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How ATF’s Electronic NFA Form System is Ruining my Business


This is not an exaggeration. Our federal regulators have a site that is designed to handle NFA transactions electronically, and it’s failing miserably and nobody seems to know why it’s barely operational. As of this writing, logging in is simply not possible, and filing ATF Form 3 or Form 4 or checking existing drafts just isn’t happening. This is incredibly frustrating to me and others in the industry and the how and why it’s ruining my business, but let’s preface this article with the fact that we’ve discussed problems with the ATF’s eForms back in August . . .

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The Truth About Gun Trusts – and How Attorneys Lie to Get your Money


This is a sore subject that many people don’t see eye-to-eye on, but as someone who has regular interaction with customers who practice law on behalf of the public and private interest – this is an issue that seriously grinds my gears. Attorneys who claim to be qualified in writing gun trusts frequently extol their virtues in an attempt to separate you from your money. How right they are and how wrong they are after the jump . . .

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The Democratization of Violence: A [Very] Short History of The Modern Gun

Gonne gonne gonne (courtesy

Dr. Stephen Wardlaw of writes:

A few years ago I was at a cocktail party here in the North East, talking to an obviously liberal type. Someone mentioned to him my interest in guns. His immediate reply was to say “they are terrible things – I wish they were never invented.” I restrained my usual eye-rolling response. I said that he was blaming the implement. If guns weren’t around, something equally lethal would be used by people of ill-will. It wasn’t a particularly satisfying response for either of us. After thinking about it off and on for several years now, I realize that, rather than an apology, I should have made a good, affirmative case for guns. What I should have said was “if it weren’t for guns, you would most likely be toiling in a field, watched over by a large man with a sharp sword – but you aren’t, because guns have democratized violence – and that’s a good thing.” And here is why I believe it is so . . .

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Sandy Hook and the Economics of Mass Murder

As TTAG’s resident FFL/industry contributor, I’ve been asked to write a one-year-later story about the tragedy at Sandy Hook as a segment of multi-part articles about the gun industry. Reader discretion is advised. This is an ugly business. Many gun dealers are hesitant to discuss the ugly truth, but I get to blog anonymously and share insights that many of you have come to enjoy. Let me be clear about something up front – this piece is an op-ed and is bound to shock and offend many of you. So if you’ve got the stomach for it, read on . . .

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Confessions of a 2A Non-Absolutist


Folks who’ve read some of my prior editorial articles know that I don’t always toe the 2A line as much as some of the other contributors to this site. It’s ironic, some might say, given my post a couple of weeks ago lambasting G&A’s Dick Metcalf for doing pretty much the same thing that I’m about to do. Before I launch into my latest apostasy, though, I do want to offer some context. G&A is an industry publication that supports the gun industry and is for sale – i.e. it’s consumers, us, exchange money to peruse it’s content. It is primarily a guns and gear magazine beholden to its advertisers to always say nice things about the stuff they review. Metcalf and the other writers understand this. They make their living catering to the firearm consumer . . .

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Yale Lockdown Update: Caller Said Roommate Wanted to Shoot People. Campus Cops Go Room-to-Room


“An anonymous caller told police his roommate was headed to Yale University in New Haven, Conn., to shoot people, and witnesses spotted a man with a shotgun or rifle in the area, prompting Monday’s campus shutdown,” reports. “In a phone call that lasted only a few seconds, a male caller told a 911 operator that ‘his roommate was on his way to the university, to Yale University, to shoot people,’ said New Haven Police Department spokesman David Hartman in a televised news conference. No shots or injuries have been reported as police swarmed the Ivy League campus, and Hartman could not confirm any arrests or detentions, nor provide a description of the suspect.” The Yale website announces: “Out of an abundance of caution, Police will be doing a room to room search starting with the residential college areas. Shelter in Place continues.”