Adam Savage Hearts Ray Guns: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

Steampunk guns are aesthetically palatable to a mainstream audience because they’re fun! Which is welcome. Anything that lowers the emotional barrier to entry for firearms freedom fence straddlers and hoplophobes helps the cause. Which includes NERF guns, of course. In fact, a lot steampunk guns look like NERF guns on acid. Still, you couldn’t get much further from a GLOCK if you tried. Have you tried? If not, a word of advice: buy a glue gun. And don’t let a steampunk cop see you with it in Baltimore. That is all.

More [Gun-Related] Proof That Our Schools Are Letting Our Kids Down

If we believe Billye High’s account, her son brought a gun to school with the intention of killing himself, to end his suffering at the hands of a gang of bullies. If true, it appears that school administrators decided to punish the victim — banishing him from their school rather than address the bullies — which led to this near tragedy. That’s just one way to view this story. I also consider the government-run, politically correct education system guilty of . . .