NE State Senator Kills Military Spouse CCW Bill…Because Gay Marriage

As reported earlier, the Nebraska legislature was considering a measure sponsored by State Senator Dave Bloomfield that would exempt military spouses from the standard 180-day waiting period to ‘establish residency’ in the Cornhusker State before they could apply for a license to carry a concealed firearm. The legislature has now tabled the bill, though, due to concern on the part of Senator Bloomfield, that the bill might cause “uncertainty” because…the Supreme Court will be reviewing cases involving same sex marriage this summer . . .

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Boston U. Trustees to “Socially Responsible” Investment Group: Drop Dead

The forces arrayed against our civil rights are starting to recognize that a single, all-encompassing legal win against the right to keep and bear arms in Congress or the judiciary is just not in the cards for now. So they push in areas where they believe the terrain is favorable for a win — places such as the media and academia. This strategy was explained in a December 2013 article in the old New Republic, which breathlessly mentioned gun banners in the same (virtual) breath as people who protested Apartheid-era South Africa, the tobacco industry, and the fossil fuel industry. They showed surprising restraint in leaving out human chattel slavery, though that may be because those who fight against slavery have often found it advisable to keep firearms and other weapons handy . . .

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Carry On-Body Or Not At All


Off-body carry is a lot like treating a gun like a talisman. If just having a gun somewhere nearby would ward off criminals, then it’s great. But if you actually need to use your firearm, well…not so much. Actually drawing and presenting a firearm from an off-body carry solution is generally more difficult than most people appreciate. Give it a try sometime. Stick an (unloaded or training) gun in a briefcase, purse or backpack, close it as you would if you were walking down the street, then try to draw and present under time pressure. Then try to picture how long it would take you to do that under real stress . . .

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Don’t Watch the Superbowl

The National Football League is fundamentally un-American, and I won’t support it. It wasn’t always that way. As a decent, God-fearing American, I grew up praying to Jesus Christ and Tom Landry, like everyone else. (Right?) But then I heard about the denial of the Daniel Defense ad . . .

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Texas Lt. Gov Reverses Himself on Open Carry After “Deluge of Phone Calls”

No sooner had Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick asserted that open carry didn’t have the votes to pass in the Lone Star State’s legislature than “a deluge of angry calls and comments from gun rights activists” caused him to change his tune, reports Morgan Smith in the Texas Tribune. “Announcing he had referred to committee another firearms bill — one allowing concealed handguns to be carried on university campuses by those with appropriate licenses — Patrick said he was now free to ‘focus on other Second Amendment issues, including open carry, which I have consistently supported.'” . . .

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Hunting for Business at SHOT Show


I like guns. I admit, I like guns even more than I like most of my tools. (Except my Clifton planes…those are nice). But I don’t go to the SHOT Show because I like guns. I go because I am hunting there. I’m hunting on behalf of the state of Texas, and I’m hunting for firearms businesses, especially manufacturers. And I’m hunting big game and small game alike. I’ve worked in economic development for most of my career, and for the Office of the Governor of Texas for the last decade or so. I went to SHOT Show as the Executive Director of Economic Development and Tourism for the State of Texas. So although I have a keen interest in guns, I’m really a lot more interested in gun companies.  It is actually the law in Texas that firearms manufacturers are provided a priority for economic development activities in the state. So I don’t just go to the SHOT Show because I can, I go because it’s the law. God bless the Lone Star State . . .

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Bass Pro Shops: No Online Ammunition Sales to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia


I laugh when the elitists and busybody extremists who comprise much of the opposition to the right to keep and bear arms whinge that owning and carrying a firearm involves less bureaucracy than purchasing an automobile. Laws related to firearms in the United States are so labyrinthine that they require a team of attorneys to keep things straight. Heck, some of the regulations are occasionally dreamed up by the people tasked with enforcing them. The stakes are high . . .

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Another Billionaire Against Civil Liberties


Billionaire Elaine Wynn, co-founder of the Wynn casino empire (along with her ex-husband, Steve) and president of the Nevada Board of Education, has earned a new title: anti-civil rights activist. USA Today reports that Ms. Wynn has joined fellow billionaire plutocrat Michael Bloomberg in working to roll back the Constitutionally protected liberties of Nevadans. “Wynn, the co-founder of Wynn Resorts, will chair an advisory board that is working to pass a background check initiative that recently qualified for the 2016 ballot. The effort is backed former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.” . . .

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Question of the Day: Should Journalists be Armed?

Most major news outlets bar their journalists from carrying firearms, even if they’re in a war zone. The Committee to Protect Journalists, advises against it on their website noting that carrying a gun “can undermine your status as an observer and, by extension, the status of all other journalists working in the conflict area.” Many major news organizations — such as the New York Times, and CNN — refuse to let their journalists carry firearms, supposedly for their own safety. Certainly, if I was a soldier in wartime that found someone running around with a recording device asking a lot of nosy questions and with a firearm of some kind, the best reaction I’d have was that he was a spy who needs to be held until the MPs can haul him to the stockade. So maybe that policy makes some kind of sense, in a typical war zone fought between various nations . . .

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A Tale Of Two Children


From the Washington Post. On January 2, 2015: “Larry Wilkins was watching television Friday evening when he heard a faint knock on his front door of his home in Lyon County, Ky., east of Paducah. When he opened the door, he discovered a 7-year-old girl standing in the cold. She was bloodied, covered in scratches and barefoot except for a single sock” . . .

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A Partnership for the Ages: John Moses Browning and Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal

Pic 1

Mention the name “John Moses Browning” to knowledgeable American gun owners and their usual reaction is profound respect and great appreciation. This is for good reason: though he died almost 90 years ago, John Browning either created or influenced the design of many of the most iconic pistols, lever-action rifles, semi-automatic shotguns, and machine guns in use today. The guns most often associated with John M. Browning are . . .

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Guns vs. Cars Comparo Memes Business


The Center for American Progress produced the above chart, republished in‘s post Bangers and Bullets. You may notice that CAP’s anti-gun agitprop team carefully crafted the chart to single out a specific age group that conforms to their alarmist agenda. But even if or when the overall number of “gun deaths” exceeds the number of motor vehicle-related deaths what does that prove? Cars are getting safer and . . .

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