3D Printing. It’s Not Just for One-Shot Pistols Anymore [VIDEO]

When Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed introduced their 3D-printed one-shot Liberator pistol, all hell broke loose. Anti-gun legislators’ bills to ban 3D-printed guns hit the headlines – but never went anywhere (even in California). Why would they? Not only is it practically impossible to legislate away 3D-printed anything, but the “problem” of 3D-printed guns doesn’t exist. While we fully expect the controversy to re-ignite when someone does something especially heinous with a 3D-printed firearm, time marches on. The technology continues to improve and ballistic boffins are taking full advantage of the possibilities. 3D-printed AR lower anyone? Another exciting area of development . . .

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Gear Review: AutoTargets Reactive Target System [VIDEO]


A couple months ago we posted a heads-up about a new product from AutoTargets, which was on the way for testing. Well, test it we did and the system worked as advertised. The digital, reactive, automated target lifters created their own WiFi repeating system, communicating with the Android app, raising and falling on impact, keeping track of accuracy and shooting speed, and providing all the fun of a fairground shooting gallery in the comfort of my own National Forest land . . .

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Question of the Day: Body Armor, Who Needs It? [VIDEO]

Oh dear. Seems that the AR500 Level IV Body Armor above couldn’t withstand multiple 7.62 AK47 rounds. According to officerstore.com, “Level IV body armor provides the highest level of protection currently available. Because this armor is intended to resist ‘armor piercing’ bullets, it often uses ceramic materials. Such materials are brittle in nature and may provide only single-shot protection since the ceramic tends to break up when struck.” There’s your trouble: several of the shots were right on top of each other. “As with Level III armor,” the website continues, “Level IV armor is clearly intended only for . . .

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APS 1SHOT: A Stock For Your GLOCK, No Stamp Needed? [VIDEO]


If there’s one golden rule for firearms laws, it’s this: you can’t put a stock on your GLOCK (or any other pistol, for that matter) in the US of A without an NFA tax stamp. There are a couple manufacturers who make such GLOCK stocks, but they all require a tax stamp first or a friendly local ATF agent might come a-knocking at your door. That rule has been stretched to the breaking point recently by such innovations as the pistol arm brace, but the folks at Accurate Pistol Systems have taken it upon themselves to try and stretch it a little bit further with their 1SHOT system . . .

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New From Fobus Holsters: GLOCK 43 ND Evolution OWB Holster


It’s August in Austin (and just about everywhere else, come to think of it) which means triple digits most of this week. That also means I like to tote the lightest, least encumbering rig I can. That’s usually a GLOCK 43 in an IWB hybrid holster. There’s no denying an OWB option would be a little more comfortable, but I haven’t gotten around to buying one yet. Now there’s one more reasonably-priced option out there with Fobus’s announcement of their new GLOCK43 ND Evolution holster. Here’s their press release . . .

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RMA Armament Body Armor Live Fire Demo – Level IV, III, IIIA

I ate a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios this morning. Normally, I quaff a glass of Amplified Gold 100% Whey Protein. But not today. Maybe it’s because I quit smoking cigars yesterday – the same day I ferried my second ex-wife to rehab in a two-hour adventure that easily qualifies as the worst car journey of my entire life. Real life. Where I don’t need a bullet-resistant vest. If nothing else, I look nothing like these brick shit house-built operators operating operationally (in slow motion!). Even their target looks cool. According to the “about us” boilerplate under the press release accompanying the video . . .

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GLOCK 43 Magazine Catch Problem Solved

Back in May, I wrote about a problem I had with my new GLOCK 43: the magazines would intermittently hang-up when I tried to insert them. A little bit of time with a Dremel didn’t completely resolve the issue at first, but a few trips to the range, and a lot of insertion/re-insertions of magazines during drills later and there’s no issue. Really, there hasn’t been any problem in months. For the record, GLOCK’s customer service . . .

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New From Griffin Armament: 30SD Silencer



The hot thing in highly regulated firearms safety equipment: silencers. AKA suppressors. Tyler will be shooting one of Griffin Armament’s latest this week, their new 30SD (look for a review to follow). They come in six flavors to accommodate a variety of popular rifle calibers for your stealthy and comfortable shooting pleasure. Sadly, no price info yet. Press release after the jump . . .

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New From Bushnell: Equinox Night Vision Video Binoculars for Under $500


Let’s get straight to it: you can now buy pair of Equinox night-vision enabled binoculars for under $500. The presser [via ammoland.com] on two new models says “Equinox Z binoculars feature 1-3x digital zoom, adjustable IR settings and daytime color viewing with a viewing distance of up to 500 feet in the 2x40mm model and 750 feet in the 4x40mm version. Both units are powered with AA batteries for added convenience and cost savings. In addition . . .

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New From EAA: ABDO Concealed Carry Case

By Christina Vandivier via wideopenspaces.com

Only a few short weeks ago, we heard about a new phone case that was being mistaken for a gun in the state of New Jersey. However, it looks like EAA has a new product that is the exact opposite. Concealed carry permit holders are always looking for new ways to conceal their guns. However, it is not always the easiest task. Spending money on different styles and selections of holsters in hopes of trying to find one that is both comfortable and well-concealed is all part of the game. But what if it could be hidden in plain sight? . . .

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Gear News: Lone Wolf Barrels and Slides Blowout Sale


GLOCKs may be “perfection,” but that hasn’t kept dozens of companies from making aftermarket, “upgrade” parts for them. One of the largest players in the game is Lone Wolf, located in my neck of the woods here in N’Idaho. In fact, now that Lone Wolf makes its own locking blocks, it officially has an aftermarket replacement for every single part of a GLOCK pistol. Including the frame. Indeed, right now I’m testing out what I’ve been calling “The 0% GLOCK GLOCK,” spec’d entirely from the Lone Wolf catalog. Anyway, while LW does manufacture many of its own parts, there has always been speculation about who makes its barrels and where [overseas] they are made. It looks like a new deal has been struck, and the answer now is. . .

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GunDetect [Kickstarter] Sounds an Alarm If It Sees a Gun

The above video for the aspiring GunDetect system doesn’t show the system. Make the jump for the image. Meanwhile, its creators want you to know this — they’re not playing politics. “Our goal with GunDetect is to find common ground and avoid the debate about gun laws, since we are technologists with a technical solution that can provide an unobtrusive layer of safety. We’re particularly interested in making sure children are safe, which is a goal we share with the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program and with the numerous gun-safety advocacy groups. If our GunDetect system gives an early warning and helps save a child’s life, then all the work we’ve put into creating this product will be rewarded as the most important contribution we can make in our careers.” Here’s their presser on how it works . . .

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