Which Way Do You See Gun Control?

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Reader Chip in Florida writes:

This is one of my favorite visual illusions. Are you looking at the tip of a cone or down into a well? You are getting sleepy…very sleepy…but I’ll come back to the graphic soon. Robert ran an opposing view op-ed for USA Today titled “Gun control is not the answer.” In it, he pointed out — and rightly so, in my opinion — that a bunch of the usual suspects jumped at the opportunity to use the San Bernardino as a political tool to promote their gun control agendas and did so while the bodies of the victims of that shooting weren’t even yet cold . . .

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Rich Food for Poor People: Making Venison-Rabbit Boudin


Nearly a month into hunting season and I’ve been out twice. The results have been a mixed bag. One wounded Axis, never to be recovered, a downed whitetail buck, and one rabbit. None of which were shot by me. As it seems to happen each year, the killing has been outsourced to others. I like taking people hunting for the first time, and as I’ve discussed here before, I haven’t come to enjoy the killing part. Truth be told, I’ve had about a dozen fantastic shooting opportunities in the last few years that I haven’t taken because I was much more content to sit and watch the show. My friends would hear me say, “Oh I didn’t feel like doing all that work for a tiny doe.” The reality is that I quite enjoy the work that most hunters loathe . . .

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In Response to Sara’s “Anti-Prepping” Post


Yesterday Sara posted “Why I Don’t Have a Bug-Out Bag” and injected a dose of reality into the prepping-for-the-apocalypse mindset. I’m no prepper either, but the last two weeks have taught me that it doesn’t take an apocalypse to truly benefit from a BOB (bug-out bag) and some prepping best practices. Eastern Washington got hit hard by a freak windstorm on November 17 and most of the area around where I live was an electricity-free disaster zone for 3 to 10 days. For me it was 13 days without power because my house was hit by a falling tree. Later this week we’re moving into a rental while repairs are being done, which will take a good two to three months. . .

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The Second Amendment Has Never Been More Important Than Now

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Reader Denny Y. writes:

Prior to the recent attacks in Paris, most of the public discussion surrounding guns has had to do with lone, deranged shooters. The post-event analyses have focused on how the killers obtained their guns and what motivated their actions. Then there have been the knee-jerk attempts to propose legislative solutions that purport to prevent future occurrences by restricting access to guns. The Paris attacks, however, exposed the flaw in this narrow way of thinking. They were carried out by trained, determined foreign fighters with complete disregard for France’s strict anti-gun laws. It was an act of war, not “gun violence” . . .

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Random Thoughts About the Paris Terrorist Attacks

“Prominent non-Muslim political figures have embarrassed themselves by denying the self-evident connection of Islam to the Islamic State (ISIS) and to Islamist violence in Paris and Copenhagen,” danielpipes.org opines, “even claiming these are contrary to Islam. What do they hope to achieve through these falsehoods and what is their significance?” It’s well worth clicking over to Mr. Pipes’ polemic; it lists all the mealy-mouthed misegos perpetuated by pandering pols post-Paris. Including, of course, President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Johnson and former Democratic Party Chairman Dean’s statements. Which read as follows . . .

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eForms: All the Proof I Ever Needed

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At a recent work event, a colleague mentioned that they thought that we should enact some “common sense” gun laws. The usual suspects tumbled forth. Background checks on all purchases. Waiting periods. Registration. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 20 years, you know the list. I happened to be in front of my computer at the time attempting to check on the status of my Form 1 application. I say attempted because the image above is the error that I found upon trying to log in to my account…

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Gun Control Advocates Deny Armed Self-Defense, Go To War With the NRA

“I can’t believe that if that classroom in Oregon had had concealed weapons holders in there that it would have necessarily saved anyone.” That’s UT music professor Martha Hilley speaking at a forum of Texas educators opposing the imminent arrival of campus carry. She’s not lying. If Professor Hilley believed an armed defender could have limited the slaughter at Umpqua Community College, her opposition to campus carry would make no sense whatsoever. Equipped as they are with actual common sense . . .

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An Anti-Gun Media Report Every Two Minutes! So What?

Now that we’re into the weekend, the coverage of the Umpqua Community College shooting enters the fourth or what I call the “mop-up” phase. Phase 1: reporting. Phase 2: outraging. Phase 3: “debating.” Phase 4: mop-up (a.k.a., Sunday chat show analysis). The report above is a Phase 3 production. Notice that NBC titles the video – an overview of the post-Umpqua political reaction – Jeb Bush on Tough Gun Laws Following Mass Shooting: ‘Stuff Happens’. In other words, forget analysis, gotcha Jeb! And despite Jeb’s [out of context] realism, SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! As a former CNN editor, let me say this about that . . .

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Washington Post: We Don’t Need No Stinking Facts to Lobby for Gun Control

Oregon shooting (courtesy washingtonpost.com)

Taking their cue from the President of the United States, the Washington Post isn’t waiting for salient facts to emerge from the Oregon Community College shooting to lobby for increased gun control. “We don’t have to wait to know that one factor in the tragedy that unfolded on this college campus is the all-too-easy availability of guns in this country,” Another infuriating, but unsurprising, gun tragedy they assert. “And we shouldn’t have to wait for Congress to enact laws to combat what is clearly a crisis of gun violence.” Uh-oh . . .

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