The Last Word About the Gun-Automobile Comparison? Probably Not…Part Deux


A few days ago, RF penned what is now the first “last word” post, which made me think of a great Autoblog article sent to me by my car-cum-gun friend, LostLamb. Driven, if you will, by my urge to have the last word, the post you’re now reading was bound to happen. But before we dive into Pete Bigelow’s “Guns don’t actually kill as many Americans as cars” article, a personal note about my crashed woods truck, seen above . . .

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Gun Deals Gone Bad Part 2: The Inherent Dangers of NFA Transfers

Machine Guns & Ammo

The NFA tax stamp business is complicated, but it’s not that complicated. Anyone with a college degree should be able to have a pretty solid grasp of the legal concepts involved. The next step: find a gun businesses operated by people with college degrees. That’s actually the most difficult part. When buying a gun/ammo/silencer/machine gun/ACCO-WEDGE from an FFL you’re not just buying a tangible product. Let that sink in for a minute . . .

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ATF NFA Branch v. Home Depot

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.59.45 PM

Consider the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Relative to the monstrous monolith that is the federal government, the $1.8b per annum ATF is fairly small fry. Even if Congress grants the President’s request to swell its budget with some 200 more full-time agents, the ATF will remain the small but powerful bane of the gun enthusiast’s existence. Take the process mandated under the National Firearm Act that Americans must use to register certain types of firearms and firearm accessories before taking ownership. It SUUUUUCCCKKKKKSSSSSSS . . .

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President Obama’s Tears for Fears


Obama’s crocodile tears sold many Americans on his anti-gun rhetoric. He sealed the deal because he “showed emotion.” I read a comment on Facebook that claimed “pro gun people never cry over loss of life!” But we do. I cry when people I love are injured or die. I know there’s a fine line between life and death. That all life is precious. As the Bard wrote, if you prick us do we not bleed? Because of that . . .

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Random Thoughts About Open Carry and Gay Rights

Pink gun (courtesy

When I was in grade school, the worst thing someone could call you was “fag.” And boy did they ever. “You’re such a fag Farago. Hey Fag-rago.” The fact that I went to an all-boys school had a little something to do with it – but not as much as you’d think. In 1960’s America, even in “liberal” Northeast, homosexuals were regarded with contempt, disgust and discrimination. My mother would have none of it . . .

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Random Thoughts On Christmas Eve

Maggie Von Schnauzer (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Before we begin know this: I haven’t been drinking. I’m sitting in TTAG’s secret above ground bunker on Christmas Eve, sober as a judge, puffing on a Rocky Patel, wondering how many TTAG readers will read that and go “heh.” I’m only by my lonesome provided you exclude Maggie Von Schnauzer. Which would be quite rude, given the holiday season. That said, there are times when I doubt both of my dogs’ utility. Last night at 1 am . . .

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New York Times Justifies Its War on Guns

Andrew Rosenthal, Managing Editor, New York TImes (courtesy

In The Gun Epidemic: The Making of a Page 1 Editorial, New York Times editor Andrew Rosenthal [above] has written a self-congratulatory post explaining the paper’s decision to publish an anti-gun rights editorial on their front page. It offers insight on the decision-making process that makes the Times the leading light of civilian disarmament. Before I expose the “thinking” that led to the The Gray Lady’s editorial End the Gun Epidemic in America, I want you to know one thing: the paper’s publisher has a New York City concealed carry permit – a “privilege” only bestowed on the Big Apple’s richest and most powerful residents. What else needs saying? This, apparently . . .

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Which Way Do You See Gun Control?

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 7.00.33 PM

Reader Chip in Florida writes:

This is one of my favorite visual illusions. Are you looking at the tip of a cone or down into a well? You are getting sleepy…very sleepy…but I’ll come back to the graphic soon. Robert ran an opposing view op-ed for USA Today titled “Gun control is not the answer.” In it, he pointed out — and rightly so, in my opinion — that a bunch of the usual suspects jumped at the opportunity to use the San Bernardino as a political tool to promote their gun control agendas and did so while the bodies of the victims of that shooting weren’t even yet cold . . .

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Rich Food for Poor People: Making Venison-Rabbit Boudin


Nearly a month into hunting season and I’ve been out twice. The results have been a mixed bag. One wounded Axis, never to be recovered, a downed whitetail buck, and one rabbit. None of which were shot by me. As it seems to happen each year, the killing has been outsourced to others. I like taking people hunting for the first time, and as I’ve discussed here before, I haven’t come to enjoy the killing part. Truth be told, I’ve had about a dozen fantastic shooting opportunities in the last few years that I haven’t taken because I was much more content to sit and watch the show. My friends would hear me say, “Oh I didn’t feel like doing all that work for a tiny doe.” The reality is that I quite enjoy the work that most hunters loathe . . .

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