Gun Haircut: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

I once dated a beautiful young lady who asked me if I minded tattoos. As she had a sleeve tattoo on her arm and I’d invited her on a date, I thought it an odd question. I said no. She said “Are you sure?” Before I could answer she stood up and took off her shirt. No bra. She turned her back to me to reveal a full life-size set of angel wings. The other diners clapped as she put her shirt back on. I may have said about not liking the taste of chicken. Anyway, there are worse/better things than a gun haircut. Just sayin’ . . .


“Controversial” Virtual Reality AR-15 Revealed

“It’s not a real AR-15,” asserts, “but it sure looks and handles much like one. Anton Hand created it for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset using custom-made parts by his friend Nightfrontier, and he uses the Vive’s motion tracking controllers to handle it much as someone would handle a real weapon. The main differences are concessions allowed for interactive feedback, such as the way the rifle makes an audible ‘click’ when you try to fire it with the safety on. As Hand admits in the Reddit thread announcing the rifle, real one wouldn’t.” So, other than OCD gun nerd stuff, what’s the problem? Glad I asked . . .

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