American Bar Association: Gun Control is Part of Our Mission


The American Bar Association is the trade group for many of the nation’s attorneys (please keep your lawyer jokes in the comments family friendly). But in addition to promoting the practice of law and trying to keep their members from living up to the public’s worst stereotypes of the profession, they’ve also chosen to get involved in social issue advocacy. For some reason. And one of their pet causes is what the gun-grabbing community euphemistically refers to as “preventing gun violence.” Translation: The ABA is a made member of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex . . . Continue Reading


BREAKING: Bloomberg Loses Again – Milwaukee’s Pro-Gun Sheriff David Clarke Wins Democrat Primary

You’d think that at some point Michael Bloomberg would tire of unproductively flushing his cash down anti-gun electoral ratholes. Then again, when you’re worth $33 billion, blowing $150,000 on a futile effort to defeat a midwestern pro-gun sheriff is a little like you or me discovering we lost $20 through a hole in our pocket. It may be annoying, but it won’t affect his lifestyle in the slightest. Just like former Mayor Mike’s failed efforts to prop up anti-gun legislators in Colorado who’d supported his gun control agenda . . . Continue Reading


Bring the Heat – Attend a Moms Demand Action Grilling for Gun Sense BBQ Next Week!


What pairs better with some juicy barbecue than a little anti-gun agitprop? Shannon Watts’ Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America isn’t just for the estrogen-enhanced crowd. As the summer winds down, the Bloomberg owned and operated anti-gun org is trying to broaden their base by recruiting some testosterone-packed true believers to flip burgers to further their civilian disarmament campaign, too. “Join us for a week of Grilling for Gun Sense! From Saturday, August 23 to Saturday August 30th, our Dads chapter is preparing to host barbecues all over the country to raise awareness for our Gun Sense Voter (GSV) campaign.” . . .

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BREAKING: Federal Judge Upholds Ban on “Dangerous and Unusual” “Assault Weapons”

Colt LE901 (courtesy Nick Leghorn for The Truth About Guns)

U.S. District Judge Catherine C. Blake has ruled the state’s ban on assault rifles is legal, after a lawsuit brought against state officials by several pro-gun groups, manufacturers and retailers alleged it was unconstitutional,” reports. [Click here for the ruling.] “The judge ruled that the ban on assault rifles and large-capacity magazines was not a violation of second-amendment rights. She agreed that a total ban on handguns, for example, would be a violation of the right to bear arms, but that a ban only on certain types of guns was legal. She said . . .

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Brits Find Gun Prohibition Work-Around, Finally Have a Usable AR-15

There’s some interesting stuff coming out of the United Kingdom these days, specifically a new concept for getting around the existing semi-auto rifle ban that has been in place for ages. Previous attempts to get a somewhat functional AR-15 or semi-automatic-esque firearm into the market relied on a pump action sort of design where the operator worked the action for every shot, but now a new design seems to be popping up that’s enabling our limey cousins to enjoy some of the rapid firing capabilities of the rifle that they have been sorely missing.

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Fox News Pimps for NY Safe Storage Gun Law. Tucker Carlson to the Rescue!

When you hear gentle music in the background of a TV news package about a shooting death it’s a sure sign that the producer is pro-civilian disarmament. It’s only a matter of time before the announcer says something along the lines of “the bereaved parents are looking to pass Nicholas’ Bill in New York State.” You know; some gun control bill that would have saved the young boy or girl’s life. No mention’s made of the legislation’s downside, or the fact that the new law violates the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Ah, but this time, on Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson was there to put the report in a less flattering light . . .

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OMG! TSA Confiscates 1000′s of Handguns! OMG!

(courtesy Google maps)

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that U.S. airlines carried 642 million scheduled service passengers in 2013. reports that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) found 1,813 firearms in carry-on baggage that same year. That’s a very small percentage, right? You know what’s even smaller? The number of terrorist attacks on or using airplanes in 2013. Now you could say that the TSA’s ballistic intervention is somewhat, partially, maybe even just a little bit responsible for that lack of in-fight terrorist activity. Or you could think . . .

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Question of the Day: Do You Know Any Fudds?

Elmer Fudd (right) (courtesy

Last week, Gerald Patrick Marr shot and killed a 31-year-old mother and her daughter and then shot and killed himself. Within hours, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s Facebook page waved the bloody shirt. The only [semi] interesting thing about their post: they didn’t bother to specifically state what new law would have prevented the tragedy (hint: none). There are gun owners who sympathize with MDA’s intentionally oblique crusade for “sensible” restrictions on gun ownership. Foremost amongst them, “Fudds” – hunters who can’t understand why people want to own modern sporting rifles. And, by extension, “high-capacity” handguns. [See: letter to the editor after the jump.]  Do you know anyone like that? . . .
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Gun Exemption for NYC Synagogues? Fuggedaboudit!


“’People are scared,’ he said, referring to violence against Jews in France and Germany. ‘It’s coming here, if it’s not here already.’” That’s New York City rabbi Gary Moskowitz talking to about the anti-Isreal backlash over the current bout of tsuris in Gaza. London’s already seen large demonstrations, and as the rabbi notes, Europe’s experienced plenty of violence. Not wanting to wait and see if the same develops on this side of the Atlantic, Moskowitz has an idea for protecting his flock. He’s “trying to persuade politicians to change city law to allow ‘premise permits’ for members of every synagogue in the five boroughs.” . . .

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Bloomberg PAC Dumps $150,000 Into Race Against Pro-Gun Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke


Reader Brian K. writes:

It appears that Lord Farqaad, aka Michael Bloomberg, is piling on to an easy opportunity to take out a pro-gun sheriff in a liberal county. Apparently he is dumping 150K in ads on top of the rich county executive’s 300K to get Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark out. In total, Clark is facing more than 600K in money against him by our liberal establishment to put in place a liberal mouthpiece lieutenant from the MPD, who will harp about more gun control laws, joining the MPD chief, mayor, and county DA in pointing fingers at someone else to cover their failing, soft-on-crime philosophy.


NRA Pulls Dom Raso’s “Guns for the Blind” Video. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Re-Publish It

NRA commentator Don Raso posted a video Sunday [above] in which the former Spec Ops commentator argued that blind people should be able to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. When anti-gunners caught wind of his message they raised holy hell (e.g. former Perkins School for the Blind jefe Steven Rothstein’s comment to “This video is not only disturbing but also misleading and they are using individuals who are visually impaired in a cynical attempt to further their extremist position on gun control.”) On Thursday, the NRA pulled Raso’s vid. So the pro-gun control group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America popped Raso’s spot up on their YouTube channel. Hang on . . .

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BREAKING: James Brady (Brady Campaign Namesake) Death Ruled “Homicide”


The 73 year old James Brady, former press secretary and former chair of the Brady Campaign to Reduce Gun Violence (re-named from the more accurate “Handgun Control, Inc.”), died earlier this week. Mr. Brady became a vocal advocate for forced civilian disarmament after being shot in an assassination attempt while serving as press secretary to President Ronald Reagan. Now, thirty-three years after the incident, James Brady has died and the medical examiner has ruled his death a homicide.

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Ban Excavators!

“A tractor driven by a Palestinian man rammed into a bus in central Jerusalem early Monday afternoon,” reports. “A male pedestrian, later named as Avraham Walz, 29, was run over by the tractor as it headed toward the bus and was killed. The tractor driver, identified as East Jerusalem resident Muhammed Naif El-Ja’abis, 23, turned the bus over onto its side during the attack, making several efforts to do so before he succeeded. The bus driver as well as five others were lightly hurt.” And then, a good guy with a gun . . .

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CA Lawmaker Proposes Banning Body Armor for All “Civilians”

Apparently it isn’t enough that the Democrats continue to find new ways to prevent citizens from defending themselves with firearms. Now they also seem dead-set on making Americans even more vulnerable in an effort to stop the occasional well-equipped criminal. The latest brain storm by California Democrat Mike Honda would ban “civilians” in the United States from purchasing body armor. The reason behind the move is ostensibly to discourage mass shooters from using body armor in their attacks, but we’ve seen how well that theory works. Just look at the success of “assault weapons,” so-called high capacity magazines capacity restrictions, waiting periods and firearms licensing and…the list goes on. The language being used to defend this proposal is eerily similar . . .

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Washington Post: Meet the German Designer Behind the “Smart Gun”

Gun designer Ernst Mauch looks at the Armatix iP1 while violating one of the four safety rules. (courtesy

Let’s get the politics out of the way first. Predictably, inaccurately, the Washington Post article on “smart gun” gun designer Ernst Mauch asserts that “Second Amendment advocates” and the NRA (‘natch) are blocking the U.S. Armatix iP1 “fearing the technology will be mandated.” To be clear, New Jersey has a law that does just that. Three years after any gun store in the U.S. offers the first “smart gun” for sale, all new guns for sale in NJ must be equipped with user-recognition technology. So it’s not paranoia that prevents Mauch’s handiwork from gaining acceptance among gun owners. It’s the fact that anti-gun politicians want to ram these unreliable, remote controllable firearms down owners’ throats. OK, so, here’s what inspired Mauch to develop the iP1 . . .

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