New from Gun Guardian: AR Grip Safety [VIDEO]

Gun Guardian reckons they’re “revolutionizing gun safety.” Given that they make gun locks, given that any mechanical device can be defeated and will, at some point, fail, that’s a worrying proposition. Their new grip safety for the AR-15 isn’t really . . a traditional grip safety. It’s a lock that folds down the entire grip against […]

RangeTech Shot Timer From Shooter Technology Group

Shot timers are expensive. Like, $125 and up. I’ve tried to use a couple free smartphone apps but they sucked. Worthless. New from Shooter Technology Group is the RangeTech Shot Timer, which plugs into your phone and works with its own app. Not only does it have “more features than any other shot timer,” it’s […]

New from GATORZ: Magnum Z Sunglasses

GATORZ wants the world to know that their Magnum condoms sunglasses are favored by operators operating operationally (shown). Maybe that’s because their shades not reflective. You know: like sharks’ eyes. Even so, GATORZ weren’t the best solution for ballistic eye protection. And now . . . they are! The Magnum Z is an enhanced ANSI Z87+ rated […]

New from SIG SAUER: MCX, M400 and 716 G2

SIG SAUER has updated the MCX line: new M- LOK rail, QD mounts and tapered barrel design. The redesigned M-LOK hand-guard system allows for easier access to the gas adjuster from the sides and front. Although the hand-guard is not compatible with previous generation MCX SBRs and pistols it’s . . . extremely easy to […]

New from Stag Arms: the Stag 9 AR15 in 9mm

Continuing from last year’s trend manufacturers are pushing out more pistol caliber carbines. Above: Stag Arms full length proper rifle — not an AR pistol. It’s a proper AR with a proper stock, a 16″ barrel length and all the Magpul accessories you could ever want. Save . . . a Keurig coffee maker. Optional […]

New from Apex Tactical Specialties: Action Enhancement Trigger & Duty/Carry Kit for S&W M&P Shield 2.0.

Press release [via] Apex Tactical Specialties announces the upcoming release on Monday, February 5 of their new Action Enhancement Trigger & Duty/Carry Kit for the M&P Shield 2.0. Pre-orders will begin on Monday, January 29. Like with other popular Apex upgrades for the M&P Shield, Shield 2.0 owners will have three options for improving their trigger […]

New from Cobalt Kinetics: Premium ARs

Utah based manufacturer Cobalt Kinetics unveiled two new premium ARs at Industry Day at the Range: the Recon and the Overwatch. From the Combat Kinetics website: The RECON PDW delivers the best in balance, utility, power and refinement. This rifle blends the performance and handling characteristics of our Team Rifle with the rugged practicality of our Stealth. At […]

SAFESHOOT Hunting Safety Device (For Realz)

Will ya look at humongous thing hanging off the end of that guy’s rifle? No wonder it needs a bipod! Nope. It’s not a radar gun. It’s a SAFESHOOT device “driven by an array of dynamic-calibrated long-range MEMS sensors, onboard GPS and RF communication.” Well no one communicated this to me . . . Until […]