Josh Huff Gun Possession Sentence Highlights Unequal NJ Justice

“Former Philadelphia Eagles WR Josh Huff was charged with possession of a handgun and having a small amount of marijuana after he was pulled over for speeding on the Walt…

Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Law SB-1657 Heads for the House

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Illinois gun owners face a very real threat. Illinois’ gun dealer licensing bill (SB-1657) will have a hearing in a House committee next week, and from there it will almost…

Tough Going for Bloomberg’s Nevada Gun Control Push

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Ever make a $20 million mistake? For plutocrat Mike Bloomberg, that’s pocket change, but he spent that much last year to persuade a tiny majority of the Nevada electorate to approve…

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Oregon Senate Passes Worse-Than-Useless Suicide “Prevention” Bill

The weeping wailers are at it again, this time in Oregon, passing laws intended to show their “compassion” and “concern” for those suffering from acute depression. Did they increase the…

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Gun Control Supporters Cheer Bob Owens’ Apparent Suicide

The civilian disarmament industrial complex regularly relies on gun-related victims to make their case for increased gun control laws. They think nothing of dancing in the blood of these victims of…

Chicago Sun-Times Profiles Gun Rights Activist Rhonda Ezell

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The Chicago Sun-Times profiled gun rights activist Rhonda Ezell recently. As a plaintiff, Rhonda has cost the City of Chicago a great deal of angst and expense over the years….

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IDF Push to Stop Illegal Gun Manufacture on West Bank

In many places around the world where firearms are very difficult to obtain legally, small shops manufacture simple submachine guns for the black market. They are common in Brazil, Israel, the…

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More Lives Are Saved by Defensive Gun Uses Than Taken by Criminal Gun Uses

Here’s a fact you’ll never see in mainstream media accounts of “gun violence” in America: defensive gun uses save more than twice as many lives than the number lost in criminal…

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European vs. American Attitude On Guns

TTAG reader Phuqit (not his real name) left this underneath our April post Quote of the Day: A European Discovers America’s Gun Culture…And is Horrified: Most Europeans have been raised in…

Automotive News: Ban Dodge Demon!

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David Codrea writes [via] “The 840-hp Dodge Challenger SRT Demon from Fiat Chrysler is so inherently dangerous to the common safety of motorists that its registration as a road-worthy…

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Florida: Cop Carve-out for 3-Day Gun Sales Waiting Period?

Luis Valdez writes: HJR-291 and HB-673 may soon make it to Florida Governor Rick Scott’s desk. They would exempt Florida law enforcement from the state’s mandatory three-day waiting period on firearm purchase….

Unarmed Jews Are Sitting Ducks: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

I usually reserve this feature for light-hearted fare; what the news industry calls a “kicker.” Well, this ain’t that. This is a kick in the pants to all those Jews…