New/Old Bill Would Create an Anti-Gun “Department of Peacebuilding”

“This is quite an interesting bill,” TTAG reader GC writes, referring to H.R.1111To establish a Department of Peacebuilding, introduced by no less than nine House Representatives. “I’m still combing through it. But it essentially looks like a liberal wet dream that will essentially create a cabinet level position whose sole purpose would be to eliminate guns. It starts with paragraph 4 and all the absurd claims the author makes regarding gun violence. According to the author, 10% of the world’s gun deaths occur in the U.S. . . .

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OMG! Scott Walker Once Backed A Gun Control Bill! OMG!

“Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s got an A-plus rating from the National Rifle Association,” reports,”but he once backed a bill that could have -” Stop right there! I gotta know right now, before we go any further, do you love me? Will you love me forever? Do you need me? Will you never leave me? Will you make me so happy for the rest of my life? Will you take me away and will you make me your wife? OK, not wife. But seriously, what gun bill did Everytown for Civilian Disarmament jefe Bloomberg’s minions uncover that could scuttle his presidential aspirations amongst pro-gunners? Glad you asked . . .

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MA Health Care Worker: “Gun Free” Boston Hospitals Not So Safe

TTAG reader RN writes:

There was a man shot at Brigham & Women’s Hospital (Boston, MA) this morning (1/20/15). I first found out about this while checking my work e-mail around 1430. (I work at a different hospital). There were reports on the news on the way home. From what I can determine now, a man went to one of the clinics, asked for a doctor by name, and shot him at close range.  The building was put in lockdown. Police found the suspect, apparently dead by his own hand.  The victim is said to be in critical condition. The email from my hospital’s president was timed at 1313 (it is now 1613). From his letter . . .

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Gun Contol Lessons from The New Orleans Airport Attack

New Orlean International Airport (courtesy

“Richard White sprayed Transportation Security Administration agents and several passengers in line at the [New Orleans’ International Airport] checkpoint with wasp killer,” the AP reports. “He then drew a large machete from the waistband of his pants. A male TSA agent blocked the machete with a piece of luggage as White ran through a metal detector. Lt. Heather Slyve of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office drew her weapon. White continued to swing the machete as she approached, and she fired three rounds, striking him in the face, chest and leg . . .

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New York Times: The Gun Lobby, The Gun Lobby, The Gun Lobby!

Francis X. Clines (courtesy

“The power of the gun lobby over statehouse politicians has led to a raft of laws dear to gun rights adherents, from a measure allowing concealed firearms on college campuses to one legalizing the open carrying of holstered pistols for those who like to swagger into restaurants and coffee bars,” Francis X. Clines opines at “The growing question of whether the lobby had nullified all serious political resistance was answered Friday when West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, usually a reliable supporter of the National Rifle Association, vetoed a bill to scrap the current law that citizens have to get a permit and take gun safety lessons in order to legally carry a concealed weapon in the state.” Question: what is the gun lobby? Is it . . .

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Energy Giant Fights Against Montanans’ Civil Rights

NorthWestern Energy, a South-Dakota based energy conglomerate with over one billion dollars in gross annual revenue, likes that it can ban its employees from carrying firearms at work so much so that it’s willing to fight against a law that wouldn’t necessarily impact that ability. By their own admission, this represents the seventh legislative session in which the energy conglomerate has directed its political mercenaries in Helena to stand against legislation aimed at strengthening legal protections for the civil right to keep and bear arms . . .

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VT Gun Control Legislation Marches On


By Sara Tipton

Despite earlier defeats, gun control advocates are still pushing legislation in Vermont. The restrictive measures against firearms were thought to be dead earlier this year, however, two provisions of the original bill put forward obtained committee support last week. Vermont bill S.31 has been hotly debated among lawmakers and gun rights groups. The bill was introduced by state Senators John Campbell, Phillip Baruth, and Claire D. Ayer. All sponsors of this bill are Democrats . . .

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Here’s Why Gun Grabbers Are So Nasty

We’ve noted for a while now how nasty the forces of civilian disarmament have become in recent years. Since their failure to significantly move the anti-gun needle after Newtown — an opportunity they saw as a sure thing for rolling back Second Amendment rights — the gun-grabbing community seems to have ratcheted up (or down, really) the venom and vulgarity. One of our readers, Ozallos, posited the following theory under our post, ‘Why Are Anti-Gunners So Vile? – Reads Their Hate Mail’ . . .

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Life in New Jersey: Owner of Legal Firearm Seeks Pardon for Felony Conviction

A lawfully owned pistol resulted in the arrest of this man, Stefan Josie-Davis, a licensed security guard. As a result, he’s lost his job and will never achieve his goal of becoming a police officer. As Dirk Diggler writes, “Since Howard Schultz has Starbucks engaging in “race discussions” on coffee cups now, maybe he will take up the outdated and racially charged gun possession laws in NJ, NY and other states created as a way of keeping blacks,‎ immigrants, and other “undesirables” unarmed and unprotected? Doubtful but worth shaming them for their $hitty coffee and poor policy.”


TTAG Commentator: Be Careful What You Wish For

Underneath our post Gun Hero of the Day: CT Rep. Rob Sampson, commentator John warned that giving the state power to confiscate guns from depressed and/or mentally ill people “is a cure worse than the disease.” Here’s his take:

I believe it was impolitic of you to accuse Derek of proposing that, “…people be allowed to commit suicide…”. I’ll attribute it to the intensity of your feeling. Sadly, the world is not a perfect place. My heart goes out to any families with seriously depressed loved ones. They have my sympathies. That said . . .

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Inside the Twisted Mind of A Gun Control Advocate: CSGV Edition

(courtesy CSGV Facebook page)

The Campaign to Stop Gun Violence Facebook page is an anti-gun posting machine. They share dozens of posts per day, linking to pro-gun control screeds and stories, highlighting examples of “gun violence”, uploading cartoons that portray gun owners as buffoons (and worse), re-publishing threatening and generally dumb-ass pro-gun comments from other blogs, zines and websites…generally beating the drum for civilian disarmament. Recently they created the above meme, which borrows an image of John “Guns Save Life” Boch posted on our “I Am A Gun Owner” Facebook album, captioned “This is for all the lonely people…” When we posted their diss, they sent us a snarky Tweet . . .

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