One Simple Trick for Cleaning Your Gun!

A lot of our readers like to clean guns. They find it soothing and reassuring. Personally? Not so much. My usual trick for cleaning my guns: get Nick or Jon to do it. For those of you who share my aversion to carbon crud toothbrushes and solvents and can’t impose on an OCD ballistic BFF, an ultrasonic cleaner is the simple solution (so to speak). The Hornady Hot Tub above costs a pretty penny ($467.99 at Cabela’s) but it’s way more thorough than even a TTAG reviewer’s best manual labor. (Note: there are smaller, cheaper ultrasonic cleaners available.) Disassemble, dunk, flip the switch. Wait a bit, rinse and reassemble. Done. What could be easier?

In the story above, a motorcyclist drew his weapon when a road rage [intentionally] bumped his Gold Wing trike, and then approached him aggressively. The only time you can use or threaten to use deadly force: when someone poses an imminent, credible threat of death or grievous bodily harm. Someone walking towards you, swearing, does not in and of itself constitute a deadly threat. “You’d end up killing all sorts of people if that were the case,” TTAG’s Jon Wayne Taylor points out. If, however, the man is screaming “I’m going to kill you” and has the means to do that (fists count), well, that’s a different story. But not this one.

In the report above, the reporter holds up a key to one of those small cable locks that comes with most firearms. It’s flimsier than a paper clip. She says “experts tell me that you should keep the key on you at all times . . . that way you’ll ensure that this gun is never used for the wrong reasons.” Rubbish. Both the lock and the argument. Well the argument sucks because of the cable lock. Anyone older than a toddler can defeat the standard issue “gun lock” in seconds. That’s why you must view . . .


Three Things You Should Teach Your Children About Gun Rights: Guns for Beginners

DaMosquito Jimenez’s heart is in the right place. But the young man fumbles the firearms freedom football whilst trying to debunk “retarded” gun control. He simply doesn’t have a handle on the foundation upon which Americans’ right to keep and bear arms sit. In the interest of education, here are three basics principles that make it easy to refute the crusade for civilian disarmament . . .


Maybe you didn’t have the time or the spare change to attend the NSSF’s Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas this weekend. Never fear, TTAG is there. Here’s a free lesson from the gunmeister himself on “losing the noodle” and getting a firm grip on your pistol. As you’ll see in the video, that doesn’t mean putting a death grip on your M&P, it means firming up your wrists to stay on target. We’ll let Jerry take it from here….