Fallout 4 Tip: Don’t Over-Scope Your Gun


Over the last few weeks I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout 4. Like, a lot. An unhealthy amount, even. Despite the random crashes and glitches (seriously, how do you get the mayor’s elevator back down?) it’s still a fantastic game. One of the really cool features is the ability to customize your weapons, and for those wandering in the Commonwealth as well, I want to give you one word of advice about that: don’t bite off more scope than you can chew . . .

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ICR-1 Assault Rifle: Best Gun in BLACK OPS 3? [VIDEO NSFW]

I don’t know jack about gun games, for one simple reason: I get addicted. I learned this bad in the Paleolithic Era, playing Ace Combat. I couldn’t stop until I’d finished the flight sim  – after a 12-hour stint). And then played it again. And again. Etc. There’s no way I could dedicate 10 hours a day to TTAG and its ancillary businesses if I fired up the console (they still call them consoles, right?). So I’ll leave it to our Armed Intelligentsia to verify or dispute the veracity of HollowPoint’s claim that the ICR-1 is the sh*t (they still say that don’t they?). By the way, we could really use a gun game reviewer. Send a sample to thetruthaboutguns@gmail.com.


Halloween Pumpkin Carving TTAG Style

I’m alway impressed by people who shoot well. I’m not one of them. Oh sure, I don’t shoot badly. Show me a broad side of a barn and I’ll hit it (after being sure of what’s beyond it). Still, I never shy from a ballistic challenge. When I professed boredom at the annual pumpkin carving YouTube onslaught (e.g., Kirsten Joy Weiss and Hickok45), Dan invited me to The Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill, home of the Texas Firearms Festival, to see if I, too, could make a jack-o-lantern from an HEB pumpkin. SPOILER ALERT! No. No I couldn’t.


SB Tactical Giving Back to Veterans with HAVA


SB Tactical is a business run by veterans for veterans, and they like to take every opportunity to give back when they can. Their flagship product was designed specifically to allow a specific disabled veteran hold and fire his AR-15 pistol. But since its launch, the SB-15 has taken off and found favor with just about everyone who has tried it. This past weekend SB Tactical spent their Saturday at the HAVA shoot in south Florida providing belt-fed fun for veterans and their families . . .

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