Be A Man Among Men With AT Armor’s Rhodie Paint Kit

As popular as cloning service rifles has become, those seeking to paint their FAL or G3 clone to look like a Bush War rifle now have a historically correct paint kit to complete their builds. While this isn’t precisely the same brand of paint, the colors have been painstakingly reproduced with modern oil-based paints. While […]

Warne’s New Bipod Will Hit Stores In September

Warne, known for their excellent scope mounts, has been busily cranking away on a new bipod design. Jeremy first reported on it last year. We got a look at the latest prototype in Dallas and Warne tells us the finished product is due to hit stores in September. The rigid design features easy, independent, one-handed five-way […]

New From Gear Head Works: Tailhook MOD 3 Pistol Brace

Gear Head Works‘ Tailhook line of pistol braces (reviewed here) has proven extremely popular, showing up on factory pistols from dozens of manufacturers. What’s more, the aftermarket has responded by creating adapters for mounting a Tailhook to all sorts of different firearms. One common option involves connecting a Tailhook MOD 1 to a collapsible wire […]