Surefire Launches 9mm Silencer, 300 BLK Can


Surefire has come from being a flashlight company to a major player in the firearms accessory market in a very short period of time. Their latest creations are mostly for the civilian market, where the silencer business is booming (metaphorically speaking). The latest cans from Surefire follow the styling and design mold that they set out last year, but make some much appreciated improvements.

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Mesa Tactical Launches AR Scar Stock Adapter


The options for the SCAR stock are very limited, but the options for the AR-15 platform are as colorful as the rainbow. VLTOR has an adapter for the SCAR that lets you do the whole “peanut butter in my chocolate” thing, but their version comes with a buffer tube assembly already firmly in place. Mesa Tactical has slightly different take on things . . .

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New From MagStorage Solutions: AR-15 Magholder



Here’s an option for solving your AR mag storage problems. MagStorage Soltuions is turning out mag storage racks for your safe, car, wherever. The injection molded plastic model that can be screw- or magnet-mounted to your safe holds six mags (including 10- and 20- rounders). They run $29.95. For a more robust solution – usually in a truck or car – they make steel MagSafe models in three- and six-mag configurations ($89.95 and $109.95 respectively). The MagSafes include a velcro strap to keep everything in place while you’re tooling around . . .

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More Details about Magpul’s AK-47 Furniture


When I saw Magpul’s new AK furniture, I had some questions about how it all worked. The AK-47 isn’t exactly the most versatile firearm to customize after all, and as someone who has spent a long and bloody afternoon cursing at his Russian creation trying to remove a gas tube I can attest to that fact. Replacing the stock on an AK, for example, usually requires a grinding wheel and a rivet gun. I was curious how Magpul had pulled it off, and they were happy to oblige.

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Hands-On with Magpul’s D60 Drum Magazine


Magpul released their latest creation just last week: a 60 round drum magazine. Much like the Romanian 75-round drums we’ve seen for the AK-47 platform, the D60 uses a snaking interior design to hold the maximum number of rounds while being as compact as possible. In fact, the dimensions on the magazine make it smaller overall than the 30 round PMAGs, and allows it to fit both the HK416 rifles and the USMC’s IAR rifle. Most of the design details are similar to the Russian versions, but there are a few nifty upgrades.

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Full Info: SIG SAUER’s Silencer Lineup


We’ve seen previews of the SIG SAUER silencer line, but now the whole thing has been released and I even snagged a copy of the dealer pricing sheet. It looks like there are six main silencer lines: rimfire, 9mm, 45ACP, .308, 5.56, and .338. The handgun silencers each come with two recoil boosters, one in the usual American thread pitch and the other metric left hand, so it will work out of the box no matter what you want (still no fixed spacer, though) all for $695 MSRP. As for the rifle silencers . . .

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New From ERGO Grips

ERGO Grips is diving into the KeyMod scene, not only with accessories but with rails of its own. I dig the small things like KeyMod QD socket mounts, bipod mounts, and grippy rubber KeyMod slot covers, but also like the machined aluminum, rather than polymer, forward gripping accessories like the Mini Max vertical grip and the angled forward grip in the photos to follow . . .

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New from Leupold: D-EVO Optic (HANDS ON!)


Switching from close range to long range targets is a pain in the ass. Close range targets are best serviced with 1x optics like red dots, but anything past 100 yards really needs a bit of magnification. Usually there are three options: use a variable 1-6x scope that is expensive and heavy, get a flip-to-side magnifier for your red dot, or just live with whatever you have. Leupold has released a new optic called the D-EVO that is designed to fit underneath your existing red dot and give you the ability to use both a red dot and a magnified optic with a BDC reticle. At the exact same time, no switching needed . . .

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New From Right Now Range: The Right Now Range Pop-Up Target System


Neely Burks (above) was out shooting with some friends and all they could manage to scrape together for a target was an upside down bucket and an empty bleach bottle. Figuring there had to be a better way, she put her imagination to work and came up with a heavy-duty cardboard fold-out target system she calls the Right Now Range (formerly known as Ready Range) . . .


With it’s spots for setting up clay targets, hanging cans and standard targets, You can have a full day of fun for $29.95. We have one on the way to Tyler for testing to see how it holds up under extended incoming rounds. It’s a dirty job….


Next Step in ATF Pistol Arm Brace Decision: Declaratory Relief

SB15- AR-15 Pistol Forearm Stabilizing Brace close-up (courtesy Alex Bsoco)

On Friday, just before the end of the work day, the ATF released a bombshell of a declaration. In their opinion the previous letters claiming SB Tactical’s stabilizing arm brace is perfectly legal were actually completely wrong, and they decided to completely reverse their decision and make the misuse of the item illegal. It’s a landmark change, since this concept (that the use of an object determines what it is rather than its intrinsic qualities) has never been applied to firearms ever in the history of the world. It would seem to some like this is the end of the line barring some legal challenge after an arrest, but there is one last card up SB Tactical’s sleeve: Declaratory Relief.

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