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Inside the Twisted Mind of a Gun Control Advocate: Cenk Uygur Edition

I’ve heard some stupid sh*t in my life, but this is truly amazing. I know: I should be a bit more decorous leading into this post, so that readers of a more gentle disposition than your humble correspondent can watch Mr. Uygur hoist himself by his own rhetorical petard. But The Young Turks host’s “thought experiment” on guns is all but completely incoherent. He asks us to imagine someone in a room with three guns. And . . . that’s it. In his opinion, that person is in more danger than he would be if he was in the room with no guns. Which tells us  . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Moms Demand Death (Contest Announcement)

(courtesy Facebook)

When it comes to gun control meme generation, Moms Demand Action for Guns Sense in America (a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns) is number one with a bullet. Luckily enough (for gun rights advocates), Shannon Watts’ mob has anti-gun agitprop ADD; their shotgun approach to rabble-rousing ensures that no one message finds its target. Perhaps that’s why the ex-Monsanto media maven’s memes are getting memer. I mean, meaner. In fact, I’m surprised the coffin isn’t child-sized. Funnily enough (I suppose), a gun rights guy familiar with our It Should Have Been A DGU feature could simply change the header to read . . .

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Archie Dies From Gunshot Wound

(courtesy is one of those stories that I checked the date on, and no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. Veronica and Betty’s redheaded boy toy Archie Andrews will die from a gunshot wound in July’s LIFE WITH ARCHIE #36,. The guy whose band topped the charts with Sugar Sugar will meet his Maker via gunfire, ending the “flash forward” series and proving that no, there isn’t life after High School. At least not for Archie, who buys the farm saving a pal from a bad guy. No word on whether or not Mayors Against Illegal Guns will include Mr. Andrews in their roll call of victims of “gun violence.” Archie Comics Publisher/Co-CEO Jon Goldwater’s statement after the jump . . .

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Quote of the Day: Regulate Marriage, Children, Houses, Cars, Dogs and Guns Edition

“I appreciate New Yorkers cherish their guns, but we also cherish our marriages, our children, our houses, our cars, ours dogs, and yet all these things have to be registered and are subject to regulation. And we do that because it’s necessary to protect public health safety and welfare. That’s true of our marriages, and our homes, and our children, it’s true of our guns.” – Chair of the Assembly Health Committee Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan) quoted in Lawmakers pushing for further gun restrictions [via]

Armed Confrontation Between Rancher and Feds Looms in Nevada

“They have my cattle and now they have one of my boys. Range War begins tomorrow.” That’s yesterday’s deeply worrying prediction from one Cliven Bundy, a Nevada rancher who ran afoul of the feds. reports that ”Bundy’s beef with federal land management officials dates back to 1993 . . . when Bundy’s allotment for grazing his cattle on public land was modified to include protections for the desert tortoise. Bundy, who told the Associated Press his family has been ranching this part of Nevada since the 1870s, continued to let his cattle graze anyway.” So the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) took his cattle. And then, according to, arrested his son . . .

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Die Google Glass! Die!

I understand why someone would want to shoot an iPhone with a 50-caliber rifle. Any product created by any company that calls its sales staff “geniuses” is cruising for a ballistic bruising. But Google Glass? To quote about a thousand movies, “noooooooooooooo!” First, the device is delicate. It’s simply no contest. OK, sure, using a KRISS Vector evens-up the odds somewhat. But no one expects Google Glass to survive much of anything (including the derisive comments sure to be posted below). To me, this video looks like someone shooting an orchid. I like orchids (for strictly Freudian reasons). Second . . .

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