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IWA: NiteSite IR-Based Night Vision ‘Scope’

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Night vision is expensive and annoying. Even after shelling out thousands of dollars for the latest and greatest in intensifier tubes, you still need to figure out how you’re going to get your existing optics to work with the new device. And then re-zero it. And then practice some more. It’s generally a pain in the butt. But for those who want an inexpensive solution to add some nocturnal capability to their rifle, NiteSite has a new product that fits the bill . . .

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IWA: A Euro-Fad You’ll Never See in the US – Modular Silencers


Booth after booth here at IWA has companies showing off their latest modular silencers. Skytesport had this model on display, one of their newer designs that has been adapted for everything from .22LR rimfire cartridges to .300 Win Mag. And while the concept is brilliant, there’s no way in hell that we’ll see them in the United States anytime soon . . .

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Long Range Shooting on a Budget -Turn Your Smartphone Into a Wind Meter


I suck at reading the wind. Given my choice of shooting competitions you’d think that I would have it down, but it’s more of a guessing game than it should be. Thankfully there are instruments that help in determining wind direction and speed so I can plug the data into a computer and adjust my shot, but they usually cost a bunch of money and are pretty bulky. Now, a new company is starting to produce wind meters that plug into your cell phone’s headset jack and use an app to show you all the juicy wind related details. Make the jump for the presser, and yes I’ve asked for one to T&E . . .

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New From Strike Industries: Ambush Sling Loop


I’m no AR expert – not by any means – but this looks like a cool design. As all you Stoner worshippers know, there are plenty of Picatinny-mounted sling loops out there. But if you’re limited to a top rail and don’t appreciate your sling loop co-witnessing with your scope, Strike Industries‘ new Ambush loop has about as low a profile as you could ask for. And at $26.50, the price seems right. Details after the jump . . .

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Inteliscope Nixes Smartphone Scopes for Soviets


“Effective immediately, Inteliscope LLC has decided to refuse all future sales of Inteliscope smartphone-rifle-adapters to Russia and intends to maintain this policy until Ukraine is no longer illegally occupied by Russian troops,” the company’s presser proclaims. “Ukraine has demonstrated interest in joining the European Union. The Ukrainian people should be respected and have the right to democratically decide what is best for their country without dictatorial influences from Vladimir Putin. Furthermore . . .

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Gear Review: 300 Below Tactical Triad Cleaning Kit


300 Below has been in business since 1966, doing primarily cryogenic tempering of car parts, tooling, sporting goods, gun barrels, and the like. Next week, 300 Below will be introducing its new firearms cleaning and lubrication products, all of which are available in a kit called the “Tactical Triad.” TTAG received early notification of this pending product release and, even better, some of the goods to check out. Naturally, I had a couple dirty firearms and a filthy suppressor just itching to be cleaned . . .

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