What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Cell Phone Gun Case Edition

Cell phone case (courtesy 6abc.com)

Do you live in an open carry state? Then wearing this call phone case shouldn’t be a problem. Using it, however, could put you in harm’s way whether or not your state recognizes your natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. According to 6abc.com, “The Ocean County, New Jersey Prosecutor’s Office is warning the public about sporting a particular cell phone case that’s designed to look like a gun. The prosecutor’s office points out that police officers have a hard enough job ‘without having to make a split second decision in the dark of night when someone may decide to pull their cell phone out without thinking during a traffic stop.'” Or any other time, really. The comments underneath the post are predictably derisory . . .

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TTAG Writer Jon Wayne Taylor Named CEO of Fighter Design. 10% Discount for TTAG Readers!

 Fighter Design featherlight rifle sling (courtesy fighterdesignusa.com)
I’ve been a customer of Fighter Design for a couple of years. I wear their Airflow pants. I use their Magnetic Retrofit Kit silent velcro adaptors. I use their featherlight rifle sling [above]. Most of their products began life as a specific request from active duty units in the Special Operations community; many of their products still have that focus. Several others have been made for the civilian market . . .

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Ask the Armed Intelligentsia: .45 Tire Valve Caps?

Bullet caps on wheel (courtesy Adam Rogers for The Truth About Guns)

Back in the day, inventor and Navy vet Alex Bosco sent us an email asking if we’d do a story on his prototype AR-pistol arm brace. He needed investors. We posted pics of the styrofoam mock-up. The rest is history. And now we present a request from reader/inventor/machinist Adam Rogers: what do you think of ARTactical bullet caps? [Available for purchase at the link, no kick-back to TTAG.] Here’s his full enquiry . . .

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Bears Don’t Make Mistakes. Legislators Do.

Good to know. One of the mistakes American legislators made back in the day: taxing the be-Jesus out of suppressors and forcing purchasers to jump through more hoops than a circus tiger. While inflation has made the $200 tax stamp fee seem almost reasonable – no government infringement on Americans right to keep and bear arms is “reasonable” – the bureaucratic BS involved with suppressor purchases remains decidedly dis-incentivizing . . .

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Arriving Soon For Testing: AutoTargets Digital Reactive Target System

If you’ve suffered through any of my YouTube videos, you probably know that I do most of my shooting in the woods of N’Idaho. It’s public land, which means I can’t leave targets out there. So ideally the targets I use set up and break down fairly quickly — no Hickok45-style steel range for me. Coming to the rescue to solve those boring target blues, AutoTargets looks like it’s going to provide a ton of interest and target shooting excitement while still setting up quickly. At least physically, that is, because the Android app gives you full control over. . .

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New From Crossbreed: Four Holsters for the Smith Model 10

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 11.15.14 AM

Do ya like to carry a wheel gun from time to time? Not a snubby, but maybe something bigger with a little more panache? Well we have good news for you, Bunky. Crossbreed’s just announced they’re making four new holsters for the venerable Smith Model 10. Some guns never go out of style and there’s no reason not to carry one of your faves. Press release after the jump . . .

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Crimson Trace Scores Product Placement in Jurassic World

Crimson Trace press release [via Ammoland.com]

Anyone viewing the mega blockbuster movie, Jurassic World, will notice the very prominent red laser sights on the firearms used by the InGen rangers when they encounter an escaped and deadly dinosaur. The movie’s firearms used in the dark jungle night encounter were equipped with standard Crimson Trace Rail Master (CMR-201s) laser sights and not created movie prop productions . . .

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New from Magpul: AK Stuff

Is the AK platform the new AR platform? While the AR gets all the Barbie-for-men love for its plug-n-play bits and pieces, the AK has traditionally been the gun you buy and leave the hell alone. And treat like dirt. (In Russia, ergonomics gun you!) In the video above, Brownells introduces the Magpul AK47/AK74 Zhukov-S Stock, AK47/AK74 Zhukov Handguard, AK-47/74 AK 0.50″ Cheek Riser and MOE AKM Handguard AK47/AK74. Really? If you need – and I use that word without quotation marks – a more accurate AK, why not buy an AR? If you need something with more stopping power, why not buy an AR in .308? Optic mount? See where I’m gong with this? Free country and all, but I say don’t mess with success (such as it is). What say you?


Liberty Mystic to Mystic X Upgrade Process


Mystic-MysticXUpon successfully escaping CA in my move back to WA, I had decided that a suppressor would be my first prize; my first freedom present to myself. After a bit of research and shopping around, Liberty Suppressors’ Mystic was firmly at the top of the list. A 9mm pistol can with swappable mounts and the ability to function extremely well on everything from .22 LR to .300 BLK to 5.56? Yes, please! Talk about bang for the $200 tax stamp buck and, at the time, the 10-month wait. Although it has served me well for a couple of years and many thousands of rounds of various calibers, it was time for an upgrade to the Mystic X. . .

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Gear Review: Tactical Shit ‘Bang Switch’ Trigger


There are many connections that a human being has to their rifle. Barring the emotional and psychological to focus strictly on the physical connections, there’s the support hand, the shoulder, the cheek, and the strong hand which houses the most important part, the trigger finger. Yes indeed, I reckon that the trigger is the lifeline to the rifle, and a bad one can ruin your day along with your accuracy. Luckily for us gun guys and gals, the aftermarket world is filled with companies willing to give you a premier experience as long as you’re willing to part with some of your hard earned dollars. For $200 + S&H, Tactical Shit will happily send you their Bang Switch Trigger to cure what ails you . . .

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CAA Creates a GLOCK “Smart Gun”

Sec-ubit (courtesy commandarms.com)

The good folks at CAA have created a device that slots into your GLOCK’s grip that records the exact date and time of any shots fired, the time between shots (split time) and the rate of fire. The information is easily downloaded onto an Android smart phone or PC. CAA’s press release (after the jump) pitches the Secubit GSC Gun Shot counter as a helpful training device for shooters who want to “maintain a complete record of shot counts for pistol maintenance and personal performance levels.” The obvious, unstated application: police accountability. What are the odds the Boys in Blue will agree to implement this technological advance? On the other hand, how long before New Jersey makes them mandatory with a fine for tampering? . . .

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Michal Idan Models Agilite Tactical Gear


Agilite Claymore Shirt in Duty Blue, IWI Tavor with Mepro 21 Sight and Numa Tactical Eye Pro

becauseguns.com recently commissioned photographer Benny Levin to lense a photo shoot for Agilite gear featuring IWI firearms and Israeli supermodel Michel Idan. (Click here for more revealing images.) Israeli Special Forces and US Army veterans created Agilite to supply tactical gear to Special Operations units, and law enforcement and search and rescue teams. It’s now available online to the general public. The company’s products are designed to be agile and light. (Hence Agilite.) Their unique selling point . . .

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