University of Central Florida Police Chief Richard Beary: Why I Oppose Campus Carry

University of Central Florida Police Chief Richard Beary (right) (courtesy

From a interview with University of Central Florida Police Chief Richard Beary:

To get a concealed weapons permit in the State of Florida, all you have to do is go to any gun show or go to a class that may last 45 minutes and you get a permit. You don’t even have to pull the trigger of a gun, you don’t have to fire a round or demonstrate proficiency and then there is never a recertification. As long as you keep paying, you could actually go blind and still have your concealed weapons permit. It’s a disgrace and the biggest problem is . . .

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There Is No “Charleston Loophole”

On June 17, 2015, Dylann Roof entered shot and killed nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Before his murder spree, Roof asked to purchase a gun at a local gun store. He filled out his ATF background check form 4473. The gun store plugged his info into the FBI NICS database. The system failed to respond with a yes/no within the legally specified three-day time limit. The sale then proceeded. This failure was not a “loophole.” It was  . . .

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One Million Texans Now Have A License to Carry

SIG SAUER Texas commemorative 1911 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“Texas has quietly reached a milestone,” proclaims. “More than a million residents now have handgun licenses, one of the biggest citizenries in the country authorized to carry concealed and unconcealed firearms . . . These license holders, just 3.7 percent of the state’s 27 million residents, are a symbol of the nation’s culture wars and a subject of scrutiny, state pride, controversy and curiosity.” New York Times writer Manny Fernandez puts the stat into numerical perspective . . .
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Open Carry in a Wisconsin Auto Mishap


On the way to Wisconsin from Dallas, I had a minor automotive mishap. I was on Highway 151 just across the Mississippi River and Wisconsin border when the battery light came on. I’d considered changing the battery in Arizona when I left, but thought it could take one more trip. I was wrong . . .

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TTAG Reader Fisks Brave New Films Anti-Gun Agitprop


TTAG reader RW writes:

Brave New Films has been very active on social media lately, promoting their pro-gun control videos. They contradict themselves repeatedly by presenting gun show numbers that are different on their facts page and posts, and many of their facts come from the Everytown group which you all regularly rebut, debunk, and correct. “Women are 500% more likely to be killed if their abuser has a gun.” One quote in particular caught my notice . . .

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“High-Powered” Ammo At Nuclear Power Plants. Not the Dumbest Firearms-Related Article Ever. But One of Them

San Onofre Nuclear generating Station (courtesy

“Shortly after the horrors of 9/11, a curious package landed on Dave Lochbaum’s desk,” reports. “It was flat but heavy. Inside the bubble pack was a battered steel plate, blasted with dents and holes from semiautomatic weapons fire. Each pockmark and perforation was carefully labeled – by hand, in permanent ink – with the type of ammunition used to produce it. Security forces at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and nuclear plants nationwide had increased their firepower to take on a more formidable terrorist threat. The steel plate, sent by a San Onofre security manager, graphically illustrated . .

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Gun Zero of the Day: Katie Couric

Back in the day, I worked alongside Katie Couric at CNN. Ms. Couric was the producer for husband-and-wife anchor team Don Farmer and Chris Curle. Farmer was a blowhard. Curle was a you-know-what in heels. Both of them treated Ms. Couric (and everyone else) like dirt. How Ms. Couric maintained her cool is anyone’s guess. While her good looks certainly didn’t hurt, I reckon Ms. Couric’s intelligence, professionalism and persistence was the key to her meteoric rise in the mainstream media. That and . .

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Anti-Gun British Photographer Targets Targets

Target (courtesy

“I was given a 10-minute induction, and then we took four guns into the range,” British photographer Jane Hilton reports at, “a pump-action shotgun, a semi-automatic rifle, a Glock [police-issue pistol] and a .44 Magnum revolver, which is what Clint Eastwood used in Dirty Harry. I was terrified, especially when they told me you must never pick up a gun and turn around to talk to someone. My hand was shaking. I’d never held a gun in my life, and I couldn’t believe someone would give me live ammunition.” And here’s how Ms. Hilton chose to present “American gun culture” to her hoploophobic homies in The Land of Hope and Glory . . .

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Daniel S. Blumenthal: Another Doc Against GLOCKs

Daniel S. Blumenthal (courtesy

Gun control advocates need Americans to believe that a gun in the home poses a greater threat to its occupants than unwelcome guests. You know; generally. Even though the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right. As in each individual has a right to decide whether or not to have a gun in their home, regardless of [carefully massaged] statistical evidence suggesting it’s a dangerous move. But don’t tell that to the left-leaning medical professionals whose job it is to save life. Physicians like Daniel S. Blumenthal, president of the American College of Preventive Medicine . . .

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BREAKING: Federal Appeals Court to Revisit Ruling Against MD’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban


In the headlong rush of anti-2A opportunism in the aftermath of the horrific Newtown shooting, three states stood head and shoulders above their hoplophobic peers: Connecticut (of course), New York (i.e., the SAFE Act) and Maryland, which enacted an “assault weapons” ban. Never mind that the defunct federal version had been universally judged an utter failure. Details like that really don’t matter when events make ramming through new restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms less of a heavy lift. When the middle-of-the-night law was challenged in court, a “three-judge panel cast doubt on the constitutionality of the law that also prohibits magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.” You know, Heller and all. Only now . . .

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The Trace: Homeland Security Killer Cop’s Hidden Gun Proves All Guns Should Be Registered

Eulalio Tordil (courtesy

I was wondering how Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop arm would spin the fact that Homeland Security cop Eulalio Tordil murdered three people despite the fact that a court had ordered him to surrender his guns. A reasonable person might conclude that Tordil’s ability to secure a gun after the judge’s ruling reveals the utter futility of court-ordered gun confiscation. Trace writer Dan Friedman ain’t that kind of guy. Here’s his take . . .

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Republican South Carolina State Senator Larry Martin: Why I Oppose Constitutional Carry

Republican South Carolina State Senator Larry Martin (courtesy

Our good friends at had a chin wag with South Carolina State Senator Larry Martin. Despite Senator Martin’s opposition to “closing the background check loophole,” the relentless anti-gun rights site — owned by Everytown for Gun Safety supremo Michael Bloomberg — reckoned Senator Martin was pro-gun control enough to air his views. In this they’re not wrong. Aside from his support of “gun-free” zones, Senator Martin has been instrumental in preventing The Palmetto State from enacting permitless of Constitutional carry. Here’s his reasoning . . .

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