Gun Review: Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 9mm Sub-Compact


About a decade ago, I was married to my Ruger P90 for EDC and chained to my Berretta 92FS for duty. A friend brought out his brand new XD in .45ACP. I assumed the XD would shoot like a GLOCK. The gun would run fine, but I wouldn’t shoot it well. I was grossly mistaken. I shot the XD more accurately than the 92 (I had that P90 down pat) or a GLOCK, with zero malfunctions. I’ve been crowing about the XD line ever since. Enter the Mod.2 9mm Sub-Compact . . .

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Gun Review: Purdey 1883 English Sporting 12 ga. Shotgun [Content Contest]


By Gabriel Carter

One gun that I’ll never sell or give away — except to my son — belonged originally to my great great grandfather, Weetman Pearson. It’s a Purdey side-by-side in 12 ga., one of a pair that started the building process in 1883 and was finished in 1884. For any who doesn’t know, Purdey is one of the great English sporting gunmakers. The family gunmakers are based in London on South Audley street, and have been making guns since 1814. A new matched pair will set you back somewhere in the neighborhood of £100,000. An antique matched pair will go for auction anywhere between £30 – £250,000 depending on condition and history . . .

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Gun Review: Brownells Aero Precision 308 AR OEM Rifle


Building your own guns is is a gas. Nothing quite fills the void the corporate world creates like spending a few hours in the shop driving roll pins and torquing things to spec. Building a gun to meet your particular need is rewarding right up until it isn’t. There’s a point where assembly becomes ‘smithing and that’s right where I draw the line. The beauty of military specifications is that darn near any AR parts will fit together as long as they’re built to the standard. But what if you want more than what the .223/5.56 arena has to offer? . . .

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Gun Review: STI Guardian 9mm 2011


My newfound love affair with the 9mm 1911 recently landed me an STI Guardian double stack 2011. In previous reviews, I’ve gone over the benefits of why I’m liking the 9mm in the 1911. They draw fast, point fast and shoot fast, accurately. When I reviewed the veritable bullet-powered sewing machine that is the STI Tactical DS, I considered switching from carrying my single stack .45ACP 1911 EDC to that gun. Alas, the light weight of my aluminum framed 4″ gun won out for ease of carry and concealability. The answer to that? The STI Guardian . . .

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Gun Review: Stoeger M3000 R Rifle Slug


As a born and bred Texan, I am unfamiliar with places in this fine country devoid of hills, trees, and obstructions. West Texas is about as close as we get, and even Lubbock has some bumps in the ground. Our readers who live in what politicians and media types deem flyover country — specifically the fields of the midwest — know a different reality. Up there, a misplaced shot during deer season can travel miles, or so I’ve been told. As such, some of their local governing bodies have deemed rifles unwelcome. They make do, hunting monster corn-fed deer with a shotgun. Necessity being the mother of invention, turning a shotgun into a passable rifle is the natural result. I recently had the opportunity to spend several months with Stoeger’s contribution to the field, the M3000 R – Rifled Slug . . .

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Gun Review: Brethren Armament BA 9mm Compact Pistol (MP5K)


The MP5 was the apex predator of its day. Here on the 50th anniversary of the very first production run military and law enforcement organizations around the globe continue to deploy the gun. That said, the firearms world has moved on. New production versions of the MP5 are stamped on old worn-out machines in various countries with abundant QC issues. Taking a different tack, Brethren Armament set out to resurrect the MP5 in all its glory . . .

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Gun Review: Arsenal Firearms Strike One With Competition Upgrade


Arsenal sells the double-barreled AF2011-A1 .45. Strike one. A swing and a miss. The only thing worse than the A1’s utter lack of utility — save it’s appeal as a wazzat? range toy — is its astronomical price. So when I encountered Arsenal’s Strike One striker-fired handgun at The Texas Firearms Festival, I was bit leery (despite Jeremy S’s four-star review). Well it does look odd . . .

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Gun Review: Springfield Range Officer 9mm


I carry a 1911 in .45ACP every day. I’ve carried a .45ACP as my daily carry for decades now. I’m invested in the caliber. The key to my ballistic heart: 1911’s incredible pointability. With a good 1911, I can draw and dump a magazine into a 4″ circle at seven yards in a few seconds time. What made me fall in love with the platform is made all the lovelier when it’s chambered in 9mm . . .

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Gun Review: NAA 4″ Sidewinder


As the happy owner of a .22 LR Mini Revolver, which I finally reviewed nearly two years ago, I jumped at the opportunity to borrow one of North American Arms‘ newest creations, the 4″ Sidewinder. Instead of requiring the complete removal of the cylinder in order to reload — a process which many people find complicated in NAA’s revolvers — the Sidewinder employs a traditional swing-out cylinder with an actual extractor mechanism . . .

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Gun Review: GLOCK G19 GEN4 MOS & G17 GEN4 MOS


GLOCK released their MOS, or Modular Optic System, line of pistols a year ago. With the ability to mount a variety of reflex-style red dot optics to the slide, the GEN4 MOS offerings kicked off with big guns suitable for hunting and competition: the G40, G41, G34, and G35. Building on that success and much to the surprise of, well, nobody, GLOCK has given the MOS touch to two of their most popular pistols, the G19 and the G17. I promised Gaston’s gang that I could keep a secret and got my hands on these guys in early December, immediately turning the G19 into my EDC. . .

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