BREAKING: Israel Loosens Gun Laws After Synagogue Spree Killing

Jerusalem synagogue attack (courtesy

“In the coming hours, I will ease restrictions on carrying weapons,”Israeli Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch announced today on public radio. Aharonovitch indicated the liberalization would only apply to licensed gun carriers, such as private security guards and off-duty army officers. The change does NOT mean that anyone with a gun can carry a gun, or that the State will make it easier for Israeli citizens to get a gun license. As TTAG has reported, the Jewish State has been moving in the opposite direction, towards civilian disarmament, for years. If that blows your mind check out the Sephardi chief rabbi of Israel’s reaction to today’s synagogue slaughter [via]. . .

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A Reader Report from the Premier of Gun Documentary ‘No Control’


Saturday RF wrote about the premier of the documentary ‘No Control’, featuring Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson. As luck would have it, TTAG reader Brett was visiting the city that never sleeps and attended the premier Saturday night at the IFC Center for us. He files this report:

I’m from coastal southern California. Not exactly a bastion of firearms freedom – although thanks to Sir Edward Peruta I finally get to exercise my natural, civil, and Constitutional right to bear arms (yes, I’ve unilaterally declared him a knight of the TTAG Armed Intelligentsia). I found myself staying in New York City over the weekend – one of the few places with even less regard for the Bill of Rights than the Golden State. As any TTAG reader would, I worked firearms into the trip. Luck had it that the world premiere of Jessica Solce’s ‘No Control‘ – a documentary on gun politics – had its world premiere Saturday night . . .

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LA Times to CA AG: Fight Concealed Carry. Again. Still.


“Under California law, counties have the option of restricting permits to carry concealed weapons in public to those applicants who establish a ‘good cause’ for doing so,” the LA Times editorial board opines. “Or they did until earlier this year, when a divided three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals weakened the law. Now, the same panel has ruled that the state of California has no standing to appeal the initial decision, a questionable call in a case that deserves deeper scrutiny.” In other words, the Times reckons the state should decide whether or not a California resident has “good cause” to vote. I mean, publish a newspaper. I mean worship at their choice of church. Wait. What was it again? Oh right. Exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Because guns. Or, as they put it . . .

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Study: More Guns Means More Crime. Or Not.


It’s the holy grail of gun control activists: proof that more guns equals more crime. Quantitative evidence that the mere existence of firearms increases crime, therefore justifying the disarmament of Americans. A study claiming to have reached just that conclusion came out last week, and naturally all of the usual suspects are jumping all over it. The study, produced by Stanford University, may make some interesting claims but even the press release touting it notes that it just might all be a wild-ass guess . . .

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WA State Patrol: We Won’t Arrest Universal Background Check Protesters

Washington State Patrol recruit learns the finer point of the teacup grip (courtesy

We recently reported that Washington state gun owners are planning an act of civil disobedience. In defiance of the Evergreen State’s freshly-minted Universal Background Check law – brought into being by a mid-term ballot initiative (I-594) – tooled up protestors will exchange firearms. Without a NICS check. In public. In front of the state capitol building. And now reports that they will do so without any law enforcement intervention from the State Patrol . . .

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Quaker Pastor Touts Fake Conversion on Gun Rights


“Before [Newtown massacre victim] Noah Pozner died, I thought there was nothing wrong with the Second Amendment a little common sense couldn’t fix,” Quaker pastor Philip Gulley writes at See the problem? Gun control advocates use the phrase “common sense” to describe any and all laws mandating civilian disarmament. So Gulley’s assertion that “there’s nothing wrong with the Second Amendment” that “common sense couldn’t fix” is like saying there’s nothing wrong with a children’s playground that a bulldozer couldn’t fix. In other words . . .

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A Balanced Documentary on Gun Control? What Are the Odds?

Defense Distributed jefe Cody Wilson is a pal. I’ve spent many an hour listening to Mr. Wilson’s rapid-fire anti-government rants. His polemics, peppered with references to classical literature, are a veritable farrago of philosophy, law, politics, science and technology. Although I’m not as well read as the self-described “crypto-anarchist,” I can just about keep up. The question is, can viewers of No Control follow Cody’s [bullet] train of thought? That all depends on . . .

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MD School Expels Student for Posing with a Firearm

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 8.33.53 AM

Severn School officials say they have removed a student from the school after he posted a picture of himself holding a gun, along with a threatening caption, on social media,” reports. What did the fox – I mean caption say? “In a letter to parents on Tuesday, Headmaster Doug Lagarde said the student posted the picture on Instagram over the weekend with a caption that read: ‘I could actually kill someone with this gun.'” Unfortunately, the unnamed student forgot to add the Nixonian caveat “but that would be wrong.” “Lagarde said the posting is ‘not appropriate’ and violates Severn’s rules and expectations.” And so . . .

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Buffalo, NY PD Confiscate Dead Men’s Guns

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 4.36.16 PM

“Buffalo Police say they’re determined to get more guns off the streets and now they’re checking to see whether pistol permit holders have passed away and what happened to their gun or guns,” reports (click image to view video). “‘We recently started a program where we’re cross referencing all the pistol permit holders with the death records, and we’re sending people out to collect the guns whenever possible so that they don’t end up in the wrong hands,’ said Police Commissioner Daniel Derrenda. ‘Because at times they lay out there and the family is not aware of them and they end up just out on the street.'” Wait. Do handguns lay out there or sneak off onto the street? The gunblogosphere see this story as marking the beginning of the SAFE Act “they’re heeeere!” gun confiscation gunpocalypse. I don’t think so. After all, the people who would protest the gun grab, gun owners, are dead. Just sayin’.


WA I-594 Background Check Protest Set for December 13

The impassioned video above didn’t stop the passage of Washington state’s “universal background check” bill. And so an unknown number of gun rights advocates are set to convene at the state capitol to violate the law in plain site. They’ll exchange guns, buy and sell guns and generally play pass the firearm – all in contravention of the newly-approved I-594’s provisions. The cops have yet to declare their intentions for this act of mass (the participants hope) civil disobedience. So it could be a damp squib (hardly anyone shows, the police do nothing and only local media pays attention), an ugly police action (a bit more local media coverage) or something really not good (LOADS of media coverage). Click here for the I Will Not Comply Facebook page. At the time of writing, Resolute for Arms and Liberty has a scant 1650 followers. Still, as Shannon Watts will tell you, the longest journey starts with a single like. [h/t CM]


LA Times: “Let’s Lock Up LA’s Guns”

Smith & Wesson M&P with pink combination trigger lock (coutesy tactical

I am constantly amazed (but not amused) by the gun control crowd’s utter insensitivity to gun owners’ civil rights. Would the LA Times run a headline “Let’s Lock Up Cell Phones”? And yet they feel perfectly comfortable “encouraging” the Los Angeles City Council to “pursue” their plan to pass a law requiring gun owners to lock up — and render inoperable — their firearms. Without addressing the fact that any such law opens the door to unannounced home inspections (presumably by California’s newly-financed Gun Confiscation Team). That said, I found this startling gem in the middle of their anti-gun agitprop . . .

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