FBI: Newtown Police Knew Adam Lanza Planned to Shoot and Kill Mother and Students

According to cbsnews.com, “Police were warned that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter had threatened to kill his mother and students before the 2012 massacre, according to newly revealed FBI documents. The agency on Tuesday released more than 1,500 pages documents on the investigation into the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, that left 26 children and teachers dead.” Click […]

At Least 2500 People Shot Since Las Vegas Spree Killing. And At Least 3900 Defensive Gun Uses

“nvolt’s been three weeks since the October 1 massacre in Las Vegas, the worst mass shooting in modern American history,” Jennifer Mascia (not shown) and Alex Yablon write at thetrace.org. “In that time, at least 2,545 more people have been shot across America, 772 of them fatally, according to the Gun Violence Archive.” Setting aside the […]

The Democratic National Committee: We Reject Donations from the “Gun Lobby”

TTAG tipster DrVino is on the moveon.org hit mailing list. He received the following colorful communication: More than 20,000 people signed a petition by MoveOn member Sandy Phillips—whose daughter, Jessi, was slaughtered in the Aurora, Colorado theater massacre in 2012—asking the DNC to reject donations from the gun industry. This weekend—the DNC, the governing body of the […]

IMI Systems Quote of the Day: The Best Argument You’ll Read for National Reciprocity Today – Enter to Win 1000 Rounds of IMI 9mm Ammo

“From the technicalities of guns themselves as mechanical objects, to the ways in which case law has enshrined certain doctrines related to self-defense, it is exceedingly difficult to wrap one’s head around everything. To paraphrase one California police chief I interviewed, you practically need a law degree to understand the intricacies in which local, state, […]

Israeli Firearms Model on Vegas Shooting: “I Hope the Government Finds a Way to Take Care of it”

For reasons that surely have nothing to do with pandering to a male audience, just as this article avoids that charge, timesofisrael.com has published a feature on “not just another gun bunny” firearms model Orin Julie. “I don’t stand around in swimwear,” she told the Times. “I know how to hold guns, how to shoot, how to do […]

An Anti-Gunner’s “Modest Proposal on Guns”

Writing for CNN, Columbia University ProfessorJeffrey Sachs took time from his busy schedule to offer a “modest proposal on guns.” Professor Sachs is too modest. For anyone who cherishes their constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, the academic’s proposal is about as inoffensive as burning a flag at a VFW convention . . […]