Florida GOP Firing Legislative Blanks – Will 2018 Be a Repeat of 2017’s Defeat?

While Florida’s sixty-day regular legislative session won’t begin until January 9 the honorable Senator from Florida’s 23rd District, Greg Steube (R), has again introduced an open carry bill (SB 148) and a number of other pro-Second Amendment measures. In a GOP-controlled state, prospects for the bills should be good. But already there’s trouble brewing in […]

RF/JWT Square Range Call-Out Drill

Most indoor gun ranges ban drawing from concealment. Rapid fire mag dump? Mozambique? Nope. You’re left practicing simple marksmanship. Which is important! But after a while . . . what? This! The COD (Call Out Drill). Draw a combination of letters, numbers or shapes on the back of the target and have a ballistic BFF […]

The Advantages of Serrated Edges

Besides striking some people as uniquely beautiful, a strong, high-quality serrated blade can be a pleasure to use.  A common myth about serrated blades is that they’re less useful and a pain to sharpen. In reality, most people simply don’t know how to sharpen them, so they get intimidated—and they’re missing out. There’s a reason the most trusted cutlery companies continue to […]