Retired Chicago Deputy Chief of Detectives Benefits from Gun Law Reform

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A retired Deputy Police Chief of Detectives in Chicago should be glad that gun carry law reform has been passed. He was shot recently and had to return fire. He…

California Gun Control Ballot Initiative Has Overwhelming Voter Support. Maybe.

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“Nearly two-thirds of California voters support a gun-control initiative on the November ballot, about the same percentage of people who say they don’t have a firearm in their home, according…

An Amnesty Any Administration Can Implement

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In 1968, Lyndon Baines Johnson forced the gun control act of 1968 through a reluctant Congress. The act was not popular, but Johnson’s ability to twist arms and bribe Congressmen…

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Chicago Tribune Letter to the Editor: Guns Are the Root Cause of Chicago’s “Gun Violence Crisis”

Last week, I blogged about Amy Campanelli’s post in the Chicago Tribune. The Public Defender claimed that the Windy City’s “War on Guns” was a doomed effort. Her remedy for Chiraq’s gangland death…

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NRA-ILA: NJ Wants to Make Armor Piercing FN FiveseveN Ammo Illegaler

The FN FiveseveN is a fine firearm, for what it is. As I pointed out in my review, non-law enforcement folks don’t have access to the FiveseveN’s higher-powered ammo, such as the  SS198LF…

Libertarian: Arm Airline Passengers!

The current Libertarian presidential and vice presidential candidates are to gun rights what PETA is to foie gras. Over at, Aya Katz shows that not all libertarians are gun grabbers….

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Miami-Dade Launches Department of Pre-Crime to Counter “Gun Violence”

“A coalition of government and law enforcement agencies, local nonprofits, and business and education groups, including the Miami-Dade public school district, has announced an innovative and potentially controversial new effort…

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Madison, WI Ban on Guns on City Transit Heard at Supreme Court

In 1999, Wisconsin passed a statue which prohibited political subdivisions of the state from regulating firearms. The statute was expanded in 2011 with the passage of the shall issue permit…

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“Confessions of a Gun Range Employee” or “Mother Jones Makes Sh*t Up”

“In February, the pseudonymous author of this piece—a former employee at a gun range in Orange County, California—contacted Mother Jones reporter Josh Harkinson, who interviewed the author and corroborated his account (as told…

Anti-Suicide Crusaders at The Trace Hail Art Where Gun Owners Shoot Pictures of Themselves

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Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitpropmeisters at The Trace have been on a “gun control to stop suicides” binge, publishing article after article “proving” that removing guns from legal owners reduces suicides….

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Third Circuit Ruing Restores Non-Violent Ex-Cons’ Gun Rights

There was a win for advocates of the right to keep and bear arms on Wednesday, although the judges writing the opinion twisted themselves into knots trying to protect civil liberties without…

Gun Hero of the Day: NERF

If gun control advocates had their way, there would be any toy guns. The forces of civilian disarmament can’t always get what they want, so toy guns there are. And top…