Florida Republicans Caving on Gun Control

Since February 26, 2018; I’ve been on the ground here in Tallahassee fighting the forces of civilian disarmament. It’s been an uphill battle thanks to the Florida Republican Party. On Feb. 21, SB 7026 was introduced to the Florida Senate. It’s a wicked piece of legislation. It makes anyone that possess a bump stock or similar accessory a […]

Smith & Wesson (American Outdoor Brands) to BlackRock: FOAD

As we reported previously, BlackRock Inc. developed a sudden hard-on for gun control after the Parkland, Florida spree killing. The trillion dollar investment group sent a letter to American Outdoor Brands, Ruger and Vista Outdoors — companies in which they hold a substantial stake — asking  the gunmakers a series of pointed questions about the […]

Police Arrest Parent Who Handed Teacher ‘Gun’ Card

The Village of Shorewood Hills, Wisconsin is an upscale bedroom community on the shore of Lake Mendota, surrounded by Madison and the University of Wisconsin. On February 23, Jonathan M. Fitzgerald demonstrated his parental concern for the safety of his child to his child’s teacher and administrators. He has been arrested and banned from the school […]

Knock, Knock: Quote of the Day

“I have a suspicion that should it ever come to pass, those desperately pounding on the doors of the homes of law-abiding gun-owners seeking shelter from the lawless mobs will be among the very lot who, once upon a time, in a more civilized age, self-righteously advocated that their saviors be disarmed in the first […]

Astroturf Uber Alles! Democratic Party Co-Opts Marjory Stoneman Douglas Student

Over at thefederalist.com David Hines confirms what The People of the Gun suspected from the git-go: the Marjory Stoneman Douglas teenagers bombarding the mainstream media with anti-gun agitprop were groomed, organized and coordinated by the usual progressive suspects . . . Rep. Debbie Wassermann Schultz aiding in the lobbying in Tallahassee, a teacher’s union organizing the […]