Coming Soon: Electronic AR-15 Trigger was out at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot this weekend and spotted something nifty on one of the tables. A new company has developed an electronic trigger for the AR-15 rifle platform, and it boasts some interesting improvements — mainly for military users, though. The trigger is programmable, meaning that those with a registered machine gun can tinker with everything from how many rounds are fired per burst to the cyclic rate of the gun (the trigger is timed, not mechanically tripped). For those without a registered full auto device there will be a semi-auto version coming out soon, but my bet is that it will be on the market for 24 hours before someone figures out a way to make it fire more than one round per trigger pull.

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New From StealthGear USA: AIWB Appendix Carry Holster

VP9 3

Yawn. Another Kydex hybrid holster, right? Only this one isn’t really the same all the others. If you read our review of the StealthGear USA’s ONYX IWB holster, you know that StealthGear uses a breathable backing that makes toting a shootin’ iron all day – especially in warmer climes – much more comfy. Now StealthGear has added to their Ventcore-backed product line with an appendix carry option. Retail price: $79. Press release after the jump . . .

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New From Aimpoint: The Aimpoint Carbine Optic


While the Aimpoint optic might be the default standard for red dot sights, there are very few people who can actually afford one. The usual model people seem to prefer is the T-1, which clocks in at over $650. That’s a lot to pay for something so small and simple, and Aimpoint keeps losing sales to other cheaper red dots like the Vortex SPARC ($200). Now Aimpoint has announced a new sight – the Aimpoint Carbine Optic – priced much more competitively than the T-1 to appeal to budget-concious customers with a modern sporting rifles. But with an MSRP of $393, will it be “budget” enough? Presser after the jump . . .

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New Eclipse Solar Gear Backpack Powers Your Trackingpoint Rifle


There used to be a time when hiking and hunting in the great outdoors was a chance to escape from civilization. To disappear into a world without phones and Filofaxes. Of course, there were downsides to this splendid isolation (*cough* Deliverance *cough*). And now that phones have lost their cords and paper organizers have given way to GPS-enabled handheld computers (complete with iCal and YouTube tips on how to build an emergency shelter), hitting the trail without some kind of electronic device means turning your back on safety. Which makes battery life/weight something of a worry – especially if you’re schlepping a Trackingpoint precision-guided rifle. Well worry no mo’. Texas’s Eclipse Solar Gear‘s got your back. Literally . . .

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Just Arrived: Seek Thermal Camera

FLIR has recently released a consumer grade thermal camera for general usage, and I was all excited — until I realized that it was for iPhones only. And only specific kinds of iPhones, specifically not the new one. Enter Seek Thermal and their shot across FLIR’s bow, a small add-on thermal camera that works with both Apple iPhones and Android devices, all for only $199. I’ve got my mitts on one of their products to test out, and I gotta admit that it’s a blast watching things heat up at the range. I get the feeling it will be beneficial for things like hunting as well, so we’ll see. Expect a full review when I’m done geeking out.


New From TrackingPoint: ShotGlass Digital Shooting Glasses


Let’s face it, Google Glass, at least in its current iteration, is about as stylish and fashion forward as a 73 shirt. And we’re not sure that TrackingPoint’s new ShotGlass specs are much better. Then again, they’re only intended to be worn while shooting. And Google’s things don’t let you shoot around corners or over walls without exposing yourself, all while recording your ballistic activity in HD glory. Press release after the jump . . .

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How It’s Made: Timney Triggers


Timney Triggers has been in the business of making replacement triggers for decades. Started in 1946, the company made its reputation by providing quality replacement triggers for rifles brought home form WWII. From Arisaka rifles to Remington 700s, Timney has made replacement triggers for every popular rifle on the market today. While the core values and work ethic at Timney is right out of the 1940’s, the machinery that makes those triggers definitely is not.

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New from Aimpoint: Micro T-2 Red Dot Sight



Tired of messing around with “good enough” where your red dot is concerned? Have you been saving up your shekels so you could finally mount a top-quality compact optic on that carbine you love even more than your golden retriever? If you’ve had your heart set on an Micro T-1, Aimpoint has gone and complicated your life by giving you another choice – the Micro T-2. The difference: besides the front and rear flip-covers and tougher internals, Aimpoint says the T-2 has improved optics that give the shooter better clarity. The T-2 will set you back a little more, too. The T-1’s MSRP is $768 while the T-2’s is $846. Press release after the jump . . .

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New From Liberty Suppressors: Mystic-X – One Can to Rule Them All?


The worst part about buying a silencer is knowing that its usefulness is limited. For example, I can’t shoot 9mm or 22LR ammunition through my 762SDN6. I can’t shoot 5.56 through my Ti-Rant 9mm can. And I can’t shoot anything but .22 through my Prodigy. Liberty Suppressors is seeking to change all that by producing a do-it-all silencer, their new Mystic-X can. It’s derrived from their already popular Mystic design that can suppress anything from 9mm to full auto 300 BLK to even 5.56 NATO ammo (through a 16″ barrel, that is). The kicker: it only costs about $800. If it works . . .

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New from Liberty Ammunition: .357 Magnum Lead Free Ammo

Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense .357 Magnum

If you can take the recoil of firing big boy bullets from your wheel gun, Liberty Ammunition has just announced a new addition to their Civil Defense line of personal defense ammo. They say their .357 lead-free (copper) hollow-point loads will give you twice the velocity and three times the terminal effect with 16% less recoil than standard plumbum pellets. Press release after the jump . . .

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Revolver Six Shooter Cylinder Shift Knob

Revolver Six Shooter Shift Knob Shifter Manual Car Automatic Universal Replacement (courtesy


The world can generally be classified into opposing groups. You’re either a dog person or a cat person. You hop out of bed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning or you’re a night owl who likes to howl at the moon. You take a gloomier, half-empty view of life or adopt a rosier, half-full attitude. There are those who take the time to make their bed in the morning and those who just can’t be bothered. And then there are those who think there are two kinds of people in the world and those who eschew that kind of rigid bipolarity. But when it comes to handguns . . .

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Thin Guys. Fashion. Red Wine. Remington Hearts Ammosexuals

The fact that no one actually shoots a gun in Remington’s video for its 1816™ line of men’s apparel is kinda perturbing. Well, it is to old fat white guys. Pulchritudinous pistoleros for whom a button-down shirt – any button-down shirt – is the height of fashion. This gun range of ballistically-minded, sartorially-challenged gun guys – Remington’s base – would no doubt prefer the company to spend its time and money building better guns *cough* R51 *cough* – than stretch the once-storied firearms brand like a piece of Turkish taffy. “1816™ transcends the timelessness of our visionary forefathers to the sporting gentleman of modern day.” What does that even mean? How can you transcend timelessness? I wonder if any of this clobber’s made in New York . . .