14-Year-Old Girl Shot By Home Invaders, Shoots Back: Defensive Gun Use of the Day

Reader Roy H. writes:
After seeing her mother’s fiancé shot multiple times, a Las Vegas teen picked up a gun and fired back at home invaders after she’d been shot in the leg. I’d like to take the opportunity to remind everybody that in 2015 there were 265 children who picked up a firearm and accidentally shot someone. At the same time, there were 3.7 million household burglaries per year and 266,500 of those turned violent. The need for self-defense in the home is not insignificant and teenagers especially are often at home alone when parents are not. It is immoral to leave them defenseless.


“Surveillance video from inside a Spanaway convenience store shows an armed robbery turned into a shootout when clerk Seul Lim fired at the man holding up her family’s store,” Tacoma, Washington’s mynorthwest.com reports. “The video shows Lim being held at gunpoint at the Pacific Quick Mart on Tuesday when she fires at the robber, missing him. He fires back striking Lim in the abdomen.” Ms. Lim is recovering. “She’s tough, she’s a tough cookie, yeah,” Lim’s husband Min Kim said. As TTAG tipster Mike points out . . .