50 Most Homicidal Cities in the World. Where’s Chicago?

Caracas gun destruction (courtesy chinadaily.com)

“The 50 most dangerous cities in the world have been named and shamed, and an astonishing 21 of them are in Brazil,” dailymail.co.uk observes. [Full list after the jump.] “Latin America features highly in the ranking, released by Mexico’s Citizens’ Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice, home to some 41 of the cities listed.” I’m not entirely sure that the numbers collated by the MCCPSCJ are trustworthy, but according to this org, the top of the pops, the world’s most murder intensive city is . . .

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Oathkeepers to Members on Malheur Wildlife Refuge Standoff (After Police Shooting): STAND BY

LaVoy Finicum (courtesy pacificpatriotsnewtwork.com)

26 January 2016

Pacific Patriot Network – Oath Keepers – III%

Pacific Patriots Network – Official Statement for Immediate Release

On January 26, 2016, Ammon Bundy Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox, Brian Cavalier, Ryan Payne and LaVoy Finicum were involved in a traffic stop between the town of Burns and John Day, Oregon. They were on their way to a meeting with local ranchers. Ammon Bundy, as well as the passengers of his vehicle were stopped, arrested, and taken into federal custody by the FBI. We can confirm that one man has been shot and taken to the local hospital and that another was shot and killed. We can also confirm that separate from the traffic stop, both Joe O’Shaugnessy and Pete Santilli were also arrested and taken into custody . . .

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Triathlon Community Mauls Concealed Carry Questioners

Bike and gun

TTAG reader Big Tex writes:

slowtwitch.com is the go-to website for triathlon info, and arguably for cycling info. HBB posted a thread on concealed carry recommendations when cycling. They were promptly lampooned for being crazy, paranoid, stupid, a danger to society, et cetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseous. The editor started a thread asking how many readers actually conceal and carry while cycling. That devolved quickly . . .

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Random Thoughts About Germany’s Mass Sex Attacks

“For nearly a millennium, Cologne has been associated with its Cathedral, its twin spires featured prominently on every imaginable thing – including the ubiquitous tall glasses serving the revered local beer, Kolsch,” R.W. Dooley writes at usatoday.com. “In the 20th century, the city became known for its easy-going, fun-loving nature, a city of warmth, hospitality and tolerance – and its wild Carnival.” And now . . .

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Michigan Businesses: Firearms Welcome!

We hear a lot of stories in the legacy media about large corporations either formally banning firearms from their properties (or for moral cowards like the leadership of Starbucks or Target, “asking” that law-abiding citizens not carry firearms at their establishments, even those that have a history of being patronized by violent customers.) Some of the folks in the central Michigan city of Saginaw, however, appear to have a different approach . . .

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This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: Japanese Net Launcher Edition

Japan is home to very-little-to-no concept of individuality. Personal ambition is only encouraged within a series of incredibly rigid frameworks: family, community, company, country. I don’t know if Japan’s astounding homogeneity is a result of this structure or its cause. Either way, it’s a relatively peaceful and certainly well-ordered society. Gun control advocates point to Japan as a model of “gun-free” security. They ignore the price the Japanese pay for this safety, even when confronted with their astounding “gun-free” suicide stats. Is America better off without a “gun-free” social net that constricts individual liberty? Yes. Yes it is.


Four Dead in Saskatchewan School Shooting

La Loche School (courtesy cbc.ca)

“A small community in northern Saskatchewan is in mourning after shootings at two locations — including a school — left four people dead,” cbc.ca reports. “Several others were wounded in the violence Friday in La Loche, Sask., a Dene community nestled on the shores of Lac La Loche with a population of about 3,000.” Police arrested a suspect — reported to be a student who texted “Just killed 2 ppl. Bout to shoot ip the school”–  but not immediately . . .

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What If We Treated the First Amendment Like the Second?

First Amendment (courtesy cojmc.uni.edu)

TTAG reader Dylan Schumacher writes:

What if we treated the first amendment like the second? Sure, you have the right to freedom of speech, but first, you must get a permit. But not too fast, before you are allowed to mock the government or become part of the press or worship freely, you have to take a class. This class can range anywhere from 4-12 hours depending on the state you live in. At the end of the class you’ll be asked to give a small speech to make sure you’ve learned how to use your freedom safely and responsibly . . .

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New Orleans Grandma Stores Gun Under Pillow, Tragedy Results

Deonca Kennedy (courtesy nola.com)

Toddler killed after grandmother’s gun goes off in bed, New Orleans police say, the headline at nola.com proclaims, removing responsibility from either the grandma or the child who pulled the trigger. Call me harsh, but that ain’t right. It misses an important, perhaps even life-saving teachable moment on firearms safety. Like this: “A 3-year-old boy was fatally shot Wednesday morning (Jan. 20) while he was in bed sleeping with his grandmother [Deonca Kennedy, above], New Orleans police said. Authorities said he was shot by a gun under the pillow.” And again, like this . . .

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Bikers Gone Wild At Miami’s “Bike Up Guns Down” Rally

“Dozens of riders took to the streets of South Florida Monday afternoon for their annual ‘Bikes Up, Guns Down’ rally, ” miami.cbslocal.com reports, “some openly ignoring the laws of the road as authorities trailed behind. Chopper4 followed the riders on motorcycles and ATVs as they sped through Miami Gardens, made their way to Broward County – some popping wheelies, others driving in the opposite direction of traffic or driving on the sidewalk and others obeying the laws of the road.” Huh. So let me see if I’ve got this straight . . .

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International Students, Here’s What You Need to Know About Guns in America to Survive Your Education. Allegedly.

Sniper (courtesy gunrunnerhell.tumblr.com)

“There are nearly a million students from other countries enrolled at American colleges and universities,” qz.com informs. “Since they contribute $30 billion to the US economy, it is important that they feel welcome and safe. This article is directed at them so they can do just that.” Why would a foreign student not survive their education in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave? Because guns! Like this . . .

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