A Tale Of Two Children


From the Washington Post. On January 2, 2015: “Larry Wilkins was watching television Friday evening when he heard a faint knock on his front door of his home in Lyon County, Ky., east of Paducah. When he opened the door, he discovered a 7-year-old girl standing in the cold. She was bloodied, covered in scratches and barefoot except for a single sock” . . .

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A Partnership for the Ages: John Moses Browning and Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal

Pic 1

Mention the name “John Moses Browning” to knowledgeable American gun owners and their usual reaction is profound respect and great appreciation. This is for good reason: though he died almost 90 years ago, John Browning either created or influenced the design of many of the most iconic pistols, lever-action rifles, semi-automatic shotguns, and machine guns in use today. The guns most often associated with John M. Browning are . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Guns vs. Cars Comparo Memes Business


The Center for American Progress produced the above chart, republished in economist.com‘s post Bangers and Bullets. You may notice that CAP’s anti-gun agitprop team carefully crafted the chart to single out a specific age group that conforms to their alarmist agenda. But even if or when the overall number of “gun deaths” exceeds the number of motor vehicle-related deaths what does that prove? Cars are getting safer and . . .

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Random Thoughts About Shock and Awe

A plaque and flowers for victims of the January 8, 2011 Tucson shooting, are seen during a news conference in Tucson

Four years after Giffords shooting, a shocking lesson. That’s the headline above an editorial at azcentral.com. Columnist EJ Montini’s not-so-shocking conclusion: we’re no longer shocked by mass shootings. The producers of this week’s PBS documentary on the NRA placed this same sentiment front and center, voiced by family members bereaved by mass shooters. The clear implication: anyone who isn’t shocked by mass shootings into enacting new gun control laws is a heartless bastard. The NRA’s leader is a heartless bastard. The politicians who do its bidding are heartless bastards. Society is a heartless bastard. Gun owners? Them too. Of course . . .

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Let’s Shift the Topic to (Actual) Gun Safety


By Rebecca Bond

When an incident like the shooting of a mother by her 2-year-old child in an Idaho Walmart occurs, it’s amazing how quickly the conversation shifts from safety to politics. Politics triggers pre-programmed emotions. It generates conversation and, let’s face it, amps the theater of media and 140-character tweets. But when politics distracts us from focusing on concrete issues that can potentially save lives – by preventing unsafe behaviors in the future – it hurts us all. Why did the unfortunate mother carry her firearm off-body? We know that she was using a zippered pouch, but does anyone seriously believe that was a wise choice with a nimble and curious toddler? Safety isn’t just about prescribed rules, it’s also taking time to consider situational context . . .

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The Heckler & Koch P7 is the Best Pistol Ever


Many of the products you purchase were designed by engineers, but heavily tempered by the demands of the finance and design departments. “Make us a product that does X, but we need the total cost to be under Y and it has to fit in this shell made by the art department.” But the Heckler & Koch P7 seems to have avoided those constraints. In my considered opinion,  it’s result of giving some talented engineers free rein to create the absolute best, safest, most technologically-advanced pistol ever. At least, the best possible pistol for a police officer or other “gunfighter.” The P7 has many notable design features, including many “firsts,” some of which have never been duplicated and some of which have become ubiquitous. Despite being out of production, this is why it’s still the best pistol ever made and why you need one. . .

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HuffPo: The NRA Are The Bad Guys. Again. Still.


As someone who follows gun news with obsessive, some would say maniacal fervor, I’m here to say that the NRA is the 800-pound gorilla that isn’t in the room. In general, America’s oldest civil rights organization doesn’t respond to journalists’ requests for comments. If there’s a high-profile gun-related tragedy in the news – such as the mom killed by her toddler at an Idaho Walmart – the NRA stays stum. Personally, I think it’s a mistake. It’s not enough to be America’s most powerful gun rights group; the NRA needs to be seen as America’s most powerful gun rights group. Strangely, gun control advocates are doing that for them . . .

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Gun Control Advocates Are Cowards


I’ve made numerous attempts to engage gun control advocates in open debate over the years. After a brief Twitter battle with Brady Campaign campaigner Colin Goddard, I invited the Virginia Tech shooting survivor to continue our “discussion” in front of a live audience. Goddard hemmed and hawed and eventually went radio silent. In May of 2014, I went on Gun Victims Action Council jefe Elliot Fineman’s radio show [click here to listen]. After that confounding confrontation, I asked Elliot for a public rematch. Never happened. More recently . . .

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HuffPo’s Weisser: Kid Stealing Gun PSA Tells “The Truth About Guns”


I recently ripped the Huffington Post’s pet firearms enthusiast a new you-know-what. My post The Truth About Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser slated the anti-ballistic Bay Statefor telling doctors to warn patients not to keep a gun in the home. Mike got the memo. Check the headline hovering over his latest “common sense” gun control screed: A New Video Tells the Truth About Guns and Some Folks Don’t Like It. Again, we own rights to that phrase. Again, we’re not going there. In fact, TTAG owes Mike a debt of gratitude for bringing our brand to the attention of the HuffPo’s hoplophobic readers. Thanks Mike! Now about that post . . .

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Americans Can Solve This Equation: Armed + Prepared = Smart

Jonathan Gruber

Robert recently stirred up considerable controversy over the request that readers comment on the differences in the Democrat and Republic approaches to Second Amendment liberties. There is no question that some with generally “progressive” tendencies also have an appreciation for the Second Amendment and gun ownership. There is also no question that liberals as a whole never rest in their desire to disarm the honest and law-abiding of any and every political persuasion. Conservatives may indeed welcome progressive gun owners without stereotyping them, but for most progressives, the opposite tends not to be true . . .

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Are You Putting the Second Amendment at Risk?

Second Amendment

This article originally appeared at libertybriefing.com. It’s republished here with permission.

By Jeff Siegel

I’m not sure what’s worse … left-wing anti-gun zealots or irresponsible gun owners. As an unapologetic supporter of the Second Amendment, I have no patience for rules or regulations that trample the rights of U.S citizens to keep and bear arms. This is unwavering for me. There’s no middle ground. That being said, I also have no patience for gun owners who don’t respect firearms . . .

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Carbine vs. Rifle Defined?

From guthook on mdshooters (http://mdshooters.com/showthread.php?t=13297&highlight=M44+refinish&page=3)

Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle over Mosin Nagant M44 carbine

If I imagine a world in which I am subjected to sleep deprivation by the CIA and then clubbed in the head by a rifle followed by another thump with a carbine, given five shots of vodka, spun around until sufficiently dizzy, and then asked to write a piece on the “Difference Between Carbine and Rifle,” I might produce an article as laughably farcical as the one you’ll find by clicking that link. How would you describe the difference? Although I’m inviting the ire and criticism of many, I’d keep it simple and just say…

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