Americans for Responsible Solutions Supports Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abusers Act


Why Are So Many of America’s Women Murdered with a Gun? Americans for Responsible Solutions asks in its online anti-gun agitprop, promoting the Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abusers Act. That’s a tough question, one that makes one wonder how many is “so many” and is that many many compared to the many other women who die from many other causes? Of course, the pronoun “one” doesn’t include gun control advocates who cling to the belief that “one” woman murdered with a gun is too many to not create new gun control laws. People who bend stats to their will to make sweeping generalizations that [seem to] justify civilian disarmament. Like this . . .

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“Stymied” On Gun Control, President Obama Vows to “Keep Working On It”

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 8.11.56 AM

“U.S. President Barack Obama says the issue that has left him ‘the most stymied’ is the debate over gun control,” reports. “Obama tells the BBC [click here to watch] that he’s frustrated’ that the U.S. “(is the one advanced nation on Earth that) does not have commonsense gun safety laws, even in the face of repeated mass killings.'” The CIC made the statement just hours before the Lafayette theater shooting (which counts as a mass killing because the shooter took his own life). “Obama says that while fewer than 100 Americans have been killed by terrorism since September 11, 2001, tens of thousands have been killed by gun violence.” In other words . . .

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NY Times: Here’s How Obama Should Force Gun Companies To Sell Smart Guns


The editorial board at the New York Times is pissed. They thought President Obama would be their knight in shining armor for enacting ever more draconian and nonsensical gun control laws. Unfortunately the pesky Congress has gotten in the way time and again to prevent much of anything from happening. It’s almost as if will of the American people conflicts with The Times’ preferences…but that can’t possibly be because the Grey Lady stocks her editorial staff almost exclusively with morally and intellectually superior individuals. Obviously it’s Congress’s fault that nothing has been done, so The Times has come up with a few proposals as to how the commander-in-chief can enact some rather expansive gun control without a single vote of the legislative branch . . .

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Contest Entry: At Best, A Privilege


By Ben Griffiths

I grew up in a gun-free household in the outskirts of Los Angeles. I shot a few times with the Boy Scouts on my way to becoming an Eagle, so I was familiar with firearms, but that was my only firearms experience. My perception of firearms drastically changed in the summer of 1998 when I witnessed a poorly planned, poorly executed bank robbery . . .

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Texas Rep Wants An End To Hospital “Gun-Free Zones”


By James England (via

Carrying a concealed firearm into the Texas state capitol building is as easy as bringing your Texas concealed carry permit. Yet state representative Drew Springer is miffed he had to leave his concealed carry firearm in his car while visiting a deputy sheriff at the Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth. So miffed, in fact, he decided it’s high time such nonsense came to an end. This is Texas, after all. They have a reputation to uphold . . .

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This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace – Staten Island Edition

The worst thing about a society that compels its citizenry to be disarmed by law is not the fact that it allows the strong criminal element to prey more easily on the weak. That’s obviously a factor, but it’s something out there and obvious. What I find to be more troublesome is the insidious effect it has on the people as a whole. I suspect that a people used to being disarmed will start viewing themselves as less in control of their environment, being less willing to take responsibility for their own safety . . .

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NRA Statement on Military Carry

NRA logo (courtesy

Chris Cox, Executive Director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, released the following statement regarding the ban on troops carrying firearms on military installations:

“It’s outrageous that members of our Armed Services have lost their lives because the government has forced them to be disarmed in the workplace.”

“President Obama should fully repeal Defense Department Directive 5210.56 immediately, and Congress should pursue a legislative fix to ensure that our service men and women are allowed to defend themselves on U.S. soil.”


Gun Hero of the Day: Michael Baryla

Tracy Rifle (courtesy

“In a rare legal challenge converging the First and Second amendments, a California gun store owner’s bid to continue advertising handguns has been denied by a federal judge, ending a temporary agreement between the store and the state Department of Justice to not enforce a nearly 100-year-old law that bans advertising handguns in public,” reports. The rest of the article details the travesty that is the judge’s ruling, which acknowledges gun store owner Michael Baryla’s First Amendment right to free speech while upholding the ban on the posters because it “dampens [the] demand for emotion-driven impulse purchases of handguns.” Barely’s continuing the fight. And how. Check out his reaction . . .

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The Trace: Arming Military Members at Home Would Lead to Martial Law

Adam Weinstein (courtesy Twitter)

You gotta love The Trace. ‘Cause I sure don’t. Well, I do, a little. I love how they state the pro-gun position at the top of their post Why Military Security Experts Know That Arming All Troops Is Not the Answer. “The argument that all military service members should be armed with guns to protect themselves — proffered by GOP presidential candidates Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Donald Trump in the wake of the shooting deaths of four Marines and a sailor last week in Chattanooga, Tennessee — is so basic that there’s not much argument to it at all.” See? You can’t ask for more than that. Unfortunately, we get more than that. But first, writer Adam Weinstein [above] serves-up more on-target pro-gun logic. Like this . . .

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Where Guns Are The Issue, Data Is As Data Does


By Robert B. Young, MD

Science is supposed to be objective and data-based. Unfortunately, findings aren’t always fact-based and can be skewed, intentionally or not. Premises, like their conclusions, may be questionable. What is the risk that reports that dazzle with brilliance disguise attempts to baffle with bull—-? Pretty high, when they come from gun control advocates . . .

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