Hunting: Fire, Flood, Plague, Pestilence – The Leghorn Calamity – Part 2


When we last left off with Part 1 of the Leghorn Calamity, I’d looked up at the sound of a crash to watch as our Polaris Ranger Crew assumed an orientation other than horizontal. I immediately shucked my knife and gloves, and started at a dead sprint towards the downed Ranger. While I found a gear that I hadn’t used since my college track and field days, I remember thinking that I had nothing in the way of first aid supplies, my phone was dead, and the nearest medical attention was nearly 45 minutes away . . .

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More On That Russian Space Gun

For 20 years, the Russians took a survival drilling pistol kit with them into space. Then they ran out of ammunition. The YouTube video above does a good job of highlighting the pistol and kit. Such an item would likely be a “curios and relics” item in the United States, as no ammunition is available for the shotgun barrels and very few were made. Some enterprising importer would do well to get a couple of dozen thrown into a Russian import container of rifles and shotguns. Collectors in the United States would gobble them up . . .

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Yemen Kicks America’s *ss on Gun Ownership


“Gallup recently conducted a survey on guns, and what Americans think of them,” reports. “The results of the poll showed that shockingly, 63% of Americans think having a gun in the home makes the home safer.” The only thing shocking about that statistic is that anyone’s shocked by it. America is a gun-owning nation (thank God). Although no one knows how many Americans are tooled-up (again, thank God), Pew Research tells us that there are “anywhere from 270 million to 310 million guns in the United States — close to one firearm for every man, woman and child.” But not that close, really. Gallup reckons less than half of American householders have a gun on the premises. Compare that to Yemen . . .

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Top 23 (?) Pro-Gun Celebrities Revealed!


Clickbait. It’s a thing. A thing TTAG uses on the side of our homepage and between the posts and comments to generate enough revenue so that we don’t have to resort to more annoying revenue-generating ploys. So while I’ll provide this link to‘s story Top 23 Pro-Gun Celebrities for those who want to see pics of all the pro-gun entertainment icons and their gun-related quotes, I’ll also [SPOILER ALERT!] list them below. After one. More. Click. Seems only fair after all the clicking I had to go through to prepare the list. Why 23, you ask? Because page breaks. How did rate the celebs? God knows. But anyone who doesn’t rank Angelina Jolie as the number one pro-gun celeb isn’t paying attention. And no, I have no idea why her thumb is on the back of the slide . . .

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Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Story of the Day: 13-year-old Killed By Gun at Raleigh Hotel Edition

Yup, that’s the headline at ’13-YEAR-OLD KILLED BY GUN AT RALEIGH HOTEL, MAN CHARGED.’ Kinda makes you wonder why the cops didn’t charge the man. Oh wait, they did. As well they should. “Police say a 13-year-old boy is dead after a gun discharged in a hotel room and the bullet went through a wall into another room, hitting the teen. It happened around 11 p.m. Friday at the Comfort Suites hotel at 1309 Corporation Parkway. Randall Louis Vater, 42, of Knightdale has been charged with . . .

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New York Times Finally Finds A Gun It Likes

We could have filed this under What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, what with the nebbish news gatherer aiming a low-end radar gun at people in the gun-free paradise of New York. But the real surprise here is that The Old Gray Lady has found a gun – any gun – that she likes. Let’s ignore the fact that they purchased said radar gun for a story on the dangers of speeding bicycles (something must be done!) and concentrate on the image of a NYT reporter pointing a gun at something without wringing his hands and bemoaning easy access to firearms. OK, sure, Andy Newman muzzles himself with the radar gun (1:39) BUT IT WASN’T LOADED! Jeez.


Question of the Day: Why is the Mainstream Media Anti-Gun?

Ciara Webb (courtesy

‘First of Two Kansas Girls to Commit Suicide Last Weekend Used a Gun to Kill Herself’‘s headline proclaims. Huh? What difference does that make? Why not ‘Second of Two Kansas Girls to Commit Suicide Last Weekend Didn’t Use a Gun to Kill Herself’? OK, maybe not. But why? Why is the mainstream media so obsessed with guns per se, so knee-jerk anti-gun? You’d think jobbing journos would be smart enough to see governmental violence against free speech in countries with gun control and connect the dots. To see that it’s in their best interest to be pro-gun. So . . . what gives?


Gun Tweet of the Day: AK-47 vs. AR-15 Edition

Jueneifer's opinion (courtesy


Question: does Jennifer actually believe that AK stands for 47-bullet “Automatic Killer”? Or is this a new flavor of anti-gun agitprop? I reckon she does consider the AK-47 more lethaler than an AR-15. If Jennifer was intentionally spreading AK-FUD, she’d have to know that the opposition (that’s us) would shoot this demonstrable, indeed laughable assertion down and spread the ridicule (as we’re doing here). So yes, Jennifer and her ilk really are that willfully ignorant. Which brings me to a pro-gun proposal: let’s have “take a Mom to the range day.” What do you think?


Will Ohio Gun Law Reforms Finally Make it to Governor’s Desk?


Ohio is the only state where a person claiming self defense is considered guilty until they’re proven innocent. Unlike the other 49, Ohio requires that a person who shoots an attacker in self defense must prove that they’ve acted reasonably. Arizona had law for a few years, but it was repealed because of the infamous case of Harold Fish, who spent three years in prison for second degree murder. Janet Napolitano, then Governor of Arizona, vetoed two bills designed to give Harold Fish a new trial. After Napolitano was recruited by the Obama administration, another bill was passed and Fish was released. But back to Ohio . . .

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MD School Expels Student for Posing with a Firearm

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 8.33.53 AM

Severn School officials say they have removed a student from the school after he posted a picture of himself holding a gun, along with a threatening caption, on social media,” reports. What did the fox – I mean caption say? “In a letter to parents on Tuesday, Headmaster Doug Lagarde said the student posted the picture on Instagram over the weekend with a caption that read: ‘I could actually kill someone with this gun.'” Unfortunately, the unnamed student forgot to add the Nixonian caveat “but that would be wrong.” “Lagarde said the posting is ‘not appropriate’ and violates Severn’s rules and expectations.” And so . . .

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Russians Armed With TOZ 82 Multi-Caliber Gun at International Space Station


“For decades, the standard Soyuz survival pack included a deluxe all-in-one pistol called the TOZ 82 with three barrels and a folding stock that doubled as a shovel and contained a swing-out machete,” space junkie journo James Oberg writes at “There were a few dozen rounds of three types of ammunition—rifle bullets, shotgun shells and flares—in a belt attached to the gun.” This is not new news. What’s interesting: Oberg now claims the Russkies have stopped packing the TOZ 82 for their flights to the International Space Station. I’ll explain how he came to that conclusion in a moment. First, some tales of multi-national TOZ 82 training on the Black Sea . . .

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WA I-594 Background Check Protest Set for December 13

The impassioned video above didn’t stop the passage of Washington state’s “universal background check” bill. And so an unknown number of gun rights advocates are set to convene at the state capitol to violate the law in plain site. They’ll exchange guns, buy and sell guns and generally play pass the firearm – all in contravention of the newly-approved I-594’s provisions. The cops have yet to declare their intentions for this act of mass (the participants hope) civil disobedience. So it could be a damp squib (hardly anyone shows, the police do nothing and only local media pays attention), an ugly police action (a bit more local media coverage) or something really not good (LOADS of media coverage). Click here for the I Will Not Comply Facebook page. At the time of writing, Resolute for Arms and Liberty has a scant 1650 followers. Still, as Shannon Watts will tell you, the longest journey starts with a single like. [h/t CM]