Better to Stay and Fight Than Up and Move


By Tim Underbakke

All too often in the comments sections of gun blogs, YouTube videos, or any other online community where people of the gun can come together, you will see a common trend. Someone from a state that is more restrictive in their citizens’ firearm rights will lament being unable to obtain a treasured item, or will ask if it will soon be shipping in a form that remains compliant with their state’s laws. The most common response from those who reside in a free state where such restrictions are not a factor is something like, “quit whining and move.” Some may consider the idea that one should be expected to uproot their family, give up a full-time job, and relocate to a new state, incredibly selfish. However, there is something far worse about that argument. It’s exceedingly short-sighted . . .

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PA State Rep Moves to Ban Human Silouhette Targets

Time and again, we hear that the #1 reason people buy guns is to use them for concealed carry or home defense. The implied purpose: shooting bad guys. We often don’t like to think of the situation for which we are preparing when we head to the range to practice with our concealed carry firearm, but by using proper targets (human-shaped ones, to be specific) the training becomes useful, effective and applicable to the stated purpose of the firearm. But one Pennsylvania politician thinks that the idea of people using people-shaped targets to train themselves is beyond the pale, and plans to ban any target not hunting-related in the state . . .

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Paris Sends Good Guys with Guns to Schools

Soldiers defending a French synagogue (courtesy

Paris is deploying 10,000 soldiers and police to provide security within metropolitan France, and will send “thousands” of police to protect Jewish schools in the wake of attacks by Islamic terrorists that left seventeen French citizens dead last week. This is certainly a step in the right direction, given the severity of recent attacks, and the fact that the Jewish community has been repeatedly been the target of violence in the past, to the point that some recently talked about leaving their homes for safer countries . . .

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Brits Call for New Ammunition Laws After Paris Attack


“Tougher restrictions on ammunition are needed to stop British-based jihadists carrying out Paris-style gun attacks, former security minister [Lord West] has said,” reports,uk. “He said the UK’s tough anti-gun laws were a crucial tool in the fight against terror – but demanded further action to tighten restrictions on ammunition.” Needless to say, Lord West also reckons his former employers need more British taxpayer loot . . .

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Quote of the Day: Gun Control Advocate Lisa Miller’s Reality Check Edition


“To suggest that what happened in Washington was a tiny but fierce minority, backed by well-heeled lobbying groups, stifling the unmistakable clear preference of the American people — to see it that way patronizes so deeply Americans’ commitment to guns and gun culture that it fails to even recognize the commitment as real.” – Lisa Miller, Divisiveness Is the Only Constant in America’s Gun-Control Debate [via]


Incendiary Image of the Day: Guns vs. Cars Comparo Memes Business


The Center for American Progress produced the above chart, republished in‘s post Bangers and Bullets. You may notice that CAP’s anti-gun agitprop team carefully crafted the chart to single out a specific age group that conforms to their alarmist agenda. But even if or when the overall number of “gun deaths” exceeds the number of motor vehicle-related deaths what does that prove? Cars are getting safer and . . .

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Happy Ending for JFK Ammo Bust

Sequester Cuts Expected To Cause Delays At U.S. Airports

Republished with permission from

New York gun crimes law firm Tilem & Associates is pleased to announce another victory in a firearms related case, winning a full dismissal of all charges after a person was charged with possessing handgun ammunition and a handgun magazine at JFK airport. As reported almost six years ago in our blog about New York City’s ban on commonly possessed items, possession of handgun ammunition and ammunition feeding devices are illegal in the five boroughs of New York City under New York City Administrative Code Section 10-131. That section makes it a misdemeanor, to possess these items punishable by up to one year in jail . . .

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Je Suis Charlie? Mais Non!


“In light of the Paris attack I think all of us need to stop arguing in favor of ‘concealed’ or ‘open’ carry,” TTAG reader BH emailed. “Instead, we should be advocates for mandatory carry.” Which still begs the question, open or concealed? But I get the point. The writers and employees at the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo knew they were in the terrorists’ sights. Their offices had been firebombed. Police were stationed outside the door. And yet they all showed up for work unarmed. So while I understand the sentiment, it makes the hashtag #jesuischarlie and the “I Am Charlie” posters a bad joke. I see that as a declaration that they are also defenseless potential victims. #jesuisuncanardassis is more like it. I am a sitting duck. Is that cold of me? Oh well. La vérité fait mal.



CA’s Firearms Safety Certificates: The ObamaCare of ‘Gun Safety’ Laws


By DrVino

Beginning January 1st, 2015 California gun sales require the Firearms Safety Certificate. Many people and dealers are still in the dark about the process. The DOJ has been caught with its pants down, unprepared for the rollout of this new process. The website dealers use to administer the test and issue the FSC crashes regularly, although current reports from select FFLs indicate the process is improving. It’s almost as if it was developed by CGI Federal. Here is what is known about the new process . . .

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VICE News Report: Guns in Puerto Rico

“We’re in Puerto Rico which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation,” Kaj Larsen begins in his report for Vice News. “At the same time it has the world’s highest murder rate by firearm.” And that pretty much says it all right there. Especially as the island nation’s gun control advocates can’t blame surrounding states’ “weak gun laws” for criminals’ firepower. Larsen reckons this “paradox” makes Puerto Rico “ground zero for the gun control debate.” Yes, well, no. Like Mexico, PR’s abject not-to-say-horrific failure to control criminality via gun control doesn’t get any play in America’s mainstream media. Why would it? The “gun control doesn’t work” message is the last thing they want to propogate. Of course, Vice doesn’t get it, either . . .

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“Common Sense” Gun Laws Revealed

Nick Desai (courtesy

The civilian disarmament industrial complex has adopted the phrase “common sense” to describe any gun control law which they favor. Which is any gun control law. In other words, the antis consider all gun control laws a matter of “common sense.” This bit of misdirection masks the utter inanity of the antis’ declaration that “I support the Second Amendment but I also support common sense gun control.” As Admiral Ackbar opined, it’s a trap! If you want proof, well, here it is, in a article entitled Common Sense Gun Laws: There Are No Drive-By Knifings . . .

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Constitution State Set to Punt Due Process for “Gun Safety”

Natash Pierre Esq. CT Victim Advocate (courtesy

To review, the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution mandates that “No person shall . . .  be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” In other words, the government can’t kill you, imprison you or take your stuff without giving you a chance to defend yourself against criminal charges in a court of law. So how does that square with California’s Gun Violence Restraining Order law? It doesn’t. A judge can order the police to confiscate your guns and computers and prohibit you from buying, bearing or possessing firearms, then give you a chance to defend yourself against domestic abuse charges (within 21 days). How great is that? So great Connecticut wants the same law for itself . . .

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