BREAKING: New Information in the Mossberg Drop-In Triggers Suits


For obvious reasons we’ve been keeping on top of any developments in this lawsuit by Mossberg against effectively all of the manufacturers of drop-in AR-15 triggers (comparison review of every drop-in on the market). Yesterday, I posted about some “prior art” that these manufacturers may likely use in their defense — attempting to prove that Mossberg’s patent isn’t valid because the invention already existed, and/or it was not novel and didn’t “teach” anything. Today, we’ve found something significantly more interesting: a current re-examination of the patent that appears to have rejected all of its claims . . .

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L2D Combat GLOCK Parts


L2D Combat is a fairly new player in the GLOCK aftermarket world, making what appear to be extremely high quality parts right here in the US. The website still needs to be built out, but we’re looking at stainless steel barrels, slides, optics mounts, internal parts, magwells, magazine base plates, and more. The barrels looked particularly great, and I’m now inspired to acquire a Ransom Rest and test all of the aftermarket GLOCK barrels for accuracy. Until then, pictures . . .

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New From CrossBreed: Gideon Pocket Mag Carrier

new mag carrier PocketagCarriers_Small

There really is no reason not to carry an extra magazine. And yet most of us don’t. For whatever reason. Thanks to the talented folks at CrossBreed, you now have one less excuse not to pack an extra mag wherever you go. They named their new item, the Gideon pocket mag carrier, last week. It’s a very reasonably priced way to make sure you have more options when that slide locks back. Press release after the jump . . .

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Breaking: 1989 “Prior Art” Example Pertinent to Mossberg Drop-In Trigger Lawsuits


As we covered a few days ago, Mossberg purchased the patent held by CMC Triggers protecting the idea of a self-contained, drop-in fire control group that uses the factory trigger pin and hammer pin and has begun suing manufacturers of drop-in AR-15 triggers for infringement. At the NRA Annual Meetings I spoke with a few manufacturers who insisted that there was significant “prior art” well before CMC’s patent, meaning that triggers operating in this manner had existed for many years already. To use this as a defense they have to prove it’s actually true. Well, here’s the very best example I’ve seen so far . . .

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Press release [via]

CAA, developers and manufacturers of advanced battle-tested firearms accessories, announce the long awaited release of the NON-NFA RONI. It features an officially licensed SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Brace, and is now shipping to distributors and dealers. The Pistol Stabilizing Brace enhances one-handed firing of the RONI-STAB by attaching to the operator’s forearm.  The RONI-STAB is the first NON-NFA RONI available, meaning less paperwork, no wait and no additional costs . . .

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A New Sight From Holosun


Holosun Technologies will soon be shipping the HS510C, their first open reflex sight. As with many of the company’s other sights, a solar panel provides power in most situations. The HS510C is encased in a titanium housing, and after watching the Holosun reps whacking it on the concrete trade show floor for every customer who showed interest in it, it seems to do the trick. More pics follow . . .

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MILO Range Shooting Simulator

Nick, Dan, and I may have to put some money on a competition stage, but so far I’ve only watched the MILO Range in action. They make a range of shooting scenario simulators, from the single-screen setup seen here to a more immersive, wrap-around “Theater” version. A software program can serve up dozens of scenarios from fun shooting galleries to hostile threats. It works with basically any laser trainer, including those that use a CO2 cartridge to cycle a real firearm (e.g. Dvorak) . . .

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New from StealthGear: IWB Mini Holster


We’ve been fans of StealthGear’s uber-comfy holsters — the ones that feature their VentCore backing — since we first tried one way back when. They’re some of the best made rigs on the market. They’ve just announced a new addition to their line here at NRA — the IWB Mini. It’s basically a lower profile version of their original model, the IWB (formerly known as the ONYX). The Mini has less material, less bulk. Good idea. And they feature their newer, tougher polymer clips. StealthGear’s also rolled out a brand new version of their web site for your shopping pleasure. We hope to get our mitts on an IWB Mini to review soon (we also have their FLEX-OWB holster…review to follow…we swear).


Magpul Pivots Towards New Identity as Lifestyle Brand


Magpul roared onto the firearms scene in 1999, helping to usher in the era of tactical chic. Their magazines were the gold standard for AR-15 rifles; their accessories style became as universal as suspenders on hipsters. Over the last couple years we’ve watched as their thunderous expansion (at least in firearms accessories) has slowed to a dull roar, tentatively creeping into other platforms like the Remington 870 and Ruger 10/22, but not appearing to commit the same level of effort as their AR-15 line. Now it appears that Magpul is preparing to make their biggest transition as they move from a company that dresses rifles to a company that dresses shooters . . .

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