Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Roc H. Child


We’re guessing RHC doesn’t carry all of what you see above at once. What some of our readers seem to miss is the fact that a lot of these pocket dumps show a collection of gear the contributors cycle through their daily loadout. You can only pack so many pistols, knives and Field Notes books at a time (unless some of it goes in a satchel, backpack or murse). Then again, maybe RHC’s a big guy who firmly believes two is one and one is none. Either way, check out the details of his Everyday Carry gear below . . .

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Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Cato D. Carpeti


For a retired nuclear control systems engineer, Cato’s a traditionalist. Then again, maybe you’d expect someone with that kind of background to just go with what works. As he avers, “the Taurus 856 is a real gem: a 6-shot small framed steel revolver that is very comfortable in the Barsony OWB. No cell phone or tablet for an old retired geezer like me. Fisher’s Space Pen doesn’t get lost if I keep it in my jeans pocket – and it always works. I figured my eyeglasses, Seiko 5 wristwatch, and copper arthritis bracelet don’t count since they don’t go into the pockets.” See the details on the Everyday Carry gear he did show us below . . .

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Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: calmlikea3omb


Does that look like a lot of gear to you? Maybe not once you know that calmlikea3omb is “ex private security,” as he describes it. About his kit, he says “On body 100% until I get home. When I get home I either ditch the G42 and wallet and such or I keep it all on. 24\7 I have access to it all on my body or nearby when a perimeter is set up!” See the details on all his Everyday Carry gear below . . .

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