BREAKING: Washington DC Approves “May Issue” Concealed Carry Licensing


Word came late last night that Washington, D.C. had approved legislation to begin issuing concealed carry licenses in the District. The legislation (full text here) brings the District into compliance with a Federal court ruling that clarified that the Second Amendment applies not only within the home but also outside the home — in other words, that concealed carry is a Constitutionally protected right. The major hurdle for obtaining one of these licenses is the fact that the Chief of Police in Washington, D.C. needs to be convinced that you should be issued a permit, and “may” issue that permit depending on their mood at the time. From the newly passed law . . .

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Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety Endorses “Gun Safety Champions,” Puts Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Jefe Shannon Watts On Tour

When former Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced his intention to plow tens of millions of dollars into his civilian disarmament campaign through Everytown for Gun Safety, it was clear the ballistic bully boy was playing political hardball. So far so bad. Bloomberg made a major misstep when he reacted to the recall of  pro-gun Colorado Dems by portraying Colorado Springs and Pueblo as “roadless” rural outposts. In fact, Bloomberg’s support has become political fodder for his chosen candidates’ opponents. Everytown’s announcement of their “Gun Safety Champions” won’t motivate anti-gun voters (if such a thing exists) but it will help get out the pro-gun vote (which exists). Click here for the drop down list of Bloomie’s 16 faves, all of whom are lauded for supporting .  . .

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Defense Distributed is Up To Something, Coming September 30th

In politics, the term “October surprise” refers to a last minute plan to disrupt the opponent and sway the election. The point of the exercise is that the news will break so close to the day of the vote that the opponent has no time to effectively react or regain the narrative before the election in November. It usually comes in the form of something like news of a drug arrest in the opponent’s past or other embarrassing occurrence. As for Defense Distributed’s use of the term in this teaser video, I have no idea what’s up their sleeve. Which is kinda the pint. But Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed, the people who brought you the first 3D printed gun, are up to something. Stay tuned.


Man Shot in GA Target Parking Lot

“A man was shot Sunday evening in the parking lot of the Target store at The Prado shopping center on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. The man, whose name has not been released, was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wounds to the back and arm,” Steve Rose said. TTAG reader KA writes: “Well, I wonder if Shannon and friends would consider getting carjacked and shot in the back in a Target parking lot #offTarget. Personally, I find victim disarmament zones leave me feeling #targeted, to use their vernacular. Oh well, at least it didn’t happen inside the store, because, you know, that would be against Target’s, um, polite request that guns stay in the car. Best wishes to the guy who got shot.”


“Vile” Americans for Responsible Solutions Ad Targets AZ Pro-Gun Pol

“Congresswoman Gabby Giffords never resorted to the kind of squalid campaigning this ad represents,” protests. “She won her fights with energy, ideas and a disarming good nature. She didn’t do nasty. So concerned was she about the breakdown of civility in politics that only a week before her own shooting, she was at a New Year’s Renaissance Weekend retreat expressing her desire to improve it.” Of course, Giffords suffered severe brain injury from the shooting; it’s unlikely that she approved of, or maybe even knows about this ad. azcentral finally goes there: “Perhaps the Tucson shooting changed Gabby Giffords. Perhaps she is the one who controls the message. But we doubt it. That’s not who she is.” For the record, here’s‘s fact check on ARS’ character assassination . . .

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Never Mind Fast & Furious. Why Are We Sending Guns to the Mexican Government?

Crime scene (courtesy

There is no doubt in my mind that Obama Administration cabinet members knew about Operation Fast & Furious, the ATF’s “stingless sting” that enabled the sale of some 2000 U.S. gun store guns to Mexican drug thugs. Two of which ended-up in the hands of men who murdered U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. I am reasonably sure the President of the United States was also briefed on the extralegal, U.S.-sponsored gun smuggling operation. I am losing hope that they will be held accountable for approving this criminal endeavor. Meanwhile, the U.S. has been supplying the Mexican Army and State Police with fully-automatic firearms, knowing full well that tens of thousands of these guns “seep” into the hands of narco-terrorists. (Syrian rebels anyone?) And knowing that the Mexican Army and Police are just as murderous as the cartels. Here’s some [more] evidence that legal firearms sales are arming Mexican killers . . .

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Question for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America: What Gun Control Law Would Have Prevented This?

Jessica Arrendale and baby (courtesy

Here’s a recent post on the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Facebook page: “DEAD GEORGIA MOTHER HAILED AS HERO: Last week, a Georgia mother saved her 6-month-old baby by sheltering the infant in a toilet before her boyfriend shot her in the head with a semi-automatic rifle. He then turned the gun on himself. Both Jessica Arrendale and her child’s father, Antoine Davis, were found dead. The baby, who police found 13 hours after the shooting, is safe after being treated for injuries: Davis, a war veteran, had a history of depression and domestic violence. American women are 11 times more likely to be shot to death by an intimate partner than in other developed nations. We must elect leaders who support laws that protect women from gun violence. In honor of Jessica, SHARE and SIGN our Gun Sense Voter pledge..”  OK so . . .

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Note to Gun Control Advocates: Do You Think of Children Like These When Fighting “Gun Violence”?

Denzel Burke and Michael Phillips (courtesy

Gun control advocates are famous (in these parts) for using misleading statistics to promote civilian disarmament. Gun violence claims 30k lives a year! they proclaim. The antis ignore or skim over the fact that suicides account for around half of these deaths. Gun control has no appreciable effect upon this behavior (see: “gun-free” Japan’s suicide rate). Doesn’t matter. Gun control is for the children™. For example . . .

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Have a Toy Gun in Atlantic City? Go to Jail.

Toy gun (courtesy

There ought to be a law about people who say there ought to be a law. In most cases, there already is a law or a new law would do sweet FA to solve the targeted problem. Exhibit A: the Atlantic City Council has banned toy guns. “The ordinance, introduced by all of council and initiated by Police Lt. James Sarkos, bans the sale, possession or use of any imitation firearms — except for non-firing antiques and film prop guns — which aren’t in bright, flourescent colors or transparent,” reports . . .

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46 Calls for Gun Confiscation

"A total of 1,345 firearms were sold or surrendered during a two-day buyback program organized by the Bergen County Sheriff's Office." (caption and photo courtesy

One of the things that make this work so hard: gun control advocates pretend they’re against gun confiscation. Its Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America – not Moms Demand Civilian Disarmament. It Americans for Responsible Solutions – not Americans to Eliminate the Second Amendment. It’s The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence – not The Brady Campaign for Gun Confiscation. Gun control groups and their camp followers will never admit their true goal is to deprive Americans of their natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, even as they work tirelessly to degrade and destroy Americans’ firearms freedom. TTAG is Toto, pulling the curtain back on the man behind the curtain. And here he is, warming-up with a tepid endorsement of New Jersey’s expanded gun buyback program . . .

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Moms Demand Action Group Asked to Leave Lansing, MI Kroger


It looks like the Kroger grocery store chain is getting a little annoyed at all the bad press Moms Demand Action is attempting to throw their way. A gaggle of MDAers were protesting outside a Kroger store in Lansing, Michigan when the store finally had enough of their presence and made a demand of their own: get the hell off of our property. Immediately . . .

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TN and TX Pols Introduce Bill to Nix Ethnicity from ATF Form 4473

ATF form 4473 ethnicity question (courtesy

How long has Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) asked gun buyers to state their ethnicity? I don’t know for sure, but Dan the Man reported on a change in the ATF Form 4473 ethnicity categories in July 2012. I’ve been ticking “African American” for at least five years. For some reason, the media suddenly woke up to the ethnicity aspect of the form 4473 earlier this week. And so “Republican Reps. Diane Black (Tenn.) and Ted Poe (Texas) have introduced legislation to eliminate the requirement for individuals to identify their race when filing paperwork to buy a gun,” reports. Because “‘Failing to adhere to this requirement by not checking all of the correct boxes on the 4473 Form is considered an ATF violation that can be so severe as to result in the gun dealer being shut down for having incomplete purchaser forms,’ Black said.” Yes, well, why . . .

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