Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise: TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day

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“Enough is enough,” Texas-born guitarist Caleb Keeter (not shown) Tweeted, after witnessing the Las Vegas spree killing up-close-and-personal. “We need gun control RIGHT. NOW. My biggest regret is that I stubbornly…

Tucker Carlson: TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day

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In the video below, Fox News host Tucker Carlson takes on Richard Painter. After the Las Vegas spree killing, the left-leaning Minnesota University law professor — who, for a law professor, is…

Gun Hero of the Day: My Dad the Cowboy

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I recently had to say goodbye to the man who introduced me to firearms. While I’m new here as a writer, I hope that in the weeks and months to…

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Gun Hero of the Day: Donald Rush

A hero with a gun came to the aid of two other good Samaritans in capturing a violent would-be armed robber in Seminole, Florida Sunday. Donald Rush, 40, visiting from…

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TTAG Gun Hero of the Day: Thunder Ranch Clint Smith [Video NSFW]

Clint Smith’s video rant (below) is magnificent. I put it right up there with George C. Scott’s epic recreation of General Patton’s speech to his troops. “You’re gonna die anyway,…

Erin Smith: Gun Hero of the Day

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The Second Amendment and those who exercise it are just like the country itself. E Pluribus Unum – Out of many, One. Americans who fight for, preserve, and defend freedom…

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Tucker Carlson: TTAG Gun Hero of the Day

Bill O’Reilly was a bully, a blowhard and a not-so-secret statist. For example, the Fox News commentator was happy to put his seal of approval on government gun control. O’Reilly’s replacement,…

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Chris Garris of Bikes Out Guns Down: Gun Hero of the Day

In the video below, Chris Garris of the African-American group Bikes Out Guns Down tells it like it is to Georgia’s WJBF . . . The killings that’s going on…

Gun Range RSOs: Gun Heroes of the Day

We recently published an Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day on some extremely dangerous gun handling at a gun range. A range where the Range Safety Officers (RSOs) were nowhere to be…

Bob Owens And The Battlefield of Gun Rights: Gun Hero of the Day

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Mark Walters writes [via ammoland.com] You know, I used to tell my employees a few years back, when writing a sensitive email or replying to one, just sit on it….

Gun Hero of the Day: Shooter Dadi, World’s Oldest Female Sharpshooter

From Great Big Story’s Facebook page: “At 84, Chandro Tomar, aka Shooter Dadi, is the oldest female sharpshooter in the world. Now she’s training other young women in her community…

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Rachel Malone: TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day

Here in The Lone Star State, Constitutional Carry is in development hell. HB 375′s sitting in the Homeland Security Committee, waiting for a vote to send it on its way….