TracFind GPS System for Guns: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

TracFind (courtesy

I’m not sure why the inventors of the TracFind are targeting gun owners. You could attach their real time GPS tracking tag to, say, the bottom of your wife’s shoe to, you know, to make sure she’s safe when she’s — thinking out loud here — meeting an old friend for lunch. But there’s TracFind on Indiegogo, pimping their “Gun Safety Solution.” Here’s the elevator pitch from company founder and CEO Clark East via Tampa’s . . .

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Gun Safe Fail: GunVault Minivault Biometric GVB1000


By Dave Goetzinger

When I began my examination of cheaply made handgun safes, one of the first models I opened via covert means was GunVault’s Minivault Standard, model GV1000S. As a result of recent correspondence from people wanting to know if I might recommend a “biometric safe”—that is, a safe with a fingerprint reader—I decided to look at another GunVault product, the Minivault Biometric, model GVB1000. It’s basically a dressed-up version of the Minivault Standard . . .

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X-Products: We Did NOT Tell CNN We Support “High-Cap” Magazine Licensing

X-Products magazine (courtesy

After reported that the owner of X-Products would not be averse to a licensing scheme for purchase/possession of its “high capacity” ammunition magazines, TTAG checked the company’s website and called X-Products for clarification. We weren’t successful. Since the comments went viral, others have been more successful at contacting X-Products. TTAG reader G. Anderson received this reply to an email to the company . . .

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The Great Holster Smackdown: Nylon v. Leather

Nylon vs. leather (courtesy

Republished with permission from

It’s that time in our democracy when we exercise the right to shape our future. Everyone has strong leanings towards one set of ideas over another and we proudly express these publicly.  We examine the facts; discuss the issues. Family members argue; spirited debates ensue. Of course we’re not talking about Presidential politics. We’re batting around the hottest debate among gun owners: leather or nylon? Natural or not-so-natural? Which is better and can it be proven that one is superior to the other? Read on . . .

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Ban 5.11 Concealed Carry Jackets!

“Uber driver Jason Dalton visited a gun shop hours before he went on a shooting spree that left six people dead in Kalamazoo, Michigan,” Tomo News reveals. And bought a natty 5.11 conceal carry jacket. Removing the need to hide his gat in the glove box, under a newspaper (remember them?) or in the center console. Or draw his firearm from a holster while sitting, which might have forced him to laser himself. Regardless, clearly, it’s time to ban clothing that enables psycho-killers. Or at least encourage them to wear something horrendously conspicuous (e.g., Hillary Clinton’s bright yellow Mao pantssuit).


New From Skinner Sights – Lever Action Scope Base With Aperture Backup

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.18.54 AM


Who’s got lever fever? Better yet, who doesn’t have lever fever? Even those of you who live in one of those 2A-averse states with limited approved firearms lists can frequently get your hands on great guns like the Henry .30-30. or a Marlin 1895. Now Skinner Sights is out with their Skinner Express line featuring aperture backup sights if the mood (or Murphy’s law) strike. Here’s their press release . . .

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New-ish From Linkin Armory: Full-Featured, Yet Affordable Bolt Carrier Group


My target grade AR-15 upper build project has been a drawn-out process — I think the wife and I could have made another human being from scratch by now. I’ve finally settled on a bolt carrier group. Pictured above: my affordable, no-frills BCG from Linkin Armory. Despite a shipped-to-your-door price of $139.99, it’s packed with every high-end part and feature you could hope for, all from/done/made domestically. The who’s who list of features is sure to impress . . .

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