VA’s McAuliffe Could Add to Ranks of Anti-Gun Voters With Proposed Registration Change


If you listen to The Washington Post (and why wouldn’t you?), objections to proposed changes to Virginia’s voter registration requirements are just a partisan tempest in a teapot. True, non-citizens and felons would no longer have to check boxes that would give away their ineligibility at a glance, but no problem, proponents say, pointing out they still need to sign next to fine print that they’re not disqualified from voting. . .

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Americans Should Be Able to Carry A Gun on An Airplane

If you believe Air Marshals are a good idea, then you should believe that armed citizens on airplanes are a better idea. For one thing, as reveals, the U.S. Air Marshal system is in shambles. The headline pretty much says it all: Sleep-deprived, medicated, suicidal and armed: Federal air marshals in disarray. The exposé is based on information provided by the newly formed Air Marshal Association, so it’s skewed towards the negative. Nevertheless, it’s a frightening portrait of an anti-terrorist defense force that’s highly compromised . . .

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ATF Mailbag: We Have Questions, They Have Form Letters


A few months ago I was having a conversation with TTAG’s very own aviation science specialist, Nick Leghorn, on the subject of guns and the FAA and how things mix between the two. That gave me an idea since a small part of my business caters to pilots who are on the go, who know what they want, and work on a tight schedule. I began wondering how much governmental identification the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) could produce that would be acceptable to a different part of the same government? In short: Would documentation and ID manufactured by the Department of Transportation be acceptable to the Department of Justice? We live in a strange world with no clear answers, so I set out to find out more. You know, for science . . .

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Random Thoughts On Campus Carry for Women and Alcoholism

Gun bottle (courtesy

My second wife was a beautiful woman. When we walked through a restaurant, you could hear men groan as their wives or girlfriends kicked them under the table. Over the years, alcoholism claimed her looks. If you hadn’t seen my second ex in five years, you wouldn’t recognize her. Her descent into the physical, emotional and financial abyss taught me an important lesson: you can’t stop someone from making bad choices. They either learn from the consequences of those choices or they don’t. This thought occurred to me after dropping ex 2 at rehab 7 and reading an anti-Florida campus carry post . . .

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Random Thoughts About Freedom and Tyranny

Timothy Egan (courtesy

At the end of a by-the-numbers anti-gun rant in the New York Times, Contributing Op-Ed editor Timothy Egan [above] asserts “As a way to make everyday life seem less frightening, the new reality [of “enforced gun free zones”] is absurd. But that’s the cost, apparently, of an extreme interpretation of a constitutional amendment designed to fend off British tyranny, a freedom that has become a tyranny in itself.” Freedom is tyranny! More importantly, did you notice that . . .

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We Prioritize Liberty Over Safety…And I Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way

In response to Nick’s recent post about a negligent discharge by one of the civilians openly carrying an AR 15-style rifle to protect a military recruitment center, a commenter named Paul posted the following (slightly edited), beginning with a quote from an earlier comment:

“…[L]ast I checked, fundamental rights aren’t subject to capability tests.”

What other “fundamental rights” involve the capacity to kill lots of things quickly? . . .

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Tipton: Why Gun Sales Skyrocket After A Shooting

gun sales

It is very much inevitable that before we know anything more than there was another shooting in a gun-free zone, the anti-gun crowd begins screeching at the top of their lungs for more laws. Ban “assault weapons”! Universal background checks! Magazine capacity limits! More gun-free zones! Never let a crisis go to waste. Then they get upset because they know that gun sales will skyrocket. I am going to attempt to use an example to explain this, and maybe — just maybe — a few hoplophobes will understand. I know, it’s a cute thought. But this is the truth about guns, so I’m about to give the antis a does of that truth . . .

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Random Thoughts About Disarmed Disney World

Disneyworld entrance (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Upon entering Disney’s Hollywood Studio, “Joe” searched my backpack. There were three pockets in the front of the pack and several on either side. Joe didn’t open any of the pockets to examine any of their contents. Not good. This time of year the Disney entertainment industrial complex is wall-to-wall with shvitzing tourists, jammed in a huge confusing space with multiple choke points and no clearly marked exits. If a terrorist somehow smuggled explosives or firearms into the House of the Mouse and attacked Walt’s “guests” it would be a very bad thing indeed. Saying that . . .

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