Trump Department of Defense Nominee Dean Winslow to Senate: “It’s Insane that Americans Can Buy An AR-15”

Dean Winslow (above) is (was?) the Trump administration’s nominee for the post of Assistant Secretary Of Defense For Health Affairs. Testifying before the Senate’s Armed Services committee, the retired Air Force colonel felt compelled — compelled I tell you! — to address Americans’ ability to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear […]

VA TV Anchor Whose Girlfriend Was Shot on Live TV Upsets Republican Incumbent for House Seat

“A former TV anchor whose girlfriend [Alison Parker, above left] was fatally shot on-air has claimed a stunning victory over a three-term incumbent state delegate in a rural Virginia election,” reports. “Chris Hurst, 30, supported stricter gun safety measures, but centered his campaign around other issues including an expansion of Medicaid and increased funding for schools. […]

How Gun Controllers and 2A Backers See the World – IMI Systems Quote of the Day (Enter to Win 1000 Rounds of IMI 9mm Ammo)

“For gun control backers, there is a direct link between the number of guns in the country, the strength of the National Rifle Association’s lobbying efforts to keep any further gun restrictions from becoming law and the number of mass shootings in the country. For supporters of gun rights, there is simply no tie between violence […]

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy’s Official Statement on Sutherland Springs Shooting: “None of this is Inevitable”

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) released a statement on Sunday after multiple people were killed and injured in a shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas: “The paralysis you feel right now – the impotent helplessness that washes over you as news of another mass slaughter scrolls across the television screen – isn’t real. It’s a fiction […]