First Look: SIG SAUER MCX .177 Cal Semi-Automatic Air Rifle


This is a guest post written by my buddy, CASES4CASES:

It had been on my list to pick up another air rifle. So when the SIG MCX Semi-automatic air rifle in .177 caliber became available for pre-order at a discounted price I put down the cash, crossed it off the list, and stuck it in the back of my mind due to the estimated several months wait. Well, today I was surprised by the arrival of the air rifle – nearly a month early. Apparently it caught SIG off-guard, as well. . .

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New From Ruger and PolyCase: Ruger-Branded Handgun Ammo


What gunco is the latest to get into the ammo biz? Jumping into the gun food game along with names like SIG SAUER and Browning, Sturm, Ruger & Co. has announced that they’re partnering with PolyCase Ammunition and will offer a Ruger-branded line of the most popular handgun calibers. The big difference here is PolyCase’s lead-free bullets that result in lighter weight rounds traveling at higher speeds, something that impressed our own ShootingTheBull410 when he put their .380 and 9mm rounds through their paces. Press release after the jump . . .

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Judge: SIG SAUER’s MPX “Muzzle Brake” Is Actually a Silencer


Is the extensive muzzle brake permanently attached to the end of one version of the MPX’s barrel a muzzle brake or a “silencer”? The battle between SIG SAUER and the ATF has been raging for months. SIG SAUER’s position: it’s a muzzle brake. The part doesn’t reduce the noise of the gun in the slightest. But there’s a twist: SIG planned to make and sell a specially designed shroud that would transform the muzzle brake into a properly registered silencer. The ATF was not pleased. They dropped the ban hammer on the part. SIG SAUER sued. And now a judge has made his decision . . .

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New from Smith & Wesson: M&P Bodyguard with Crimson Trace Green Laser

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard with Crimson Trace green laser (courtesy ammoland,com)

The other day, we riffed on Crimson Trace’s appeal to OFWGs. Specifically, their assertion that laser-equipped pistols were a boon to Americans looking to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms with an addition degree of accuracy (should push come to shove). One of our commentators said he was saving up for a green laser-equipped pistol, the better choice for daytime use. Well, here you go! “The popular Smith & Wesson M&P BODYGUARD 380 pistol is now available with a factory-installed green Laserguard laser sight from Crimson Trace,” Smith’s presser proclaims. [Full text after the jump.] If he gets one, all his friends will be, well, you know . . .

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Crimson Trace Reality Check: Getting Older Sucks

(courtesy amolando,com)

In his latter years, when people asked “how are you?” my father had a standard response. “Vertical.” Beyond that baseline he wasn’t much more informative. “Getting older’s not for puss**s” he’d opine, and leave it at that. Copy that. As a quinquagenarian, I’ve found that my shooting-related skills have degraded. Crimson Trace feels my pain. Crimson Trace Aids Aging America their ammoland,com presser proclaims, using an image that begs for the caption “GET OFF OF MY LAWN!” Hey is that Bill Murray? Let me get my glasses. I think that’s their point . . .

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New From Elftmann Tactical: Drop-in AK-47 Trigger


While I still haven’t completed the AR-15 drop-in trigger shootout, I did round up all of the available options months ago and have played with each of them — just not enough yet for final reviews and conclusions. It’s conceivable a tie for first place could come out of this, but I’ll go ahead and spoil some of the surprise by disclosing that a first place tie is likely the worst the ELF AR-15 trigger, reviewed here, will do. Anyway, ELF AK-47 / AK-74 triggers just began shipping, and if they’re anything like the AR units they’re sure to be as crisp and precise as can be. Press release and more photos to follow. . .

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Post Crisco-Gate Gun Oil! [VIDEO]

God bless America. If there’s a need for a product, it’s filled just like that, seemingly out of thin air. OK, that’s not completely true. As anyone who’s watched sixty episodes of Shark Tank will tell you, launching a new product takes hard work, chutzpah, some well-rehearsed schtick and a banging body. Unless it doesn’t. Thanks to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social media rat pack, a dollar’s worth of viral marketing can launch a product in less time than it takes Proctor & Gamble to figure out the tab for a lunch meeting. (Who ordered the pastrami?) I don’t know if . . .

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Is FIREClean Really Just Crisco? And Did Larry Vickers Fudge a Test?

FIREClean courtesy

There’s a bit of hoopla going around at the moment based on some test results that were posted. They sent a sample of the popular FIREClean firearm lubricant off to be tested in a lab, and the results indicate that the much beloved lubricant is actually nothing more than common cooking oil. In the same way that Evian water is still just water, I really couldn’t care less — the stuff works. The FIREClean guys aren’t quite as sanguine about the allegation, and are firing back. But that isn’t the only thing the Vuurwapen Blog dug up . . .

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Gear Review: Holosun HS503C Circle Dot Sight


A few months ago I stumbled upon Holosun Technologies, a company out of Florida that makes a range of red dot optics. Nearly all of them employ a solar panel to provide power to the ultra-efficient LED, with a battery backup if it’s too dark. With this combination, the CR2032 battery’s life is up to 50,000 hours (5.7 years). Most of Holosun’s models are available with a 2 MOA red dot only, or like my PARALOW HS503C here with that same red dot inside of a 65 MOA circle and the option to turn the circle on or off. Let’s dive in to check out the rest of the features . . .

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OMG! Boys Scouts With Silencers! OMG! [VIDEO]

“A Boy Scouts camp in Maine [not shown] is now using silencers — the controversial devices that muffle the sound of gunshots — as part of their marksmanship training, thanks to donations from various firearms companies and coordinating efforts by pro-silencer groups,” writes. Wait. What? What’s controversial about silencers/suppressors, exactly? In the middle of an excellent report on the ten silencers Gemtech and SilencerCo donated to Maine’s Camp William Hind Boy Scout facility, and a look at the history and future of suppressors, Vice scouts for an anti-gun org ready to accuse the Boy Scouts of training future assassins. Not so easy, eh. Mr. Bond? Somehow, they manage . . .

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Gear Review: Hogue 10/22 Tactical Thumbhole OverMolded Stock


Hogue‘s bread-and-butter product line has long-since been “OverMolded Rubber” handgun grips and rifle stocks. By bonding a soft, grippy rubber onto a hard polymer internal structure, felt recoil is greatly decreased and purchase and comfort are increased, all while typically reducing weight as compared to wood. Brand new to the OverMolded lineup is a thumbhole stock for Ruger 10/22 rifles, available for standard and bull barrels as well as for fixed and takedown models. The PWS T3 Summit Rifle review exposed mixed opinions on its laminate stock, so this seemed like a good timing to grab the new Hogue offering and give it a whirl. . .

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