eBay Banning AR-15-Related Gear and Images?

Chris Bushnell is the owner of Cypress Collectibles and patchaddict.com and sent us the following: I am the owner of an embroidered patch company right here in Austin. Today I got a call from eBay saying that I cannot sell our 2nd Amendment patches that have an image of an AR-15 on them. eBay told me on […]

Knock, Knock: Quote of the Day

“I have a suspicion that should it ever come to pass, those desperately pounding on the doors of the homes of law-abiding gun-owners seeking shelter from the lawless mobs will be among the very lot who, once upon a time, in a more civilized age, self-righteously advocated that their saviors be disarmed in the first […]

A Tour of Bond Arms in Granbury, TX

Bond Arms makes derringers. And Bullpup pistols, like the one Jon reviewed here. Back in October I visited their manufacturing facility up in Granbury, Texas, about two-and-a-half hours north of me, and found out how the sausage is made . . . Full disclosure, I’m at Robert’s house and he’s fed me far too much […]

NSSF: Unload Your Gun Before You Get in Your Car

The civilian disarmament industrial complex has taken to highlighting “irresponsible” gun owners who leave firearms in their cars — only to have them (the guns) stolen and used by criminals. Cops too! In response, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has produced a Firearms Safety in Vehicles. Among its recommendations . . . – When finished […]

Meet the Florida Homeschooled Kids Who “Shoot to Kill” [VIDEO]

The home-schooled children being taught to fire GUNS: Father-of-four invents his own curriculum – covering Cryptocurrency, the Black Panthers, and how to handle an UZI. That’s the hysterical headline at dailymail.co.uk. Economics, history and practical self-defense. The problem being? GUNS! Seems a British documentary maker found the tattooed Floridian Derrick Grace and posted a video of […]