Duck Hunting Video Game Done Right

By Craig Raleigh via

We’ve all wanted to do this. Some inner voice, the same one that gives us clarity and reason, seems to want to pick up our favorite shotgun, a few shells, and blast some infernal piece of electronics. Well, here’s a guy who’s doing just what we were thinking. Armed with live ammo, a couple of weird friends, and way too much money to spend, he pulls the trigger on a new type of sport . . .

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Shooting Tip: Practice with Iron Sights

A couple days ago Tyler posted an article lauding my shooing abilities in practical situations. That got me thinking about the differences between Tyler’s firearms education and my own. Tyler has merely adopted the iron sights since Appleseed shooting; I was born with them, moulded by them. I didn’t see the light of an exit pupil until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding. Shooting with scoped rifles may be more accurate at long distance, but sometimes its that inaccuracy that makes you a better shooter.

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This Antique Machine Gun Has Some Serious Firepower

By Brian Belko via

Black powder weapons are notorious for taking an extended amount of time to load. However, before today’s modern tech, it is all that soldiers and hunters had to work with. So what do you do when loading one barrel takes a long time? Well, you build a 32-barrel black powder machine gun of course! Although loading 32 barrels would take a while, it also would have offered the type of firepower needed to overwhelm enemy forces. At least until it needed to be reloaded again.


More Guns, Fewer Carbs: How I Lost 60 Pounds in 3 Months


In retrospect, moving to Texas may not have been the best idea. I’ve always been on the chunky side, but surrounding myself with delicious Tex-Mex food and working for a company that has free soda fountains every 30 feet in the office led me to put on more weight. On January 1st, I decided I had had enough and wanted to be “skinny” for the first time in my adult life. Three months later here I am, “Thin Nick,” and both Robert and Dan have decided to follow my lead and shed some of their extra “tactical girth” too. In furtherance of that goal, Robert has commanded that I put in writing how I accomplished this feat . . .

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NRA Edition Caption Contest Winner


The order said 100 yards from the Remington booth, which is right…here.

I usually snag vintage pics for our weekend photo caption contests, but when we paused for a portrait on our way into the Music City Center Friday morning, I couldn’t resist. And you, our readers, outdid yourselves as usual. There were so many notable efforts, but we only have a single CMC trigger to give away and one entry stood out for being both clever and lulz-worthy. Commenter Jason penned the above caption. Fortunately, our current restraining order . . .

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LEAKED: Video of FNH USA’s Semi-Auto M249

The above video is going to be played on a loop all weekend at FNH USA’s booth at the NRA Annual Meeting, but if you can’t make it to Tennesee (or just want to watch it in glorious high definition on your own time) then you can enjoy it here. As expected the gun is semi-auto, which means that the shooter pulls the trigger for every round fired. But unlike the open-bolt military version, the civilian version fires from a closed bolt. It’s a huge difference when it comes to the way the gun operates, but it really doesn’t change how fun the gun can be out on the range. And yes, we’ve asked for one — in 300 BLK.


BREAKING: Shannon Watts Seen At Local Range Firing Machine Gun

Shannon Watts (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Shannon Watts, spokeswoman for the Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action propaganda campaign – seen here next to concealed carrier, occasional TTAG contributor and Marine Alan Brooks – was spotted at a local gun range in Austin, Texas this past weekend enjoying some gunpowder-fueled funtime. Watts, who has repeatedly and vocally rallied against anyone who owns a gun, is secretly a gun owner herself . . .

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