GALLERY: The Most Eye-Catching Guns Owned by U.S. Presidents

In honor of Independence Day tomorrow, here are a few famous firearms owned by some of our most prominent presidents. We’ll start with George Washington, of course. Damascus Saddle Pistols, Carried by George Washington 6th PA Regiment George Washington carried these two pistols throughout his life following the revolutionary war. They were a gift from […]

FBI Director Comey Refused to Carry a Gun

In an interview last week, Former FBI Director James Comey stated he refused to carry a gun when he was with the bureauI. In fact, it ‘s likely that one of the nation’s chief law enforcement officers never carried a gun at any time during his career. From In his memoir, A Higher Loyalty, […]

The Truth About Gun Violence in America

How many times have we heard it, “The NRA and Republicans are responsible for gun violence in America!!” Whoa, whoa, whoa – now just hold your horses there one minute, missy – since when does the NRA or the GOP advocate for gun violence? And excuse me but what about the cries to “stop politicizing” […]