Ammunition Review: Eagle Eye Precision Match .308 Win


It isn’t often that a new ammunition manufacturer comes onto the market, and even more rare is one that makes claims as big as Eagle Eye. They don’t simply claim to be “match grade” and then leave you gessing as to what that means, they print their guarantee right on the box: 1/2 MoA groups from every box of ammunition. It’s a bold claim, and they sent me home with a couple boxes of ammunition confident that the product will speak for itself. I put it through the standard ammunition testing that we do here, and the results are pretty cool.

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Tavor Aftermarket Trigger Shootout: Geissele vs. Shooting Sight vs. Timney


Thanks to a loan from a friendly member of the Bullpup Forum, I was able to get my hands on a Geissele Super Sabra Tavor trigger as well as an aluminum-bodied ShootingSight TAV-D and test them back-to-back against the offering from Timney and my Delrin-bodied TAV-D. And, of course, against the factory unit. I took a bunch of measurements, did a lot of shooting, and have come to the following conclusions . . .

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Gear Review: Liberty Torch QA Silencer


The more I learn about silencers, the more I start to agree with Kevin Brittingham– fast-attach is a terrible idea. There’s no way to make it as accurate, effective, or long-lasting as a direct thread can, and what you’re left with is a series of compromises. But there’s still a market for quick-attach suppressors, the idea of buying one can quickly mounting it to all of your guns is extremely appealing, and so to service that market Liberty Suppressors introduced the Torch QA . . .

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Gear Review: Leupold VX-1 Rimfire 2-7x28mm


Most companies don’t make a rimfire-specific scope. Instead they simply crank out a bunch of scopes rated for centerfire calibers and call it a day, ignoring the unique challenges that come with putting optics on a small caliber gun. Leupold is not one of those companies, and released a rimfire-specific optic in their VX-1 line of rifle scopes specifically targeted at people looking to put a nice piece of glass on their barrel . . .

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Gear Review: Echo-Sigma Emergency Roll Away for Two (ER2)


By MD Matt

Emergency preparedness is big business. From doomsday preppers to the walking dead, surviving the dark times has become as much about entertainment as practicality. Surging public interest has driven an entire industry of zombie survival, tactical readiness, bug-out bags, and disaster thwarting products. Some are good, some questionable, and many downright ridiculous. Novice preppers looking for a preconfigured emergency solution are faced with a dizzying array of conflicting advertising. Wading through this storm is often frustrating. What do I actually need? Am I buying quality products? Am I spending too much? Would I be better served building my own kit? . . .

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Gear Review: Cook’s Holsters IWB w/ Adjustable Belt Clip


You’re looking at my new EDC holster, an “IWB w/ Adjustable Belt Clip” from Cook’s Holsters. I picked up the Beretta Nano version for testing in July and liked it so much that I couldn’t live without buying another one for my Taurus TCP. These things are beautifully simple, flawlessly finished, and add almost nothing to the footprint or thickness of a pistol, yet they offer quite a bit of adjustment options. For a lightweight pistol, this design is far and away my preference, and here’s why . . .

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Gear Review: Recover Tactical 1911 Grip


The 1911 handgun is the gold standard, in my opinion. The sleek and sexy look of the gun is just pure old school cool, and there are enough big name manufacturers of the firearm to keep the cost of getting your very own model pretty reasonable. But for those who bought a standard “mil spec” 1911 and want to tack on some accessories, the lack of rail space and the distinctly un-tacticality of the gun can be a problem. Enter the Recover grip for 1911 handguns . . .

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Silencer Review: Liberty Suppressors Chaotic


300 AAC Blackout is really starting to take off. Almost every manufacturer offers it as an option for their guns, and the ammo is now widely available in big box stores like Academy. It seems like 300 BLK is at the tipping point where, at the very least, it will be self-sustaining and hang around much like other “boutique” calibers like .243 Win and .357 SIG. Part of that appeal comes from the easily suppressed nature of the round, offering subsonic capabilities alongside supersonic capabilities without changing anything. With an eye especially on the 300 BLK market, Liberty Suppressors released their Chaotic 30 caliber suppressor . . .

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Gear Review: Precision Armament M11 & M41 Muzzle Brakes

Courtesy Joe Grine

Muzzle Brakes. Advocates will sing their praises in terms of recoil reduction and taming muzzle rise, but Newton’s laws of physics extract a price for these benefits: namely increased noise and blast concussion. Personally, I’m a big fan of muzzle brakes because I shoot more accurately with lower recoiling rifles, and I love to see the bullet’s trace and impact. So when I first saw these new innovative brakes from Precision Armament, I knew I had to try them out. I ended up ordering two of their best-selling brakes – the M-11 and the M-41 – and now report to the armed intelligentsia.

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Gear Review: SharkGunleather Bed Mattress Gun Holster with Flashlight Loop

Sharkgunleather Mattress Holster with Wilson Combat Commander X-TAC 1911 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Has anyone made a sharkgun yet? What better to protect yourself after a sharknado? Saying that, loading could be a bit tricky. Disappointingly, SharkGunleather’s products at aren’t made of shark skin. And they ain’t cheap. The Bed Mattress Gun Holster with Flashlight Loop ran me $24.97 plus S&H. Which is a lot of money for something made of industrial grade nylon, a section of sewn-in cardboard and a strip of molded leather that’s stiffer than Bruce Venture. Still, what price home defense, eh? And it IS a damn good idea, if more than slightly controversial . . .

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Gear Review: Liberty Suppressors’ Kodiak TL Silencer


Bigger doesn’t always mean better. With silencers the general rule of thumb is that the larger the internal volume of the can, the better sound suppression you’re going to get, but there’s definitely a point where increased volume gets you diminishing returns. For example, slapping a Mystic-X on your Ruger handgun makes the thing whisper quiet, but the size of the can looks awkward and makes the gun a little front heavy. For the shooter who’s looking for a slimmer solution to their rimfire suppression needs, Liberty Suppressors presents the Kodiak TL . . .

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Silencer Review: Liberty Mystic-X


Everyone agrees that silencers are awesome, and make the shooting experience way more enjoyable. Even so, silencer ownership is still relatively uncommon in the United States. The number one reason I keep hearing from people as to why they don’t buy one is that the barrier to entry is still way too high for the end result. Silencers are expensive, the wait while the paperwork is processed is a pain in the butt, and at the end you have a can with a limited capability. It seemed like you needed three silencers to cover all the bases, namely a rimfire can, a pistol can, and a rifle can. But what if all of those excuses suddenly disappeared?

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