At Least 2500 People Shot Since Las Vegas Spree Killing. And At Least 3900 Defensive Gun Uses

“nvolt’s been three weeks since the October 1 massacre in Las Vegas, the worst mass shooting in modern American history,” Jennifer Mascia (not shown) and Alex Yablon write at “In that time, at least 2,545 more people have been shot across America, 772 of them fatally, according to the Gun Violence Archive.” Setting aside the […]

After Las Vegas: The Folly Of More Gun Control Laws

Reader Gideon Joubert writes: We’re all now too familiar with the abhorrent event that occurred in Las Vegas last week. It’s impossible to adequately express feelings of sympathy and remorse for people who experienced something that is completely beyond our comprehension, and I won’t insult them by indulging in such empty gestures. I also don’t […]

Marion Hammer: NRA Never Wanted Legal Machine Guns, Bump Fire Stocks

Marion Hammer is the president of the United Sportsmen of Florida. She’s also a past president of the National Rifle Association and currently an NRA Lobbyist. She sent the following letter Monday: DATE:   October 9, 2017 TO:       My Fellow Board & Council Members & Friends FROM:  Marion Hammer, NRA past president RE:       Misinformation and Distortion Anger […]

RF’s USA Today Article: Gun Control Doesn’t Work

The editors of USA Today asked me to write a 340-word “opposing view,” refuting the paper’s pro-gun control editorial. One catch: I had to write mine without seeing theirs. But they could read mine before publishing theirs. How great is that? Yes, well, this wasn’t my first USA Today rodeo. I knew the rules. And I […]

Three Reasons to Buy a GLOCK Gen5

I gave Gaston’s gang a bit of a kicking in my post GLOCK Gen 5 is Here! Have Guns Become Boring? Trust me: it came from a place of love. I’ve owned, carried and occasionally cleaned a number of GLOCKs, including a GLOCK 30SF and the ubiquitous GLOCK 19. OK, sure, I modified them with Ghost triggers and Trijicon night […]

The Truth About .30-06

A gunsmith friend of mine recently told me he was considering not renewing his NRA membership. It wasn’t because of the NRA or NRA-ILA’s political posturing. He was reacting to a recent opinion piece in the American Hunter titled “The .30-06 Sucks.” In the article, Mr. Mann argues that it is purely emotion that sustains […]