TTAG Daily Digest – Left Coast Teachers Back Down, A New TSA Record and the Next Grease Gun

California State Teachers’ Retirement System to Remain Invested in ‘Assault Weapon’ Retailers They have a fiduciary duty, after all . . . The decision to remain invested came after California State Treasurer John Chiang pressured the fund to “the power of its purse strings…[to] deny weapons of mass carnage to another killer stalking our innocent loved […]

TTAG Daily Digest: B of A’s Last Time, Armed in the Burbs and Operators Get a New Caliber

Bank of America promises Remington will be last semi-automatic gunmaker to get bailed out by bank We really mean it this time . . . Amidwidespreadcriticism for seemingly violating its pledge to stop financing companies that manufacturer military-style firearms for non-military and non-law enforcement use, Bank of America released a statement on Thursday saying that its commitment […]

TTAG Daily Digest – Union Muscle, Pink Guns and He’d Rather Be Knifed

Giant California teacher pension system targets gun sellers Left coast teachers flex their anti-gun muscles . . . The world’s largest teacher-only pension fund voted Wednesday to use its financial might to pressure gun retailers across the country to stop selling military-style assault weapons and accessories like rapid-fire “bump stocks” used at the 2017 Las […]

Hernando County, Florida Looks At Restoring Second Amendment Rights of County Workers

Today, Hernando County, Florida, commissioners will consider restoring county workers’ ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights while on the job. A current county policy prevents them from carrying firearms while on the job without fear of disciplinary action. County Commission chairman Steve Champion has indicated that county workers shouldn’t have to chose between their […]

TTAG Daily Digest: It’s Different This Time, The Letter of the Law and the One Person in the UK Who Wants Trump to Visit

Gun control hasn’t worked for Democrats in Colorado’s battleground congressional district. Why they think it will lead to Mike Coffman’s ouster in 2018. The definition of insanity is . . . These tragedies have produced some of the nation’s loudest calls for tighter gun control in the past two decades, yet voters in the metro […]