New From Polymer80: Spectre 80% “GLOCK” Frame

SpectrePrototype (1 of 5)

Polymer80, known for its polymer AR-15 an AR-10 80% lower receivers and kits, is ramping up production on the Spectre. This pistol frame is compatible with small-frame GLOCK components, and will accept factory or aftermarket full-size or longer GLOCK slides. This means it can be built as a 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, or even .45 GAP. Since it’s only 80% complete it isn’t considered a firearm, and can ship right to your door with the jig and bits necessary to complete that last 20%. TTAG will have a review sample in January. Polymer80’s press release, a couple other photos, and a compatability matrix follow. . .

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New From Magpul: Tejas Gun Belt

One of the biggest eye openers to new concealed (or open, for that matter) carriers is the difference in comfort a good gun belt makes. Once you lose that $10.00 Walmart special you’ve been wearing, spring for the real deal and strap it on along with your EDC gun, it usually results in the quintessential V-8 moment. You’ll wonder how in the blue hell you ever got along without one. Anyway, that’s what our new neighbors at Magpul are hoping will happen when you give the first entry in their new apparel line a try. Here’s their press release . . .

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Lockerdome Poll: Leather vs. Kydex Holsters in a Dead Heat!

(courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I prefer the unchanging firearms retention capability and reholsterability of a well-made Kydex holster. Kydex also snugs my gun closer to my body than a leather rig; a key consideration for us OFWG outside-the-waistband types. And Kydex holsters are the dictionary definition of low maintenance. But our completely unscientific opt-in online poll reveals that TTAG readers like rocking it old school. I get it. Leather holsters offer gun owners personality, tactility and stealth (no noise when unholstering). I’m not sure how hybrid holster wearers vote, but I am sure this one’s going down to the wire. Get your vote in before Sunday, when we’ll offer another dynamic duo for your opinionator.



SIG SAUER: KILO2000 Range Finder Backed by “Infinite Guarantee”

SIG SAUER reckons the KILO2000 is “a rangefinder fit for any situation a shooter might encounter.” We’ve haven’t gotten our hands on the gizmo, never mind using one from inside a hot air balloon, so we can’t pass judgement. I’ve posted the full press release and specs after the jump. Meanwhile, we can put the TTAG seal of approval on SIG’s “Infinite Guarantee” which reads as follows . . .

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Weatherby and MDT Team Up for Factory Lightweight Modular Bolt-Action Rifle


I reviewed MDT’s LSS chassis for the Remington 700 and loved it. The chassis is lightweight, attractive, and improves the accuracy of the firearm thanks to rigid bedding and a free floating barrel. Weatherby similarly makes great rifles (like this one I reviewed), but their product line has been missing something. Just about everyone else makes a “tactical” rifle these days, but Weatherby has stuck with their traditional designs. Until now, that is . . .

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Lancer Systems Media Event — The Guns

Lancer Media Day 2015

This is the last of three posts detailing the media event put on by Lancer Systems at the awesome shooting facilities of Virginia International Raceway. The first post covered some interesting facts about Lancer and its other, high-tech business units, and the second post concentrated on the various magazine-related, competition-style challenges and tests we did. While Lancer’s magazines continue to increase in popularity as more and more people realize they’re worth the extra couple bucks, I can’t say I’ve actually seen a Lancer rifle in the wild. Thankfully, the shooting events at VIR gave us a solid amount of hands-on experience with the company’s various AR-pattern offerings. . .

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CZ-USA Now Shipping Scorpion Evo Factory Stocks With 922(r) Compliance Kits


CZ’s Scorpion Evo 3 S1 is 100% made in the Czech Republic. This is fine for a pistol but, in the U.S., poses importation problems were it a rifle and prohibits those wanting to turn the pistol into a rifle (including into a registered SBR) from doing so legally. We have the perfectly understandable, totally commonsense 18 U.S.C. § 922(r) of the 1968 Gun Control Act to thank for this, and what it all means was previously broken down in this post. What it meant to CZ-USA was that providing the Czech-made, factory folding stock to U.S. customers first required replacing at least six of the Scorp’s 15, 922(r)-relevant parts with U.S.-made alternatives. . .

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Kickstarter Drop-Kicks Gun-Hiding Art Campaign [VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP]

Instant Access IPS (courtesy
Indiegogo will be the first crowdfunding platform to host a campaign for artwork-hidden gun cabinets,” Instant Access IPS announces in their presser. Not that there’s a lot of artwork-hidden gun cabinet crowdfunding campaigns vying for investors’ attention. Nor, as it turns out, a lot of crowdfunding sites that allow firearms-related fundraising campaigns. “Other crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter wouldn’t allow us to run a campaign for our product that helps keep families safe,” Instant Access IPS CEO Mark Coons said, FWIW. “I’m thankful Indiegogo will host our campaign. Our attractive new pistol cabinet will further help efforts to keep children and families safe from gun tragedies.” I’m not so sure about . . .

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New From Bigfoot Gun Belts: “Untamed” Series Steel Core Leather Belts


When I read Bigfoot Gun Belts’ presser announcing the release of their “highly anticipated” Untamed Series (full text after the jump) my first thought was, who highly anticipates a gun belt? Remember the scene in The Jerk where Maven R. Johnson (Steve Martin) gets all excited about seeing his name in the phone book? Like that. My second thought: who christens a gun belt “Untamed”? That’s like naming Michal Idan “Ugly Israeli.” Still, a sturdy belt is the foundation upon which any carry system (save pocket) must be built and Bigfoot makes a pretty convincing case for itself. Speaking of pockets, I find the above photo – with Bigfoot emerging from the front of a guy’s jeans – strangely disturbing. Just sayin’ . . .

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Lancer Systems Media Event — Magazine-related Shenanigans

Lancer Media Day 2015

In late September, Lancer Systems hosted a media event to give some gun writers a hands-on experience with its product line. I posted a recap of the 2-day shindig and what I learned about the company and its business units here, and if you didn’t catch that I’d definitely say it’s worth a glance (not that I’m biased or anything). This is the first post of what I expect will be two follow-ups, and it’s going to concentrate on Lancer’s magazine-related technology and performance. Lancer created a handful of competition-style stages and tests to try and drive home the value of its magazines and its bolt-on flared magazine wells, and I think it went over pretty well. . .

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InteliScope + Seek Thermal = Thermal Rifle Sight for Cheap Bastards


Thermal optics ain’t cheap. Even on the lower end they can run well into the thousands of dollars and often the resolution isn’t the greatest. InteliScope came out with a way to use your iPhone as a rifle sight not too long ago, and now it looks like they’re trying to get in on the low end thermal optics market with their latest creation. It blends the budget thermal tech of Seek Thermal with their iPhone sighting software to create something that just might be “good enough” for the average person to use hunting hogs down here in Texas. Presser after the jump . . .

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