amendment bars local, state and federal governments from passing any law that seeks to control the keeping or bearing of guns. It bars Rhode Island’s “blue card” provision, which forces citizens to take a written test and pay a fee to purchase a handgun. It bars Texas’ Concealed Handgun License which mandates an approved course, a test and a fee for residents who want to carry a gun. It bars New York’s SAFE Act, which makes it a crime for citizens to load their handgun with more than seven rounds (unless they’re shooting at an approved shooting range). It bars New Jersey’s gun registration laws, which require all citizens to register all guns with the state government. Does supporting the Second Amendment, which bars gun control, make me an insurrectionist? Well one thing is for sure . . .

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