Pat Rogers, RIP

Pat Rogers, via

I was saddened to hear that Pat Rogers, the uncompromising Marine Chief Warrant Officer and NYPD Sergeant who made a reputation for himself as a first-rate instructor and writer on firearms-related issues, passed on to his final reward yesterday. The following message was posted on Gunsite Academy’s Facebook page yesterday . . .

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No Fun In Acapulco: Another Day, Another Mexican Journalist Murdered

Journalist Francisco Pacheco Beltrán (courtesy

Considering the violence and lawlessness south of the border, Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall between Mexico and the United States is looking more and more like a scaled-up version of Escape from New York. How long before we simply escort criminals to the other side of The Donald’s wall and let them fend for themselves? Meanwhile, Mexico is an excellent/horrific example of what happens to a disarmed populace. This story — republished from — goes out to the U.S. journalists who love them some gun control. When gun rights advocates say the Second Amendment protects the First, they ain’t just whistling Dixie. It’s your neck that’s on the line boyo. You have been warned . . .

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Fudd Alert! Only Landowners Can Lend a Shotgun in the UK

A young shot is given a helping hand

Gun control advocates hold a “gun free” UK near and dear to their disarmament-loving hearts. American Fudds — hunters and sportsman who couldn’t give a toss about the gun rights of people who own or aspire to own handguns or ARs — are OK with the UK’s gun control regime. Yes, well, civilian disarmament is a slippery slope. The gun banners will have your shotguns and hunting rifles too, mate. Here’s proof from The Land of Hope and Glory via . . .

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Top Five Reasons for Not Owning a Gun?

The FireArmGuy reckons there are five reasons why non-gun owners don’t own guns: I’m too busy, guns are too powerful, I have kids to protect, I don’t care about the Second Amendment, the police will protect me. True dat. But if I had to distill it down to one reason, it’s fear. Gun muggle are afraid that they’ll shoot themselves, or their kids will shoot themselves, or they’ll shoot the wrong person by mistake (guns are too powerful). They’re also afraid that they’ll be a hypocrite – supporting gun control to keep firearms out of the hands of bad guys while owning a gun. And, lest we forget, they’re afraid that . . .

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Random Thoughts About Donald Trump’s “America First” Foreign Policy. And Guns.

Jon Wayne Taylor and I listened to Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech as we blasted to Best of the West to test the STI Hex Tactical and DVC 3-Gun pistols. We were both highly unimpressed. With the speech (the DVC is a peach, review to follow). It was as pedestrian as Times Square and logically inconsistent. His “America first” theme promised projection of power and non-intervention. Wait. What? Don’t The Donald’s speech writers know the history of the term “America first”? Apparently not. Wikipedia . . .

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“Heavily Armed Men” Murder Former Autodefensas


In case you’ve just joined us, Mexican civilians have formed citizen militias to protect themselves from cartels and the Mexican military. These autodefensas are armed — illegally — with whatever firearms they can scrounge. Neither the cartels nor the Mexican government are OK with that; both prefer a compliant populace. In response to the autrodefensas, the Mexican government formed the fuerza rural – a sham force of government-paid and controlled “security force.” The autodefensas could either join or be tortured/die. The cartels adopted a similar policy, minus the join bit. The following story from chronicles a hit on the citizen militia and the government’s [non] response . . .

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Three Things You Shouldn’t Say in a Concealed Carry Class

I’ve taken five concealed carry licensing classes. Thank God Texas reduced theirs from eight to four hours. These mandatory classes are deadly dull. Useful for a newbie, of course, but a clear infringement on Americans’ constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms and ditchwater dull. Most of the time, they take the form of a lecture, with the instructor only pausing to ask the occasional rhetorical or trick question. Rebel that I am, I silently imagined remarks which would have shaken things up a bit. Here are my top three (please add yours in the comments) . . .

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JR’s Gun [Content Contest]

Thirty Eight.jpeg

By Steve Wilson

We like to describe our guns as tools as implements to complete a job. This is true at face value. However for many of us, shooting runs in the family whether it be competition, hunting or the military. We’ve inherited a gun or two that may have been just another mundane tool to an ancestor, but has become a tangible (and audible) link to our ancestors for us. Most of us can’t help but attach a little emotion to these guns. After 27 long years, I’ve finally gotten that gun, and a little emotional . . .

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Texas Firearms Engraver Otto Carter Completes Aesthetic-Style Cabot 1911 TTAG Project Gun

Otto Carter Cabot 1911"Pandemonium" (courtesy

The art of engraving dates back to the dawn of human history. Archeologists have unearthed engraved stones from the Serengeti Plains of Africa carved some 500,000 years ago. Since that time, as civilizations rose and fell, artisans have used “push engraving” (using a hand tool to carve out material) or “chase engraving” (using a hammer or other tool to strike the carving tool) to add value to objects, ranging from the sacred to the profane. Specifically, firearms . . .

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