New From SHIELD: SIS and RMS Sights, Battery Mount, and JPoint Slim Mount

Most of us ‘Muricans ain’t familiar with SHIELD Sights, but we probably should be. They’ve been making firearms, suppressors, optics, and more — primarily for the British military — for 30-some-odd years. In fact, they manufactured Trijicon’s first red dot, and they make the JP Rifles JPoint that I speak highly of. Well, it’s time to get to know SHIELD directly, as their products are going to be available in the U.S. this year. We got a close look at a few brand new ones . . .

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New From Maxpedition: AGR Premium Packs and Pouches

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 2.18.38 PM

If you’re Maxpedition, you have one big problem – everyone and their brother’s turning out MOLLE-type gear and assorted pieces of tacticalia, usually at lower prices. It may not be of the same quality, but most buyers can’t tell the difference (or just don’t care). The Carson, California-based company could try to lower their prices, but that’s a race to the bottom. Maxpedition’s president Tim Tang tells TTAG that the solution is to go upmarket . . .

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New From Brigand Arms: The Lightest AR Handguard in the World


Made from braided carbon fiber tubes shrouded by a protective jacket, Brigand Arms‘ AR-15 handguards are stiffer and stronger than you might expect given their airy, lattice design. In a way, it’s actually all of that airspace that you’re paying for. These bad boys are the lightest handguards anywhere, with the 15″ Edge (no rails) model clocking in at an astonishing 3.9 ounces. Yet, it’ll support 100 pounds of weight in any direction. Read on for more info and photos . . .

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New from Revision: LazrBloc GF-8 Laser Protective Ballistic Lens


I worry about being blinded by a bad guy wielding a green laser. Not really. But I know some people who do: soldiers and fly boys. Revision’s got them covered with their new LazrBloc GF-8 laser protective lens. Its “unmatched in its combination of ballistic protective properties, green laser blockage, Near-Infrared protection, and visible light transmission, striking an optimal balance in a single, remarkably effective, integrated solution.” [Full presser after the jump.] In other words, these glasses let wearers laugh in the face of laser-equipped miscreants, before responding in kind. Just thought I’d pointer that out . . .

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New From Windham Weaponry: Multi-Caliber System AR Rifle (RMCS)


Windham Weaponry will be unveiling its new RMCS offerings next week at SHOT Show 2016. I’ve added them to my list of booths to visit, but the short story is one AR-pattern lower receiver with swappable magwells, and a quick-change barrel system in the upper receiver. Kits are offered with all of the parts needed to rapidly swap between two (.223 and .300 BLK), three (.223, .300 BLK, and 7.62×39), or four (.223, .300 BLK, 7.62×39, and 9×19) calibers. I assume caliber conversions will be available separately for people who start with a two-caliber kit and want to expand later, but that isn’t mentioned the following press release and product video . . .

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New From Magpul: UBR 2.0 Stock


The venerable Magpul UBR is a staple of the modern battle rifle build. Featuring solid construction and a tough-as-nails mechanism, the stock is a great option for those with a firearm they intend to beat to death. I put one of these on my original competition rifle build and absolutely loved it. But that didn’t mean there weren’t ways it could have been improved. Apparently Magpul felt the same way, and for SHOT Show they’re releasing their brand new UBR 2.0 . . .

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – Trigger Point’s Tigger-Mounted Light/Laser Switch


“Imagine instant target visualization during Close Quarter Battle by touching the trigger. ‘CONTROL THE LIGHT, CONTROL THE FIGHT.'” That’s Trigger Point Technology’s tag line. If you’re in a life-or-death situation, don’t you want something that “increases CQB durability by increasing lethality”? Hells yeah! And from a quick perusal of Trigger Point Technology’s TRAMS-ADVANCED design, we can pretty much guarantee the increased lethality part. For the princely sum of $750 . . .

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New From Crimson Trace: LiNQ System For Long Guns


If you’re an operating operator who operates operationally and find that reaching out to the end of your rail to activate your rifle-mounted laser simply takes too long, Crimson Trace has the solution for you. Their new LiNQ System features a wireless trigger that lets you activate your frickin’ laser beam (or light) with a simple touch of a button on your rifle’s pistol grip. Here’s their press release . . .

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Northern Tool + Equipment Adds Gun Gear, Will Hardware Stores Return to the Firearms Fold?

Courtesy of

Gun accessories are mostly sold by companies that are either firearms or sports oriented. In the same way that the mainstream media has shunned firearms related advertising – a sore point for TTAG’s publisher – you don’t find too many mainstream manufacturers expanding their product line into the firearms fold. While the media ad ban has yet to be broken, the expanding firearms market has lured in some major players from outside the traditional sphere. Enter Northern Tool + Equipment Company . . .

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2015 TTAG Reader’s Choice for Best New Accessory: Magpul GLOCK Magazines


For years now Magpul has been dominating the market for AR-15 accessories, but it seems they have finally made the decision to branch out into other weapons platforms. Where some companies have failed to make the jump it appears that Magpul has succeeded. In our 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards poll, where thousands of TTAG readers voted for their favorite new products of the year, Magpul swept the accessory category with their products taking the top four positions in the poll. It wasn’t a question of whether Magpul would win . . .

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The Story Behind the Hartman MH1 Reflex Sight

I’m not the most technical of gun writers. My ballistic ignorance and general aversion to breaking down a gun is a source of constant wonder to Jon Wayne Taylor. Which is why I stick to political and personal defense stories, and take a long time to write gun reviews. Still, I like technical stuff. Human ingenuity is intriguing. So when Laura Burgess marketing sent a story about the development of the Isreali Lt. Col. (Ret) Mikey Hartman’s MH1 Reflex Sight [after the jump] I was in like Flynn. I’m not entirely convinced, but I like the way Mr. Hartman thinks! Over to you, gear heads: $650 for the unit and $49.95 for the remote control strap. Worth the coin?

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