Update on the Jesse James/Liberty Suppressor Challenge


I will freely admit that I love guns, cans and a little competition every now and then. So when I found out about the new products from upstart Jesse James Firearms Unlimited that was billed as an industry game changer, I was rather curious. Thanks to the vitality of Facebook and the internet in general as well as some reporting by fellow TTAG contributor Nick Leghorn, I was anxious to see the results of a startup challenging an established player in this business. Remember that many looked sideways at Apple when they said they were going to make a phone. I had a chance to talk to Brent Taylor from Liberty Suppressors about the goings on involving his company and Jesse James in a TTAG exclusive . . . Continue Reading


VLTOR Slims Down with Carbon Fiber M14 Stock


The M14 is a beast of a rifle. And I mean that not only because the rifle is still an accurate and effective battle implement over 75 years since the original design (M1) was fielded, but because the rifle is a chunky and massive piece of metal to lug around the battlefield. In a world where super slim rifles are all the rage and the “pounds equals pain” mantra is ringing strong, VLTOR has taken it upon themselves to reduce the overall weight of the M14 even further.

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New From LUCID: P7 4x Weapons Optic (plus L5 6-24×50 initial impressions)

When the Shaolin Rifleworks guys informed me that the scope I had been using on their AR-10 has an MSRP of just $449, I was pretty darn surprised. The optics of the LUCID L5 6-24×50 were really good, and my initial impression was that I was behind some premium glass that’s beyond what I would personally spend. Shaolin said they were sharing the LUCID booth at SHOT Show and asked me to swing by, so swing by I did. As you’ll see in the video above, the owner of LUCID walked me through their new product for 2015, the P7 4x Weapons Optic. . .

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Vortex Introduces 1-6×24 Strike Eagle for $400ish


Getting a good short range variable power optic can be an expensive task. Very few people make a good short to mid range optic, with Leupold currently leading the pack in terms of value. SIG SAUER is getting into the same game with a $400ish 1-4x optic, but Vortex is pushing the envelope. Instead of just a 1-4x, Vortex is pushing out a 1-6x optic with an illuminated BDC reticle for that same price.

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Rock Solid Industries: Left Handed Mosin Nagant Bolt, Improved Stripper Clip


I fully admit that I’ve been sitting on some gear from Rock Solid Industries for damn near a year, which is way longer than intended. I’ve got most of it mounted, but my wartime production Mosin Nagant makes fitting semi-standardized parts a bit of an issue. While I’ve been fighting my rifle, RSI has been developing some new gear for the old platform. First on the block is a left handed bolt that doesn’t require any destructive modifications to the rifle . . .

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New From PWS: Enhanced Duty Slide for GLOCK

Primary Weapons Systems has released a replacement slide — the EDS or Enhanced Duty Slide — for Gens 1-3 GLOCK 17 and 19 pistols. Swapping this slide onto your gun is supposed to improve the trigger pull to a crisp, consistent, 4 lb. break. Sure enough, PWS’s factory-fresh demo GLOCK felt just like a normal GLOCK. Ten seconds later we’d swapped the slide and the trigger pull was excellent. I was shocked just how crisp it was with almost no creep at all and a very nice break. The slide also brings front cocking serrations, great looks, and DLC coating to the table. More details and photos follow. . .

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How It Works: SIG SAUER’s Quick Attach Muzzle Device


There were a couple questions about how SIG SAUER’s muzzle device / quick attach system worked in the comments of some of the articles. The info is available on SIG SAUER’s site, but more info is never a bad thing. I’ve had a chance to use the brand new cans for a while now (including some pre-production engineering samples fresh off the welder) and I gotta say their system makes a whole lot of sense. Let’s take a closer look.

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New Kids on the [High-End Optic] Block: Tangent Θ Theta

Courtesy Joe Grine

For those of you that need the very “best of the best” when it comes to long range optics for precision rifles, a new Canadian firm named Tangent Theta is now in production, and is showcasing its three new scopes at the 2015 SHOT Show.   From the looks of what I saw, Tangent Theta’s products are well-poised to provide strong competition for the current industry leaders such as Schmidt & Bender, etc…

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Surefire to Introduce “Muzzle Brake” That Looks Like a Silencer, Attaches to Silencer Mount


Ever been to a really nice range, whipped out your rifle of choice, and noticed that all of the cool guys were running silencers on their guns? I know — I used to be one of those guys. Silencers just make everything look… better. Surefire is about to release a brand new product that not only makes you look like one of the “cool” guys, but also serves a proper function as well.

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Surefire Launches 9mm Silencer, 300 BLK Can


Surefire has come from being a flashlight company to a major player in the firearms accessory market in a very short period of time. Their latest creations are mostly for the civilian market, where the silencer business is booming (metaphorically speaking). The latest cans from Surefire follow the styling and design mold that they set out last year, but make some much appreciated improvements.

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Mesa Tactical Launches AR Scar Stock Adapter


The options for the SCAR stock are very limited, but the options for the AR-15 platform are as colorful as the rainbow. VLTOR has an adapter for the SCAR that lets you do the whole “peanut butter in my chocolate” thing, but their version comes with a buffer tube assembly already firmly in place. Mesa Tactical has slightly different take on things . . .

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