This Is What Happens to A Disarmed Populace: El Salvador Edition

El Salvador (courtesy‘s post One murder every hour: how El Salvador became the homicide capital of the world lays the blame for the country’s record-setting carnage at the feet of “weak government, dire inequality and a historical national tendency towards violence both in institutions and households.” To be fair, writer Jonathan Watts highlights the recently escalated conflict between El Salvador’s two major drug gangs and the police  but his analysis somehow completely misses the impact of El Salvador’s gun control regime. In fact . . .

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Drug Thugs Shoot U.S. Family Vacationing in Mexico


This past 31st of July, the Ramos family were enjoying a vacation in Michoacan, when they were attacked by gunfire by armed criminals, killing one of the occupants. It appears as though the van in which they were travelling was attacked in error by the criminals. The brothers, Bruno, 18 years old, and Jesus Ramos, 19 years old, their father Ignacio Ramos and their uncle Ramon Ramos returned to a park near the town of Periban, Michoacan, on board a Chevrolet Envoy colored white when then were attacked. . . .

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Henry Rifles Donates $200,000 to The Journey Home Project

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Henry Repeating Arms has been a big booster of veterans and the organizations that support them. Not long ago, when we asked Henry president Anthony Imperato if he’d help out Veteran Outdoors, he didn’t just send a rifle, he sent ten of them. So it probably shouldn’t surprise that Henry would help fund Charlie Daniels’ Journey Home Project that assists vets in re-acclimating to life stateside. And when Henry’s main man took the stage at Daniels’ 40th Anniversary Volunteer Jam this week in Nashville to present a check to Daniels for $100,000 (press release below), he offered to double the amount with one condition: he wanted to sing ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ with the big man himself. That’s when fire flew from Charlie’s fingertips as he rosined up his bow . . .

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Gun Hero of the Day: Judge Mark Henry

“’We’re glad to be on the cutting edge of something like this. We are the first governmental entity we know of to have encouraged it,’ County Judge Mark Henry said. ‘The reaction has been phenomenal as evidenced by the class getting full in five minutes.’” Judge Henry’s talking about Texas CHL classes he’s paying for out of his own pocket for Galveston County employees. And he plans to expand the offer to employee spouses and dependents down the road. Spreading the RKBA gospel, one public employee at a time – an idea so crazy, it just might work! So for putting his money where his 2A-loving heart is, Judge Henry is our gun hero of the day.

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Contest Entry: A Liberal’s Progress Or How I Finally Discovered the Truth About Guns


By Amfivena

I like guns. I have always liked guns. I appreciate them for their history, aesthetics and engineering. I enjoy shooting guns, smelling the burnt powder and cleaning them afterwards. I even enjoy just holding and looking at guns. No doubt most readers share my sentiments. The problem is I grew up in an anti-gun family in an anti-gun state. So, for most of my life this interest in guns was a guilty pleasure. The guns I owned were hidden from friends and family, treated like a porno collection under the mattress. I never really questioned why I felt guilty . . .

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Oakland Park Business Owner Fights Back. Too Much? [VIDEO]

I’m aware that not all TTAG readers share my opinion on all things gun-related. Which is why Dan, myself and the rest of the team read our comments section: for a reality check. The feedback over on our Facebook page is even more, uh, critical. You might even call the commentators “groundlings,” but I couldn’t possibly comment. Except to say that when I FB’ed this video of an Oakland Park, Florida biz owner beating back armed robbers (click here for the story) with the caption “Too Much?” a mess of folks reckoned…nope. Not enough. Like this . . .

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Warren Michigan Looks to Ban Flamethrowers [VIDEO]

“Warren [MI] Mayor Jim Fouts wants to see the fires from flamethrowers put out in his city for good,” reports. “This is something that is so potentially dangerous that it’s just unacceptable,” Jimbo proclaims. As opposed to something that’s actually dangerous like, I dunno, heart disease? Cancer? Chronic lower respiratory diseases? In fact, we know the leading causes of death in Michigan (those are the top three). Oddly enough, flamethrowers don’t make the Mitten State’s mortality toll top 10. Or twenty. Or one hundred. OK, NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM A FLAMETHROWER IN MICHIGAN, either by accident of foul play. So is Fouts one of those “anti-everything” guys? Nope! You’ll be glad to hear that he’s “not opposed to the right to bear arms.” But . . .

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Irish Airport Security Confiscates Kid’s Fart Blaster


If there’s one thing more terrifying than the prospect of snakes on a plane, it’s unrestrained flatulence. I don’t think we really need to elaborate, do we? OK then. Maybe that’s why, as The Telegraph reports, Ireland’s equivalent of our TSA snagged little Leo Fitzpatrick’s fart gun before he could board a plane this week from Dublin to Nottingham. Imagine the chaos that might have ensued had the little tyke been unable to maintain adequate Rule 3 discipline at 30,000 feet, where a negligent discharge (or seven) could have been catastrophic. So to the eagle-eyed security staff on duty at Dublin Airport, well done, lads. Well done.


Brits’ ‘Largest Ever’ Gun Seizure! Guess How Many Guns . . .

Skorpion machine pistols (courtesy

“Seven people have appeared in court over the UK’s largest ever seizure of guns that were allegedly smuggled into Britain on board a motor cruiser from France,” reports. “Officers seized Czech-made assault rifles and Skorpion machine pistols stowed in bags along with silencers and 1,000 live rounds of ammunition during the operation on the River Medway, in Halling, Kent.”  I’ve deleted the number to increase the dramatic tension and, yes, OK, force curious readers to make the jump (gotta pay the bills). And the answer is . . .

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New York Times Wants You To Know Shooting is a Dangerous, Filthy Business


TTAG reader Ripcord sent us a link to the New York Times latest head-shaker about the scourge that is shooting on public lands. Ripcord does some head shaking himself, wondering, “First the open carriers, then the Oath Keepers during  a riot, the ‘gun nuts’ and now recreational shooters. Is there any demographic they won’t vilify to get their propaganda out?” To which the answer is, of course, no . . .

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CSGV: Urging Armed Self-Defense = Blaming the Victim

David Johnson Sr. (courtesy

“Commenting on a gruesome case of domestic homicide that occurred in Geismar, Louisiana on August 9, 2015, Ascension Parish Sheriff Jeff Wiley advised women to do the following,” the anti-gunners at report, accurately enough. “Get your concealed weapons permit. Ladies, learn how to safely handle a weapon, learn how to safely store a weapon, and when you’re in a situation like this shoot him in your back yard before he gets in your house. Drop him. I mean, I’m serious. Take the extremes necessary to live a life where you don’t have to worry about your kids and your life.” And that’s where the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence’s rhetoric goes south, so to speak . .

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