Calculating Muzzle Velocity and Trajectory With Five Shots (Or So)


For years now I’ve been a long distance shooter. For much of that time I’ve been missing targets at long distances. There isn’t any shame in missing. Most of you have missed more shots than you’ve made, except that one time you lucked out and actually hit that pop can that somebody else left on the target rail on the 300 yard line of your local range. That time, you had everything just right. So, as the title says, how does one go about figuring things out with only five shots? I’ll tell you one thing . . .Read More


Self-Defense Tip: Avoid Stupid People in Stupid Places Doing Stupid Things [Video NSFW]

This video shows an irate customer at the last neighborhood store Michael Brown ever visited. The thing to notice: all the people standing around, either waiting for something to happen or doing their shopping. They’re violating the first rule of self-defense, armed or otherwise: avoid stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things. The best way to avoid this unholy trinity: don’t go to stupid places in the first place. By the same token . . .

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Guns for Beginners: Make Sure Your Gun is Secure in Your Holster

PicsArt_02-08-03.06.11As I stood in my living room watching my football team win the Super Bowl, fielding texts and phone calls from loved ones that know my Denver Broncos addiction rivals that of my gun addiction, I knew that I’d be jumping a lot if the Broncos did anything even remotely great. After all, this isn’t my first rodeo.  I was a young teenager when the Broncos won Super Bowls 32 and 33 back to back, and I have never been a bandwagon fan. I also knew my outfit would need to show support for my team and conceal my gun. So I wore my vintage Ed McCaffery jersey circa 1998 with the UnderTech UnderCover concealed carry leggings and my Uggs . . .

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Guns for Beginners: Three Ways to Avoid Shooting The Wrong Person in Your Home At Night

(courtesy orlandosentinel,com)

“The woman was asleep in her bed and thought she heard an intruder enter the house,” reports. “She told police she heard the person quickly approaching her, so she fired a single shot. She then discovered the person was her daughter.” Too late. “Emergency medical crews took the daughter to a local hospital, where she died from her injuries.” Click here for the heart-rendering 911 call. No really. It’s something you need to hear –  so that it never happens to you or someone you love. Here’s how to avoid that horrific fate, starting with a simple rule:

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The Gun Safety Song – As a Nursery Rhyme

As the YouTube description informs us, “This is the guitar version of The Gun Safety Nursery Rhyme by Jordan Winkler (a.k.a. FX Hummel). His version can be found here” Just so no one gets their knickers in a twist about copyright infringement. There are, however, animal cruelty charges pending against your humble scribe for playing this video in the presence of schnauzers. The only saving grace here: the kid with the binkie is a born performer. How the babe manages to avoid passing out until the end is a mystery for the ages. BTW can a 56-year-old man get broody for grandchildren?


Guns for Beginners: Practice Shooting One-Handed. A Lot.

It’s a handgun. Not a “hands gun.” As anyone who’s tried to get a two-handed grip on a small revolver will tell you, a pistol is designed to be used with one hand. Yes, there are any number of handguns that can be shot comfortably and more accurately with two hands. Well, more accurately more easily by more people, certainly. Provided you have two hands available with which to shoot your pistol. And therein lies the tale . . .

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Guns for Beginners: If You’re a Lefty, Learn to Shoot Right-Handed


Reader Curtis in IL writes:

If you’re left-handed like me, you know the burden we bear. Besides the burden of being smarter and better looking than everyone else, you’re constantly struggling to use tools designed for the other 90% of the population, from measuring cups to musical instruments, everything is built backwards. My mother, also a southpaw, was wise enough to teach me that it’s easier to learn to use right-handed tools than rely on specialty products designed for lefties. For example, she knew that left-handed scissors wouldn’t always be available when I needed them, so she taught me to use right-handed scissors, among other things. I’m forever grateful to her for that . . .

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Question of the Day: Why’d You Join the Gun Ownership Club?


“I want to protect two things: my job and my gun. That’s why I’m supporting Barack Obama.” That quote appeared on a labor union election promo featured in RF’s “Friday Flashback” post, and boy does it seem naive now. In response, commenter Chris pointed out that Obama has been a massive boon for gun ownership. His comment was immediately followed by three “yep, he’s precisely why I bought my first gun” replies. Are you a new or new-ish gun owner? What made you pull the trigger (so to speak) on your first gun? Tell us in the comments below. Oh, and regarding that union president’s quote. . .Read More