Does Jethro’s BBQ Strike the Right Note?



Peter in Des Moines writes:

I saw this sign on the door of Jethro’s BBQ today. Jethro’s is a locally-owned chain of BBQ joints in the greater Des Moines area. It’s known nationally for its Adam Emenecker Sandwich, which was featured on “Man vs. Food” and voted by an ESPN readers’ poll to be the 2nd manliest sandwich in America. So what do you think of the sign?  If there is such a thing as a pro-2nd Amendment sign that can also be strongly discouraging concealed carry, I’d say that this sign strikes that perfect note. It’s interesting to note that the original Jethro’s BBQ is located in a not-too-nice area of Des Moines. Exactly the kind of place where one would be wise to carry a firearm for defense of self and loved ones. I would welcome your views on the matter. Is this a good sign, or a bad sign from the standpoint of a Person of the Gun?


Passing Down the Hunting Tradition on Opening Weekend


By Tom in Oregon

Opening weekend of deer season has come and gone. While I didn’t draw a deer tag, I drew another weekend of fun, family, history, and learning. I had the standing invitation to go to central Oregon with my good friends, to see more good friends, and to experience the fall harvest and I was raring to go. Besides, I can still laser range, guess wind, help with gutting and cleaning, and enjoy a backstrap breakfast! . . .

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You Ain’t Seen Nothing Like the Mighty Quinn. Hopefully.

Governor Pat Quinn put out the above re-election campaign ad. It’s yet more proof that Quinn’s political instincts have gone south. He’s playing the Newtown spree killing “ban assault weapons” card almost two years after the fact, in a country where voters have about as much memory for political debates as a goldfish. In a state where concealed carry has finally been approved. In fact, gun control is so not a factor in the race that the virulently, incessantly, remorselessly anti-gun Chicago Tribune has just come out in favor of Quinn’s opponent, businessman Bruce Rauner. In their official endorsement, the Trib’s Editorial Board never once mentions gun control. “He would challenge the power brokers who like Illinois just as it is. No wonder they loathe Rauner. He makes them sweat.” Hopefully, the same can be said for The Land of Lincoln’s anti-gunners. [h/t DrVino]


ATF Agent: I Lost My Gun in A Boating Accident

ATF agent's gun, badge (courtesy

“A Castaic man fishing on the dam at Castaic Lake found a backpack that had been exposed as the water line has gone down 151 feet,” reports. “The bag contained a gun and a badge issued to an agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.” So, how you ask, did an ATF agent lose his badge and gun in Castaic Lake, a 320k acre body of water formed by Castaic Dam on Castaic Creek, in the Sierra Pelona Mountains of northwestern Los Angeles County, California, near the town of Castaic? Oddly enough, the not-unexpectedly-unidentified ATF Agent in question has an explanation, of which I’ll share with you . . .

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Electronic Medical Records: Be Afraid, Gun Owners, Be Very Afraid


By Vikram Khanna

The medical world’s pursuit of the right to self-defense, the most fundamental of all human rights, is heading underground. When responsible gun owners and their advocacy groups ground down the nomination of Vivek Murthy to become Surgeon General, they won a significant political victory. Setting aside that the position itself is an anachronism worthy of elimination, the victory inflamed bureaucrats, politicians, academics, and other master manipulators who, 223 years after ratification of the Second Amendment, still want to pretend it never happened . . .

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Ban Paper Airplane Guns!

In internet terms, this video was posted in the late Jurassic period (January 25th). But TTAG reader Nic Mc sent it in today with an important message: “Homemade machine guns! Ban them! They might give you a really bad cut and if you’re a hemophiliac you may bleed out!” Who can argue with that? Certainly not Shannon Watts, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Blumenthal, Ladd Everitt, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Charles Schumer and the rest of the civilian disarmament industrial complex. Just sayin’ . . .


Gun Hero of the Day: Mercer County, Illinois Sheriff George Howard

America’s elected sheriffs are one of our greatest strengths. I don’t know if Connecticut would be any less anti-gun if they hadn’t ditched the system, but I reckon it would do no harm whatsoever to restore it. Good luck with that, police union lovers. Meanwhile and in any case, Mercer County Illinois Sheriff George Howard tells it like it is to voters wondering about his stance on concealed carry laws. Or how it should be. For his plain talk on Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, Howard gets our Gun Her of the Day nod. Well-deserved it is too. [h/t BM]


Three Good Reasons Not to Carry A Gun


I used to think all law-abiding Americans should carry a gun. I figured if the percentage of concealed and open carriers crested 20 percent – and beyond! – the criminal deterrence effect would be massive. Equally, our gun rights would be more than secure, they’d be assured. Yes, well, I’ve changed my mind. Not about increasing the population of Americans exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to bear arms. I changed my mind about the idea that everyone should carry a gun. There are [at least] three good reasons for people not to carry a gun. Let’s start with the mind killer . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: ATF: Same As It Ever Was Edition

Fed secures vets' guns (courtesy

Students of gun control will know that the Sullivan Act was the beginning of the end for New Yorkers’ gun rights. “The Sullivan Act required licenses for New Yorkers to possess firearms small enough to be concealed,” reveals. “Possession of such firearms without a license was a misdemeanor, and carrying them was a felony. Named for its primary legislative sponsor, state senator Timothy Sullivan, a notoriously corrupt Tammany Hall politician.” Who hated immigrants. Surprised? Anyway, that was 1911. By 1946 the city’s anti-gun stance was set in stone. According to, this is the original caption to the post-war picture above . . .

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Gay Gun Ownership in a Postjudicial World


by Gwendolyn S. Patton, First Speaker, Pink Pistols International

I was interviewed for an article: Gay gun activists: Growing LGBT push to support the Second Amendment, by Hollie McKay, which was published by Fox News on October 2. I had a great talk with Hollie, and got a sense that she really cared about the topic. After you’ve given a few hundred interviews, you learn to catch the subtle hints, the subtext beneath the questions, general attitudes that aren’t spoken outright. Hollie is a fine reporter, and she asked excellent questions. The only problem I have with the article is…she had to pick and choose from our talk, and didn’t use some of what we talked about. I’m not upset by this, the article is excellent, and what she used dovetailed perfectly with Chris Cheng had to say. But some of what I said would have directly addressed what Ladd Everitt, communications director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said . . .

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OMG! A CPL-Friendly Cop! OMG!


TTAG reader Josh Grabow writes:

I should say right off that I stand with many of my armed brothers in skepticism of police militarization generally and opposition to police immunity in some specific cases. I think it is one of the defining domestic politics issues of my generation. However, we should never forget that police are not stormtroopers, they are people. My CPL (Concealed Pistol Licence, because Michigan can’t just call it a CCW) and a failed brake line recently brought me into contact with one of my town’s officers, and I thought the tale deserved to be told . . .

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