CAA Creates a GLOCK “Smart Gun”

Sec-ubit (courtesy

The good folks at CAA have created a device that slots into your GLOCK’s grip that records the exact date and time of any shots fired, the time between shots (split time) and the rate of fire. The information is easily downloaded onto an Android smart phone or PC. CAA’s press release (after the jump) pitches the Secubit GSC Gun Shot counter as a helpful training device for shooters who want to “maintain a complete record of shot counts for pistol maintenance and personal performance levels.” The obvious, unstated application: police accountability. What are the odds the Boys in Blue will agree to implement this technological advance? On the other hand, how long before New Jersey makes them mandatory with a fine for tampering? . . .

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Michal Idan Models Agilite Tactical Gear


Agilite Claymore Shirt in Duty Blue, IWI Tavor with Mepro 21 Sight and Numa Tactical Eye Pro recently commissioned photographer Benny Levin to lense a photo shoot for Agilite gear featuring IWI firearms and Israeli supermodel Michel Idan. (Click here for more revealing images.) Israeli Special Forces and US Army veterans created Agilite to supply tactical gear to Special Operations units, and law enforcement and search and rescue teams. It’s now available online to the general public. The company’s products are designed to be agile and light. (Hence Agilite.) Their unique selling point . . .

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10 Creative Secret Gun Cabinets for Your Home


By Alex Burton via

Keeping your firearms put away securely helps prevent theft, keeps others from accidentally discharging them, and is a must if you have children in your home. Most people keep their firearms locked away in safes. Others take hiding their guns to a whole other level by having custom-hidden gun cabinets created. With most these setups, you would never look twice at them. These also save a lot of space compared to traditional gun safes. If you are in the market for new and creative firearms storage options, check out these awesome ideas for hiding your heaters away . . .

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New From Strike Industries: Rail Sections Compatible with Both Keymod and MLOK

The battle between MLOK and keymod continues apace. Keymod was first out of the blocks to offer a really solid modular attachment system, but Magpul’s MLOK system is gaining ground due to the ease of manufacturing and Magpul’s undeniable special sauce. The problem for consumers is that the systems force you to choose — you can either stock up on MLOK or keymod rail sections, but they aren’t cross compatible. Strike Industries is looking to change that with their new rail sections, which interface just as easily with both keymod and MLOK. Buy once, run everywhere? We’ll see — we have some sections inbound for testing.

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GLOCK 43 Magazine Problem?


After spending some more trigger time with my new GLOCK 43, I noticed that one of the magazines was catching when I tried to insert it. Giving the magazine a nice hard tap was to no avail – I had to take it out and re-insert. I also noticed that the plastic at the front of the magazine was starting to mushroom a little bit around the edge. Shortly thereafter, the other magazine started hanging, too. A little investigation with a flashlight revealed . . .

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UPS Bans Suppressor Shipments

SureFire SOCOM300-SPS Silencer (courtesy ammoland,com)

National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) press release [via]:

National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) this week learned that United Parcel Service (UPS) had changed its policy regarding the shipment of firearms suppressors. New policy states that UPS will no longer ship suppressors, even between licensees. NSSF is working with UPS executives to determine what prompted the enforcement of this unwarranted policy. We are unaware of any thefts or losses that would explain the shipping company’s sudden decision to enforce a prohibition against shipment. NSSF will keep you apprised of developments. Separately, NSSF is also working with the U.S. State Department to achieve a change policy to allow export of suppressors.


New From Comp-Tac: Flatline Thumb Break Retention Holster


If you’re a Texan — and I’ll be able to count myself as one by the middle of June — you’re probably looking forward to the (we hope) new carry option you’ll have in the not too distant future. If you plan on letting it all hang out and taking advantage of your freedom to open carry, either in Texas or anywhere else it’s legal, you’ll want a level two retention holster for your favorite carry piece(s). Good news: Comp-Tac’s just added a retention feature to their popular Flatline series. I’m thinking my M&P9 would look real purty in one of these. Press release after the jump . . .

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Infantrymen Laser Training Lax?

The above video arrived via a PR blast from LaserMax. “In advance of the Armed Forces Day weekend, LaserMax official Training Coordinator, SSG Joseph D’Ambrosia, US Army (Ret.), recently conducted an in-depth live-fire training course, Close Quarters Combat: Carbines and Lasers, for a group of active-duty US Army professionals preparing for deployment to Afghanistan.” LaserMax giving back. Got it. Love it. But the video raised a bunch of questions. For example . . .

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Israeli Navy Skateboard Commandos!

I have a real weakness for videos showing operators operating operationally with music so heroic you expect Zeus to emerge from the shadows and throw a few thunderbolts around. This video hails from TTAG’s new correspondent Elie Isaacson, a Manchester, UK-born Israeli who works for Agilite Gear. (Look for stories about the Jewish homeland’s gun culture and the latest news from Israeli Weapons Industries.) Elle’s team created this video with IWI to show off Agilite’s new Battle Element soft shell jacket, part of a product line that’s hitting the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Before heading off to the Golan Heights on reserve duty, Elie sent us a quick ‘graph on what’s going down above. Here’s his sales pitch report complete with a brace of gun pron pics. . .

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TAC-CON 241 Trigger Shipping May 8th, 10% Off Pre-Orders


The original TAC-CON 3MR trigger isn’t my particular cup of Earl Grey. I don’t see the benefit of an assisted reset trigger when I can get the same functionality for a fraction of the price elsewhere. But there is one thing that TAC-CON is making that I’m excited about, and that’s their 241 trigger system. It gives you the ability to move quickly between a single stage trigger pull for close range work and a crisp two-stage affair for distance targets with simply a flip of the safety . . .

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5.11 Goes All In for Tactical Kilts

Guys. It’s a skirt. OK? If you want to wear a skirt, by all means, go ahead, wear a skirt. Your freedom of expression is protected with and by my right to keep and bear arms. You can call it a kilt and draw upon centuries of kick-ass Scottish heritage. [Click here for 5.11’s history of the kilt.] And yes, I bet your bits are cooler than my bits when the temperature is sizzling hot but . . .

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Magpul Announces Recall for GLOCK Magazines


At the SHOT Show this year, Magpul unveiled their latest creation: replacement GLOCK magazines. Designed for the G17, these mags will fit anything in that same line including the popular G19. Their main claim to fame is that they’re cheaper than the factory GLOCK mags and made of a single material instead of the composite metal and plastic magazines that GLOCK offers. Things were looking peachy as the first batches left the factory, but there were apparently a few minor errors that are causing problems, and as a result Magpul is replacing every magazine free of charge . . .

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