“Confessions of a Gun Range Employee” or “Mother Jones Makes Sh*t Up”

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“In February, the pseudonymous author of this piece—a former employee at a gun range in Orange County, California—contacted Mother Jones reporter Josh Harkinson, who interviewed the author and corroborated his account (as told…

Anti-Suicide Crusaders at The Trace Hail Art Where Gun Owners Shoot Pictures of Themselves

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Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitpropmeisters at The Trace have been on a “gun control to stop suicides” binge, publishing article after article “proving” that removing guns from legal owners reduces suicides….

Third Circuit Ruing Restores Non-Violent Ex-Cons’ Gun Rights

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There was a win for advocates of the right to keep and bear arms on Wednesday, although the judges writing the opinion twisted themselves into knots trying to protect civil liberties without…

Gun Hero of the Day: NERF

If gun control advocates had their way, there would be any toy guns. The forces of civilian disarmament can’t always get what they want, so toy guns there are. And top…

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Cook County Public Defender: “War on Guns” Doomed to Failure

Cook County Public Defender Amy P. Campanelli thinks that a “war on guns” is a pointless exercise and says so in an opinion piece at chicagotribune.com. Well, not exactly. At no point in her…

YouTube Getting Ready to Ban Gun Videos?

YouTube has changed its “Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines.” Again. The latest legal verbiage disqualifies payment for videos that present a “controversial or sensitive subject and event, including subject related to war, political conflicts,…

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NRA-ILA: Hillary Clinton and Shannon Watts Lies Revealed. Again. Still.

The NRA-ILA writes, The Trump for President website offers a “Pantsuit on Fire” t-shirt. We don’t know how brisk the sales are, but it’s a safe bet that sales are outperforming Ms….

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California’s Merced Sun-Star’s Lies About Gun Research Grant

“In California, gun-related homicide and suicide has fallen by more than 20 percent during the past 15 years, mercedsunstar.com’s Editorial Board opines. “Across the nation, the rate of gun-related deaths…

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Anti-Gun, Pro-‘Pathway to Citizenship’ Johnson Wants Control of U.S. Elections

David Codrea writes [via ammoland.com]: “Homeland eyes special declaration to take charge of elections,” the Washington Examiner reported Tuesday. “Even before the FBI identified new cyberattacks on two separate state election boards, the Department…

Healey’s Anti-Gun Jihad Rolls On, MA AG Investigates Remington, GLOCK

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Not content with unilaterally banning so-called assault weapons in the Bay State (never mind the resulting blowback she’s gotten, even from those her own party) Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has…

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BREAKING: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules No Gun Sales for Known Pot Smokers. Period.

By Louis K. Bonham The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has affirmed the dismissal of a Nevada medical marijuana card holder’s challenge to the BATFE’s “Open…

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President Obama Pardons More “Gun Violence” Criminals

President Obama and his cohorts continually rabbit-on about the need to create “common sense” gun control laws that “keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.” Gun rights advocates point out that properly…