New From FightLite Industries: STEP-22 Receivers and Integrally Suppressed Ruger Receivers


FightLite Industries is a marque of ARES Defense. They just recently announced their new STEP-22 line of receivers for Ruger’s .22LR pistol line. Their STEP-22K (photo below) and STEP-22KT models are standard replacements for Rugers’s Mk I, II and III and 22/45. In fact Ares honcho Geoffrey Herring tells me, their receiver makes the gun lighter than Ruger’s own 22/45 Lite. But their new star — which is due to start shipping July 1 — is the integrally suppressed STEP-22 receiver (above). The suppressed upper will MSRP at $699. The STEP-22K MSRP’s at $369 and STEP-22KT (threaded) is $10 more. We’ll be getting a suppressed version to review, so watch this space . . .

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ATF Approves SB Tactical Collapsible Pistol Arm Brace

SB Tactical new adjustable arm brace

SB Tactical‘s pistol arm brace concept has had a profound impact on the firearms market; it single-handedly (pun intended) saved the AR-15 pistol from obscurity. Up to now, the pistol arm brace has been a one-size-fits-all (or not) accessory. A letter from the ATF [click here to view]] changes that, A-OK’ing an adjustable versions of the brace. The new SB braces not only work better — for multiple shooters — but also look dead sexy. SB Tactical’s pre-NRA Con press release [after the jump] was short and sweet, but the pictures tell the tale . . .

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Agency Arms and Jake Hoback Release Collaboration Knife

Hoback 3 sized

The week of the 2016 NRA Annual Meetings in Louisville is upon us. This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Dan, Nick, and I will be in attendance bringing y’all as much of the new product information and other goings on as possible. Among the deluge of press releases, Agency Arms, best known for their seriously pimped out GLOCKs, has announced that they’re teaming up with Jake Hoback Knives to offer a limited edition — apparently only 50 of them — out-of-my-price-range flipper called the “Agent Knife.” Press release and more photos follow . . .

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A Deaf Shooter on the Importance of Hearing Protection


By Warren Grannis
They say write what you know. After sifting through everything I know about firearms over the last few weeks, I’ve decided I’m probably not in the running to speak as an expert on most aspects of gun gulture, as others are far better informed than I. But I am deaf. And I’ve been deaf for as long as I can remember, so I know that pretty well. Despite my deafness, I still wear hearing protection when I shoot, and I’d like to tell you why . . .
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SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Braces Now Available On New Website

Left to right: MPX PSB (adjustable), SB (Folding), SBV SBM4, Scorpion PSB, Uzi PSB (courtesy

SB Tactical invented the pistol-stabilizing brace. Using an SB brace-equipped AR-15 pistol, handicapped shooters — and Jerry Miculek — can fire a PDW (personal defense weapon) one-handed. While there’s not been a single case of enforcement, the ATF looks askance at shouldering an SB-Tactical pistol-stabilizing brace-equipped AR-15 pistol. Luckily, there are also plenty of fun and accurate ways to fire one without shouldering it. Regardless, SB’s expanded their line to fit a large number of OEM AR-15 pistols (press release after the jump) and created a direct-to-consumer website. They’ve also scheduled a big product reveal at NRA, and TTAG will be there . . .

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Bullet-Resistant Vests – They’re Not Just for Firearms Anymore



Press release [via]

A bullet proof vest is designed for bullets. This may seem obvious, and it is true, yet a bulletproof vest can protect you against a wide range of threats. Of course, protection against firearms is its main purpose, but some people will not feel that guns are a major threat, and will therefore not consider wearing a bulletproof vest. However, the unique threats body armor can protect you against mean that anyone and everyone can benefit from a bullet proof vest . . .

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New Snap-On LaserMax Manta-Ray AR Light at NRA Show

LaserMax Manta-Ray LMR-M (courtesy

I’m not sure how many TTAG readers hanker for a light for their AR. If you do, you might want this one. The new $219 LaserMax Manta-Ray (a.k.a., LRM-M) features “adjustable brightness and a unique light signature.” It “snaps on and off rifle rails in seconds. Driven by a powerful on board rechargeable battery, LMR-M provides superior performance in close quarters and guards the operator’s vision from harmful reflection. An infrared (IR) version (LMR-IR) is also available for use with night vision.” You can test it out at the NRA convention in mid-May. Full press release [via] after the jump . . .

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New from ATN: X-Sight II

ATN X-Sight II

ATN began its corporate life in a burned-out California bank building, where a few gung-ho guys assembled night vision optics. Skip ahead to today and the company is worth $40m, employing some 50 people. CEO James Munn is one of them. And he’s got a winner on his hands. “We sold 30 thousand X-Sight I’s,” the former Army Specialist told TTAG. “We’ve already received 30 thousand orders for X-Sight II. We’re shipping them as fast as we can make them.” No surprise there . . .

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Alien Gear’s CT 3.0 IWB Holster Receives Official Patent


Press release [via]

The award-winning Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster by Alien Gear Holsters is now protected by an official United States patent. This comfortable and concealable inside the waistband holster earned its official patent by utilizing an original steel core insert within a multi-layered design. As of April 5, 2016, patent # US 9,301,595 B2 protects the “multi-layered holster,” which includes the usage of the supportive and innovative spring-steel core. The official US paten reads . . .

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Timberwolf Glock Frames – The Solution to Your Grip Problems [Content Contest]


By Paul K.

**Warning** the following article may contain sarcasm. If you are a GLOCK fan boy, or have be running GLOCKs since before I was born, then please scroll right to the comments and comments flaming. Reader discretion is advised.

If you own a GLOCK and you are thinking about modifying or upgrading the frame in any way, STOP. Don’t waste one cent or minute of your time trying to “perfect perfection” and just do it right the first time. Head over to and buy a Timberwolf frame, and you’ll never look back . . .

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The AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Roundup


There may be a zillion aftermarket triggers for the AR platform, but there’s a fairly finite number of drop-in units. In fact, in the photo above you’re looking at very nearly every drop-in trigger available — plus a standard, 3-piece unit — and a couple that aren’t quite on the market yet. After shooting with all of them and running each through the Dvorak TriggerScan, we’re ready to present the following roundup . . .

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Devil Dog Concepts Hard Charger AR Side Charging Handle

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 8.44.35 AM

One of the only problems some shooters have with the ubiquitous AR platform is its charging handle. When the adrenaline’s pumping and time is of the essence, the mil-spec handle takes a fair amount of attention and fine motor skill. Sure, you can train for it, but many find it less than ideal. That is, not as intuitive and fast handling as an AK- or SCAR-style side charger. But opportunity and cash being the motivators they are, a couple of solutions are out there. Devil Dog Concepts’ Hard Charger gives you the side charging, non-reciprocating option you want without losing receiver Pic rail space. We’ve asked for one to see if it’s as cool as it looks and will report back soon.

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