New From Limitless Gear: OPFOR MC-R 5.56 Magazine Carrier

OK, run-and-gunners. Limitless Gear has a new approach to MOLLE attachment and are intro’ing their new MC-R mag carriers (MSRP $34.95). From Limitless Gear’s email blast:

We’ve got a product that is a completely new take on a couple of old ideas. It’s a 5.56 magazine carrier called the OPFOR that works like nothing you’ve seen before. We have a fast attachment systems for MOLLE that doesn’t require any docks, accessories, or tools. It lets you mount the OPFOR quickly and easily to any 2×2 MOLLE/Pals surface in seconds with just your hands . . .

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Second Opinion: Tac-Con 241 Trigger


It’s no secret that I didn’t like the Tac-Con 3MR trigger. It isn’t necessarily that it’s a bad egg — the thing functions as advertised — it just seems overpriced for what you get. They were asking $500 for a trigger that doesn’t do anything all that new, and came with no training materials or instructions on how to use it. Their PR guy’s response to the article wasn’t all that pleasant, but after a few conversations with the Tac-Con guys themselves, they invited me out to try out their latest creation. Tyler liked it. As for me . . .

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New from Talon Ordnance: Eagle Shield CLP


Gun guys (and gals) tend to stick with what works for them. Once they arrive at the tools, fluids and scrubbers they like to keep their guns spic and span, it can be hard to get them to change. Still, Talon Ordnance wants you to toss out all those brass and bronze brushes you’ve been using to clean your heaters. They say that if you use their new Eagle Shield CLP and Weapon Cleaner, you can swab out your gun using just a cushy-soft cotton swab. Press release after the jump . . .

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New From Dead Air Armament: 7.62 Sandman-S Suppressor



Aside from TrackingPoint’s rifles, it’s safe to say the most popular gun at this past weekend’s Texas International Firearms Festival was anything with a suppressor on the end of it. It seemed that everyone wanted to pull the trigger on a heater that made less noise than the the bullet did when it hit the steel target. And why not? Suppressors make shooting fun and safer. Wonder why the .gov makes them so hard to get. Not that Dead Air Armament or their customers have been deterred by the paperwork hurdles. They’re out with a new smaller-profiled can for 5.56, 300 BLK and 7.62 rifles. Press release after the jump . . .

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New from Recon Instruments: Heads-Up Display for TrackingPoint Rifle

ShotGlass for TrackinPoint

Back in the day (in Internet terms) TrackingPoint messed around with Google Glass, linking the “Don’t Be Evil” company’s wearable computer glasses with their precision-guided firearm. [Click here to watch the YouTube video.] That didn’t work out, in specific. In general, what are you kidding me? A fire-and-forget weapon that a sniper or his unit commander or the President of the United States could trigger remotely? Oops sorry. No. That would be wrong. Someone still needs to pull the trigger, right? Anyway, TrackingPoint’s teamed up with Recon Instruments to git ‘er done. And they done did it . . .

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New From Bullseye Camera Systems: Bullseye AmmoCam Sight-In Edition


Don’t want to mess with a spotting scope and trying to figure out where that last round hit? Bullseye Camera Systems is now out with a new, more affordable version of their downrange target viewing system. Housed in what looks like an ammo can, the AmmoCam can be placed as far downrange as far as 300 yards. It then beams images of your target back to your smart phone while highlighting your last hit on the screen. Press release after the jump . . .

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Is This The World’s Most Expensive Gun Case?

Holland and Holland Range Rover (courtesy

The other day I railed against co-branding. That’s because of a simple rule: the tighter a brand’s focus the stronger the brand. Branding is a form of mental shorthand that allows people to make easy choices. For example, Range Rover = luxury off-roaders. Not sports cars or urban runabouts. Holland & Holland = high-end shotguns. Not rifles or handguns. Holland & Holland has no more business making off-road vehicles than Range Rover has making high-end shotguns. And yet, as Edna Mode said to Bob Parr in The Incredibles, here we are . . .

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End Ammunition Confusion with Mag Marker Bands from Faxon


The AR-15 platform is fantastic, partly because of the ability to swap from one caliber to the next with very few parts changes. That also can make it a little bit dangerous. What if someone tries to shove a magazine of 5.56 ammo into your .300 BLK gun? The day could end in tears. Or worse. That’s where a new nifty idea from Faxon comes in: magazine bands . . .

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FNH USA Selling Hammer-Forged Replacement AR-15 Barrels


FNH USA is known for making some amazing rifle barrels. I’ve seen their shop firsthand and was extremely impressed, and having shot a SCAR for a couple years, I know what that quality manufacturing can do. And I’m not the only one who adores their barrels — people have been known to buy their upper receivers from a certain online shop specifically to use off-label FN barrels in their rifle builds. It looks like FN has taken notice and will now start selling their barrels direct to the public, and at a remarkably reasonable price. Presser after the jump . . .

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New From Troy Industries: M7A1 PDW Stock Kit


Troy Industries has created a unique bolt carrier with integrated buffer weight and pad, thereby allowing the shortest possible buffer tube. Attached to that buffer tube is a 6-position adjustable stock, and with all of these components together you now have Troy’s new M7A1 PDW Stock Kit. Definitely pretty slick for anyone wanting an extremely short length of pull or the ability to fit an AR into the smallest possible bag…and then extend it to a normal LoP. Of course, at $499 it’s a tough pill to swallow at a time when complete AR-15s are being sold for less. Troy’s press release follows . . .

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New from Tac-Con: User Selectable Single Stage AND Two Stage Trigger

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.17.42 PM

I’ve been out in Phoenix since Monday hanging with a bunch of other new media types and the guys from Tac-Con, manufacturers of triggers that got a bunch of press and notoriety a few months back when they released their 3MR trigger. The 3MR sports a traditional semi-automatic position along with a third mode that featured an extraordinarily short reset allowing very quick follow up shots. They haven’t been sitting around since that release and are now working on a trigger called the 241 (two for one, geddit?). To quote our illustrious and eloquent vice president, “This is a big f*cking deal” . . .

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