UK and US Hoplophobes: “Only Cowards Carry”

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It started out with mild curiosity sparked by a headlineWith Knife Murders Spiking After Gun Ban, UK Urges ‘Save a Life–Surrender Your Knife. After all, this is the country that developed blunted “anti-stab knives,” after “doctors … lobbied … for kitchen knives to be redesigned [because] it could help to save lives.” What new foolishness were they up to in Piers Morgan Paradise? Why not follow some links, pull some threads and find out?

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Show Your Independence – Carry on July 4

Reader Burt P. writes:

With the Independence Day 2015 Holiday approaching, much has been written of potential terror threats. State and local authorities have been notified by Homeland Security about reports of threats called for by various organizations.  National news has reported this also. Well, it’s Independence Day. Do we stay indoors, away from malls and celebrations? Or exercise our independence by going about our enjoyment of the day with our family? . . .

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Aussie Gun Grabbers Now Moving Against Lever Action Guns


Reader Dennis D. writes

The latest Australian gun grab attempt has now escalated even further with attempts to outlaw lever action shotguns, pending the release of the new Adler A110. The new Adler lever action shotgun has drawn over 7000 orders already by firearms owners in Australia prior to its release. A promotional video of the shotty and subsequent overreaction by far left groups has prompted the Firearms Policy Working Group, a shady think tank being deliberately kept out of the spotlight with total disarmament intentions, to move to reclassify these firearms from Category A to Category C . . .

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Random Thoughts About the Possibility of a Second Civil War


Since 1855, the U.S. political scene has been divided between Democrats and Republicans. While there’s no question which party works harder to degrade and destroy Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, I reckon the two-party political divide is a distinction without a difference. Both sides are part of the same political establishment. Maintaining the status quo – the system itself – is job one. Ideology is a merely a means to that end. A more fundamental fracture in the body politic lies beneath the surface . . .

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Tunisian Mass Murderer Counted On Gun Laws and Culture for Success

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Revising earlier reports that two attackers were involved, authorities are now saying only one man was responsible for killing dozens of tourists and wounding dozens more at a Tunisian beach resort. Reportedly armed with a Kalashnikov initially concealed with an umbrella, it took an after-the-fact armed security team response to stop the killer from adding to his unarmed victim count . . .

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Blame Cultural Rot for Mass Shootings


Reader JD writes:

I used to be on the board of a regional mental health services provider and have been thinking about mass shootings and their cause. It’s pretty clear that we are dealing with the ego deflation of a generation of special snowflakes who enjoyed participation awards in school, but find the real world after school (high school or college) less solicitous. The South Carolina church shooter was quoted as being ‘on a mission’ . . .

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Sara Tipton: The Importance of Open Carry


Like most of you, I’ve had a lot of annoying conversations with hoplophobes. People who’d love nothing more than to see the government ban all guns from all civilians, and take them away from those who already have them. Remembering all the anti-gun “arguments” is like trying to recall what I had for lunch two months ago, but I remember the “good” ones . . .

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Lessons On Truth From the Twisted Mind of James Holmes


Time and again we’ve been told that active shooters choose to attack certain places over others because those targets are either posted as “gun-free zones” or fall within the definition of a “gun-free zone” under federal law. The thinking goes that these murderers choose these targets specifically because they would be target-rich environments where the shooter would face low prospect of encountering resistance. But do they? Sure, a rational and reasonable person might think that if they were going to conduct such an attack, they might follow that logic. But a rational and reasonable person wouldn’t be considering such an attack in the first place. We should consider that those who carry out mass shootings are perhaps not thinking the same way the rest of us would . . .

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Gun Deals Gone Bad: Patience is a Virtue


A funny thing happened on my way back from lunch this afternoon. Ted Clutter from ATF’s NFA branch left me a voicemail. He didn’t sound happy with me at all. I’m usually a pretty easy guy to get along with and Ted is a pretty happy fellow, but when ATF’s NFA branch calls – it’s because something went wrong or they came up with a response to a complicated question that I framed for them and they had to research it some more. This time it was the former rather than the latter. I know Ted Clutter by reputation to be one of the folks at ATF that has more answers than questions on most things, so I was surprised to hear him calling me . . .

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