Gun Control Advocates Deny Armed Self-Defense, Go To War With the NRA

“I can’t believe that if that classroom in Oregon had had concealed weapons holders in there that it would have necessarily saved anyone.” That’s UT music professor Martha Hilley speaking at a forum of Texas educators opposing the imminent arrival of campus carry. She’s not lying. If Professor Hilley believed an armed defender could have limited the slaughter at Umpqua Community College, her opposition to campus carry would make no sense whatsoever. Equipped as they are with actual common sense . . .

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An Anti-Gun Media Report Every Two Minutes! So What?

Now that we’re into the weekend, the coverage of the Umpqua Community College shooting enters the fourth or what I call the “mop-up” phase. Phase 1: reporting. Phase 2: outraging. Phase 3: “debating.” Phase 4: mop-up (a.k.a., Sunday chat show analysis). The report above is a Phase 3 production. Notice that NBC titles the video – an overview of the post-Umpqua political reaction – Jeb Bush on Tough Gun Laws Following Mass Shooting: ‘Stuff Happens’. In other words, forget analysis, gotcha Jeb! And despite Jeb’s [out of context] realism, SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! As a former CNN editor, let me say this about that . . .

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Washington Post: We Don’t Need No Stinking Facts to Lobby for Gun Control

Oregon shooting (courtesy

Taking their cue from the President of the United States, the Washington Post isn’t waiting for salient facts to emerge from the Oregon Community College shooting to lobby for increased gun control. “We don’t have to wait to know that one factor in the tragedy that unfolded on this college campus is the all-too-easy availability of guns in this country,” Another infuriating, but unsurprising, gun tragedy they assert. “And we shouldn’t have to wait for Congress to enact laws to combat what is clearly a crisis of gun violence.” Uh-oh . . .

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Question of the Day: Would You Send a Gun to Defend a British Home?


Four police officers who were flagged down by a store manager as his colleague detained a thief,” reports. “[They] allegedly said they were ‘not kitted up to help’ and drove away.” So much for fighting crime in the Piers Morgan “gun-free” paradise commonly known as the United Kingdom. A country whose subjects are barred from possessing adequate means of defense and punished when they attempt to defend themselves (e.g., farmer Tony Martin’s ongoing ordeal). Where those paid to respond to crime seem to have more urgent priorities . . .

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Gun-Grabber Proposals, Including O’Malley’s, Getting More Outlandish and Laughable


An editorial in The Ellsworth American promises us “rational gun control.” Unsurprisingly, to anyone who understands that for “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day, it’s anything but that. In typical bipolar fashion, noise is generated to make it sound like the right to keep and bear arms is recognized, but that’s just lip service as the author tries to convince us that “bans on semi- automatic and assault-style weapons and high capacity ammunition clips,” along with all the other obligatory infringements shoved at gun owners ad nauseam, are just the ticket for giving the public what it wants.

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Ban Testosterone!

Steve Nelson (courtesy

“Men and boys commit the preponderance of gun violence,” Steve Nelson [above] writes at “According to the National Institutes of Health, women commit only 14.7 percent of homicides. A great many of these women’s shootings are in defense against an abusive or aggressive male. Many folks surmise that this gender-skewed expression of violence is essentially biological and therefore inevitable. It is neither biological nor inevitable.” Well it’s good to know that someone’s settled the nature vs. nurture debate. ‘Cause there I was thinking that . .

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VA’s McAuliffe Could Add to Ranks of Anti-Gun Voters With Proposed Registration Change


If you listen to The Washington Post (and why wouldn’t you?), objections to proposed changes to Virginia’s voter registration requirements are just a partisan tempest in a teapot. True, non-citizens and felons would no longer have to check boxes that would give away their ineligibility at a glance, but no problem, proponents say, pointing out they still need to sign next to fine print that they’re not disqualified from voting. . .

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Americans Should Be Able to Carry A Gun on An Airplane

If you believe Air Marshals are a good idea, then you should believe that armed citizens on airplanes are a better idea. For one thing, as reveals, the U.S. Air Marshal system is in shambles. The headline pretty much says it all: Sleep-deprived, medicated, suicidal and armed: Federal air marshals in disarray. The exposé is based on information provided by the newly formed Air Marshal Association, so it’s skewed towards the negative. Nevertheless, it’s a frightening portrait of an anti-terrorist defense force that’s highly compromised . . .

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ATF Mailbag: We Have Questions, They Have Form Letters


A few months ago I was having a conversation with TTAG’s very own aviation science specialist, Nick Leghorn, on the subject of guns and the FAA and how things mix between the two. That gave me an idea since a small part of my business caters to pilots who are on the go, who know what they want, and work on a tight schedule. I began wondering how much governmental identification the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) could produce that would be acceptable to a different part of the same government? In short: Would documentation and ID manufactured by the Department of Transportation be acceptable to the Department of Justice? We live in a strange world with no clear answers, so I set out to find out more. You know, for science . . .

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