Gun Review: CMMG PDW Pistol in 300 BLK


Given the fact that the ATF has $200 of my hard-earned scratch and my foot is anxiously tapping as I refresh, it’s a safe bet to say I can be counted in the short barreled rifle (SBR) fanboy club. My dedication to it isn’t cultish like our boy Leghorn, but the same deity that brought him to the table, 300 BLK, has snagged me as well. Forming a trust, paying $200 to the .gov, and sitting on your hands for 30-180 days isn’t for the weak of constitution. Buying or building a SBR has got to be worth it. Right? And after a year or so of shooting 300 BLK chambered pistols and SBRs, I think the cartridge is worth the hassle. And the CMMG PDW Pistol is a great place to get started . . .

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Gun Review: STI Nitro 10 10mm 1911


After testing the GLOCK 20 I’m still auditioning candidates for my perfect truck pistol: a handgun I can use for concealed carry self-defense and hunting game. Before reviewing the latest contender – the  STI Nitro 10 10mm 1911 –  I want to address an issue raised by TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia: why not a truck rifle and a handgun? As many readers pointed out, a rifle is almost always the better choice for taking game. But there are a lot of reasons to hunt with a pistol instead . . .

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Gun Review: Century Arms C308 Rifle


Some years ago, Century Arms‘ first attempt at assembling CETME-style, .308 battle rifles from surplus parts didn’t go extremely well, and the product was hit-or-miss. The market has been a bit hesitant to dive back into a Century Arms-branded CETME/G3/HK91, but the most recent effort here, the C308, is definitely proving to be a solid performer at an incredibly low price. The C308’s manufacturing process is pretty unique, but it also means that they’re strictly limited in numbers. . .

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Contest Entry: Gun Review – Ruger American Ranch Rifle in 300BLK



Although I’m typically not one that’s interested in the lightest, smallest, or most generic offering out there, the Ruger American Ranch Rifle appealed to me. With a 16” threaded barrel and a weight of just under 6lbs, it seemed like a handy little rifle to have – either for a fun day on the range or for deer hunting. This rifle is equipped with a somewhat-standard 13 ¾” length of pull; although there is a compact version that is just over one inch less. In addition, the American series of rifles incorporate a rotary magazine design that, in the case of small case rifle rounds, holds five . . .

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Gun Review: LWRC IC-A5 Individual Carbine


A few years back, the Army finally realized that it might be time to modernize their 60-year-old M-16 battle rifle. The gun has had minor tweaks since its introduction, but with all the advancements in modern technology their standard issue rifle was falling behind the curve. The call went out to manufacturers to produce a better rifle for selection as the next firearm of choice for the U.S. military — the Individual Carbine Competition. LWRC International is a smaller shop than the competition from FNH USA and Remington, but they came up with the best looking rifle out of the bunch: the LWRC IC-A5.

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Gun Review: SSK 50 B&M Alaskan Rifle




For years I had been searching the perfect lever gun: short, charming, and capable of delivering at least 4000 ft/lbs of energy at 50 yards for my weekly brown bear encounter. I was considering finding one of the old pre-Remington Marlins in .45-70. What a great cartridge…nearly 150 years old and it’s still found as a modern chambering. But, that wasn’t quite big enough and lacked some of the energy I was looking for. A friend of mine, who lived in Alaska for years, suggested I look at the 50 B&M Alaskan. Let’s just say it filled all of the requirements I had set forth . . .

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Gun Review: Linberta SA01LSTAC20 Shotgun


The Benelli M4 is a truly great shotgun. Reliable, enjoyable, and easy to aim — that’s the way to make ’em. The only problem is that it forces you to make a financial choice: do I want to buy the shotgun, or a small airplane? Benelli’s gear is top notch but it comes with a price tag that matches that awesomeness. For those of us who want both the shotgun and the airplane, the Turkish firearms manufacturer Linberta makes a smoothbore that has all the same bells and whistles as the Benelli M4 but without the jaw-dropping price tag. In theory. Is this another case of too good to be true? . . .

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Gun Review: Ruger Mini-14 Tactical in 300 BLK


The Ruger Mini-14 is one of Ruger’s flagship rifles. First designed in the late 1960’s as a smaller civilian version of the U.S. Military M-14, the rifle has been used by generations of hunters and target shooters. It’s also been featured prominently in movies and TV shows throughout the years. This rifle was the AR-15 of the 1970’s and 1980’s, the semi-auto firearm of choice — and for good reason. There’s just something quintessentially American about the look of the Mini-14, and now Ruger has released a version in my favorite caliber: 300 AAC Blackout. Is it the awesome “peanut butter in my chocolate” moment that hunters like me have been waiting for? . . .

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Gun Review: Lone Wolf Distributors Compact Timberwolf 9mm


I know it’s a matter of considerable debate, but I think GLOCKs are ugly. A powerful tool shouldn’t look like a bar of bad hotel soap. Enter the Lone Wolf Distributors Compact 9mm on a Timberwolf Frame. The modded GLOCK’s Cerakoted sniper grey color and radically customized slide cuts transform a ditchwater dull handgun into the firearm you were handed when you joined Starfleet. Our snag-free T&E gun didn’t have a single number or letter on the slide. There wasn’t even a barrel caliber marking. But my God, did it have new parts. Our package contained every GLOCK part Lone Wolf could throw at it, in it or around it. This example includes . . .

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Gun Review: TISAS ZIG M1911


I’ve come to my senses over the last few years when it comes to the 1911. I used to think of it as a dated and archaic design, but the more I learned about firearms design the more respect I have for the firearm. I now own a couple copies myself, a nice Wilson Combat and an okay Springfield. That Springfield always irked me a bit, though — the gun is inexpensive, and it shows in the details, but it would take such little effort to make that ~$500 gun feel like a $1,000 gun. When TISAS sent us an email and offered to send us a copy of their ZIG 1911, I was looking forward to seeing if the Turks could succeed in providing a quality budget-priced 1911 where the Americans had failed.

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Gun Review: Rock Island Armory 22TCM Midsize Ultra Combo 22TCM/9MM


By Sean Nolan

It’s like holding onto a fistful of thunder. Wrapped in the world’s most comfortable cactus. Yeah, I know. We’ve taken you down a similar road before. But there have been a quite few changes at Rock Island Armory in the past twelve months, and their Ultra MS Combo 1911 is one of them. RIA had introduced a single stack 1911 chambered for their their 22TCM. I picked up their MS model, (or Commander sized, if you don’t fear Colt’s lawyers). I thought it was the most fun gun I had ever owned. I was wrong . . .

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