Gear Review: Precision Armament M11 & M41 Muzzle Brakes

Courtesy Joe Grine

Muzzle Brakes. Advocates will sing their praises in terms of recoil reduction and taming muzzle rise, but Newton’s laws of physics extract a price for these benefits: namely increased noise and blast concussion. Personally, I’m a big fan of muzzle brakes because I shoot more accurately with lower recoiling rifles, and I love to see the bullet’s trace and impact. So when I first saw these new innovative brakes from Precision Armament, I knew I had to try them out. I ended up ordering two of their best-selling brakes – the M-11 and the M-41 – and now report to the armed intelligentsia.

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Gear Review: SharkGunleather Bed Mattress Gun Holster with Flashlight Loop

Sharkgunleather Mattress Holster with Wilson Combat Commander X-TAC 1911 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Has anyone made a sharkgun yet? What better to protect yourself after a sharknado? Saying that, loading could be a bit tricky. Disappointingly, SharkGunleather’s products at aren’t made of shark skin. And they ain’t cheap. The Bed Mattress Gun Holster with Flashlight Loop ran me $24.97 plus S&H. Which is a lot of money for something made of industrial grade nylon, a section of sewn-in cardboard and a strip of molded leather that’s stiffer than Bruce Venture. Still, what price home defense, eh? And it IS a damn good idea, if more than slightly controversial . . .

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Gear Review: Liberty Suppressors’ Kodiak TL Silencer


Bigger doesn’t always mean better. With silencers the general rule of thumb is that the larger the internal volume of the can, the better sound suppression you’re going to get, but there’s definitely a point where increased volume gets you diminishing returns. For example, slapping a Mystic-X on your Ruger handgun makes the thing whisper quiet, but the size of the can looks awkward and makes the gun a little front heavy. For the shooter who’s looking for a slimmer solution to their rimfire suppression needs, Liberty Suppressors presents the Kodiak TL . . .

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Silencer Review: Liberty Mystic-X


Everyone agrees that silencers are awesome, and make the shooting experience way more enjoyable. Even so, silencer ownership is still relatively uncommon in the United States. The number one reason I keep hearing from people as to why they don’t buy one is that the barrier to entry is still way too high for the end result. Silencers are expensive, the wait while the paperwork is processed is a pain in the butt, and at the end you have a can with a limited capability. It seemed like you needed three silencers to cover all the bases, namely a rimfire can, a pistol can, and a rifle can. But what if all of those excuses suddenly disappeared?

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Gear Review: Coronado Arms PMag Extensions


If you shoot in 3-gun competitions or are just interested in some bolt-on mods for your AR-15 that can add some color and capacity to your magazines, check out the new Magpul Gen3 PMag Base Extensions by Coronado Arms. [Noobs note: a magazine base plate is the piece on the bottom of the magazine that holds the follower, magazine spring, and whatever other goodies your magazine may have inside. A mag base extension is an upgraded version of that plate that “extends” the functionality of the off-the-shelf plate, adding to a magazine’s round capacity. They can also add a personalized (and colorful) touch.] The bases from Coronado are available in . . .

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Gear Review: The Gunbox


We say it all the time here at TTAG: the only two places a gun should ever be stored are on your hip or securely locked away. There’s been a boom recently in the number of bedside handgun vaults coming onto the market, but they all suffer from the same problems — namely they all look butt-ugly. Enter The Gunbox, a beautifully styled single firearm occupancy vault designed to not only provide some high-tech security, but to also look stylish while doing it. The only question left is does it work? . . .

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Gear Review: Timney SCAR 17 Trigger

photo 1

The first time I held a SCAR 17S, the thing that struck me was how light it was as well as the convenience of the side-mounted charging handle. I’ve been a fan of left side charging handles ever since I got my hands on a LWRC REPR and I really appreciate the fact that when shooting this gun in the prone position, I don’t have to come off the scope to charge it.  Shooting it was also a pleasure as the muzzle brake was very efficient and produced less perceived recoil than my SIG SAUER 716 despite its lighter weight. The only real drawback that I noticed . . .

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Gear Review: Wilson Combat BG10 Grips for Beretta 92/96

2 grips

Grips make the man, or so I’ve been told. It’s probably why none of my guns sport stock grips. If they’re replaceable I end up switching them them out for something better. If they’re nonexistent because the frame is polymer, I end up stippling them. To this day, I’ve never been completely satisfied with most stock grip configurations and the Beretta 92 is no different. So in keeping with my Wilson Combat vein, I ordered some of their G10 grips, complete with Wilson Combat logo bling . . .

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Gear Review: More Handgun Hangers



After my review of the Original Handgun Hanger, the nice folks at Gun Storage Solutions sent me a few more of their handgun hanging solutions. Included in the goody bag were the Back-Under, the Back-Over, and the Over-Under. The Back-Under and Back-Over are both designed for the back side of a shelf in a safe while the Over-Under is designed for the front side. All three work very well and help take advantage of unused storage space . . .

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Gear Review: Magpul ACS-L Carbine Stock

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 11.54.44 AM

There’s little doubt that Magpul’s innovative designs have done more to promote the idea of “tactical chic” in the last couple decades than any other company. They were one of the first to actually put some effort into designing visually appealing firearms accessories instead of simply sticking to the pre-existing military designs that seemed stuck in the 1980s. While they may have initially made a name for themselves for their visual style (and helpful mag pulling accessories), what has kept them in the spotlight is their ability to innovate and produce useful designs that solve problems. One of their latest: the ACS-L carbine stock . . .

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Gear Review: NcStar 1.1 – 4 x 20 Octagon Scope


NcStar, at least in my mind, is best known for their line of VERY affordable scopes on OpticsPlanet. I’ve never had a real inclination to check out their gear as optics quality isn’t normally something I skimp on. But then Nick sent me this octagonal shaped scope to test out, and now that I’ve put my hands on on one, I have some formed opinions based on real world experience. I still wouldn’t buy one…

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