UK Police Foil Mass Murder Gun and Pipe Bomb Plot

Lyburd's GLOCK and magazines (courtesy

After a  UK teen named Liam Lyburd took the hump at being ejected from a college course, he decided to shoot his college classmates and toss around a few pipe bombs. Police foiled the aspiring mass murderer’s plot. Mr. Lyburd will now be housed at Her Majesty’s pleasure. What’s important from our point-of-view: the UK’s gun laws failed to prevent Mr. Lyburd from acquiring a GLOCK, three extended capacity ammunition magazines and 94 hollow-point 9mm rounds. In testimony before the court Lyburd said buying the gun was . . .

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Grassroots Gun Rights’ Biggest Fear: Bloomberg


Here at the Gun Rights Policy Conference there has been quite a bit of speechifyin’. Most of it is stuff we already know — the various gun rights organizations generally do a good job of keeping us in the loop, so I’ve been spending most of my time browsing Reddit and schmoozing with the other attendees rather than paying close attention to the substance of most of the speakers. But there’s been one notable theme I have picked up on while browsing amusing cat pictures: Michael Bloomberg . . .

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Did The Papal Visit Gun Ban Violate PA’s Preemption Law?


In case you’ve been too distracted by all the headlines about Syria, Hillary Clinton’s e-mail problems and the return of Bloom County to notice, Pope Francis spent the last few days here in these United States. TTAG reader James R. lives near Philadelphia, where His Holiness celebrated a hugely-attended mass on Sunday. The security measures taken in preparation for the Pontiff’s visit piqued James’ curiosity . . .

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OMG! 1.8m Registered Guns in the UK! OMG!

"Slight fall: But 1.3m is still a lot of shotguns" (caption and photo courtesy

“The number of legally owned guns in England and Wales is at its highest level for 20 years,” reports. Note the wording: “for 20 years.” Twenty years ago, in the wake of the Dunblane Primary School massacre, Her Majesty’s Government instituted the kind of gun control legislation that American antis dream about. For one thing, all handguns (save .22 calibre single-shot weapons) were banned. Just like that; civilian disarmament. But not total disarmament. Provided a UK subject could jump through a plethora of regulatory hoops, they could own shotguns and rifles. And so they have, in increasing numbers. Here are the stats . . .

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Dems Propose ‘Good Neighbor’ Certification Program for FFLs


One of the many ways gun control activists try to limit law-abiding gun owners’ ability to legally purchase firearms: gun store demonization. Just as Democrats have convinced many of their followers that Republicans are greedy white racists who should be shunned, the antis want the public to view gun dealers as merchants of death. To that end, the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex wants to create federal legislation to mandate the Gun Dealer Code of Conduct concocted by The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Only now they’re calling it . . .

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NPR’s Lazy Journalism on Guns and Teenage Suicide

Desmond Meagley (courtesy

The recently published study State Gun Law Environment and Youth Gun Carrying in the United States purports to prove that “more restrictive overall gun control policies are associated with a reduced likelihood of youth gun carrying.” The usual media suspects have decided that the study also proves that less restrictive gun control laws lead to more youth gun carrying, leading to more firearms-related teen suicides. A bit of a stretch, no? Our man Krafft fisked a CNN story built on this premise. It looks like got the memo from Mayor Bloomberg’s pseudo-journos at NPR’s When Deciding To Live Means Avoiding Guns is similar to but far worse than CNN’s “teens should be around guns” anti-gun agitprop. Check it out . . .

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State Gun Law Environment and Youth Gun Carrying in the United States Debunked


Our old friends at CNN are at it again (still). This time they’re breathlessly yet loudly pronouncing the results of a study posted in JAMA Pediatrics. The report title is innocuous enough; State Gun Law Environment and Youth Gun Carrying in the United StatesCNN takes the idea and runs with it. They headline their take Stricter state gun laws keep firearms out of hands of youth complete with a two-minute video featuring “The Loneliest Club” [click on the link to watch]. That would be a group of 40 people who have lost loved ones to CGUs (Criminal Gun Uses). As far as I can tell the video has nothing to do with either the study or the story, but hey, you gotta tug those heartstrings somehow! Anyway, the article opens up thusly . . .

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This Is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: Homemade Shotguns in Australia Edition

Australian homemade shotgun (courtesy

“HIGH-powered [I say, I say, HIGH-powered] homemade shotguns being traded on the black market for just a few hundred dollars are the new weapons of choice for drug dealers in Melbourne,” reports. “Police are raising the alarm over the new wave of backyard weapons, which can fire real 12-gauge shotgun cartridges and are easy to conceal.” Wait. People can MAKE shotguns? Since when? Since ever? Well, um, how does that square with Australian gun control laws? They’re illegal, obviously. But if bad guys can MAKE shotguns there’s no real point in banning them for law-abiding citizens, is there? Let’s take a closer look . . .

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Leaked Doc Reveals Proposed Locations of “Gun-Free” Zones at UT-Arlington


Texas law recently made “campus carry” legal, effective August 2016 at universities and August 2017 at community colleges. The caveat: public education facilities may designate certain “sensitive” areas “gun free zones”. A TTAG tipster sent us a leaked document from a meeting at the University of Texas-Arlington wherein the university discussed which areas of UT-A’s campus should be no-go areas for Americans seeking to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Again, these areas are proposed, not officially designated or adopted. Yet. The most egregious? “Campus-wide during finals week.” Here’s the full list . . .

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SunSentinel’s Fact-Free Diatribe Against Campus Carry

York Bodden (courtesy

Campus carry is getting another look in the Sunshine State. On Monday, a Florida Senate bill  legalizing licensed campus carry passed out of committee (3 -2 party lines) A House bill also escaped committee unscathed. Contemplating campus carry’s resurrection, the left-leaning Florida SunSentinel felt obliged to have another bash at the attempt to “allow” legal gun owners the ability to exercise their gun rights at Florida’s public institutions of higher learning. The result is, predictably enough, completely inane . . .

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