Gun Review: Inland Mfg M1 Scout Carbine

Inland Manufacturing, distributed by MKS Supply, has specialized in historical reproduction firearms including the M1 Carbine, 1911, and M37 Trench Shotgun. While most are faithful reproductions, a couple models get the modern touch. Adding a forward Picatinny rail and 1/2-28 muzzle threads, the new M1 Scout Carbine balances historical looks with modern functionality. The .30 Carbine […]

Gun Review: Stevens 555 E Over/Under Shotgun

A field gun needs to be three things: comfortable, accurate and light. When you’re trudging across Nebraska plains in search of grouse or pheasant, you want your shotgun to point and swing smoothly and naturally without weighing you down. At the same time, if that over/under’s price doesn’t lighten your wallet quite so much, result. […]

Gun Review: Ruger Precision Rifle in 5.56

The Ruger Precision Rifle hit the market by storm in mid-2015, filling a latent demand for an affordably-priced, modern-looking precision bolt gun. Indeed, it ignited a whole new category of accurate rifles that bring the chassis gun look without the eye-watering chassis gun price tag. As TTAG has already reviewed the RPR in .308 and […]

Gun Review: BUL Cherokee 9mm Pistol

By Austin Knudsen My search for quality, affordable self-defense handguns for the budget-minded shooter continues. This time, my quest lead me to the BUL Cherokee, a full-size 9mm Parabellum/Luger semi-auto pistol assembled in Israel. I’m a fan of Israeli weapons. I figure a country that’s been surrounded by enemies bent on its destruction since its […]

Gun Review: Springfield XD-E 9mm Pistol

In a market saturated with sub-compact, single stack 9mm pistols, Springfield’s XD-E stands out by adding the simplest tool in the box: a hammer. DA/SA has its fans, but is it a fit in a polymer single stack pistol? I admit it: I’m terrible at reading owner’s manuals! I pulled the XD-E out of the box […]

Gun Review: Ritter & Stark SX-1 MTR

Today’s sniper rifle is modular. It offers a choice of barrel length and caliber to accomplish the mission at hand. It’s probably built on an aluminum chassis with a fully adjustable stock and a swappable pistol grip. And it’s designed to feed from an easily-removable box magazine. With a configurable rail system for optics and […]

Gun Review: Savage B22 FV-SR .22LR Rifle

The futuristic lines of the Savage B22 FV-SR .22 LR rifle weren’t enough to put one on the set of Valerian or Blade Runner 2049. But the updated bolt gun’s certainly more modern-looking than my three venerable Ruger 10/22s. What intrigued me most about the Savage B22 FV-SR: it includes Savage’s Accutrigger. Is that much-touted bangswitch is all […]

Gun Review: GLOCK 19 Gen4 FS

The new GLOCK 19 Gen4 FS is a GLOCK 19 with front serrations. The new model also boasts steel sights, an extended slide stop and an extended magazine release. And that’s it. So let’s talk about cars . . . [reviewleadinsert]   Peter Farago was a petrolhead. As soon as he could afford it, my […]