Pop Quiz: Name the Rifle Calibers

As I put a new review rifle in my safe, chambered as it was in a caliber I’ve never owned, I wondered: Just how many rifle calibers do I have in stock in my house at this moment? The answer was 18. But the question, for you, is can you identify them all from these […]

What Three Guns Should We Save?

Hurricane Harvey hasn’t yet brought enough water to the Austin area to float TTAG’s ark, but we’re getting there. The good news: there’s still some space left for a few more pairs of guns. The last guy left behind the unicorns and mammoths, while saving tarantulas, leeches, and whatever this thing is. What three firearms […]

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Me

What’s this Everyday Carry thing? Am I doing this right? I have a lot of pockets. Some items of note: the little Boker Gnome, the color case hardened HK P7, the color case hardened NAA Mini Revolver, the Hogue EX-02, the Kel-Tec CL-43 flashlight, the Peltor Tactical 500 bluetooth electronic muffs, the upgraded tourniquet, the Kestrel DROP […]

TTAG’s Top 3 Range Toy Handguns

Range toys. Firearms that are oodles of fun to shoot, to force your friends to shoot, or just to show off, but aren’t particularly practical. Maybe you rent ’em, maybe you buy ’em, but you’ll certainly have fun with ’em. Here are our picks for the top three range toy handguns . . . 1) […]

The New ‘Easy’: Black Rifle Coffee’s ISIS Button

The folks at Black Rifle Coffee Company do more than just coffee and neat coffee mugs. When Starbucks recently pledged to hire 10,000 refugees, BRCC matched that pledge. Only instead of hiring refugees, the gun-centric coffee company pledged to hire 10,000 veterans. Now, they’re working on a new product: The ISIS Button. Staples had their “Easy” […]