U.S. Illegal Drug Consumption Causes Mexican “Gun Violence”

agua prieta (courtesy borderlandbeat.com)

I don’t post stories about the firearms-related killings south of our border every day. But I could. Because every single day there are tales of unfathomable horror committed at the point of a gun somewhere down in Mexico. Well-armed, perpetually warring drug cartels exert a reign of terror over the populace; extorting, kidnapping, raping, torturing and murdering at will. We could – and have – focused on the question of where the drug thugs get their guns. Truth be told, you can trace the vast majority of their weapons to official American sources. But who cares? The cartels are making billions of dollars from the illegal drug trade. Guns they can get. If we want to stop this blight on human rights . . .

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School Shootings: A Model Principle and Policy


By: Mike McDaniel

The Sandy Hook Elementary School attack has indeed changed America, but not the way anti-freedom advocates hoped (my three-part series on that attack is available here, here and here). After the abject failure of Mr. Obama’s post Newtown gun-control initiative, a new reality began to emerge, one I’ve been advocating for years: arming school staff. To be sure, this is a new movement and as such, it’s subject to confusion and half measures. After all, there is no truer expression of the truism that a camel is a horse designed by a committee than watching government at work . . .

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Gun Violence Restraining Order: The Worst Gun Bill In The History Of The World Ever


Assembly woman Nancy Skinner [above] felt so bad about the UCSB murders that she decided to introduce California AB 1014. After sitting with her through a marathon committee hearing last year, I can say with confidence that Nancy knows virtually nothing about firearms. But after reading this legislation, it’s clear she knows even less about the judicial system, due process or the mental health system . . .

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Are We Being Brainwashed?


While having steaks with my cousin a few months ago, the topic of how I became the only gun owner in our family came up. While the details of how I became the apple that fell far from the tree aren’t germane to the discussion, I had a thought. Are we as a culture being brainwashed into thinking that guns are bad from an early age? What really got the conversation started was that. . .

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The British View Of America and the NRA

The decline of American journalism since the legacy media decided to stop so much as pretending to be non-partisan tellers of truth and became proud and wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Democrat Party, has been rapid and ugly. As a result, I’ve often turned to the British press, whose insight into American politics and culture, and whose journalistic ethics, have been a viable alternative. But no one and nothing is perfect, and deeply ingrained cultural beliefs commonly sneak into reporting. A recent story by American Ana Marie Cox in The Guardian is a case in point . . .

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Question of the Day: Do You Like Spotting Gun Errors in Movies?


Last week I watched Killing Them Softly, which stars Brad Pitt as a hit man and it was about as enjoyable as some light water boarding. While I can’t get that hour-and-a-half of my life back, I did get a kick out of some firearms-related tidbits in the movie and one gun in particular absolutely cracked me up. Sometimes it’s annoying to recognize inconsistencies, mistakes, and Hollywood shortcuts, but sometimes it’s amusing. Right? . . .

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How Your Local CLEO Can Screw Up Your Form 4

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 2.30.10 PM

I had an interesting experience with my local CLEO today. They, in conjunction with a customer that had no idea what they were doing and decided to disregard all of the instructions that I gave him, created a paperwork mess of biblical proportions. For starters, it always surprises me when I hand someone a list of instructions with everything they need to do to get ATF Form 4 approved properly…and they don’t follow it. It’s pretty simple really. That’s why I love customers who are commercial airplane pilots . . . Continue Reading


On Respect for the Law and Respectable Laws

If we are to live in peace in a nation of laws, two things must happen. 1) Citizens must respect and obey the law, and 2) governments must make and enforce respectable laws. Every day Americans obey the laws that govern things from speed limits on the streets to keeping their lawn properly trimmed. Only a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of laws require the intervention of police and the courts. This is a wonderful thing and reflects very well on the character of America’s people. I think one cannot be a good citizen without respect for the law and for those charged with writing them and enforcing them . . .

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Non-Pro Tip: Measuring Group Size Better


A couple days ago RF posted a “Pro Tip” from Ammoland on measuring shot group size. I’m not a pro, but I took exception to some of the assertions in that write-up. After I did a little whining in the comments it was suggested that maybe this actually warranted a follow-up post. So… here she is. What was inaccurate in that Pro Tip piece and how can you measure your groups more easily, precisely, and quickly? Well first . . .

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