My Weekend with Colion Noir and IWI

Does Colion Noir know how to shoot? Anyone who’s seen the gun rights advocate, social media personality and NRA Spokesman handling a gun knows he can. But can he really? You know: multiple takes. Editing. I may be from Israel, but when it comes to shooting, I’m from Missouri (a.k.a., The Show Me State) . […]

Why Women in Missouri Need Guns for Personal Defense: IMI Systems Quote of the Day

“We’re not tenth in population, we’re not tenth in land mass, we’re not tenth in wealth — we’re not tenth in anything except the number of women killed by their male partners.” – Colleen Coble, CEO of the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence in Domestic abusers and guns? Missouri weighs what to do [via]  

The Trace: “A handgun homicide is nine times more likely to be found justified when the killer is white and the victim is a black man.”

Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitpropagandists at The Trace are closing out the year with a farrago of firearm “facts” highlighting the need to disarm Americans. Click here for 11 Facts That Tell the Story of Gun Violence in 2017. Needless to say . . . all their “facts” are skewed or lack context. Or, in one case, […]

The Problem With Firearms Industry Standards

This has been the year of drop safety issues. First the SIG SAUER P320 turned out to discharge when dropped. Now the Honor Defense Honor Guard is vulnerable to the same problem. Which raises the question: why didn’t these companies find and fix this before the pistols went out the door? And what can we […]

GA Pastor Swapped Bible for Guns. Huh?

I can understand why people trade-in unloved and/or broken-*ss guns for cash money and gift cards. But a bible? Doesn’t anyone who want one have one? Anyway that’s what went down yesterday in Valdosta, GA . . . The exchange will be hosted by Pastor William Morgan of Morning Star Baptist Church in partnership with […]