What I Carry and Why: Tyler Kee’s M&P 9


[ED: In response to reader requests, this is part of a series of posts by TTAG writers revealing their choice of carry guns.]

I’ve been writing about guns longer than I’ve been carrying one so most of my “What I Carry” journey has been hashed out here over the last four years. I don’t have a fancy rocking chair, I don’t even own a 1911, and only recently did I buy a new truck. As it goes, my carry gun is utilitarian down to its core. Before I get to what I carry today, I think it might be fun to talk about what I don’t carry and why . . .

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EDC for CCW: FNH USA’s Limited Edition Bawidamann Tactical Fixed Blade Knife


A fixed blade for everyday carry? Really? Yes, it’s more than possible given the right carry options. And those options are some of the best parts of the product of the collaboration between FNH USA and Bawidamann Blades. FNH announced their limited edition run of these S35VN tactical blades just before the SHOT Show and auctioned the first one off to benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. So how good are these knives? Click over to The Truth About Knives to read our full review of this exceptional blade . . .


Pro Tip: Standardize Your EDC Pistols


Although I have a variety of different firearms in my closet, my everyday carry pieces tend to come in one flavor: 9mm GLOCK-brand GLOCKs. This was the result of a decision by my significant other. When we began dating, my darling wife had recently graduated from a university in New York, and after a brief stint in social work, she was pursuing a master’s degree. She also had a tendency to look askance at things firearms-related . . .

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Gear Review: Cook’s Holsters IWB w/ Adjustable Belt Clip


You’re looking at my new EDC holster, an “IWB w/ Adjustable Belt Clip” from Cook’s Holsters. I picked up the Beretta Nano version for testing in July and liked it so much that I couldn’t live without buying another one for my Taurus TCP. These things are beautifully simple, flawlessly finished, and add almost nothing to the footprint or thickness of a pistol, yet they offer quite a bit of adjustment options. For a lightweight pistol, this design is far and away my preference, and here’s why . . .

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Gear Review: Speakeasy Briefs

Speakeasy Image

This wasn’t actually going to become a TTAG post, but I was inspired by our IGOTD winner, Dallas Archer, who chose to conceal an NAA Mini-Revolver in a very private place on in her person. Rewind one year — almost to the day — and a new company called Speakeasy Briefs is generating funding on Kickstarter for their boxer briefs with a hidden (assuming you’re wearing pants) pocket on the front. Ideal for stashing a flask, wallet, passport, rolled up sock, “protection.” Ah…protection. I’m fairly certain Speakeasy meant condoms, but when I think “protection” I think of the ballistic sort . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Shovel This Edition

Remember the outbreak of squeegee men back in the late 80s and early 90s? You’d stop at a traffic light and some grifter would sidle up, perfunctorily wipe your windshield and then demand money in exchange for leaving your glass in one piece. While it happened in a number of cities, it was one of the best-loved parts of the gorgeous mosaic that was New York City under David Dinkins’ administration. Along with the race riots, that is. Anyway, a new twist on the scam is back now that a large swath of the country has spent most of the last two months under a thick blanket of global warming . . .

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Everyday Carry Knife for Gun Guys: New CRKT ‘Eros’

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAG

[ED: If you carry a gun – and even if you don’t – you need to carry a knife for self-defense. As we’ve said many times, a gun is often unavailable to an armed self-defender in the heat of battle. A firearm can also malfunction (more probably you but that’s another story) or go skittering across the floor. You need a plan B. This series is designed to help you find a suitable blade for backup.]

I got to play with this not-yet-released EDC knife at the SHOT Show last week. If you’re a knife guy, I already know what you’re thinking: So Ken Onion is plagiarizing his own designs now? Not quite: look again at that hollow grind blade and the missing assisted-opening safety bar near the lanyard hole . . . And jump over to The Truth About Knives for the rest of the details.


EDC For CCW: Kershaw Ken Onion Blur S30V

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAG

Ken Onion’s Blur doesn’t have the aggressively ‘tacical’ styling of the Zero Tolerance 0350, but this one has the same supersteel at its heart: CPM S30V. It’s a little more discreet, a little more comfortable to carry, and a little less comfortable for heavy cutting. This all-metal, all US-made thumbstud assisted opener can handle any cutting task you throw at it, and it won’t even freak out the knife muggles when you’re opening a UPS package with it. Is this spendier S30V version worth the extra money compared to the 14C28N version? I don’t know…yet.

Check out more at The Truth About Knives.


EDC For CCW: Zero Tolerance 0350

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAG

The Zero Tolerance 0350 is about the most serious EDC knife I’ve gotten my hands on. This assisted-opening flipper sports an S30V combo blade, G10 scales and the thickest frame liners I’ve ever seen. Its brick-shithouse construction is matched by rather brutish good looks; even the pommel is aggressively jimped for striking and for an extra-firm reverse grip. This bad boy looks like head-to-head competition for the Benchmade 300 Axis I’ve had for a while. Jump over to The Truth About Knives for more . . .


EDC For CCW: Boker Solo II

Image courtesy Boker Knives

The Boker Solo II has absolutely nothing to do with the Kimber Solo. Except maybe that both of them are outstanding choices for EDC and CCW, respectively. Boker’s original Solo is a great knife, but its 3.75″ blade made it a tad large for discreet pocket carry so Boker brought designer Jens Ansø back for a quick downsizing. With a more EDC-friendly 3-inch blade, the result is eine kleine Selbstverteidigungmesser.

Jump over to The Truth About Knives for more…


EDC For CCW: Chris Reeve Sebenza (Full Review)

Image: Chris Dumm

Chris Reeve makes some legendary knives and the Sebenza is his masterpiece. This amazing knife is sharp enough to shave with and tough enough to stand in harm’s way. But it’ll cost you almost the price of a brand-new GLOCK (which is obviously not shown here.) Tyler Kee kindly lent me his pride and joy and I’ve been testing and playing with it for far too long. Jump over to The Truth About Knives for the full review . . .