FBI: Violent Crime Continues 12 Year Downward Trend … “Gun Violence Epidemic” Debunked Again


Every year the FBI compiles the most accurate and impartial accounting of crime in the United States. The “FBI Uniform Crime Report” is available online for all to see. It gives people the opportunity to understand trends in crime and investigate the impact of various policies on the crime rate in the United States. Gun control activists like Shannon Watts (spokesperson for Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety campaigns) continue to assert that there is a “gun violence epidemic” in the United States. In fact, for the 12th straight year in a row. . .

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What If The Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex Gave a Party and No One Came?

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.13.30 PM

Reader CTSheepdog writes:

As you all know, the post-Sandy Hook era has not been a happy one for Constitution State gun owners. Irrespective of the federal and Connecticut state Constitution’s protection of gun ownership rights, the Hartford Legislature passed one of the most invasive gun laws in 2013 in the form of PA13-3. A primary proponent of that gun law was Connecticut Against Gun Violence known locally as CAGV. In the days prior to Sandy Hook, CAGV was likely on its last legs, running out of money and support (it failed to get a stand-alone magazine capacity law passed the prior year). But Adam Lanza’s rampage changed the landscape . .

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Doug Kendall, Left-Wing Legal Scholar Who Helped Incorporate the 2A, Dies at 51

Prof. Randy Barnett at the Volokh Conspiracy reports that Doug Kendall, founder of the Constitutional Accountability Center, has passed away from colon cancer at the age of 51. In its own words, the CAC is a legal advocacy group that seeks to “wrest the Constitution from tea partiers’ control and restore our nation’s charter as a document that unifies and inspires all Americans.” His organization also came out swinging in favor of Obamacare when that case was before the Supreme Court a few years back. If you’re a TTAG regular and haven’t yet angrily switched over to a YouTube channel featuring videos of kittens at this point, you’re probably wondering why I’m bringing to your attention a eulogy for this unreconstructed lefty written by Prof. Barnett (a man who leans so far libertarian that he’s up on two wheels) . . .

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Gabby Giffords Calls for Grace-Based Gun Control

ScreenHunter_02 Sep. 27 10.24

“Inspired by our dialogue with Pope Francis, let all Americans engage in a politics that forges cooperation and sees the passage of just legislation that may bring us closer to grace.” That’s civilian disarmament evangelist Gabby Giffords declaration in an “Americans for Responsible Solutions” epistle to her flock. As for the self-serving graphic posted on the ARS (good acronym!) Facebook page, a better question might be “Why would anyone oppose effectively defending against those who plan to inflict untold suffering?” Keep in mind that . . .

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Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser: Just Ad Hominem

Mike "The Gun Guy" Weisser (courtesy YouTube)

I wish Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser [above] had Internet access. How else can you explain his fact-free huffingtonpost.com column The Gun Lobby’s Own Publications Expose the Fantasy of the ‘Good Guy With a Gun’?  Mike’s latest diatribe attempts prove that defensive gun uses (DGUs) are a myth. The main problem: they aren’t. If Mike Googled “defensive gun use,” clicked on the first link (Wikipedia), then clicked on “frequency” he’d have read this . . .

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Cuomo Demands Democrats Shut Down the Government Unless More Gun Control Legislation Passes


Democrats are absolutely livid over the concept that the Republicans in Congress are so staunchly opposed to funding Planned Parenthood that they are willing to shut down the government rather than continue to see their tax dollars getting spent on abortions. The idea that someone could be so firm in their convictions is apparently beyond their comprehension. Andrew Cuomo (Democrat and governor of New York) sees things a little differently. In his opinion, Democrats should be pushing just as hard for the “nuclear option” of politics as the Republicans, but for a different reason: gun control. Unable to push his agenda any other way, Cuomo is asking the Democrats to resort to holding the entire U.S. government hostage in order to push through proposals that lack any factual basis and which the majority of Americans do not want.

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Dan Casey’s VA Firearms Agenda (Never A Truer Word Spoken in Jest)

Dan Casey (courtesy Twitter)

Gun enthusiasts have won battle after battle in Richmond for the past 20 years. Now they’re preparing their 2016 legislative initiatives, and Dan takes a tongue-in-cheek look. That’s the subhead underneath Dan Casey’s column Some big plans for gun laws in 2016 in roanoke.com. Here’s the thing: all of Dan’s “ironic” proposals to the fictional Virginia Rifle Federation make perfect sense. Well  almost all of them . . .

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UK Police Foil Mass Murder Gun and Pipe Bomb Plot

Lyburd's GLOCK and magazines (courtesy bbc.com)

After a  UK teen named Liam Lyburd took the hump at being ejected from a college course, he decided to shoot his college classmates and toss around a few pipe bombs. Police foiled the aspiring mass murderer’s plot. Mr. Lyburd will now be housed at Her Majesty’s pleasure. What’s important from our point-of-view: the UK’s gun laws failed to prevent Mr. Lyburd from acquiring a GLOCK, three extended capacity ammunition magazines and 94 hollow-point 9mm rounds. In testimony before the court Lyburd said buying the gun was . . .

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Grassroots Gun Rights’ Biggest Fear: Bloomberg


Here at the Gun Rights Policy Conference there has been quite a bit of speechifyin’. Most of it is stuff we already know — the various gun rights organizations generally do a good job of keeping us in the loop, so I’ve been spending most of my time browsing Reddit and schmoozing with the other attendees rather than paying close attention to the substance of most of the speakers. But there’s been one notable theme I have picked up on while browsing amusing cat pictures: Michael Bloomberg . . .

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Did The Papal Visit Gun Ban Violate PA’s Preemption Law?


In case you’ve been too distracted by all the headlines about Syria, Hillary Clinton’s e-mail problems and the return of Bloom County to notice, Pope Francis spent the last few days here in these United States. TTAG reader James R. lives near Philadelphia, where His Holiness celebrated a hugely-attended mass on Sunday. The security measures taken in preparation for the Pontiff’s visit piqued James’ curiosity . . .

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OMG! 1.8m Registered Guns in the UK! OMG!

"Slight fall: But 1.3m is still a lot of shotguns" (caption and photo courtesy mirror.co.uk)

“The number of legally owned guns in England and Wales is at its highest level for 20 years,” mirror.co.uk reports. Note the wording: “for 20 years.” Twenty years ago, in the wake of the Dunblane Primary School massacre, Her Majesty’s Government instituted the kind of gun control legislation that American antis dream about. For one thing, all handguns (save .22 calibre single-shot weapons) were banned. Just like that; civilian disarmament. But not total disarmament. Provided a UK subject could jump through a plethora of regulatory hoops, they could own shotguns and rifles. And so they have, in increasing numbers. Here are the stats . . .

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Dems Propose ‘Good Neighbor’ Certification Program for FFLs


One of the many ways gun control activists try to limit law-abiding gun owners’ ability to legally purchase firearms: gun store demonization. Just as Democrats have convinced many of their followers that Republicans are greedy white racists who should be shunned, the antis want the public to view gun dealers as merchants of death. To that end, the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex wants to create federal legislation to mandate the Gun Dealer Code of Conduct concocted by The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Only now they’re calling it . . .

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