Top Rabbi to EU: Let Us Carry Guns

Rabbi Menachem Margolin (courtesy

Dear XXXX,

I am writing to you on behalf of the European Jewish Association (EJA), its subsidiary organisations and the entire European Jewish Community, following the horrific terror attacks on the French Jewish community, in which four innocent civilians were murdered in cold blood for no other reason than being Jewish . . .

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Is It Mental Illness, Guns Or…What?


By Dr. Robert B. Young

More attention is being paid to the role of mental illness in mass shootings the last several years, reasonably so since nearly all the perpetrators seem to have experienced significant reality distortion. Yet mental illness actually plays very little part in the incidence of “gun violence.” That phrase should mean “violence using guns,” but has come to imply, as its anti-gun originators intend, that guns are somehow the cause of the violence. Addressing this question as if the problem is mental illness vs. the availability of guns sets up a false choice. Some, like my fellow physician, Dr. Kimberly Yonkers, in a recent Washington Post opinion piece keep mistaking that one tree for the forest. But far more factors underlie violence, gun-related and otherwise. The problem is not mental illness … and it isn’t guns, either . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Makeshift Gun-Free Zone Edition


A TTAG reader writes:

“Have you ever been so anti-gun that you took off a sign, flipped it over, put ‘No guns’ on the back, and put it back? That’s what my mayor’s doing. And he only did it because 1) I open carry at my local bank and 2) the bank manager refused to put up a no guns sign after a cop who just HAPPENS to be the mayor’s son told him he should. This is one reason why I open carry: to expose anti-gun politicians.”


Washington Post: “Guntry” Clubs Are Big Biz

Huh. I was under the media-fed impression that the gun culture and thus business was in a slow steady slide into oblivion. You know: more guns, less gun owners. I’ve read dozens of anti-gun agitprop-inspired articles claiming OFWGs fueled the gun sales surge. As they died off, gun ownership and gun rights “extremists” are doomed. Doomed I tell you! Doomed! And now the Washington Post, a newspaper that’s to gun rights what Erin Hetherton is to anti-onanists, has an article revealing (i.e., doing its damnedest not to celebrate) the surge in upscale “guntry club” gun ranges. Check out these demographics . . .

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TTAG Paris Attack Sim at Plano’s Patriot Protection is Go for This Evening!


“It’s impossible to know whether anybody at Charlie Hebdo or at the market could have successfully taken advantage of an opportunity to defend against murderers who didn’t care about statutes and penalties,” J.D. Tuccille at reasons. Au contraire, mon frère! The Truth About Guns has teamed-up with Plano, Texas’ Patriot Protection to see whether an armed Charlie Hebdo employee could have defended his compatriots against two terrorist gunmen. Here’s how we’re going to do it . . .

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Question of the Day: How Can Gun Rights Lose If It Wins at the Box Office? reports that Taken 3 beat the bejesus out of Selma at the box office this weekend, grossing $40.4m. American audiences love their gun-toting heroes, and have done since they were in short pants. While gun control advocates go on and on about the dangers of guns, Hollywood heroes beat bad guys with ballistic aplomb. How can gun control fight that? Well . . . Taken 3 raked in another $40m overseas, where governments deny their citizens and subjects their natural right to armed self-defense. So big screen pro-gun “propaganda” and anti-gun animus can co-exist. But do gun-heavy flicks resonate differently here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave? Does it mean we’re winning here?


Brits Call for New Ammunition Laws After Paris Attack


“Tougher restrictions on ammunition are needed to stop British-based jihadists carrying out Paris-style gun attacks, former security minister [Lord West] has said,” reports,uk. “He said the UK’s tough anti-gun laws were a crucial tool in the fight against terror – but demanded further action to tighten restrictions on ammunition.” Needless to say, Lord West also reckons his former employers need more British taxpayer loot . . .

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Sniper’s Hide Wins Round 1 In Tactical Rifles Lawsuit

It was nigh on a year ago that we first covered the defamation lawsuit brought against Snipers Hide by a disgruntled ‘custom’ rifle builder calling itself Tactical Rifles. If you may recall, Marc Soulie of Spartan Precision Rifles posted this warts-and-all Youtube review of a Tactical Rifles tactical rifle on Sniper’s Hide, after which all hell broke loose. Soulie’s review was basically all warts (my box-stock 700 BDL was probably put together better than this ‘custom’ rifle) and Tactical Rifles’ butt-hurt response was to sue him, Snipers Hide, and SH owner Frank Galli in a Florida federal court. The case has been dismissed, but this opera ain’t anywhere near over. In fact, the fat lady hasn’t even taken the stage . . .

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Je Suis Charlie? Mais Non!


“In light of the Paris attack I think all of us need to stop arguing in favor of ‘concealed’ or ‘open’ carry,” TTAG reader BH emailed. “Instead, we should be advocates for mandatory carry.” Which still begs the question, open or concealed? But I get the point. The writers and employees at the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo knew they were in the terrorists’ sights. Their offices had been firebombed. Police were stationed outside the door. And yet they all showed up for work unarmed. So while I understand the sentiment, it makes the hashtag #jesuischarlie and the “I Am Charlie” posters a bad joke. I see that as a declaration that they are also defenseless potential victims. #jesuisuncanardassis is more like it. I am a sitting duck. Is that cold of me? Oh well. La vérité fait mal.



Walmart Refuses to Print Engagement Photo That Includes a Shotgun


One of my alter egos is that of a professional photographer, one who’s shot more than his share of weddings and engagement sessions. Since these are big events in their lives, couples frequently want to include items that are important to them during photo shoots. I’ve shot plenty of sessions that included family dogs. Some want to pose while wearing their alma mater’s football jerseys. And I once shot an entire wedding party who posed with shotguns, rifles and pistols. Why not? In a similar vein, Stephanie Wehner’s beau, Mitch Strobl, wanted to include a pose in their engagement session with his beloved Ruger Red Label 12-gauge. That wasn’t a problem, until they ordered prints through a Dallas area Walmart store. . .

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SC Rep. Moves to Mandate 2A Curriculum


By Johannes P.

Alan Clemmons, a South Carolina state representative, is introducing a bill to require South Carolina schools to institute a Second Amendment education curriculum, reports WMBF News. “Rep. Clemmons said he first thought of the idea after hearing about the Summerville student who was punished for writing a fictional story about shooting his neighbor’s dinosaur. The Second Amendment Education Act of 2015 would give students the opportunity for reasonable expression of the Second Amendment at school without fear of punishment. ‘If we let that go unchecked, the second amendment will cease being a freedom enjoyed under the United States Constitution,’ Rep. Clemmons said.” . . .

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Go Buy a Gun to Hand Down to Someone

I’m certain that I think about mortality more than your average twenty something. I’m not sure why exactly, and maybe I should spend more time thinking about why I think about mortality than thinking about mortality. If I had to pin it down, it might have something to do with a life inclusive of a wife who spends her days as a nurse working in hospice care. There’s nothing quite so humbling as your wife looking across the dinner table, tears in her eyes, and relaying the story of a dying child who said, “Mommy, you told me that only old people die to make room for babies. I’m not supposed to be dying because I’m not old” . . .

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