New York Children! Turn in Your Toy Guns!

“A community groups (sic) has a strong message for parents this Christmas,” Buffalo, NY’s reports. “They want to help keep toy guns out of children’s hands…to prevent them from getting their hands on a real one.” Ellipsis indeed. How does that work? . . . “Whatever you put in a child’s hands that’s what […]

The Kardashians Talk Gun Control. Again.

In the video below, scripted members of the Kardashian clan discuss guns and gun control. It starts out with Khloe giving Kendall Jenner solid advice about firearms selection . . . She tells her half-sister to go to the gun range and try out a few guns before choosing one, looking for a pistol with […]

White Men Derive Power and Moral Certitude From Guns: Quote of the Day

“…Americans’ attachment to guns is not explained entirely by regional, religious, or political cultures. Instead, we demonstrate that white men in economic distress find comfort in guns as a means to reestablish a sense of individual power and moral certitude. Gun empowerment, in turn, affects opinions about gun action and policy.” – F. Carson Mencken and […]

Gun Buyers Are Racists: Quote of the Day

“Obama was good for the gun lobby to use as a foil to make people believe that Obama was after their guns. I don’t think Barack Obama did anything that would have warranted that response. But the people who were most vulnerable to the gun lobby’s claims may also have greater suspicions about the first […]

Former Trump Aide Sebastian Gorka Carries Two Guns!

Recoil just published a Q & A with former Trump Aide Sebastian Gorka. Mr. Gorka is a die-hard gun guy and 2A supporter. Recoil published their photo of his everyday carry kit on Twitter (above) — complete with a GLOCK 29 and a 9mm Smith & Wesson M&P and a tourniquet. Anti-gun rights, anti-Trump progressives got all kind […]

Comedian Jim Jeffries: Gun Zero of the Day [VIDEO]

Australian comedian Jim Jeffries‘ Netflix special featured an extended rant about America’s firearms freedom. The YouTube versions (one and two) garnered the anti-gunner millions of views. In attempt to mine the same seam of comedy gold, Jeffries headed to a gun range. And wouldn’t you know . . . He loved it! B-b-b-but how does […]

The 10 Guns You Should Never Sell No Matter What

The old adage is, never sell a gun. No matter how basic or utilitarian it may be, you’ll inevitably regret it down the road. That’s easy to say, but sometimes you need to raise some cash. Maybe you’re selling one gun to finance the purchase of another. Whatever your situation, there are some guns you […]

NRA Museums Director: How to Collect Guns

Jim Supica, NRA Museums Director writes [via]: Few of us set out to be gun collectors. We usually start with a gun. For those fortunate enough to have grown up in a rural area or in a shooting or hunting family, it was often a .22 rifle or a shotgun, which may have been a treasured […]