Gear Review: Can Can Big Shebang Hip Hugger Concealed Carry Holster


RF makes a big deal out of packaging. He says part of the Springfield XD’s success is due to the careful and classy way the gun and its accessories are packaged in a sturdy, attractive case – as opposed to the GLOCK’s flimsy “throw it all in” container. As the firearms industry gears-up to appeal to women – who now account for some 30 percent of new sales – a lot of the new, smaller players know that style matters, from start to finish. Enter the Can Can Big Shebang Hip Hugger Concealed Carry Holster . . .

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Gear Review: Mika Pocket Holster for the Kahr P380


Over the years, my “pocket pistols” have started migrating to a belt holster for convenience and comfort. But I’ve always a need for ultra-deep concealment. And no pocket pistol is complete without a pocket holster. While a $15 made-in-China nylon special from your local big-box retailer is more than merely adequate for trigger protection, I decided to take a slightly different path. Enter the Mika pocket holster. . .

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Gear Review: Hogue Fancy Hardwood Grips


In March I finally got around to writing a review on the excellent Hogue G-10 grips that have adorned my CZ for years, plus the matching AR-15 grip and trigger guard that I picked up later. Hogue saw that review and reached out to see if there might be a different product I’d like to check out and, indeed, I’ve always wanted to gussy up my old Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Mag with some real purdy grips that not only looked nice but also helped with control and recoil. A few days later, a one-piece Rosewood Laminate with Stripe Cap grip was at my door. . .

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Gear Review: Liberal Penetrator Solvent & Liberal Tears Gun Oil


As any astute reader of TTAG knows, the issue of gun rights issue tends to be a black and white one. Republicans = good on guns. Democrats = bad on guns. Every conservative everywhere agrees that everyone, everywhere should have guns. And those stinky, no good, liberal hippies won’t be satisfied until we’re all disarmed so every gay pot farmer can marry their box turtle. As such, any victory for the gun rights side results in a copious river of tears that God fearing conservatives can use to lubricate their firearms. Luckily, some enterprising Americans went to the trouble of bottling all those liberal tears for your lubrication pleasure . . .

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Liberty Mystic to Mystic X Upgrade Process


Mystic-MysticXUpon successfully escaping CA in my move back to WA, I had decided that a suppressor would be my first prize; my first freedom present to myself. After a bit of research and shopping around, Liberty Suppressors’ Mystic was firmly at the top of the list. A 9mm pistol can with swappable mounts and the ability to function extremely well on everything from .22 LR to .300 BLK to 5.56? Yes, please! Talk about bang for the $200 tax stamp buck and, at the time, the 10-month wait. Although it has served me well for a couple of years and many thousands of rounds of various calibers, it was time for an upgrade to the Mystic X. . .

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Gear Review: Revision Hellfly Ballistic Sunglasses


BEHLEW writes:

I’ve spent the last month wearing Hellfly Ballistic Sunglasses with Photochromatic lenses. The lenses offer ballistic defense; they can take a shotgun blast without any of the projectiles penetrating. These glasses are issued to the military and sold as eye protection for shooters. Even if you’re not an operator operating operationally, you can tell all your friends that you’re wearing MIL-SPEC eye wear, which I may or may not have done several times. But here’s what I did do: test the Hellfly sunglasses as a motorcyclist. Fair enough? We report you decide. . .

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Gear Review: Tactical Shit ‘Bang Switch’ Trigger


There are many connections that a human being has to their rifle. Barring the emotional and psychological to focus strictly on the physical connections, there’s the support hand, the shoulder, the cheek, and the strong hand which houses the most important part, the trigger finger. Yes indeed, I reckon that the trigger is the lifeline to the rifle, and a bad one can ruin your day along with your accuracy. Luckily for us gun guys and gals, the aftermarket world is filled with companies willing to give you a premier experience as long as you’re willing to part with some of your hard earned dollars. For $200 + S&H, Tactical Shit will happily send you their Bang Switch Trigger to cure what ails you . . .

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Gear Review: Squared Away Customs OWB Kydex Holster


To be honest, I can’t stand inside-the-waistband holsters. I’ve been using one for my new G43 for the last couple weeks, but that’s only because it’s the only holster I could find. Outside-the-waistband is much more comfortable, and a much more secure way of carrying a firearm in my opinion. A good Kydex holster on a rugged belt is the ideal situation. So when Squared Away Customs contacted me to review their latest creation — an OWB Kydex holster — how could I say no? . . .

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Gear Review: BCM Forend Grips


For years, I fought the urge to put a foregrip of any type on my AR. I’d only seen vertical grips on the guns of dudes with beards who killed terrorists daily and mall ninjas who wanted to emulate bearded dudes who killed terrorists daily. But then, while nobody was looking, I tried one out. And sure enough, once properly positioned, I found myself with better control over my gun. The fine folks at Bravo Company Manufacturing were nice enough to send over a grab bag of grips for me to try out to see which one tickled me most . . .

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Gear Review: Neomag Magazine Pocket Clips


I’m a SnagMag salesman. No, I don’t work for them. And no, I don’t get freebies. I buy their products just like everyone else. But I’ve bought a lot of them, I tell everyone about them and I often don’t have one on me because I’ve given it away to someone I meet that isn’t carrying spare ammunition. Please note I said “spare.” There is no such thing as “extra” ammunition. Extra is what you don’t need. Spare is what you will need sooner or later. Anyway, I may have found something I like even more . . .

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Gear Review: Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR 3.5-21X – 50mm


A wise man once told me that I’d be best served by spending my hard earned shekels buying an expensive optic and putting it on a cheap gun versus buying a cheap optic and putting it on an expensive firearm. I’ve certainly been burned before slapping cheap glass on good guns. But good glass, not just the optics, but also the functionality of the package as a whole, can mean laying out a big chunk of change. The Bushnell DMR 3.5-21 x 50mm is admittedly an expensive scope, but it sure seems worth it when you’re looking downrange . . .

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