Watervliet, NY Asks Pistol Permit Applicants for Facebook Passwords. Or Not.

The photo above shows an application for a pistol permit as used by the Watervliet, New York police department. It comes to us from “Mazz,” a member of the nyfirearms.com forum [registration required]. As you can see the app asks applicants for their “Facebook & Password.” Considering the document’s homemade look and the absurdity of the request, I called the Watervliet PD for confirmation and clarification. I got Chief Ron Boisvert . . .

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What I Did On My (Open Carry) Summer Vacation – Part 1

By Jay Williams

Before all you anti-open-carry bigots go off the deep end, let me clarify: I did not take a vacation from open carry. My wife and I spent twenty-three days taking a road trip through nine western states and I open carried as much as possible. My actual goal on this trip was to carry a gun as much as I could, whether open or concealed, but open whenever possible. A commenter on TTAG said something a while back that has changed my thinking about open carry a bit . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Broma My Culo Edition

(courtesy latino.foxnews.com)

“On Oct. 9, a Mexico City parking valet named Luis Martín Rocha Pérez, 26, posted to his Facebook page a few images that people had a hard time believing,” latino.foxnews.com reports. “In them a grown man – who turned out to be Rocha Pérez himself – appears to be holding a gun to the head of a toddler. The images quickly were redistributed by thousands of people across a number of social media platforms, often accompanied by comments like, ‘You are a horrible person and that baby should be taken from you.'” And worse. Sr. Perz removed the images and posted a YouTube video [after the jump] explaining that he meant no harm. It was a toy gun. A broma. In country where 43 student protestors were kidnapped and [presumably] murdered. And worse. Go figure . . .

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NRA Targeting Anti-Gun Pols, WA Background Check Referendum

The National Rifle Association is spending $11.4 million of its members’ money in its campaign to oust anti-gun politicians and defeat the universal background check referendum in Washington State. The above seven-minute gun rights apocalypse ad has garnered some 10k views, but the gun rights group’s 30-second spots are where the action is. Check out the anti-Hickenlooper ad after the jump, part of the NRA’s $1.3m political payback effort in the Rocky Mountain State. The NRA’s also hitting the airwaves in Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Iowa and Louisiana. And supporting Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott and Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker. [Click here for a breakdown of their ad budget.] Will NRA-inspired gun rights voters exact their revenge on pols’ post-Newtown civilian disarmament legislation? Watch this space . . .

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“Here’s The Fourway Mexican Standoff With Invisible Guns Pro Wrestling Has Always Needed”

Mexican standoff (courtesy youtube.com)

Back in the day, sitting in the control room of Superstation WTBS, I saw Haystacks Calhoun aim a revolver (tiny in his meaty paw) at a wrestling promoter’s chest. Haystacks was owed money. I guess. Anyway, the promoter was nonplussed. “Go ahead and pull the trigger you fat f*ck,” he dared. Evel Knievel be damned; that was the greatest display of testicular fortitude this fifty-five-year-old writer ever saw. Until now! Check out that image of a four-way a.k.a., Mexican standoff. That’s nuts! Make the jump for the live action YouTube version. And a description of the Greatest Moment in Wrestling History by the guy who wrote the once-in-a-lifetime headline above, uproxx.com‘s Brrrrrrandon Strouuuuuuud . . .

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Are Black People Carrying Guns Public Enemy No. 1?

“‘Whites walking down Main Street with an AK-47 are defenders of American values; a black man doing the same thing is Public Enemy No. 1,’ says Gallagher, a professor at La Salle University in Pennsylvania.” That’s the considered assessment of race relations in America accruing to La Salle Univerity sociologist Charles Gallagher. Fortunately, we know that Gallagher is wrong. See the picture above?  It was taken in August of this year. Those are members of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club who went to a restaurant and ate while openly carrying their guns… next to a group of police officers. Nothing happened . . .

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Jerry Miculek Head Shots Zombies – As Long As They Stand Still

I know: you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, and Jerry Miculek is the shooting sports’ man of steel (targets). But … even though Jerry admits that his most impressive multi-gun demonstration of zombie headshot prowess lacks the adrenalin factor (“They weren’t attacking me, I was attacking them”) he leaves out the key fact that even slow-moving heads move. Trying to nail a noggin that’s dancing about on someone’s shoulders – whether they’re dead, alive or some combination thereof – is a difficult business. Which is why it’s only recommended for zombies (which don’t exist) or lethal threats wearing body armor (who’ve already proved impervious to the caliber what you done brung). That said, if anyone can head-shot a moving head, it’s America’s SPEC OPS guys and, of course, Jerry Miculek. Get some! Get some moving head targets and try again Jerry. Please.


Does Jethro’s BBQ Strike the Right Note?



Peter in Des Moines writes:

I saw this sign on the door of Jethro’s BBQ today. Jethro’s is a locally-owned chain of BBQ joints in the greater Des Moines area. It’s known nationally for its Adam Emenecker Sandwich, which was featured on “Man vs. Food” and voted by an ESPN readers’ poll to be the 2nd manliest sandwich in America. So what do you think of the sign?  If there is such a thing as a pro-2nd Amendment sign that can also be strongly discouraging concealed carry, I’d say that this sign strikes that perfect note. It’s interesting to note that the original Jethro’s BBQ is located in a not-too-nice area of Des Moines. Exactly the kind of place where one would be wise to carry a firearm for defense of self and loved ones. I would welcome your views on the matter. Is this a good sign, or a bad sign from the standpoint of a Person of the Gun?


Passing Down the Hunting Tradition on Opening Weekend


By Tom in Oregon

Opening weekend of deer season has come and gone. While I didn’t draw a deer tag, I drew another weekend of fun, family, history, and learning. I had the standing invitation to go to central Oregon with my good friends, to see more good friends, and to experience the fall harvest and I was raring to go. Besides, I can still laser range, guess wind, help with gutting and cleaning, and enjoy a backstrap breakfast! . . .

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You Ain’t Seen Nothing Like the Mighty Quinn. Hopefully.

Governor Pat Quinn put out the above re-election campaign ad. It’s yet more proof that Quinn’s political instincts have gone south. He’s playing the Newtown spree killing “ban assault weapons” card almost two years after the fact, in a country where voters have about as much memory for political debates as a goldfish. In a state where concealed carry has finally been approved. In fact, gun control is so not a factor in the race that the virulently, incessantly, remorselessly anti-gun Chicago Tribune has just come out in favor of Quinn’s opponent, businessman Bruce Rauner. In their official endorsement, the Trib’s Editorial Board never once mentions gun control. “He would challenge the power brokers who like Illinois just as it is. No wonder they loathe Rauner. He makes them sweat.” Hopefully, the same can be said for The Land of Lincoln’s anti-gunners. [h/t DrVino]


ATF Agent: I Lost My Gun in A Boating Accident

ATF agent's gun, badge (courtesy cbsla.com)

“A Castaic man fishing on the dam at Castaic Lake found a backpack that had been exposed as the water line has gone down 151 feet,” losangeles.cbslocal.com reports. “The bag contained a gun and a badge issued to an agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.” So, how you ask, did an ATF agent lose his badge and gun in Castaic Lake, a 320k acre body of water formed by Castaic Dam on Castaic Creek, in the Sierra Pelona Mountains of northwestern Los Angeles County, California, near the town of Castaic? Oddly enough, the not-unexpectedly-unidentified ATF Agent in question has an explanation, of which I’ll share with you . . .

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Electronic Medical Records: Be Afraid, Gun Owners, Be Very Afraid


By Vikram Khanna

The medical world’s pursuit of the right to self-defense, the most fundamental of all human rights, is heading underground. When responsible gun owners and their advocacy groups ground down the nomination of Vivek Murthy to become Surgeon General, they won a significant political victory. Setting aside that the position itself is an anachronism worthy of elimination, the victory inflamed bureaucrats, politicians, academics, and other master manipulators who, 223 years after ratification of the Second Amendment, still want to pretend it never happened . . .

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