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Quote of the Day: The Secret of Our Success Edition


“Improbably, the gun movement’s triumph has become a template for progressives, many of whom are appalled by the substance of the victories. The triumph of gun rights reminds us today: If you want to win in the court of law, first win in the court of public opinion.” – Michael Waldman, president of the NYU School of Law’s Brennan Center for Justice in ‘The Path to Safer Guns’ [at]

Colorado Discovers the Truth About the “Gun Show Loophole”


Back in the day, TTAG fought a vigorous battle to debunk the “gun show loophole.” You may recall that everyone from the President of the United States on down bandied that term about, claiming that 40 percent of all firearms sales “by-passed” Brady Law background checks. We argued – and continue to argue – that 100 percent of firearms sales should not involve local, state or federal government oversight, as per the “shall not be infringed” part of the United States Constitution. Anyway, gun rights advocates defeated the Manchin-Toomey bill which would have mandated so-called “universal background checks.” Colorado, however, went full-you-know-what and passed a state version of the reg. And now they’ve learned the truth about that bogus 40 percent figure . . .

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Philadelphia: $1.4 M Settlement on Licenses, Guns, and Procedures Revealed


The City of Philadelphia recently settled a class action lawsuit concerning people who had applied for a license to carry firearms (LTCF). While the city didn’t admit to any wrongdoing, they agreed to pay $1.4 million to plaintiffs and to change their licensing procedures. The lawsuit stemmed from the City of Brotherly Love posting personal information from LTCF applications on line (actual agreement here, in a PDF file). What they’ve agreed to do going forward is revealing. First . . .

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Obama Administration Loves Restrictions on Law Abiding Gun Owners. Criminals? Not So Much


“We have this irony. The Obama administration, which is asking for more in the way of gun regulations — in terms of increased background checks for private sales and at gun shows — is actually prosecuting less of the gun laws already on the books. For a lot of people, there’s more ideological cache harassing Bubba at the gun show than getting a handle on gun crime.” That’s George Washington University’s Robert Cottrol commenting at on the fun fact that the Obama administration’s federal law enforcement operation is on pace this year to prosecute the fewest number of gun law violations since 2000 . . .

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This is What Happens to A Disarmed Populace: They Get Beaten to Death

If you were going to encourage a demographic segment to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, homeless people would probably be last group on your list. I’m not arguing the point. But I am pointing out that disarmed members of society face a higher level of criminal predation than armed Americans – whether the victims are tax-paying commuters or mentally ill homeless people. Proving that armed self-defense is a vital part of personal and social safety. OK, so, this is a bad one [via] . . .

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“Anonymous gun tip lines helping police confiscate more illegal weapons.” Or Not.


I sometimes wonder if the people writing mainstream media headlines bother to read the story beneath their header. Oh sure, they get the general gist of it. But I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve encountered an anti-gun headline above a story that didn’t accurately reflect the content. The headline above - Anonymous gun tip lines helping police confiscate more illegal weapons – is the best ever example of just how biased and plain old wrong a header can be. I’ll cut to the chase . . .

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OMG! A Gun Store! A Mile from 5 Schools! In Cook County! OMG!

Gun store supporters jam Niles' town meeting (courtesy

The more I do this work the more I realize that the antis ain’t got game. Not if you’re judging their arguments based on facts, logic and/or reason. Check out this quote from Niles, Illinois Trustee Rosemary Palicki via (Rose was the only village official to vote no on Tuesday for a special use permit to allow firearms sales, firearms safety training and an indoor firing range at 6143 Howard St. – no more than a mile from five schools!) “The perception of danger on the part of these parents and community leaders remains very strong, and therefore, the very real issues of public health and welfare remain unresolved.” Not danger. The perception of danger. Oy. On the pro-gun side . . .

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