Gear Review: AMSEC Defense Vault


Several weeks ago, my best friend and his wife had their first child. She’s an adorable little girl, but she presents a bit of a problem. As someone without children of my own, I don’t really know at what age they become sentient. Therefore, I assume that all children will be looking for guns under beds, in cabinets, and wedged between books from the day they’re born. The moment we found out they she was pregnant happened to coincide closely with an email from AMSEC asking if we’d like to test out any of their products. Before long, a truck was in my driveway dropping off some of their steel targets and a Defense Vault . . .

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Xstat Wound-Plugging Syringe Approved by the FDA

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 9.02.07 AM

If you read Jon Wayne Taylor’s excellent series on gunshot wound first aid, you’ll probably remember rule number one of dealing with a hole: squeeze, squeeze, squeeze until the red blood stops. There is no substitute for pressure in stopping leakage. And while a tourniquet is usually the best way to stanch the flow, depending on the wound location, sometimes a tourniquet isn’t an option. Toward that end, RevMedx has developed a wound-plugging syringe, the Xstat, that’s meant to stop a thigh bleed kinda like you’d plug a hole in your tire . . .

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Gear Review: A $3 Flashlight


These flashlights, sold under a handful of brand names, are all over Amazon and fluctuate in price from about $2.75 to $3.75 shipped. They run off a single, AA battery and claim to put out 300 lumens with a CREE Q5 LED. This listing for them has been the #1 best seller in the “handheld flashlights” category since at least early spring when I first noticed it. Eventually I couldn’t keep away from them any longer and figured it was time to pick up a few and see how they actually fare. . .

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Gear Review: First Tactical Tactix 1-Day Plus Backpack


For me, good enough isn’t good enough. No matter what I’m doing I am always striving for perfection, and I expect the gear I use to meet that same standard. Whether it’s a rifle or a backpack I don’t want something that will just meet the bare minimum requirements — I want something that is perfect for the task at hand. I think First Tactical’s newest creation, the Tactix 1-Day Plus Backpack, might just be the perfect backpack for my needs . . .

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Gear Review: ELF ASS


I double-checked and, indeed, Elftmann Tactical, makers of my favorite AR-15 drop-in trigger, have named their newest product the ASS. That’s short for Ambidextrous Speed Safety and, believe it or not, it’s a cross-bolt safety for your AR-15 or AR-10. While this seems absurd and everybody I’ve spoken to immediately imagines how difficult it would be to push back onto “safe” with your trigger finger, that really isn’t the case at all and this thing lives up to the “speed” part of its name in spades . . .

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Gear Review: Bravo Concealment RTT Holster


It was about two weeks before the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival when I made my final decision which gun I would be carrying all weekend. Last year I had rolled with a FNS-9 Longslide, but this year I wanted something a little different. I’ve had a SIG SAUER P226 Mk25 with a Streamlight TLR-1 as my nightstand gun for years, but it was time to take it out for a spin. There was just one problem: I didn’t have a holster for it. Enter Bravo Concealment, a Texas-based holster company who shipped me a custom holster for my gun with time to spare . . .

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Hands On With Delta P’s BREVIS II, 3D Printed Suppressors


While visiting friends in Portland, Oregon, I realized that Portlandia isn’t a very creative show. It’s actually more observational; practically a documentary. Seriously, how does a button store or a terrarium store or three piano stores within a half mile of my friend’s place survive? Maybe they’re just trustafarians selling pianos ironically? Anyway…silencers. Delta P Design makes the BREVIS II family of compact rifle suppressors, which piqued my interest at SHOT Show 2015. Not only are they really freaking compact and mind-bogglingly lightweight, but they’re the first 3D printed suppressors on the market. That makes them cool. But to find out if they actually work, I escaped Portland, drove a half hour south, and met up with the guys from Delta P for a range day. . .

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Gear Review: GeoBallistics BallisticsARC App


Like a lot of gun guys, I geek out pretty hard for cool gadgets and technology. With the rise of smartphone technology, nearly every hunter and shooter has a computer in their pocket that’s capable of an incredible amount of calculating and data gathering. Unlocking this power is up to the designers and developers of the millions of apps featured prominently in the Apple and Android stores. Given how much math goes into shooting at long range, smartphone-based ballistics calculators are a natural byproduct. I recently got the chance to spend a few months playing with GeoBallistics’ BallisticsARC app now available in the Apple Store…

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Gear Review: Recover Tactical CC3H Grip and HC11 Holster

Courtesy Joe Grine

Recover Tactical is primarily known for their CC3H “grip and rail adapter” retrofit for 1911s pistols, as well as their BC2 grip system for the Beretta 92 series of pistols. These low-cost, full-frame grip covers create picatinny rail space for pistols that otherwise lack that feature. These grips have been well received by the shooting public, and were recently picked up by retail giant Cabela’s and others. Recover Tactical recently released a holster that is intended to work with the CC3H, and they sent TTAG some T&E samples of their products for review . . .

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Gear Review: Apex Tactical Glock Enhancement Trigger and Plunger


Apex Tactical is perhaps best known for their trigger kits that clean up the Smith & Wesson M&P’s bangswitch, though their original success came from their renowned work on Smith revolvers. As the company has grown, they’ve slowly added additional trigger shoe types and they’ve recently branched out to other striker-fired platforms. Recently, though, they’ve taken on the biggest platform out there, GLOCK brand GLOCKs…

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Gear Review: 80% Arms 80% Billet Lower Kit, Easy Jig, and Easy Jig Tool Kit


[The following review was written by Paul G., one of my buddies from the day job]

I’ve never made an 80% lower before, but I have watched several videos online and my boss at work makes them as a hobby. That being said I know each location on a completed lower and what goes where with relative accuracy and with the assistance of quick Google search. I have always wanted to complete an 80% lower, and thankfully after 80% Arms asked TTAG to review their entire kit Nick figured a novice would be a good choice to test it out…the perfect guinea pig.

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Gear Review: CZ Scorpion EVO 3 Factory Buttstock


It’s available! It does exist! CZ-USA is now distributing the Czech-made buttstock for the Scorpion EVO 3. That would be the same buttstock that has come from the factory on the submachine gun Scorps since 2010, and now it’s available in the U.S. for those who have filed a Form 1 and received ATF approval to go from pistol to SBR. For the time being, the stocks will only be sold in a package along with a 6-part 922(r) compliance kit, which I probably began installing before the FedEx guy was back in his truck. Although I’m a huge fan of the ACE M4 SOCOM stock that previously graced my non-compliant Scorp [paperweight], the factory model certainly has a few advantages. . .

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