Question of the Day: Is Your Gear Simple Enough?

P10 Tail Cap with Direct To Strobe key (courtesy

“If you are looking for compact and practical,” writes, “Nitecore is releasing their new P10 Flashlite utilizing the Keep it Simple Stupid Principle. The flashlight sans batteries comes in at less than 3 ounces with a top output of 800 Lumens. One of the key features honing in on the K.I.S.S. concept is the direct to strobe function with a press and hold of the dedicated mode selector at the tail cap.” Nope not seeing it (so to speak). When adrenalin’s flowing, fingers turn to flippers and mental processing abilities disappear. Your finger’s gonna just jam on the tailcap and . . . that’s all. I’ve got the same operator error worries about the external safety on my 1911. And the opening mechanism on my EDC knife (now an Emerson wave-enabled blade). Laser on my gun? Training only. Home defense shotgun? Semi-auto not pump. How K.I.S.S.-able is your kit?


Self-Defense Tip: Don’t Neglect Your Gear

“One of the biggest no-nos when it comes to holster care is leaving your holster in a hot car,’ Randi Rogers blogs at “Your average car, left unattended, closed up and not running, will reach an interior temperature of roughly 140° Fahrenheit after just 90 minutes. This is not only dangerous for anyone who may be in your car, but this amount of heat can severely damage your holster or magazine pouch if left out.” Randi’s talking about Kydex holsters, specifically, that can warp in the heat. She recommends wrapping them in a towel or suchlike and stashing them as low in the car as possible. But let’s face it, there are lots of ways your guns and gear can go bad . . .

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New From Rio Grande Custom Grips: Compact/Officer 1911 Grips



Chinese new year doesn’t come around again until February. But if you want to be sure to honor your ancestors in style, you’ll want to get your order in for these red dragon-emblazoned 1911 officer-sized stocks from Rio Grand Custom Grips now. Wait, you don’t observe the lunar new year? Not to worry. Rio Grande makes these in about 90 different styles including leopard skin, smiley faces and Madras plaid. Press release after the jump . . .

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New from SureFire: X400 with Green Laser, XM Tailcap for Scout Lights

X400 Uktra light green laser combo (courtesy

Gearscout has scouted-out two new products from SureFire that look like sure fire hits. The $790 X400 rail-mounted light now comes with a green laser. “In addition to being highly visible, the five-milliwatt (505 nanometer) green laser of this new X400 Ultra is generated by a green-laser diode, making it more reliable over a wider temperature range than double YAG green lasers on the market.” ‘Cause operators operating operationally need both arctic and equatorial reliability. In terms of actual operation, try this [from the SureFire product page] at home . . .

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3 Reasons Why Outside-the-Waistband Holsters Are Better Than Inside-the-Waistband Holsters (And 3 Reasons Why They’re Not)

There are as many ways to carry a firearm as Israeli models worthy of linkage. But just as Bar Refaeli and Esti Ginzburg stand apart from their comely colleagues, inside-the-waistband (IWB) and outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters are the go-to options for concealed carriers. Adherents of either method can choose from a wide range of holster designs and materials made by manufacturers chasing an elusive mix of comfort, reliability, efficiency of presentation and affordability. I’ve made my choice: outside-the-waistband. YMMV but here’s why I reckon OWB beats IWB . . .

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New from CarniK Con: Operator Nutrition Facts Shirt


I enjoy the videos coming out of CarniK Con. Entertaining and often educational, they’re the thinking man’s FPSRussia. And now they’re making their own T-Shirts. The man behind the channel was showing off some of their latest creations at SOFIC last weekend and one shirt in particular caught my eye: the Operator Nutrition Facts shirt. Probably not appropriate attire for Sunday mass, but definitely entertaining. This is apparently just the first in a line they’ll be rolling out and if the shirts are as subtly humorous as the videos they should be a hoot.


How to Defeat Stack-On Gun Safes

On one hand, OMG! Why in the world would TTAG republish a YouTube video that tells bad guys how to break into a gun safe? On the other hand, the only cure for bad safe information is good safe information. And c’mon folks. Anyone who thinks a sub-$100 gun safe offers impregnability needs a wake-up call. Especially if they haven’t properly schooled their children on gun safety. When it comes to protecting your guns, use the same strategy as you use to protect your family: layers. Vigilance, sturdy windows and doors, home alarm, dog, etc. Oh and location, location, location. While the antis rightly lambasted our good friends for their article on hiding guns around the house (since 404′ed), there’s nothing wrong with hiding your gun safe. Or safes. More on that later . . .


Winner of TTAG EDC T-Fit Ankle Holster Contest: 79Slider

Winner TTAG EDC (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Aside from the Batman camera angle, this picture is more than slightly queasy-making. The ankle rig in question – which belongs to TTAG reader 79Slider – takes a tough extraction issue and makes it tougher. You’ve got to get a grip on the security strap (which looks small and slippy to me), release the snap, make sure the elastic springs out of the way and then draw. I’m thinking the Telor Tactical ComfortAir T-fit Ankle Holster‘s velcro strap is a better bet. Others may be thinking that an ankle holster – any ankle holster – is a matter of making the best of, the best of, a bad situation. Anyway . . .

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ArmsBand Holster Maker Responds to Critics – Nearly Two Years Later. (Win One for Yourself!)

Armsband holster (courtesy

There was a time when I read every comment on every post. Now that TTAG’s cranking out (in a high-quality way) 14 posts a day, those days are long gone. But I still cruise through our comments widget to keep my finger on the pulse to stay current with the Armed Intelligentsia’s gestalt. And look what I found! A response to our article What Could Possibly Go Wrong: ArmsBand Edition from the manufacturer. A little late perhaps; the post was written in July 2012. But much appreciated. (e.g., “To those who think me a fool for pursuing this method of carry from idea to product to market: You may be right.”) Make the jump for the more modest merriment and details on how you – yes YOU! – can win an ArmsBand holster . . .

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A Welcome New Player In Gun Food: Gorilla Ammo


When Kentucky Gun Co sent the Diamondback FS Nine for testing, I also requested to borrow an H&R Handi-Rifle in 300 Blackout (review in the works). Unfortunately, there’s nothing chambered in 300 BLK in my gun safe and I was fresh out of any ammo in the caliber from almost two years ago when I last shot it. A trip to two local gun shops left me empty-handed, but my local shooting range pulled through. They had a few boxes of Gorilla Ammo‘s subsonic 300 BLK on hand and, while there was a slight tingle of recognition in my mind, I wasn’t actually sure if I’d heard of the brand before. They said it was really nice stuff so I bought two boxes . . .

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Making Sense of Steel Targets – Part 2

This article originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission.

Steel targets have been around for a very long time, but it has only been in the last few years that the market has truly taken off. Rather than just a novelty training tool used only by law enforcement, steel targets are now a staple of weekend camping trips, competitive shooting events, and gun clubs across the country. With that increase has also come a slough of brands, designs, and claims about what makes a steel target good or bad . . .

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