Magpul Announces Recall for GLOCK Magazines


At the SHOT Show this year, Magpul unveiled their latest creation: replacement GLOCK magazines. Designed for the G17, these mags will fit anything in that same line including the popular G19. Their main claim to fame is that they’re cheaper than the factory GLOCK mags and made of a single material instead of the composite metal and plastic magazines that GLOCK offers. Things were looking peachy as the first batches left the factory, but there were apparently a few minor errors that are causing problems, and as a result Magpul is replacing every magazine free of charge . . .

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Where’s MY Buoyant Ballistic Protection?

Hope floats! (courtesy

When it comes to maritime activities, TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia is unlucky. Again and again, we hear of boating accidents in which all manner of firearms are tragically lost. While there’s not much we can do to save the guns, Morgan Advanced Materials’ Composites and Defence Systems are doing their level best to keep gun owners afloat and bullet-resistant. Specifically, their LASA Maritime Combat System, which includes a new Marine Ballistic Helmet and a lightweight buoyant ballistic insert, a ballistic buoyant shield, communications, a lightweight waterproof rucksack, pouches and holsters. [Press release after the jump.] One can only hope the system makes it to the civilian market – hope floats! – and that the new holsters prevent the kind of loss experienced by our unfortunate readers . . .

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CZ-USA Announces Scorpion Folding Stock & 922r Compliance Kit


CZ’s Scorpion Evo S1 Pistol is proving to be a hot item. At an MSRP of an affordable $849 and with tons of potential, it’s easy to see why. I say “potential,” because the shootability of a large “pistol” like this — like an AR pistol, like a SIG MPX pistol, etc. — is less than ideal. They tend to be clunky and awkward but, of course, this is because they were designed to have a shoulder stock. Regardless of barrel length, they were made to be used like rifles and are only sold in pistol form to avoid NFA “short barreled rifle” regulation and/or to avoid 922(r) compliance requirements as discussed in detail earlier today. On the factory folding stock and 922(r) front, though, CZ-USA has just released the following bit of great news at the NRA Annual Meetings in Nashville. . .

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Polish Breakthrough on Liquid Body Armor?

Poland’s Military Institute of Armament Technology in Warsaw has been skunk-working on liquid body armor. Specifically, non-Newtonian Shear Thickening Fluid-based body armor. “Shear-thickening fluids, unlike other liquids, harden when struck by a strong impact,” reports. “With shear-thickening fluids (affectionately known as oobleck), the bullet’s force is absorbed by the liquid, then dissipated outwards through the fluid medium.” Previous attempts at oobleck body armor fell afoul of weight restrictions . . .

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New from Beretta: 92FS with Built-in Lasermax Laser

Beretta 92FS with guide-rod-mounted Lasermax laser

Lights, lasers. Who needs ‘em? My take: a hand-held flashlight is a wonderful thing that prevents muzzle discipline issues and reduces the possibility of, I dunno, shooting the wrong person. Lasers are excellent for firearms training and . . . that’s it. But what do I know? The demand for the devices is undeniable and plenty of gun gurus will tell you that I’m FOS. Generally speaking. Anyway, if you’re gonna have a laser on your gun, a built-in laser is the way to go – especially if you don’t want holster hassle. Beretta’s new 92FS with on-board laser on board is a tidy package with a proven partner. Lasermax’s patented guide rod laser “has been proven through over a quarter century of combat and defensive use by tier one special operation forces, conventional military units, federal agents, SWAT and police professionals, and responsible firearm owners worldwide.” Like I said, what do I know? Press release as follows . . .

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An Economy Red Dot That Actually Outlives Projected Battery Life

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 8.50.32 AM

Primary Arms Classic 30MM Red Dot GEN II

By DrVino

I’m a miser. I don’t like to pay any more than is necessary to keep me out of “penny wise, pound foolish” territory. Still, my “main” Stoner-pattern rifle is outfitted with all the better brand name accouterments including an EOTech sight, Magpul toothpick dispenser, Leupold rear view mirror and Silencerco coffee maker. If this is too “cheap” for some readers, I suppose I could still trade one of my kids for an ACOG….

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Swampfox Covert Assault Scope Edition

Assault scope

“This special Swampfox riflescope combo [product shot after the jump] comes with a Red laser, tactical flashlight, scope lens covers, rings and allen wrench. The superb optical system is designed with fully coated lens to give clear, crisp contrast and a bright sight image. high precision matching components provide smooth and easy adjustments. The aluminum monotube offers a shockproof and waterproof structure, and the rifle scope is nitrogen purged for fogproof performance. Complete instructions are inside the package, and this combo fits both weaver and picatinny rails.” Yes, but – “assault scope”? . . .

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New(ish) From Man-PACK: Man-PACK Bag for Manly Men

Off-body carry is a thing. For some, it’s the only option. So if you’re going to tote that way, why not do it in something well-designed and functional? Hence the Man-PACK from, well, Man-PACK. They have two sizes and array of colors that won’t ever be let it be mistaken for a hipster messenger bag. Ever. Their pitch after the jump . . .

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New from Lehigh Defense: Close Quarters (CQ) Ammo

I’m not sure if G2’s RIP ammo is still ripping off the public, but the hoopla has certainly died down. In the meantime, the good folks at Lehigh Defense (one of our 2013 Readers Choice Award winners) ripped a page from RIP’s book and created a reverse RIP round. In other words, instead of bullet designed to shed pathetic petals (a.k.a., trocars) like Biggest Loser winners shedding pounds, Lehigh’s CQ round has petals that penetrate like, well, you know. Make the jump for a press release ammo nerdgasm. Video demo or not, we can’t get some samples to TTAG ammo tester ShootingTheBull410 fast enough. Watch this space . . .

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Gear Review: Hogue G-Mascus G10 Grips


Three years ago I replaced the grips on my CZ SP-01 — which sported G10 grips from a different, popular manufacturer — with a set from Hogue. The purchase was made just for aesthetics, as I liked the look of the Hogue Extreme G10 G-Mascus ones better or, maybe, it was simply time for something new. I had no complaints about the function or feel of the ones that I had been using. After all, they are highly regarded and may well be the most popular G10 grip choice for CZs. Opening the Hogue package was a pleasant surprise, however, as. . .

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