Gun Not Only Save Lives, They Save Money, Too

By Robert B. Young, MD Let’s crunch some numbers, and ponder the economic cost of ‘gun violence.’ Mother Jones did in 2015 and concluded that the cost to society of shootings in 2012 was $229 billion, or over $700 per American (of 314 million of us back then). They parse this as each firearm-related death costing $6.2 […]

Great Gun Ideas That Just Didn’t Work Out

Have you ever found a particular example of a type of product that, in concept, anyway, seems great? Something that you figured everyone would be destined to love? Only, for one reason or another, hardly anyone buys it and the product languishes in relative obscurity. Guns are no different. Sometimes it’s due to a manufacturing […]

Gun Shops: We’re not all Dick’s

As the media onslaught pushing ever more severe restrictions on gun ownership and sales continues, the gun culture is fighting back. When Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped the sale of modern sport and utility rifles, especially AR-15s, a Houston area gun store and range took the opportunity to proclaim its independence and support for Second Amendment […]

Why the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Matters to This MD

Despite what the AMA, many medical specialty groups, and the media would have you believe, not all physicians are opponents of civilian firearm ownership. That’s the whole idea behind Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership a group of ardent gun rights supporters who also happen to be practitioners of the healing arts. Take, for example, this […]

HuffPost: Why 90% of Gun Owners Aren’t NRA Members

With the NRA convention in Dallas over the weekend, the media have been hitting the organization, its members and civilian gun ownership in general hard for the past week. They’ve given the NRA the metaphorical full rectal examination, pointing out every flaw, blemish and polyp they could find to highlight. HuffPost, for its part, has […]

Meet Sarah Cade, Liberal Gun Rights Advocate

It goes without saying. Not all gun owners are right-leaning, Trump-voting, old fat white guys. Take, for example, Sarah Cade, the subject of a profile today in the Minnesota Star Tribune. Cade is young, biracial and passionately liberal. She’s also become a self-described gun nut and a staunch defender of gun ownership. But she wants […]

Concealed Carry: “It’s My Right!”

Unless you were already treading down the career path of Anglo-American jurisprudence, you probably didn’t give much thought to American law beyond speed limits, drinking ages, and (perhaps) age of consent for romantic entanglements. But once you strap on a hunk of iron and get through the preliminaries of how to use it, your thoughts […]