“An estimated 40% of gun transfers take place without going through a licensed dealer in the United States, including sales online and at gun shows.” Not true!

Raven semi-automatic pistol (courtesy jtjersey.com)

The antis want “universal background checks.” They want the government to run a federal background check on all firearms transactions – including gun show sales, private sales and transfers to friends or family members. Why? To create federal control oversight of all firearms transactions, to reduce the number of felons purchasing guns (illegal sales notwithstanding). Is there any evidence to suggest that this would reduce firearms-related crime? Only as much evidence as there is to suggest that limiting ammunition magazine capacity to 10 rounds would reduce firearms-related crime (i.e. none). To support their UBC campaign, the antis repeat this stat: 40 percent of all firearms transactions do not involve a background check. The Reno Gazette-Journal gives the 40 percent stat a thorough debunking . . .

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Panera to Gun Owners: Sorry You Don’t Feel the Warmth


I’m very sorry to hear you disagree with our policy. Within our company, we strive to create Panera Warmth, which means, among other things, creating bakery-cafe environments where customers and associates feel comfortable. Panera Bread respects the rights of gun owners, but we do believe asking that customers not bring their firearms inside our bakery-cafes is consistent with the bakery-cafe environment we are attempting to create.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us and share your comments.

Panera Bread

Make the jump for the reader’s letter that inspired the above . . .

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Gun Hero of the Day: Vikram Khanna

Vikram Khanna (courtesy (vikramkhannahealthconsulting)

“Gun control will not fix schools, restore neighborhoods, stabilize disintegrating (wealthy or poor) families, employ people, heal mental illness, rejuvenate local economies, or help create self respect,” health care consultant Vikram Khanna writes at thehealthcareblog.com. “I support gun courts and mandatory, no-parole sentencing for people who commit gun crimes, with a massive public education campaign to back it up.” And that’s not all he says in his essay Why Public Health Needs a New Gun Doctrine. Suffice it to say, Mr. Khanna has as much good to say about gun control as Churchill did re: H.M. Navy’s traditions (“rum, sodomy and the lash”). More than that, his replies to critical commentators reveal a mind as sharp as a steel trap. Check out this exchange . . .

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Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Story of the Day: Beehive Ballistics Edition

“Officials say a Utah elementary school teacher [not Mrs. Muray] has been rushed to the hospital after a concealed firearm she was carrying accidentally discharged in a school bathroom and shot her in the leg,” foxnews.com reports. It’s a good thing her firearm was such a bad shot, although Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsley says the teacher at Westbrook Elementary School (in the Salt Lake City suburb of Taylorsville) was “severely injured when the bullet entered and exited her leg.” And it’s a bad thing it “happened” to a Utah teacher at her workplace. The Beehive State . . .

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Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Story of the Day: Racked Beretta M9 Fires Without Trigger Press. Or Not.

“A local woman found a spent bullet in her Hamburg Turnpike home last Sunday afternoon, triggering an investigation that led to a neighbor’s house,” northjersey.com reports. “Police then spoke to the neighbor who advised them to talk to her 45-year-old son, Zoltan Cseh. The Riverdale resident had recently purchased a Beretta M9 (a 9mm semi-automatic pistol). [Lt. William] Jernstedt said that the gun owner was staying with his mother during renovation at his own home. When he told his mother he had a gun in the house, she said, ‘I hope it’s not loaded.’ To put her mind at ease . . .

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10 Texas School Districts Participate in Pentagon Military Loan Program. And?

The khou.com report above reveals the equipment loaned to ten Texas school districts under the Pentagon’s increasingly embattled 1033 program. Reporter Scott Noll lists the “high-powered guns built for the battlefields” and other ex-military kit (4500 rounds of ammunition!) now in Lone Star State schools. “We don’t necessarily believe that this kind of equipment leads to students feeling more secure and safe in schools,” objects Brennan Griffin of Texas Appleseed (“spreading the seeds of social justice“), emphasizing emotions over facts. “We’ve seen how even much less-lethal devices like TASERs and pepper spray get used inappropriately and end up harming children.” As an active shooter training instructor, I’d say any potential danger posed by “battlefield” rifles is far outweighed by their advantages over handguns. Anyone have a problem with this?


Sons of Guns’ Stephanie Hayden to Discuss Alleged Rape by Father on Dr. Phil

Stephanie Hayden (courtesy nextguide.tv)

“Dr. Phil sits down with Stephanie Hayden, daughter of Will Hayden (“Sons of Guns”), who has been accused of raping a 12-year-old girl,” the official episode guide informs. The heart-to-heart’s scheduled for this Thursday (check local stations for times). Those of you following this sordid story will note that the description does not include Stephanie’s latest allegation: that Will Hayden raped her. No doubt that will come up in conversation. Will Dr. Phil ask if Will Hayden ever used a gun to threaten Stephanie or anyone else? I’m sure of it. If Stephanie says yes, well, I’m with Dan. This entire scandal does nothing to bolster the image of lawful, law-abiding, upstanding gun owners and much to degrade them. It’s ammo for the antis. Add a gun threat and it’s gonna blow up big. Don’t get me wrong: guilt by association isn’t right and it isn’t legal. But it’s how people think, if you want to call it that.


Ban Cows!

Where to shoot a cow (courtesy wikihow.com)
“A cow escaped from a slaughterhouse and headed for the grounds of Munich’s Oktoberfest,” nbcnews.com reports, “triggering a high-speed police pursuit. The bovine, which fled after a worker mistakenly left a gate open, ran through the southern German city. A 28-year old woman who was out jogging was injured by the cow. ‘The animal stabbed its horns into the woman’s back, who had to be brought to a hospital with massive injuries,’ police spokesman Carsten Neubert told NBC News.” Bovine attacks are not uncommon. Cows kill about 22 Americans a year. survival.about.com offers this advice . . .

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This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: They Know Nothing About Gun Safety

Alexander MacLachlan (courtesy nydailynews.com)

I grew-up in an anti-gun culture: the east side of Providence, Rhode Island. I didn’t hold a handgun until I was in my twenties. Prior to that point, and for some time thereafter, I didn’t know how to load or unload a handgun or the four safety rules or how a gun behaves under recoil. Neither did anyone in my family. What if I’d gone to a friend’s house and he’d pulled out a gun for us to play with? What if a drunk co-worker in Atlanta had done the same? Who knows what would have happened? I grew up amongst a disarmed populace. I was gun ignorant. I was gun unsafe. So the “revelation” that the father of the girl who shot her Uzi instructor is from Weehawken, New Jersey is instructive, in the sense that . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Archie Shot Dead Edition

(courtesy ammoland.com)

TTAG gave you the heads-up on Archie’s shooting death many moons ago. It’s helpful to know that Archie died protecting a gay politician from an assassin’s bullet. With his body. As we said in July, it should have been a defensive gun use, by either the freckle-faced ginger or, even better, the gay pol. Oh well. Here’s the denouement. I could say something inappropriate about the ladies mourning behind Archie, but I’m already in hot water with for suggesting that FPSRussia’s manager’s assassination had a negative effect on the faux Ruskie’s creativity. So I’ll just say this: getting shot sucks. Don’t let this be you.


MSNBC Poll: 80% of Respondents Say Kroger Shoppers Should be “Allowed to Carry Handguns”

(courtesy msnbc.com)

Online polls are about as scientific as astrology. Especially ones posted on partisan websites like msnbc.com. Especially ones posted on partisan websites in the middle of an article that betray a strong bias. And yet a poll posted within the article Moms Demand Action goes after supermarket chain Kroger with ads yields a surprising result. As of 11:49 am CMT, 80 percent of 18k respondents clicked “Yes, it’s a Constitutional right” when asked “Should shoppers be allowed to carry handguns in Kroger.” [In case you're wondering the poll prevents multiple replies from the same IP address.] If they’d asked “Should shoppers be allowed to open carry assault rifles in Kroger?” the number may have been reversed. Anyway, it just goes to show . . . something. Something good for gun rights. Feel free to add your vote, while you still can. [h/t CS]


The Second Amendment, the Founders and Original Intent


By Sgt. Patrick Hayes

In a recent TTAG thread I watched as a debate ensued over the words “well regulated”and their meaning in the Second Amendment. I read an article recently from a deluded anti-gun liberal who pushed the idea that Madison, Jefferson and Washington were nothing but rich, white landowners who wanted a militia to put down revolts. He stated that all pro-gun folks were crazy to  think otherwise. The reason we think otherwise is because history tells us otherwise . . .

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