What Will Dick’s Do With Those Rifles and Magazines They Won’t Sell? They’re Destroying Them.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has announced plans to destroy the modern sporting rifles, magazines and accessories they pulled from their shelves in recent weeks. That’s the word from a corporate spokesperson asked about pallets of inventory removed from displays nationwide. The sporting goods dealer’s mouthpiece said the firearms would be destroyed at regional distribution centers and […]

Will a Cashless Future Also Be Gunless?

Since Parkland, we’ve seen a number of banks change their policies on doing business with firearms manufacturers and retailers. Some have made the decisions on their own and some have no doubt been pressured to cut out gun companies by some of their biggest customers. Lowell Ponte has been watching this trend and is raising […]

Swiss to Debate EU-Style Restrictive Gun Control Laws

Switzerland has long been one of the safest and best-governed countries in the world. The landlocked country has historically very few firearms restrictions and high rates of gun ownership. Until 1996, the firearms laws in Switzerland were entirely up to the local cantons. Gun laws in Switzerland were generally less restrictive than in much of […]