The AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Roundup


There may be a zillion aftermarket triggers for the AR platform, but there’s a fairly finite number of drop-in units. In fact, in the photo above you’re looking at very nearly every drop-in trigger available — plus a standard, 3-piece unit — and a couple that aren’t quite on the market yet. After shooting with all of them and running each through the Dvorak TriggerScan, we’re ready to present the following roundup . . .

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Gear Review: Action Target Dueling Tree


Many years ago, Nick gave me a steel target as a thank you for helping him find a job in Texas. Years later, I still have it, and while it’s much worse for the wear, it still faithfully serves out on the range at the family ranch. Little did I know at the time that I would become hopelessly addicted to ringing steel. Over the years, I’ve amassed a tidy little collection of targets, but one of my favorites is one that I picked up after this year’s Texas Firearms Festival — a very large, very heavy dueling tree made by Action Target . . .

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Gear Review: Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster


Alien Gear is located about 30 minutes from my house, and for that and other reasons I’ve been a repeat customer over the last few years. Most recently on TTAG here, I reviewed AG’s newest Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB holster. In that large, dual-clip, hybrid holster style, I’m not sure it can be beat on comfort or price. In this case AG reached out to me in February and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a yet-to-be-released, outside-the-waistband holster that was supposed to be an interesting departure from the norm. What I received is the Cloak Mod OWB Holster . . .

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Gear Review: StippGrips Grip Stippling Service


In somewhat of an odd coincidence, our man Tyler took to his firearm with a DIY stippling kit for this review, while at the same time I sent a spare Beretta Nano frame — not a firearm — to be professionally stippled by StippGrips. StippGrips offers a few different stippling patterns as well as other frame modification such as trigger guard undercutting and grip re-shaping. They don’t have have a website, though. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram, and e-mail to order. Anyway, I went with their original hatch pattern . . .

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Gear Review: Oregon Trail Defense Stippling Kit


Several years back, I took a class at the SIG SAUER Academy where one of the instructors made a brief statement that fundamentally changed my views on modifications made to firearms. The essence of it was, “Any modification should help you shoot the gun better. Anything that you have to fight has to go.” That advice slowed my urge to mod every gun I acquire unless that change was going to help the gun help me. Grip modifications for polymer framed handguns were relatively new to me at that time, but the more I’ve played with stippled pistols, the more I’ve found that I like a grippier texture. The problem was the price, the lack of customization, and the wait. For better or worse, Oregon Trail Defense has provided a solution to those problems . . .

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Shadetree Gunsmithing: Rebarreling a Savage LRP

IMG_0995Many years ago, my father in law bought one of the very first Savage LRPs chambered in .243 WIN. He topped it with a really nice Leupold scope and then started a new position at work that severely interrupted his ability to have free time for shooting. Fast forward a few years, and the rifle was still languishing in his safe. There were precious few factory loadings that the LRP liked, and the ones it did like were not very good at flying out to the 1000 yard line, the primary reason he bought the gun. A rebarrel was in order . . .

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Gear Review: Seekins SP3R V3 Handguard


Saturated doesn’t begin to describe the world of AR-15 accessories. Within the hand guard market alone, there are hundreds, if not thousands of options available to the consumer. We’ve tried to review as many of them as we can, but at some point, it all starts to look the same. Free float? Check. Full-length Picatinny rail along the top? Check. KeyMod or M-LOK? Check and check. To stand out at all, a hand guard has to really be different. With its home plate-like shape, Seekins SP3R V3 is nothing if not different . . .

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Gear Review: HPR Ammunition

45 auto HPR Ammunition in the Ruger Redhawk revolver shot well.

By Bob Shell (seriously) [via]

With the demand for ammunition, many new companies have sprung up to meet the needs of the marketplace. One of the newer companies: HPR Ammunition located in Payson, AZ. They advertise that everything is made in the US. That is a refreshing change. They offer the most popular handgun rounds plus the 223, 300 AC Blackout and the 308 all in various loadings. HPR needs to provide a reason to buy their brand such as an attractive price, high quality, or a good selection of bullets . . .

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Gear Review: CMMG PDW .22 LR (9″ Upper)

CMMG PDW .22 LR (9" Upper)
As I was finishing up my review of the CMMG .300 BLK PDW I realized that I really needed to stop being cheap and give the federal government $200 for the privilege of registering a short barreled lower with the ATF. The minute I slammed the AMEX and hit submit, I found a whole new world of guns to look at. Given that the .300 BLK upper had been such a good deal, I started at CMMG’s website. I quickly locked in on their MK4 PDW .22 LR, a nine inch barreled upper chambered in .22 LR . . .

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Gear Review: Odin Works 10.5″ .300 BLK Barrel


I’m a bit of a Johnny Come Lately to the world of .300 BLK. Our boy Leghorn is all about it, and has been since the beginning, but I’m a bit of a late adopter. Namely, the 300 BLK really only shines in a NFA length barrels equipped with a silencer. I had to do a bit of paperwork to do it right, but once that cleared, I went searching for a barrel. Given my success with their Intermediate barrel, my first call was to the fine folks at Odin Works for one of their 10.5 inch barrels

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