“He wanted my gun. So I gave it to him”

A 61-year-old grandfather looked like an easy mark to a brazen 16-year-old punk at a Detroit gas station. It takes a brazen (or stupid) criminal to try to rob someone who’s open carrying a handgun. Unfortunately for the young hood, the old man not only had a gun, but also the willingness to use it. […]

Vedder Holsters Daily Digest: A ‘Successful’ Buyback, Guilty Until Proven Otherwise in New York and an Alert in Huntington

Everything sells at a (government subsidized) price . . . More than 2,000 guns turned in at Camden buyback A gun buyback effort in Camden Friday and Saturday, the first since 2012, brought in more than 2,000 guns, and paid the owners of those weapons a total of $222,000.  … Gun owners were given $200 […]

Mississippi Convenience Store Owner Sets Trap for Thieves: Defensive Gun Use of the Day?

“Farris Cole, the owner of Cole’s Sundry Grocery convenience store, said he spent the night in his shop after multiple break-ins,” wmcactionnews5.com reports. “Cole said his store was broken into through the roof earlier this week, and several items were stolen including ice pops and beer.” Guess what happened next? Cole said the suspects returned, but […]