Integrally Suppressed Sub-2000 From Liberty Suppressors


It seems like the small and quiet firearm is all the rage these days. I love my suppressed 10/22 takedown, but there’s something to be said for applying the same treatment to a 9mm carbine like the Kel Tec Sub2000. Liberty Suppressors posted these images on their Facebook page (via Reddit) of a concept design they did for that very firearm using an integral silencer and a rather short barrel. It looks bad-ass, and given the volume of the can, no doubt it would be whisper-quiet as well. There’s just one problem . . .

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Suppressed SBR 10/22 Takedown: Because I Can


I’m a big fan of the 10/22 Takedown. The original 10/22 is one of those iconic firearms that lasts for generations, and the Takedown version adds a wonderful new twist on the concept. It makes the whole package much more compact and easy to carry around, raising fewer eyebrows among neighbors in apartment buildings and easily fitting into small compartments in vehicles. There was just one problem: it wasn’t small enough. So, with a spare $200 in my pocket and nothing better to do, I wanted to see if there was a way to make it even smaller. And cooler. And I think I have . . .

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Dude Hacks EOTech Style Sight to Add More Reticles, Features

An enterprising young hacker has found a way to replace the guts of an EOTech holographic weapon sight [knockoff] with something a little more powerful. The standard version comes with only one reticle, but this guy programmed his sight to offer multiple options and take care of the sight adjustment using software rather than via hardware (adjustment screws). The end result contains no moving parts, which is slick.  Probably won’t last long, but it’s cool to see some do-it-yourself gun mods taken to such an extreme. Make the jump for the video description . . .

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Me…Sort Of

All in good fun. Trying to avoid “spoilers” if you haven’t watched the video already, I’ll just say that I did a bit of safe, controlled (remote) testing before filming the video and made my own determination on what was and was not safe and on how to do this. Regardless, nobody should ever do this. Including me. I did it anyway. You’re welcome to excoriate me in the comments. Or just watch the video and smile and be happy it’s me in the video, not you, and be happy for me that it’s a borrowed gun haha. To Strike Industries, I’ll say…

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“The Gunfighter” [NSFW]

Thanks to my buddy, Matt, for linking me to The Gunfighter a few months ago. This hilarious short film should have gone up on TTAG then. Nine minutes of quality programming here, and a bit of levity in what feels like a rough couple months of serious news at home and abroad.



SilencerCo and Noveske: Get Out and Find Your Range

Square ranges are boring. Public shooting ranges with stalls and benches are great for getting a solid 100 yard zero or a quick test of your new gun, but the most fun you can possibly have with a firearm takes place outside the confines of the dirt berms. As our own writers Chris Dumm and Joe Grine know, some of the best shooting grounds in the United States are out in the wilderness. SilencerCo is launching a new series of videos to illustrate this point and Noveske joined them for the initial shoot to show off some of their pretty awesome kit. But there is an ulterior motive at work . . .

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Weekend Photo Caption Contest

World War I in 1915 (1)


We’re a little late in announcing it, but the winner of last week’s contest and soon-to-be recipient of a pair of Smith & Wesson M&P earmuffs is Paul53. A polite golf clap by everyone would be appropriate at this point.