Do You Know Your Rifle’s Maximum Point-Blank Range? Guns for Beginners

John Farnam writes [via]: Conversations with “precision riflemen” often get into tedious, esoteric mathematical realms, and usually very quickly. Many factors influence the bullet during the brief fraction of a second (sometimes longer) while it is in free-flight between when it departs the muzzle and the point of ultimate impact (exterior ballistics), but the two […]

Keep Calm and Carry On: Guns for Beginners

In the video below, Floridian Michael Wanger confronted a motorcyclist speeding through his Cape Coral neighborhood. Mr. Wanger admits that he was screaming at the biker using some “strong language.” Minutes later, the motorcyclist’s friend, one Barry Williams, rolled-up in a car to confront the aggrieved homeowner . . . “I walked up to the […]

Get A Grip! Guns for Beginners

I’ve seen a lot of firearms training videos. Wilson Combat’s Going Tactical Episode 03 – Mastering The Two-Handed Grip below is about as good as it gets. Gun guru Mike Seeklander offers simple and effective instruction on the deceptively difficult art of holding a handgun. If you learn nothing else from this . . . Heed […]