2018 May NICS Background Checks Highest on Record

May 2018 set a new record for the number of National Instant Background Checks conducted by the FBI with a total of 2,002,992. The next highest May was in 2017, at 1,942,677. Before that, the next highest May was in 2016, at 1,870,000. Notice a trend? There were numerous predictions that President Trump would preside […]

Arming Teachers: Myths vs. Facts

Laura Carno, Executive Director of FASTERColorado.com, writes [via Ammoland.com]: There has been more national and local news coverage about arming school staff in the past two weeks than we have ever seen. Along with that record amount of coverage comes plenty of statements, from people opposed to the idea of armed school staff, that are […]

The German Gewehr 1888 Rifle in 7.92 x 57mm

July 28, 1914. The world is at war. Germany and the Central Powers are fighting the Allies — the British Empire, France, Russia, Belgium, and their colonies in the far flung corners of the world. In 1917, the United States enters the fray . . . and stayed between the 28th day of July 1914 […]

Falling Bullet Injuries: Pakistan v. U.S.

On July 1st, 2017, 13-year-old Noa Inman of Hammond, Indiana was struck by celebratory gunfire. He died from a wound to the head. Such clear cut examples are rare enough to become national news stories.  wikipedia.org lists surprisingly few deaths from celebratory gunfire in their article on the subject. It lists about a dozen “notable incidents.” […]

The Mechanics Behind SIG P320 Drop Safety Failures

If every degree on the X, Y, and Z axes is a data point, there are over 46 million potential orientations in which to drop a firearm. Unfortunately, the SIG SAUER P320 has shown an unacceptably high potential for firing when dropped on a hard surface in at least one general orientation: on the back […]