Another Billionaire Against Civil Liberties


Billionaire Elaine Wynn, co-founder of the Wynn casino empire (along with her ex-husband, Steve) and president of the Nevada Board of Education, has earned a new title: anti-civil rights activist. USA Today reports that Ms. Wynn has joined fellow billionaire plutocrat Michael Bloomberg in working to roll back the Constitutionally protected liberties of Nevadans. “Wynn, the co-founder of Wynn Resorts, will chair an advisory board that is working to pass a background check initiative that recently qualified for the 2016 ballot. The effort is backed former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.” . . .

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Let’s See What Happens to a Disarmed Populace (Again): Kuwaiti Edition

When Iraq invaded, occupied and annexed Kuwait, bad things happened. The extent of the rape, imprisonment, torture and summary execution perpetuated by the Iraqis was a political football in the run-up to Kuwait’s American liberation. But there’s no question Kuwaitis suffered unspeakable horrors. While we can debate the efficacy of an armed populace against military troops, you’d think the experience would foster a pretty strong gun culture, a national respect for gun rights. على العكس تماما ! In fact . . .

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Who Says Gun ‘Buy Backs’ Are a Bad Thing?


I know this can be a devisive subject among readers here, but after seeing a reference to this “gun turn in” event, I thought of a few true beater pistols I have. They were given to me over the past few years by friends who thought I might be able to scavenge parts from them or whatever. These are guns I won’t shoot and would not even think of giving away, much less selling for fifty bucks. Come on. A .25 caliber Raven arms? FIE, RG… Nah. I missed The last “buy back” event because of a scheduling conflict. But I was free this weekend. I made it a point to be. Especially after reading the flier . . .

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CSGV Celebrate Sean Penn’s Unilateral Disarmament


The Campaign to Stop Gun Violence Facebook page issued a collective huzzah! when Sean Penn announced his new gun-collection free status. “Kudos to this ‘strong woman’ (Charlize Theron) for making herself and Mr. Penn safer. Thankfully, our country is full of strong women.” All of whom the CSGV’s Ladd Everitt & Co. would like to see disarmed. Needless to say, Mr. Penn and Ms. Theron are not without firearms protection, chaperoned by armed bodyguards. Anyway, get this: some CSGV commentators reckon Sean’s commitment to civilian disarmament is not morally inspired (i.e. he let his little head do the thinking for the big head). How’s that for common ground? . . .

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BREAKING: CA Man Charged with Owning an SBR for Pistol Brace Equipped AR-15


Late this morning (like, midnight ish) three men participated in an armed home invasion in California. One of the men was using an AR-15 pistol equipped with a pistol arm brace. The men were caught and arrested, but instead of simply being charged with the usual weapons related felonies the California police decided to tack on the charge of “possession of a short barreled rifle.” This is a state statute and not a Federal one being charged, but it still doesn’t bode well for others . . .

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BREAKING: ATF Releases Open Letter Claiming “Misusing” a Pistol Brace Makes It a SBR


The last letter from the ATF didn’t change their opinion on the pistol arm brace, but this one definitely and clearly has. People have been saying that the ATF is about to do a 180 degree about face on the idea that using a pistol arm brace as a stock is perfectly legal, and it appears that the day has come. Released at about 3:45 PM central time, the latest missive is an open letter from the acting ATF chief (instead of an individual letter) that states exactly what we most feared: that using a pistol arm brace as a stock “redesigns” the firearm and “makes” it a NFA device. Make the jump for the full letter . . .

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VA Governor McAuliffe’s State of the Commonwealth Speech: The Gun Bit


We should also act this session to reassure the families we serve that we are doing everything we can to keep them safe.

We can no longer stand by as our fellow Virginians are lost to preventable and senseless acts of gun violence.

As a gun owner myself, I fully believe that law-abiding citizens have a right to responsibly own and carry firearms.

But as we have learned from far too many tragedies here and across the country . . .

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Papa John’s Pizza: No Guns for Employees! Except For One. Retroactively.

Donquaz Stevenson (courtesy

“A Papa John’s Pizza employee was making a delivery in Decatur, Georgia, Sunday night when a man approached her vehicle, forcing her onto the ground at gunpoint,” reports. “The woman, who had a gun in her pocket, was able to fire at the man while on the ground — striking the alleged assailant, identified as 24-year-old Donquaz Stevenson [above], in the face. Stevenson was later found in a neighbor’s yard and arrested, according to police, who said the pizza delivery might have been a setup.” Ya think? “Local media outlets reported that a second suspect carjacked the delivery woman’s silver 2000 Honda Accord and remains on the run.” OK, so, Papa John’s has a strict no-guns policy for all its employees. Only not so much . . .

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Australian Gun Bust


“An Uzi submachine gun, an assault rifle and more than $20 million worth of drugs has been seized by police during a house raid,” reports. “Detectives raided a property at Edensor Park in Sydney’s west last Thursday and found a number of firearms as they investigated signs of drug manufacturing.” Are we sure that Uzi was full-auto? Anyway, the coppers also confiscated a silencer, two sawn-off shotguns and a GLOCK pistol (“one of many”). If you’re pro-civilian disarmament, the bust proves that gun control works! At least in this case. Which means there’s only way to solve Australia’s Beretta-berated illegal gun problem: more police! Alternatively, it proves the old adage when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Who knew?


Top Rabbi to EU: Let Us Carry Guns

Rabbi Menachem Margolin (courtesy

Dear XXXX,

I am writing to you on behalf of the European Jewish Association (EJA), its subsidiary organisations and the entire European Jewish Community, following the horrific terror attacks on the French Jewish community, in which four innocent civilians were murdered in cold blood for no other reason than being Jewish . . .

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Is It Mental Illness, Guns Or…What?


By Dr. Robert B. Young

More attention is being paid to the role of mental illness in mass shootings the last several years, reasonably so since nearly all the perpetrators seem to have experienced significant reality distortion. Yet mental illness actually plays very little part in the incidence of “gun violence.” That phrase should mean “violence using guns,” but has come to imply, as its anti-gun originators intend, that guns are somehow the cause of the violence. Addressing this question as if the problem is mental illness vs. the availability of guns sets up a false choice. Some, like my fellow physician, Dr. Kimberly Yonkers, in a recent Washington Post opinion piece keep mistaking that one tree for the forest. But far more factors underlie violence, gun-related and otherwise. The problem is not mental illness … and it isn’t guns, either . . .

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