Toys I Wish I’d Had: Mattel M-16 Marauder Edition


This is a guest post written by my buddy, CASES4CASES:

Every so often I come across a toy that I wish I had as a kid. Hell, there are many toys I didn’t have growing up that I wish I had today as an adult! But there are certain toys that, when you look at them as an adult, you just know would have made your childhood a few notches cooler . . .

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In Indonesia Military, “Live Fire Training” Has A Special Meaning [VIDEO]

The Indonesian Army isn’t the only military outfit that thinks it’s a good idea to shoot real bullets at their troops. Fans of Larry Vickers’ videos will be familiar with Russian special forces’ special fondness for firing rounds at/near each other while shouting “DANCE COMRADE DANCE!” But this video makes it mark at the : 56 mark,when the camera pans to reveal . . .

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Toy Industry Association Reaffirms Statement on Toy Guns and Violence

Official statement:

The Toy Industry Association (TIA) and its members are proud of the important, life-shaping role that toys, games and play have in the development and growth of children.  Toys themselves do not promote aggressive behavior. As Jeffrey Goldstein, Ph.D., author and professor of Media and Communication at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands, has said: “There are no ‘violent’ or ‘nonviolent’ toys. There are simply toys, many fashioned after objects found in the adult world, and others inspired by fantasy objects found nowhere else.” Quite often, military and other role-play items may help kids work through or cope with what is happening in the world around them through play rather than through outwardly aggressive behavior . . .

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