Utah State Pres. and Provost to Speaker Anita Sarkeesian: Wattsa Matta U?

Anita Sarkeesian (courtesy mashable.com)

TTAG Reader Eric writes:

Anita Sarkeesian is a self-proclaimed feminist Canadian-American video game reviewer. She has a history of claiming death threats that aren’t taken seriously by law enforcement (there’s speculation that the threats may be self-generated), and then making unreasonable safety demands to make a political point. She withdrew from a public speaking engagement at Utah State University after administrators refused to make the venue a “gun-free” with pat-downs and metal detectors. Here’s the open letter to the USU community on the cancelation from USU President Albrecht and Provost Cockett . . .

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NFATracker.com: NFA Wait Times Down to 30 Days In Some Cases

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.36.00 PM

The folks at NFATracker.com have for years now tracked how long it takes for NFA paperwork to be approved. They remain the best source of information about the NFA Firearms Branch of the ATF (since the ATF doesn’t really do the whole metrics thing). Ever since a spike in applications in the last couple years forced the department to finally hire some more staff we’ve been waiting with bated breath for the wait times to come down from their 14 month peak (as in, 14 months for a paper form 4…from the moment you sent it in to an approved stamp). According to a new chart from NFATracker.com, that prodigious wait time has dwindled to 30 days . . .

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Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Has it All Wrong


By Cory D.

I often try my best to see all sides to an argument. And I have tried to understand the anti-gun mind set as best as I could, if only to be able to better explain my side to them. In reality anti-gun and pro-gun people are fighting for the same thing; a safer world for our families. The difference, obviously, is that we have two drastically divergent ways of achieving that goal.   As all pro-gunners know, firearms aren’t going anywhere. I don’t mean that in a sense that the certain members of our elected government won’t try their very best to make that happen, but that guns on the streets and guns in the wrong hands will always be prevalent. Only good guys bother to comply with the law. I’m preaching to the choir here, I know. But my hope is that someone on the other side may read this and just maybe it will explain a viewpoint they haven’t heard . . .

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NICS Denials Rising for Handguns, Gun Grabbers Befuddled


First, a little context. Washington State is gearing up for a vote on a proposed “universal background check” law in this coming election cycle, and as we all know universal background check (“UBC”) laws suck (because of the unintended consequences mainly, not necessarily due to the intent of the law). As a way of ginning up support for the measure, the Seattle Times ran a piece a few days ago with a rather sensational title ‘Background check denials rise for would-be pistol buyers‘ trying to lead people to believe that more criminals are trying to buy guns and therefore we need new laws to protect us from evil. There are a couple of problems with that analysis. Or lack thereof . . .

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California Cops Are D.I.S.A.R.M.ing. How Great Is That?

"Firearms seized during a sweep by the Los Angeles Police Department using the California's Armed Prohibited Persons System initiative. The program uses a database to identify gun owners who are no longer allowed to possess a firearm." (caption and photo courtesy npr.org)

“During the month of September, Los Angeles County D.I.S.A.R.M. teams conducted 1,062 searches which resulted in the arrest of 134 probationers, the seizure of over $111 million in illegal drugs and drug money and 38 weapons, including 17 handguns, 1 assault rifle and 10 shotguns,” scvnews.com reports. Just in case you’re wondering what that clever yet deeply foreboding acronym stands for it’s . . .

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NC Judge on Fairground Carry: My Bias Trumps Your Gun Rights

Judge Stephens (courtesy wral.com)

Without further (Führer?) ado, here’s the money shot from Wake County Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens: “I do have great respect for the constitutional right of citizens to possess and bear arms. But I do believe it would be unwise and imprudent for firearms to be carried into the [North Carolina] State Fair, and if there is some way I can interpret these statutes to prohibit that, I will.” That could well be the most bald-faced example of anti-gun judicial activism we’ve ever encountered. Judge Stephens wasn’t shy about the motivation behind his gun ban bias . . .

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Why Texas’s 30.06 Signs are Deadly


For you non-Texans out there, let me open by saying that carrying a gun here in the Lone Star State is fraught with obstacles. First, you have to get your permit, and unlike Arizona to our left or Florida to our right, the process is time consuming and expensive. Second, having a permit doesn’t guarantee that you can actually carry your gun everywhere you’d like. There are the obvious federal properties where you’re statutorily disarmed (schools, post offices, etc.) but in addition to those, your forward progress can also be halted by three signs . . .

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Questions and Moral Choices


Robert’s recent article, Self-Defense Tip: Go All-In. Unless You Don’t Have To brought back memories.  I’m a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. I served as a Security Policeman (not pictured above) — the USAF equivalent of an actual policeman, not a rivet counter–during the Cold War. I was stationed in the United States at a northern base, a place most people considered hardship duty, but having been raised in that part of the world, it felt like home to me. In those days, SPs and pararescue troops were just about the only USAF personnel that were ever under arms or regularly trained with arms and tactics. As unlikely as it was that I might have to use deadly force in my duties, it was something I had to think about . . .

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Ban Clowns!

The Wasco clown (courtesy Instagram)

It’s called coulrophobia: fear of clowns. It’s a thing (so to speak). If you suffer from coulrophobia, you don’t want to Google Bozo the Clown, attend a Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey’s Clown College reunion or visit Bakersfield, California. “The latest in a series of [16] creepy clown sightings came shortly before 8 p.m. Saturday when Bakersfield police officers near Valhalla Drive and Belle Terrace responded to a report of a person in a clown suit holding a firearm,” bakersfieldcalifornian.com reports. “Officers checked the area but were unable to find the person. The incident came after a week with numerous calls to police from residents reporting seeing scary or mischievous clowns. ‘We’ve had multiple of these clown sightings all over town,’ said Bakersfield police Lt. Jason Matson. ‘He was gone by the time we arrived.’ On Thursday, Bakersfield police officers arrested a minor whom investigators said admitted to dressing as a clown and chasing and scaring younger juveniles.” What’s up with all the clowns? Turns out. . .

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Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America: All You Need Is Love

(courtesy Facebook.com)

“IT’S ALL THAT MATTERS,” Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s Facebook page proclaims, referring to the favorite saying of Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung. That’s the Sandy Hook Elementary School principal Adam Lanza shot and killed on Dec. 14, 2012. MDA’s asking its Facebook followers to like, share and join their civilian disarmament jihad while honoring Ms. Hochsprung’s homily. Because all you need is love. Not those icky guns. C’mon, I hear you mutter. Really? Well now that you mention it . . .

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“Hundreds” March Against Gun Violence in Indy. Or Not.

The anti-gunners would have you – and everybody else – believe that theirs is a popular grassroots movement. Clearly, they are not. Even the billionaire Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America can’t physically assemble anything remotely resembling a large crowd of supporters. (Click here for their Facebook page profile photo from the last NRA convention, which shows less than three dozen supporters.) In the wishtv.com bloody shirt-waving anti-“gun violence” march above, I’m not seeing “more than a hundred people,” and I heard the reporter mention people who joined the march en route. Note: this group didn’t call for civilian disarmament. This group was made up of people who live in the community where the firearms-related crimes occurred. Which why it was at least as big as anything the Moms can muster, even their own backyard.


School Forces 5-Year-Old to Sign Anti-Murder/Suicide Contract After Pointing a Crayon


“My child interrupted us and said, ‘what is suicide? Mommy, daddy, what is suicide?'” Let no one say that the modern public school system isn’t educating its young charges on the important aspects of life. A Mobile Alabama girl (and her mother) got some valuable insights into the anti-gun indoctrination process last week. When E.R. Dickson Elementary’s principal was presented with the case of a particularly threatening 5-year-old girl who aimed a crayon and said, “pew, pew,” Katryna Kinn did what any good government functionary would do: she broke out the legal documentation . . .

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