101 Uses for an FN M249 SAW: Home Defense

A couple days ago I posted my review of FN’s M249S Semi-Automatic SAW. One of the areas where I thought the gun might excel was in home defense — maximum ammunition capacity, a stable firing platform, and if all else fails you could club someone to death with it pretty easily. So I decided to put the SAW into a typical bump-in-the-night scenario and see how it worked, with a little help from Dan and Kristen.

Gun Haircut: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

I once dated a beautiful young lady who asked me if I minded tattoos. As she had a sleeve tattoo on her arm and I’d invited her on a date, I thought it an odd question. I said no. She said “Are you sure?” Before I could answer she stood up and took off her shirt. No bra. She turned her back to me to reveal a full life-size set of angel wings. The other diners clapped as she put her shirt back on. I may have said about not liking the taste of chicken. Anyway, there are worse/better things than a gun haircut. Just sayin’ . . .