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Magpul Launches M-LOK Attachment System


It’s becoming pretty clear that the now-ubiquitous quadrail forends on firearms are just too bulky to be useful. They make attaching things a breeze, but the cheese grater effect and the tube diameter required to make it work is just way too clunky. It’s the reason that we’ve seen the increasing move toward the keymod as the new attachment system to end all attachment systems, an “open source” standard developed originally by Noveske with help from VLTOR. But now Magpul appears to be trying to introduce their own standard, dubbed the “M-LOK” system, that uses straight slats instead of keyed holes . . .

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Body Armor Primer: Guns and Bullets vs. Kevlar and Plates


By Anthony McGrath

When the subject is body armor, you can’t avoid the topic of Kevlar. This synthetic fiber has completely changed the way of development of body armor, once it appeared on the market. Kevlar is incredibly lightweight, while five times stronger and harder than steel. It doesn’t corrode or rust, while effectively absorbing vibration. Kevlar is expensive, though, due to the work with concentrated sulfuric acid that’s used in its production. Only a few online websites such as offer soft Kevlar panels in their armor to the public nowadays . . .

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New From Crimson Trace: Laserguard for GLOCK 42

Crimson Trace's LG-443 on a Glock Model 42

Mouse guns and snubbies practically beg for a laser. With sight radiuses (radii?) approximately the length of the average 14-year-old’s attention span, hitting anything at much more than bad breath distances can be, well, hit or miss. That doesn’t mean that a good laser won’t benefit a larger pistol, though. So now, as you knew they would, Crimson Trace is out with one of their best-in-class Laserguards for the larger-than-mouse gun GLOCK 42. Press release after the jump . . .

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New From Tacprogear: Pro Travel Bag

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So you’ve tried every standard type of holster under the sun and can’t abide dragging around a boat anchor pistol all day long. Some people are recoil sensitive, you’re carry sensitive. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The thing is, you still want to have a gun with you wherever you go. That means off-body carry, with the attendant compromises that go along with not having possession of your mohaska at all times. You’re not alone. Plenty of gun owners out there go that way. The problem is, fanny packs are, well, fanny packs. So if you’re a dood, that leaves you with some kind of turse . . .

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BREAKING: ATF Confirms Firing an AR-15 Pistol From the Shoulder Using SIG’s Brace is A-OK


SIG SAUER are the guys who make the now infamous pistol arm brace for AR-15 pistols that looks remarkably like a stock. And works kinda like a stock. A really, really crappy stock. Anyway, there has been much chatter on the internet about whether the ATF will get their knickers in a twist about people misusing the arm brace and subsequently change their minds on the legality of the whole thing. Thankfully, the ATF has just released a letter clarifying their position and confirming what we’ve been saying this whole time: the arm brace is here to stay. Thanks to SIG SAUER for sending it along, read it after the break . . .

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Update: Tactical Triad Cleaning Kit Now Available (With TTAG Discount)

Just over a month ago I had the chance to test out and review 300 Below’s new Tactical Triad firearms cleaning and lubrication kit, but it wasn’t yet actually available for purchase. This has since changed, and you can now purchase the entire kit as well as many of the individual components on Amazon. Links, details, a follow-up on the review (including a technical note and some comments from a TTAG reader on his experience with it) . . .

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