New From Crosman: DPMS SBR Full Auto CO2 Rifle

An air rifle isn’t legally a “firearm,” so a full-auto air rifle isn’t legally a “machine gun.” Crosman thinks you’ll have some fun with that, so they’re releasing a select-fire DPMS SBR CO2 rifle with all the AR stuff you know and love and a 1,400 RPM cyclic rate. Sweet. Press release follows . . […]

A Gentleman’s Guide to Body Armor

Benjamin Atkinson, Communications Executive at SafeGuard ARMOR, writes: Ballistic body armor has saved thousands of Americans from death or serious injury. While body armor is part of the standard equipment for law enforcement officers, gun enthusiasts are only now beginning to adopt the technology in large numbers. And why not? With modern advancements in production and […]

New From SIG SAUER: 1911 We The People BB Pistol

SIG SAUER has a complete line of airguns and accessories. And now the Austrian-owned American gunmaker’s making an airgun version of the real deal .45 “We The People” 1911. It’s a beautifully made if more-than-slightly kitsch pistol. At  $1,422.21 it’s a bit dear. Pulling the proverbial trigger on the $119.99 BB gun version would be an easier […]

New From Maxpedition: Entity Line of Tactical Packs Without the Tactical Look

Maxpedition makes packs, bags, cases, organizers, holsters, knives, and much more for the concealed carry, travel, and tactical markets. If you’ve been seeking that tactical CCW functionality without the tactical aesthetic, though, you’ve noticed your options are all too limited. Enter Maxpedition’s ENTITY Series, designed around their NTT concept. What’s that? Find out in the […]

New From Bushnell: Impulse Cellular Trail Camera

“Set it and forget it” is great for rotisserie ovens, but what if you didn’t have to forget about your trail cam for a day or two? Instead of returning later to pull the memory card and see what it saw, how about viewing in real time? Remotely, from your phone. Bushnell‘s new Impulse Trail […]

New from Primos: Double Bull SurroundView Blind

They say love is blind. But what if you love your blind? I’m to hunting what Israeli supermodels are to nuclear particle physics, but I’m feeling the love for Primos’s Double Bull SurroundView Blind. (Press release below.) Two-way mirror technology? I’m in! Literally . . . FLORA, Miss. -( Primos Hunting, a leading innovator of game calls and […]

New from Streamlight: Polytac X Flashlight

I’m not a fan of multi-mode personal defense flashlights. There’s an excellent chance you’ll press the actuator too many times during an adrenalin-infused defensive flashlight of gun use, and end-up in the wrong mode. Nor am I partial . . to flashlights without an aggressively crenulated end-cap. If you’re going to carry a striking weapon […]