Gear Review: SnapSafe Super Titan XL Modular Vault

In February I moved from Washington to Texas. My 650-pound safe didn’t. The cost and complication just wasn’t worth it. The rental house we would be moving into, sight unseen, has no garage. And I didn’t even know if the safe would make it through the front door. Plus, the idea was renting temporarily while […]

Gear Review: Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 Upper Receiver

ARAK. That’s AR as in AR-15, plus AK as in AK-47. From Faxon Firearms, the ARAK-21 is a long-stroke gas piston upper receiver with a self-contained recoil system that fits on any standard AR lower receiver. As you’d expect, it shoots the AK-47’s 7.62×39 caliber, but also switches in about three minutes to 5.56 or […]

Gear Review: CapArms Level III+ Body Armor

Body armor has been way down on my tactical shopping list. For one thing, it’s expensive. While I’ve always wanted a good plate carrier and armor for “just in case” scenarios and for my pistol and rifle classes, I could never justify the cost.   CapArms has just introduced an extremely affordable solution: their $200 […]

Silencer Review: NG2 Defense MAXFLO 3D

Ever since the first Maxim designs, silencer makers have focused on one thing: containment. The sound of gunfire is caused by the rapid expansion of super-heated gasses escaping as the bullet leaves the barrel. Think of a cork exiting a champagne bottle. Maxim’s design was simple — slow down the gasses and cool them enough […]

Backup Tactical Threaded GLOCK Barrels: Gear Review

Gun owners seeking the sound of silence continue to wait for the fat lady to sing about the Hearing Protection Act. While ATF wait times are coming down, suppressor buyers still have to jump through the National Firearms Act’s paperwork, tax and temporal hoops. But that hasn’t stopped them from buying threaded pistol barrels ahead of the Act’s […]

Gear Review: OPSol Mini-Clip for Mossberg Shotguns

Reader Brandon Harker writes: Sometimes it’s the simple things. Simple, cheap and easy has been promised by many products but it doesn’t always pan out that way. In this case, the shoe fits. The OPSol Mini-Clip adapter (designed, tested and made in Texas) from Optimum Performance Solutions LLC, is an outstanding product for those looking […]

Gear Review: JMT AR-15 80% Composite / Polymer Lower

TTAG’s readership is a well-informed crowd. So I’ll spare you an explanation of the purpose(s) of an eighty percent lower. I will say, however, that if you’re not making at least a portion of your (where legally permitted) DIY firearms each year you should strongly consider doing so. At the very least, it’s a great […]

Gear Review: Birchwood Casey Nest Rest

It’s said that the most ingenious products are often the simple ones that you look at and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Such is the case with the Birchwood Casey Nest Rest. The Nest Rest is a pair of hollow molded blocks made of rigid rubber. They have very grippy, non-marring surfaces, similar […]

Game Review – Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is a single player open world first person shooter somewhat similar to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands but with a very noticeable Farcry feel to it. The game emphases long range shooting and stealth. Players take on the role of Marine sniper Jonathon North, tasked with destabilizing separatist operations in the […]

Gear Review: Mechanix Wear Vent Covert Gloves

Unless you want to wake up at first light, the summer months are a tough time to go shooting here in Texas. Temperatures rise to above 100 degrees on a daily basis, and the humidity doesn’t help. Gloves are the last thing you want to have to wear. Thankfully, Mechanix has come out with a […]