Game Preview: Battlefield Hardline

There’s little doubt that a good portion of the new shooters flooding into the gun stores and ranges started their interest in firearms thanks to playing video games. First person shooter games especially have had a huge influence, as evidenced by the Call of Duty tie-ins and Zombie-themed firearms and accessories. One of the most popular franchises in first person shooter games has been the Battlefield series, and the latest incarnation coming to systems near you is Battlefield Hardline. I’ve been playing the Beta version for a few days now, and in my opinion . . .

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P320 Contest Update: Light At the End of the Tunnel


When we started our SIG Sauer P320 give-away, we thought we knew what to expect. We’d held a few content contests in the past and while the responses were always strong, the entries in those were but drops in a bucket compared to the deluge we’ve been mopping up here at TTAG central command. Not that we’re complaining. It’s just that, a little more than two weeks after the entry deadline, we’re still getting the occasional entry and some of you want to know who’s won? Well . . .

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Kirsten Joy Weiss Shoots for Her Father

What are you doing for you father this Sunday? Cigars? Hooch? Ammo? It’s hard to really go wrong with alcohol, tobacco or firearms. KJW’s taking a slightly different tack, though. She’s saluting her days as ‘daddy’s little slugger’ by trying to perforate a few Spaldings mid-flight. And she doesn’t make it easy on herself, starting out with a ball that looks like it’s been around the horn a few times. Will she whiff or go yard? Oh and to all the fathers out there, have a happy and a healthy.


June Gun Give-Aways



As usual, Aaron Spuler’s Weapon Blog has compiled an exhaustive list of gun and gear give-aways and allowed us to share them here. You can thank him by checking out his blog, then winning something. Now would be a good time.

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One More Day to Get Your P320 Entries In!


If you’ve followed us for a while, you know that we’ve done a few of these content contests in the past. We love them because we get to run great submissions from our talented readers. You love them because you get a shot at a free shootin’ iron. Our latest iteration though, has been a whole ‘nother kettle of fish. We’ve been deluged with entries this time, what seems like twice the volume of past contests. What’s more, the quality of most of the submissions has been exceptionally high. All of which is to say that we’re way behind, but that’s a good thing. We’ll continue to run the pick of what we’ve gotten for the next week or two. Once we’ve finally sifted through it all, we’ll then announce the winner. So if you haven’t sent yours in yet, you still have until midnight tomorrow. Keep those cards and letters coming in.


Tuesday Gun Porn: Israeli Negev LMG


I know Robert has a thing for sleek and sexy Israelis. And while this isn’t technically a chick, it still is a sleek and sexy product of the holy land. I’ll have a full review of the Negev LMG in a few days, but in the meantime please enjoy these glamor shots.

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ArmsBand Competition: We Have a Winner!

IMG_2385 After ArmsBand owner Bill Davis posted a response in the comments under our What Could Possibly Go Wrong write-up, we decided to help him out. So we tapped the massive reservoir of wit and creativity that is the Armed Intelligentsia and offered up a free ArmsBand to the mega-mind who comes up with the best tag line for Bill’s ballistic bauble. Now we’re pleased to announce that the winner is Zebulon Pike for penning “ArmsBand: The Ace Up Your Sleeve.” (We could say something about the song Always Have an Ace in the Hole and this story, but that would be wrong.) Zeb, please email your address (to to claim your prize. Watch this space for Tyler Kee’s ArmsBand review.


P320 Entry: Mr. Fox and Me

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

By Mark Davis

Many years ago, when my wife of now 30 years and I were first married, we had a regular unwelcome visitor nearly every night. This visitor was a gray fox and it would make its way through the front yard of our rural home at around 2:30 to 3:30am, doing whatever it is foxes do at that time of night. Not a problem in and of itself, but this fox would sing the song of his people right outside our bedroom window which, being springtime, was open with only a screen separating us from the night life . . .

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P320 Entry: The Trouble With Gun Reviews (And Reviewers)


By Kevin P.

Is that a gun review or are you just showing off? Have you ever found a review of a new firearm that you couldn’t wait to read? Maybe it’s a new offering from a favorite manufacturer or a comparison of two guns you have been thinking of adding to your collection. Finally, you think, this is going to settle it! This is going to answer all my questions and my decision will become oh so clear. But that rarely happens these days, does it? . . .

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