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Gear Review: FAB Defense Vz. 58 Upgrades

The Sa. Vz. 58 is an excellent weapon system, but its stock configuration is admittedly a bit dated. Fortunately, there are quite a few firms that invested in modernization programs for the venerable little carbine. One of these, an Israeli firm named FAB Defense, makes Vz. 58 accessories authorized for use by the Czech military.  The Mako Group distributes FAB Defense products in the United States, and was kind enough to send me some T&E samples so I could pimp out my Vz. 58. I’ve been running the FAB Defense products through their paces for two months and can now make a full report to the Armed Intelligentsia . . .

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Gear Review: RADETEC LED Advisor


In our preview of the RADETEC LED Advisor, feedback in the comments ranged from “cool” to “meh” to “why?” I think my feelings on the Advisor took a similar turn during the course of my review. For the most part, it functioned correctly as I tested the gizmo, and I think they’ll likely sell like crazy. But I don’t think the Advisor is really for me. Here’s why . . .

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Project Build: The Ultimate Mosin Nagant


I had been feeling bad about my poor Mosin. There it was, sitting under a bunk bed in the cabin. All but forgotten and slowly rusting away. It had probably been two years since it was last fired. I know I’m not alone here – there are maybe 4,000,000 Mosin Nagants in the U.S.. Hard to say how many of the apparently 37,000,000 or so that were produced actually made it to our shores, but it’s fair to say they’re pretty ubiquitous in gun safes, closets, attics and under beds all over the country. The world, really. Many of those not getting shot much. Rusting . . .

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Gear Review: American Security ‘Heavy Duty Handgun Safe’

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAG

Every serious gun owner should already have a primary gun safe in the home. A heavy, armored vault that will defeat determined, if not expert, thieves with a crowbar or cordless drill and the time to use them. In addition to safeguarding the rest of your collection, such a safe is where you keep the Big Gun, a shotgun or carbine of decisive firepower which is too big to keep handy next to your bed. These big safes are great, but . . .

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Gear Review: Ghost Inc. Evo Elite Trigger Connector for GLOCKs

 EVO Photo 1 Low Res

By biofire

I recently installed the new Ghost, Inc. Evo Elite trigger connector in my GLOCK 17 I was so impressed, that I immediately emailed Robert and urged him to review it. And then he immediately delegated the job to me. So here I am. I’ve never written a review before, but I guess we all have to lose our virginity some time. Unlike losing my virginity, installing the new Evo Elite trigger connector in your GLOCK will take longer than one minute. But I’ll get back to that . . .

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Gear Review: Safeguard Armor Level II Ghost Body Armor

From pointy sticks to modern ballistic weapons, men have been inflicting lethal harm on one another for millennia. It was only natural that countermeasures would be developed to protect against such threats. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from the days of chainmail and bulky metal armor . . .

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Ammo Review: Barnes 9 mm +P 115gr. TAC-XPD


I’m quite the Barnes fan and I’ve show it here and in various other venues. I’ve moved my hunting rifles exclusively to Barnes ammunition, and I’ve been very pleased with the accuracy and terminal ballistics. So when my day job boss offered to buy me some ammo, I jumped at the opportunity to pick up a box of 9 mm TAC-XPD to try out. I shot it through three pistols and my general feeling now is a solid “meh.” . . .

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