Nine thousand licensed gun owners in Kenya out of a population of 44 million? The African nation has a long way to go before its citizens’ natural right to keep and bear arms is restored. Still, this report is positive about the actual (Westgate Mall attack) and potential benefits of civilian gun ownership. “Kenyans are four times more likely to be shot by the police than criminals,” the reporter concludes. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Steampunk guns are aesthetically palatable to a mainstream audience because they’re fun! Which is welcome. Anything that lowers the emotional barrier to entry for firearms freedom fence straddlers and hoplophobes helps the cause. Which includes NERF guns, of course. In fact, a lot steampunk guns look like NERF guns on acid. Still, you couldn’t get much further from a GLOCK if you tried. Have you tried? If not, a word of advice: buy a glue gun. And don’t let a steampunk cop see you with it in Baltimore. That is all.