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Gun Review: Kahr CM9


I don’t generally care for micro pistols. I carry a Commander 1911 or larger, and I have never had the need for something smaller. Maybe it’s a confidence thing, I’m not sure. One thing I am sure of is that the micro compact market has been exploding in recent years. Guns like the Smith & Wesson Shield, and the Springfield XD-S have been flying off of the shelves like Furbys in 1999. Well, the Kahr CM9 made its way into the hands of my girlfriend and I just had to play with something new . . .

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Gun Review: Beretta 96 Combat [P320 Entry]

Pic 1

By Bryan Snyder

Like many who grew up in the late eighties watching action movies and shooting with family and friends, the Beretta 92 was a staple in our firearms viewing in movies and TV. I bought my first Beretta 92 about 6 years ago, a 92G Elite. It was and still is an utterly fantastic handgun with a buttery smooth action, exceptional accuracy, and a host of other facory custom touches that just make it extremely easy to shoot . . .

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Gun Review: Nesika Tactical Rifle


One of the higher end acquisitions by the Freedom Group in recent years is the rifle maker Nesika. Purchased in 2009, the rifle maker has continued to churn out guns with some pretty great specs and a price to match. New for 2014 Nesika is releasing a “tactical” version of their rifle in both .308 Winchester and .338 Lapua, and when I first read the spec sheet my mouth was watering. It seems to check every box for a truly great bolt action rifle. I had to get my hands on one and see if it lived up to the hype.

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Gun Review: Marlin Model 60 [P320 Entry]

Marlin Model 60 full

By Ing

In his 2010 review of the Ruger 10/22, TTAG’s Brad Kozak called the .22 long rifle the Rodney Dangerfield of cartridges (it gets no respect). If that’s true, then the Marlin Model 60 is the Rodney Dangerfield of .22 rifles. Marlin bills the Model 60 as “an economically priced rifle that’s earned the title of most popular 22 in the world.” In a world that hadn’t seen the 10/22, that claim would be inarguable, but alas, popularity is a slippery claim. In Marlin’s favor, however, is the fact that it has sold well over 11 million of these little semi-auto rifles. Fair enough . . .

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Gun Review: CZ 455 Varmint


When I first started writing for TTAG I owned (and reviewed) a Zastava MP22R rifle. It was an excellent little gun for the price I paid and served me well, not only for teaching basic marksmanship to new shooters but also for keeping my own skills sharp. Then something tragic happened: I sold it. I knew it was a mistake the second the cash hit my hand. Ever since that moment I have been looking for a worthy replacement, and in the process I think I may have found the perfect .22lr bolt action rifle: the CZ 455 Varmint . . .

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Gun Review: Polish PM-06 SMG


There are some things that the Israeli Uzi SMG did right, but there are a ton of things it did wrong — especially for a gun designed to work in sandy desert environments. When the Polish military was looking for a new SMG in the 1980′s, they started with the basic Uzi design and then improved on it. Like, a lot. The result was the PM-84, and the latest and greatest incarnation of that firearm is the PM-06 . . .

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Gun Review: NAA .22LR Mini Revolver


By ShootingTheBull410

I’m a big fan of revolvers. I know the common wisdom is that they’re outdated, they’re ancient, they’re old, they’ve been surpassed… but … there’s something about the craftsmanship, the functioning, the mythos and the history of the revolver. Nothing against semi-autos, but the revolver has a certain…soul to it. To me, revolver vs. semi-auto is like Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Han Solo would have carried a revolver. Malcolm Reynolds carried what looks like a revolver. Dirty Harry carried a revolver. So my revolver collection has been growing out of control, but there was always a gap – the North American Arms mini-revolver . . .


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