Would-Be Florida Home Invader Captured After Owner Points Gun Him – Defensive Gun Use of the Day

Here’s a tip for anyone facing questions from police: get your story straight. Philip Ryan Krzak hadn’t really planned ahead when he was confronted by cops after trying to break into a Palm Bay, Florida home. The homeowner said she was lying in bed when her daughter came running into her room to advise someone was […]

Concealed Carrier Stops Shooter In Oklahoma City Restaurant – Defensive Gun Use of the Day

An unidentified man walked into a restaurant and bar this evening on Lake Hefner, just northwest of Oklahoma City and opened fire. Two people were wounded and are reported to be in surgery. The shooter then turned to leave the restaurant and encountered a passerby who was carrying a concealed handgun. After leaving the restaurant, […]

Kidnapped Woman Shoots, Kills Ex-Boyfriend – Defensive Gun Use of the Day

Why do gun control advocates care so little about the welfare of women? That’s a fair question given the fact that women are most often the victims of domestic violence and abusive current and ex-boyfriends and husbands. Combine that with the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex’s perpetual efforts make it as difficult as possible for Americans, […]

Good Guy With A Gun Interrupts Armed Robbery in Worcester, MA

Worcester, Massachusetts police say that 20-year-old Jeremy Cintron worked as an aspiring armed robber. Potentially voted “Most Likely to Be Imprisoned” by his high school class, Cintron knew the Bay State’s onerous gun laws keep most of his potential victim pool disarmed. He didn’t count on a witness having a gun though. From WHDH TV: Worcester […]