Is the NRA on the Wrong Side of the Second Amendment?

The National Rifle Association’s public and ongoing acceptance of The Brady Bill’s provisions – specifically the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) – runs completely counter to the Second Amendment. What part of “shall not be infringed” does the NRA not understand? That said, the NRA lives in the real world. They’re trying to hold the line against expanded background checks, a movement that just gained purchase in Oregon. The chances of repealing Brady at the federal level are somewhere between slim and none and slim just left town. The NRA’s mantra . . .

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Swiss Miss?

“Five people have been found dead after a shooting in northern Switzerland that may have resulted from a family dispute, reports. “The dead included the suspected gunman. Residents heard shots in the small town of Wuerenlingen northwest of Zurich shortly after 11 p.m. Saturday, leading police to find five bodies in a residential neighborhood. The shooting appears to have been a ‘relationship crime,’ Aargau canton (state) police chief Michael Leupold told reporters, adding that investigators ruled out any links to terrorism. TTAG reader John in Ohio responds . . .

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CA “Smart Gun” Bill Stalls Over Funding Issues

Smart gun? (courtesy

Firearms Policy Coalition press release:

Thanks to the efforts of thousands of dedicated gun owners who Took Action at FPC’s and your Firearms Policy Coalition Direct Advocacy Division, California Senate Bill 678 stalled in the Senate Committee on Appropriations earlier this afternoon. SB 678 was referred to the Committee’s “suspense file” due to the bill’s fiscal implications and committee rules . . .

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BREAKING: Universal Background Checks for Gun Sales Become Law in Oregon

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Earlier today, Oregon became the latest state to enact “universal background check” legislation for firearms sales. SB941 was signed into law by Governor Kate Brown, a piece of legislation that requires every transfer of a firearm to include a background check on the intended buyer. This law is different from the Federal version that was introduced by Mrs. Toomey and Manchin in that it specifically excludes situations such as sharing guns on private property and creates ways for individuals to perform a background check independent of a gun dealer . . .

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New Jersey’s Anti-Gun Delusions Continue Apace

“IN NEWS that flew slightly under the radar this week, a report published in The Record showed that gun confiscations in Paterson had jumped by roughly 70 percent last year, a promising sign amid more disturbing headlines about a rash of fatal shootings,”’s editorial Getting the Guns reminds readers. Seventy percent! Holy cop stop Batman! Yes Robin, but I remind you once again to follow your math teacher’s advice. Examine the absolute numbers involved rather than simply accept a percentage increase as a sign of a significant trend. Gosh Batman, you’re right! I keep doing that. How many guns are we talking about? Well, old chum . . .

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7th Circuit Decision Opens the Door to Mandatory Gun Ownership


Rob Morse at writes:

Can public opinion require you to buy a gun? We can make that claim sound nicer and call it community standards instead of public opinion. Two federal judges said we can deny or demand firearm ownership. The judges allowed a city ordinance in Illinois to ban the ownership of modern rifles. It also bans ammunition magazines that hold than 10 cartridges. According to the judges, the city of Highland Park, Illinois passed an ordinance that is simply a regulation of the right to keep and bear arms in the home rather than an infringement on the right. In practical terms . . .

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VT Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders: Pro-Gun Democrat?

File this one under “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”’s headline proclaims Bernie Sanders, Gun Nut. The anti-gun agit-prop propagators have it in for the “far-left” (socialist) Democrat Senator from Vermont, a man who dares challenge Hillary Clinton for her party’s endorsement for President. The list of pro-gun “charges” against Sanders is guaranteed to warm gun rights advocates’ hearts – until they see his entire record on the issue. But first . . .

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First Protecting the Second: Cody Wilson, SAF Sue the State Department


Cody Wilson is the man behind Defense Distributed. They’re the folks that pioneered one of the first 3D-printable firearms, the “Liberator.” When they first released the gun, the CAD files that allow anyone with a 3D printer to make a copy of the gun were hosted directly on their servers and freely available to the public. The U.S. Government predictably freaked out, and the State Department sent Mr. Wilson a nice letter demanding he remove those files from the internet or face a hefty fine and jail time for violating ITAR regulations (originally designed to keep high-tech military weapons out of the hands of hostile governments) . . .

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The Never-Ending War


We’re fighting a war and some things are eternal. I don’t speak of death and taxes, though those are certainly good examples, but of the fact that some people will always do everything they can to disarm the law-abiding, and those people will almost always be “progressives” . . .

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Bloomberg Money Opposing Maine Constitutional Carry Bill


Maine may be the most likely state to pass constitutional carry next.  The state is one of those which has has preserved open carry without government permission, though that can be said of over 60% of the states. In addition, The Pine Tree State has a quirky ‘shall issue’ permitting system that gives a little arbitrary power, in the form of a “good moral character” requirement, to local police or elected officials, if there is no police chief.  The system was created in 1985, one of the earliest “shall issue” laws . . .

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